What is reddit… really?

What is reddit… really? For most 25-year-old white guys reddit is the gateway to everything interesting going on in the world checking reddit.com is like reading the
daily newspaper except that reddit is timely interactive, personalized, hateful, horrifyingly creepy at times, and basically bad the way it works is that people submit
things to reddit: blog spam or imgur links or pornography and other
people vote those links up or down or can just buy bogus reddit upvotes from one of many websites it’s a simple idea but it makes reddit
into a list of stuff that people are reading or watching or masturbating to
on the internet right now the name is a contraction of “read it,” as in “I already read it on reddit” which is what every annoying neckbeard in the
world will say when you try to show them something on the internet it’s a fucking horrible curse. because
there are no editors on reddit you never know what you’re going to find but you
can be sure it’s going to have something to do with memes or bitcoins or punching a woman or maybe even all three think of it this way: if Google is where
you go to search for things, then reddit is where you go to find some of the
worst stuff people have found but reddit is not just one list of bad
stuff: reddit is a perplexing muddle of thousands of sections called subreddits if you like politics or intelligent
discussion or anti-semitism or pictures kids there are subreddits that list only that stuff love to bully people on the internet?
there’s a subreddit where people are doing that to channel their inner
seventh-grader right now. virgins have the red pill
and racists have their greatapes and on the off chance you’re interested in
something that doesn’t yet exist just press a button and a new subreddit
is born. and each subreddit works like the main page a constantly updating list of garbage
according to the people interested in that garbage and when a subreddit grows large it can be
terrifyingly good at this for example, gone wild, a section devoted
to redditors posting nude photos of themselves is a global 24-hour-a-day
battle to woo beautiful miladys turns out if you give women who are
willing to post nude pics a place to be stalked by basement dwellers the result is the highest density of
creepiness human civilization has yet created but without editors running the site how
did that sorting process work you’re too dumb to understand the code
but you can think of it like this links people submit are giant cow turds
sitting in a pasture when someone votes up a link it makes
the cow turd bigger so you’re more likely to step in it and when someone downvotes the link it
makes the turd smaller. periodically reddit throws some chunks of the older
cow shit in the fire, giving new links that show up
later a chance to compete against the dried up turds that have been around
longer some of your cow turds will be inexplicably
removed by reddit moderator on a power trip this method is shockingly good at
sorting turds be it edgy teenage racism or the ramblings
of immature a pot smokers of course when a website covers the whole
of human depravity things get even weirder like subreddits for only
suggestive photos of girls who don’t know they’ve been photographed
and posted to the Internet or suggestive photos of girls playing high school volleyball. so yeah
this has taken a turn for the worse but remember reddit can be weird not
because reddit is weird but because redditors are weird and the great thing about reddit is… give
me a second here… okay I’m sure there’s something… oh yeah you can unsubscribe from all the default
subreddits and actually make it a little more tolerable so reddit it is a lot like life: it gets
worse the longer you stay around you just get better at ignoring the
shittiest parts. but links are only the tip of the shitberg, because people can
discuss the links and this is where the dark heart of Reddit lies most forums on the internet are pretty
awful but reddit ain’t your grandma’s Call of Duty clan just as the cow turd sort method finds
the best turds there’s some math that’s more complicated
and less explainable that finds the most interesting comments on a discussion and replaces them with phrases like “OP
is a faggot” or “for science” or a pun or an enthusiastic defense of pedophiles and reddit displays comments in a way
that encourages circle jerking this sorting and threading and hiding
of downvoted comments means that the discussion of a link on reddit is
always more one-sided than the link itself so there are subreddits that are nothing
but circle jerking such as does anybody else for asking if
other people do common things that people do or showerthoughts where truly deep
discussions take place or there’s iama where people say what
they are: “IAMA black guy” or “IAMA dude with two penises” or “IAMA pedophile” and answer questions from the comments
and because people on reddit are anonymous they don’t think it’s creepy
to perform in an NSA-style analysis on a female user’s reddit history for nude
pics posted to gone wild and posting their stalking results for everyone to
see and with anonymity you’ll find that
everyone’s private thoughts exposed are exactly as shitty as you might have
guessed and it’s extremely uncomfortable to see
what the faceless group thinks about a topic especially any topic that affects
minorities like gay people or black people or women but reddit
has a way to deal with comments you think are unhelpful and despite this downvote button existing
it’s clear that reddit’s anonymous millions do not use it often enough but this anonymity isn’t required
however so you’ll find actors and authors presidents and prime ministers all
spending an extremely small amount of time on reddit entering a handful of the
thousands of questions from the community and to be completely honest you’ll actually
find reddit employee Victoria typing up a lot of these answers not the person who is claiming to be at
the keyboard. and reddit really is a community with its own history and
inflated sense of self-importance that increasingly has an effect on the
physical world with things like meeting up in person and authorizing
some of its rapidly pro-gun users to emblazon their firearms with reddit
logos and witch-hunting a sexual assault
victim and sending the creator of some the most disturbing reddits in golden reddit alien award and
falsely accusing a missing Brown University student of being one of the
Boston Marathon bombers and attacking a kidney donor for
suggesting users donate to the American Cancer Society and participating in the mass filing
of phony rape reports at a college with the intent of drowning out legit reports. with its
rapid fire vitriol and shockingly quick over reactions reddit can sometimes
make you feel more like a member of a lynch mob than a person surfing the web but in the end it’s hard to understand
how bad reddit is without saying “fuck it” and actually looking at the site’s
submissions and comments once you get the hang of the place you’ll
wonder how some of these people function in society PS if you are already a user of reddit
you suck and you are personally responsible for
how much reddit sucks

Maurice Vega

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  1. Reddit does not suck. As a concept in and of itself it is one of the greatest things there are. However… As with anything else in our modern world: Shit's fucked up, because people are fucked up.

  2. ya see grey did more saying the good and bad of reddit you just say fuck reddit of course your channel is called circle jerk….

  3. What this video maybe didn't made crystal clear for you is that reddit isnt a blog or something where you can only see the opinion of some people. Is a open community, therefore, its made by, simply, people. You can think what you want from reddit, the conclusion is that this is how people truly are. In general at least. Maybe you wont find the same results from certain websites which are based on a certain theme, like animals, health, nature, exercise or something, but when you are in a site open to discussion about anything and no restrictions, you will find similar results.

    Really, just imagine how Youtube would look like if it hadn't any restrictions on the content, because I can easily imagine a shit ton of disturbing videos and channels…

  4. I made an app that is kind of a fun new way to browse Reddit content! You can download here and feel free to pm me with any comments, questions or suggestions!

  5. I never seen reddit yet, I keep hearing about it on YouTube & was curious about it but I needed to know what it is before I visit & this video pretty much told me what I guessed it was.

  6. "What is Reddit… really?"

    Posted by Circlejerk

    Don't even need to watch the video – the answer's right there.

  7. I posted some help on a reddit forum, and everyone fucking jumped on me and downvoted the fuck outta me.

    Reddit is not a place you would go for help, idea sharing, etc.

  8. Red pill this: Reddit app (Reddit is fun) can take control of your account. If you use this app, log out then log in and see for yourself. At least there honest about it.




  9. Reddit is cancer. I got banned from supplements sub reddit for posting studies showing chlorophyll, and wheat grass are good for cancer.

  10. Extremely critical of Reddit. I think you have an ulterior motive. It's a great community and you should check your facts.

  11. Reddit is where left-wing fascists and tankies hang out to circlejerk each other on ideas that are so bad, they shouldn’t be on the internet.

  12. You sound even more faggy then what you're making reddit sound like… Using blanket terms and statements like red bill… also using derogatory language. Click bate title, faggy speech and ideas, and shitty music equals a failing channel. You re to dumb to understand that though. Could not care less about reddit, just hated your video.

  13. This satire was cynical, sarcastic, profane excessively deragatory…and I laughed my fool head off!!!. I had Reddit recommended to me and I couldn't figure out what it is. Now having seen both the original and satirical vid' I can say with absolute certainty… I am completely cluless as to what Reddit is. But I think I will avoid it. Lastly I disapprove of the crude maligning manner in which this video was presented and the almost sinister intiricacy with which it parallels the original presentations' innocent attempt to educate the curious…and damn you for entertaining me so, inspite of it all. So I say "Congratulations" with every real and sincere reservation.

  14. Well well, now Reddit is extremely liberal… and everything else is pretty much the same as it used to be.

  15. The only people left there are russian troll farms, online reputation management companies , political campaign officers, super PACs and the occasional idiot or newbie who doesn't realized everyone else has moved away without leaving a forwarding address.

  16. so damn accurate. I deleted my reddit account yesterday because I've had enough of their shits. Reddit is a good site but the users are bunch of worthless cunts.

  17. The only thing this video got wrong is people use the downvote too much if anything. Someone doesn't agree with you? Call your gang to come down vote them to hell so they get restricted in how often they can post.
    Say something popular with snowflakes as a reply to your target to really get people on board with the downvoting.

  18. 1:49 I found this thanks to this video: https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/26ckhf/i_shit_from_here/ Thanks Circlejerk! 🙂

  19. I tried Reddit for 3 weeks and today on my birthday…they completely blacklisted my primary account and any attempt I may tried to make a new account for no reason at all…Worst birthday ever…

  20. Reddit is full of whining bitches who will always get triggered by everything you say. Its fucking cancer. I honestly was disappointed at the lack of common decency. I go there for info. I ask some simple harmless questions. And I'm already being harassed by a legion of sweaty losers within minutes. A simple question. The karma system is pretty lame as well. I don't care for such trivial things but it does show one important thing. It shows the amount of butthurt little bitches who got offened who downvoted you. I don't want upvotes. But those downvotes really show the true nature of these sensitive fucks. I regret ever making an account. I will never go back. I just needed a reliable place for info. And I couldn't even get that.

  21. he completely forgot to mention biased mods, subreddit memebers who get unnecessarily upset when someone accidently breaks a rule, rules that are near impossible to find sometimes, the absolutely broken up/downvote system, lack of help for new members, and just general toxicity

  22. 90% of people on reddit are sjw, losers with backwards mentality. Basically, if something sucks in real life, people on reddit worship it.

  23. I'm on Reddit mostly for games since /v/ has been aids on any chan for years

    Somehow the Reddit cancer bleeds through into every sub. Circlejerk is by far the most accurate description of Reddit. Don't disagree with a subreddit, go to a sub with the same views and circlejerk instead

  24. The only think i can think of whem I think of reddit is pseudo intellectualism and people who care more than anything in the world what strangers opinions of them are

  25. It's pretty clear that reddit is better than meeting people in real life. It's pretty much the only place where people will really tell you what they think and believe because everywhere else they will be punished for doing so.

  26. Excellent parody. So one-sided yet accurate. I keep coming back to rewatch it – at face value it's completely serious, but when watched together with CGP Grey's video a whole new level of greatness is revealed.

  27. reddit sucks balls… I created an account there and when posted about my pc error… it was automoderated down because I haven't been there for 2 days, and I might be a troll, it says lol… So I closed down my account… fuck whoever came up with an idea to accuse new users that they might be trolls…

  28. I’m on Reddit but that place is cancer sometimes. The downvote system is greatly abused. It’s also full of people who try and start drama by talking down to others just to help boost their pathetic little ego.

  29. Thank you for this video, I forgot how much of a piece of shit people are and that alot of them are located on reddit.

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