What Is The Government Hiding At Pine Gap?

December 22nd, 1989. In Australia’s Northern
Territory, three night-time hunters are returning home at 4.30am when they pass by top secret
government facility at Pine Gap. Suddenly, to their surprise, the ground opened
up – a hidden door in the terrain. Out of it rose a great grey disc, which hovered for
a moment before shooting upwards at the speed of light. There have been many other sightings of hidden
doors, strange lights and energy beams over this remote facility. Though it is in Australia,
it has close ties to American intelligence. Just what is the government hiding at Pine
Gap? Pine Gap lies 18 kilometres south-west of
Alice Springs. Formerly known as the Joint Defence Space Research Facility, it is now
called the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap. Just under half of its 1,000 employees are
Australian contractors and officials; the rest work for the Central Intelligence Agency,
the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office. The facility was founded in the late 1960s.
Its location was carefully chosen to be out of range of spy ships in international waters
off the Australian coast, so that signals emitted from Pine Gap would be harder to intercept
and decipher. Security is very tight at Pine Gap. A 1.2
metre high fence surrounds the compound, and police patrol the fenced perimeter every ten
minutes. Most curious visitors don’t make it closer than a kilometre away before being
stopped. So heavy is the shroud of secrecy that many
theories have developed about what goes on at Pine Gap. Besides the UFOs, there is speculation
that the mountains that protect the facility are actually holograms, or that the real base
is a series of tunnels miles underground. Theorist Richard Sauder even claimed that
the subterranean centre operates in alternate dimensions. He said a whistleblower called
Rich Hansen told him that Pine Gap is a portal through which super-soldiers engineered on
Mars in the future time travel to fight in today’s wars. Much like the sporadic sightings
of flying saucers, there is no proof of any kind except witness statements. Officially, Pine Gap is only a communications
centre, “to support the national security of both the U.S. and Australia. The [facility]
contributes to verifying arms control and disarmament agreements and monitoring military
developments.” Such vague wording covers a lot of clandestine
data gathering. Its 14 dish antennas, protected by distinctive radomes, make it one of the
most important intelligence facilities outside of the United States, according to professors
Richard Tanter and Desmond Ball. Their 2016 report for the Nautilus Institute
for Security and Sustainability revealed tantalising details about Pine Gap. For instance, since
the 1970s the floorspace of its computer room, where all its data is analysed, has grown
from 400 square metres to 20,000 square metres. They also found that, despite Australians
being in key managerial positions throughout the facility, and the Australian government
partly running it, Pine Gap is very much the USA’s show. The Nautilus report says, “The fundamental
realities are that not only does the vast bulk of tasking of satellites come from the
United States and reflect its strategic priorities, but Australian participation in the base’s
greatly expanded range of operations brings with it a measure of responsibility for the
consequences of those operations.” The real workings of Pine Gap are listed in
documents leaked by Edward Snowden in 2013. They reveal that Pine Gap operated under the
NSA codename “Rainfall”, using geosynchronous satellites to monitor
wireless communications on the ground. They spy on any data sent from or to mobile phones,
radios, and satellite uplinks. Its capabilities include “the geolocation of cell phones
used by people throughout the world”. Pine Gap was the command post in at least
two missions, using up to four satellites to provide continuous coverage of Europe,
Atlantic Ocean territories, the former Soviet Union, South Asia, East Asia, the Middle East
and China. The aim of these missions was to gather “strategic and tactical military,
scientific, political, and economic communications signals”; to keep tabs on missile and weapons
tests in other countries, to sweep intelligence from foreign military data systems, and to
provide surveillance support to U.S. forces. The Snowden papers also show that Pine Gap
was one of the places used in the NSA’s XKeyscore internet surveillance programme.
This allowed analysts to search through vast databases containing the emails, online chats
and browser history of millions of users. Former Pine Gap personnel say the facility
is also essential in U.S. drone operations in Pakistan and the Middle East. The use of
drones is so controversial that Human Rights Watch and the Human Rights Law Centre in Melbourne
referred Pine Gap to the United Nations. They claimed Australian officials may have facilitated
targeted killing by the U.S., which is against international humanitarian law and international
human rights law. In response, a Department of Defence spokeswoman
said, “”Australia works with the intelligence agencies of our close ally and closest partners
to protect our country from threats such as terrorism. All such activities are conducted
in strict accordance with Australian law.”” Alex Edney-Browne from the University of Melbourne
says ordinary people have no idea about the rates of civilian casualties from drone strikes
or the psychological effects caused by living under drone surveillance. She says laser-guided drone weapons only hit
their target radius half the time, but the kill radius of drone strikes can be up to
90 metres. As a result, targeted militant leaders constitute only 2% of the thousands
of drone-related fatalities, whereas civilians make up as much as 15%. Pine Gap’s involvement in American drone
strikes was confirmed by David Rosenberg, a 23-year veteran of the NSA who worked as
team leader at Pine Gap for over a decade. However, he said that preventing civilian
casualties is a high priority at the base. Regardless of what really goes on at Pine
Gap, the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network believes Pine Gap’s value to the
USA makes Australia a target. Given its remote location and high security, enemies might
choose to destroy Pine Gap with a nuclear strike. The blast would wipe out the 24,000
people who live in Alice Springs, too. Whatever the truth behind Pine Gap, whether
aliens, alternate dimensions or drone assassinations, in June 2013, the Australian defence minister
stated that activities at Pine Gap go on with the “full knowledge and concurrence” of
the Australian government. Therefore, the answers lie somewhere, waiting to be released.

Maurice Vega

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  1. I once met the retired, former Naval Communications over all Southeast Asia, officer of very high ranking. That person's command included the Australian theater.
    I personally prefer drone strikes on muzlim targets to Sharia law in western cities. You cowardly Aussies already know that.

  2. test subjects that were given gene upgrade ( no idea how to say it but anywho ) that was given superpower to the test subjects. one of the test subjects went rogue again the CIA and was to powerful. to be put down they were administrate a powerful medicine that would kill the subject within a few days. doctor morgon said, " the test subject wen't attack staff without proper treatment, therefore we can not attain nor contain the subject powers. only way to destroy it is by B-1-11. That siting is for the testing grounds that we transfer subjects that are administrated the gene evolvsation. Those who saw it must be confronted by an wave called ( C-2-481 ) to costumier their memory that have seen the secret. The name of the project was ( PROJECT – JKL-B ) to destroy anyone that poses a threat to the United States. The subject stole that " UFO " was actually named ( VH-B12 ) to escape the facility. We are now hunting him before he can tell other humans that the project we are doing. This Project is classified as ( TOP SECRET 1290) And only the people whom know this project is the high researches as I and the CIA/NSA directors. Exposing will lead you as being a participant of the Operation. " ————– File Done. ( EDIT ) the subject is known as ( SUBJECT 0-1 A )

  3. I know a guy that used to work there, he says most of it is underground but when asked wouldn't say how deep it goes.

  4. i wasn't as close to pine gap as i originally thought but kinda close in a town called ernabella we flew into alice but we drove for about five hours south. i saw lights in the sky maybe 4 times as big as a star there were three of them and they seem to be doing a formation drill or something they would fly from one end of the horizon to the other in a second then turn on a dime and go straight up at the same speed and shit like that. i'm a pilot and i know nothing we know exists comes even near what i saw not even remotely. i state that as a fact i saw it three of them

  5. what has the government built under pine gap entrance to the underground city another entrance is in Adelaide another in new south wales holt wanted the people to know pity he never come back from his swim.

  6. I do remember seeing a video of a UFO captured by ISS, heading slowly towards Earth when a beam of light followed by a laser like blast came from somewhere in Australia. The UFO changed direction 180 degree's and ran away from the laser beam. I'm sure it was produced at this base.

  7. More than likely it is meant to keep tabs on China and other countries in that region, satellite launches and whatnot

  8. Saying super soldiers from Mars is part of the pine gap facility is plain ridiculous. The ability to spy on the world from that spot is nefarious enough without having to add stupid theories about soldiers from Mars.

  9. hahahahahahaah even though the knowledge has been in the public domain for over 30 yers none of you half wits even knows hahahahahahahaha funny

  10. its what they have built under the gap holt wanted the people to know the truth alas he did not get back from his swim

  11. People always complain about the use of drones but fail to mention that these targets surround themselves with innocents and use them as human shields

  12. My father before he die told me he had a dream and he showed me on a map all the places that where nuclear bomed in australia and this was one of the places he did not know about pine gap.

  13. I had a weird story about the Australian Army and clandestine communications, from the 90's… it's a bit weird though;

    In the mid 90's when I was 14 working for computer shops (technician) my mum reconnected with her best friend from highschool (that she hadn't seen in maybe 20 years), and this woman had a boyfriend named Rick (not his real name) at the time who quizzed me on some technical questions and asked if i'd be interested in doing a few jobs for him. I agreed and he started to bring the occasional pc (with a flavour of linux installed) and to fix up some simple crap. This evolved quickly to he taking me 'on site' to various (empty) offices to do various technical things.

    Then he asked me to make sure i dont tell anyone about what he gets me to do, i agreed of course – he paid me $100's of dollars each time, so for a 14yr old in a couple hours work, it was well worth it.

    Now came the weird stuff: he would take me to some peoples houses, some very important seeming people around sydney in very expensive suburbs – some of them had armed guards (in military uniform) – and there would be a laptop, and he would ask me to configure (what was a doable thing at that time) a mail client for 'direct dial' mail delivery between phone numbers he would give me at the time i did it.

    So basically these 'military laptops' (all i could really understand was it was something to do with defense) could message each other 'off grid', not going through the internet or any other network. They had phone lines setup that they could connect via the modem, directly. And I set this up for them.

    I was paid REALLY WELL and told not to ever mention a word. I often wondered why they asked ME to do it (though in hindsight now, and much older, it makes perfect sense to use a 'stupid kid' who wouldn't understand the implications of setting up a clandestine messaging group between high level defence force/military personel).

    My parents did not know anything about what i was doing with Rick, just that it was some 'computer work' for a few hours here and there each week in between my other work (i left school when i turned 14 so i was always working).

    Fast forward a few more months, after i had done about a half dozen of these 'setups' – Rick never called. went quiet for a while (which was odd, as this was a weekly thing by now) – then i heard from my mum that her friends boyfriend died (rick), mysteriously in the shower while at home by himself. It was ruled a heart attack but she (the girlfriend, mums friend) was SURE it was something suspicious because she said he had become paranoid, and constantly in fear – saying that he couldn't say why but they may try to kill him (she didn't even know who "they" were) … apparently even then they had heartattack injections they can give victims to induce it, this is what she was saying that it was a murder – but she went ignored compeltely and she knew pretty much nothing about anything anyway. My mum eventually lost contact with her again over the years and i never heard more of it.

    Anyway, never heard anything about any of it after that – just a weird episode in my teens where i first learned that even at those levels games are played. Who knows to what end, or what they were sharing – but it certainly couldn't have been legal or legitimate or they wouldn't have needed ME involved.

    I would guess now it could be 'child porn' ring except they were all military which makes me think otherwise, and if it was child porn and nobody ever so much as even offered me a drink i doubt it was that, or I may have become a victim of some kind. It didn't feel anything like that, it was very 'professional' and nobody talked, very guarded and the visits were go in, do the task, and leave pretty much in silence beyond very short hello's and goodbyes.

  14. Pine Gap is a Listening Station, mainly for 5 Eyes – Echelon as you say ran by the CIA in conjunction with Aus Defence Force
    In 1973 it all came out

  15. 15% of "civilians" are killed… yeah sorry if you're chilling with known terrorists, you yourself are likely one too, or at the least, a supporter and it is no loss to the world if you get blown up with said terror leader.

  16. First of all, that disc didn't "fly upward at the speed of light." That's obviously incorrect, realistically speaking. How would anyone, let alone a couple of night hunters, know it was moving "at the speed of light," assuming that were even a physical possibility? Accelerating objects increase in mass as they approach relativistic speeds. At 90% the speed of light their mass is double, and at exactly 100.0% the speed of light an object's mass becomes infinite, so how could the object be propelled at all at that point? Can we just say the object shot out into space "incredibly quickly" next time? Lol. Unless we're talking warp drives, but as far as we know, that's science fiction, aka, imagination, as of right now.

  17. Nasa is 💩 aliens are not exist, if you saw him one of them, better start to pray, because that was a demon😑☝️

  18. The United States Government does not know the true use of Pine Gap how would the Australian government.

  19. These 'Golf balls' are satellites, we have the same near to where I live: Harrogate, England but we were always led to believe they were no longer in use but obviously they are, both sites link to a similar site in Denver. These satellites see everything, if not through live feeds then through pre recorded feed. And yes the missing plane:MH370 would have been seen at various points throughout its mysterious flight. Netflix has an Aussie series called 'Pine Gap' which gives you a bit of insight.

  20. Stay off the meth , it’s not working for ya… get out of your moms basement and go outside , maybe drink some water , eat fruit .

  21. Hmm . You would Have
    A mucH Easier time
    INfiltrating ARea☆51

    sum Pretty Tight`Ass SEcurity
    Pine/GAp must be HArboring
    sum Sensitive Secrets

  22. I believe the drones and their accuracy and damage is intentional. More and more reliable information surfaces about population control.

  23. pine gap is strategically placed not for it's off sure radar detection.. it's where the aboriginals talked to the stars!! FACTS!! Any place of magnetic an astrological importance cia has a dirty base on it.

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