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ask reddit what is not illegal but just
feels wrong when you return to your parked car and find people leaning
against it or sitting on the hood one time me and my family were coming out
from church and one of the priests was kinda leaning against the door of our
van so upon seeing this my dad used the keys to remotely open the side door and
scare the crap out of him the power of Christ compels thee the power of Crisler
compels the worst is when you’re being tailgated by a cop while driving the
speed limit then you have to ask yourself whether you should keep driving
the speed limit and risk pissing them off or drive faster and risk getting a
ticket don’t drive faster but if you can move
over do it many calls for service require quick responses but often don’t
meet the police department’s requirements to run lights sirens code 1
at your earliest convenience code to get here stat but don’t go lights and sirens
code 3 let’s Gio boys we getting there Grand Theft Auto style flashy flashes
and we was activated story time coworker was driving to work early
morning on more immoral type Road speed limit is 80 km / H and has doing 90 km /
H car behind starts tailgating so he accelerates car continues tailgating so
he accelerates nor he hits 110 km / H all of sudden car behind him throws on
his sirens and pulls him cop asks why he was speeding says because you wouldn’t
stop tailgating me copies all I wasn’t tailgating I was trying to run your
plates and let him off with a warning Cal Walker was livid when he arrived
moral of the story sometimes they are just running your plates marrying a 14
year old in Missouri worse marrying a 12 why / oh because her parents are
fundamentalist Zionism consent to the marriage yeah turns out a lot of states
have a parental consent loophole to the minimum marriage age unfortunately this
means that being forced into a child marriage
your own parents is legal very true and to pile on this loophole is only
necessary in 25 of the 50 US states because there is no minimum age in the
other 25 in some counties in Mississippi it’s not illegal to drink while driving
it’s the legal to drive with a BAC above point 0 8 so if you pass a cop while
turning up a beer you’ll be pulled over every time but once you prove you’re not
impaired eyes aren’t glassy speeches and slurred steady on your feet have a back
below point zero eight on the portable breathalyzer you’re free to go
because the actual action of drinking while driving by itself is not illegal
it does however give law enforcement probable cause to stop you have a BAC
below point zero eight on the portable breathalyzer that’s going to be a
problem if you just took a sip of beer FATA shipping people in magazine covers
without their consent or without quickly reviewing the changes with them before
publishing many people haven’t seen their photo later and been shocked at
how their appearance was manipulated then publicized my company did this and
we aren’t even a large company they took headshots for our website and made crazy
changes they removed any freckles moles imperfections gave everyone a post
vacation tan and altered hair color if I ever go missing I hope they don’t use
that photo because it doesn’t look like me at all that’s just really weird Papa
Razzi edit while this got a lot of support and thanks to the angel who gave
me a silver I wish I could thank you in private to spare others this long line
but I don’t know how to may you have lovely days follow you I
remember seeing what the paparazzi were putting Britney Spears through in the
mid-2000s and thinking that her problems seemed quite understandable considering
the absolutely it mad frenzied inna like way the paparazzi pursued her it just
felt right for someone to get hurt someone was sick in that situation don’t
think it was her I also read that Emma Watson said the moment she turned 18
paparazzi were trying to take upskirt pictures of her
this was only a decade ago vile doesn’t cover it
I remember that there was a countdown of her turning 18 it’s kinda gross when
you’ll think about it how literally after the countdown people are like
calling her sexual terms I remember watching on the news I think
the day after she shaved her head or something
and paparazi were trying to take photos of her through her car window as it was
driving down a public street by standing in front of the car that was trying to
drive down the street and one cockroach climbed right onto the hood and pressed
his camera to the windshield to take shots up so that’s what the First
Amendment is the right to climb onto the hood of someone else’s moving car and
flash blind the driver there were cops there he just climbed back down after a
minute and continued shooting through the side windows no one said a thing to
him I’ve always thought if I was as rich as someone like Spears I would 100% hire
a PI to find out who this guy’s opened my own investigative journalism magazine
for the sole purpose of doing stories on this guy and a team of 10 full-time
photographers to follow him every single place he went for the rest of his life
in public shooting snaps non-stop until he threw himself under a bus one day
what after vermin those creeps are driving alone for the first time after
getting your driver license idk how it works in America but here in Australia
once you’re 16 you can do a test on a computer to get your learner’s license
then you have to have that for at least a year and have I think 120 logged hours
of driving with someone with a full licence in the car with you after that
you have to pass a driving test with an examiner in the car to get your red
piece which let you drive alone but on your heads I think you still have a
restricted speed limit and I think there’s some curfew rule like you can’t
have more than one other person in your car past 11 p.m. or something
I assume it’s to stop young uns and their friends messing about late at
night after a year of having your heads I think you have to go in and do another
driving test again to get your green piece then once you’ve had those for a
year you can move two full license improbably off about a
couple things but that’s basically how it works in NSW at least I think other
states slightly differ between rules after all that it’s hard to believe some
people still drive like here anyway I’ve been in the car with some people on
their full licence and I really don’t understand how the duck they passed any
of the tests with the way they drive taxis on internet goods especially
digital currency VBox Rudd points to RIBA points etc it drives me up the wall
having to pay taxes on virtual goods I shouldn’t have to pay taxes if I buy
something from a personal locally owned business either ads the slasher they
come to mind here I don’t mind paying state and local taxes they help maintain
my local infrastructure what irritates me as paying taxes for seemingly no
reason the health care system in the US a correlation health insurance in the
USA it’s $800 extra month to put myself on my wife’s health insurance if we
actually solved that much money aware a month I could probably pay for any
health issues I might have with a plane ticket at the European doctor if you are
angry at the price of American healthcare it’s because of the insurance
companies it’s been proven and economically backed up as a case making
a left turn on red in Virginia if you are on a one-way street turning onto
another one-way street you are legally allowed to turn left on red never not
still looking around for cops to pull me kissing your cat a phone call for no
reason other than just to talk smoking indoors in nations where it’s legal it’s
been Bank for so long where I live I can hardly remember being able to do it
sitting down at a restaurant lighting up a cigarette after you finished eating
and then browsing the other guests looking for someone to give you the evil
stare only to realize they can politely piss off gets me every time
calling your teachers by their first names I’m almost 30 and I’m friends with
some of my middle / high school English teachers on FB they are still Ms Russ
last name I cannot refer to them his first name
in the comments it feels disrespectful even though he could feasibly all go to
a wine bar brand gab turning on the lights tune your car to put thick
jackets into the overhead lockers in aeroplanes convincing someone to buy
something they don’t need so that you make more money I worked at a
commissioned electronics store and the amount of dishonesty and trying to take
advantage just turned me off from sales forever they were consistently the
highest earning salesmen I was lower but at least I could say I was honest they
would sell stuff like one-year warranty when the device actually came with a
full accident coverage warranty for a year through the company then the
manager took off those stickers from the boxes that advertised the warranty that
came with it also trying to sell one hundred and fifty dollars me cables for
literally every TV even if it was only three hundred and fifty dollars they
only sold products that had the highest margin that week instead of what people
said their uses would be for it I only worked there for a year and a half and
feel like I traded part of my soul for dollar sign 40k journalists
intentionally skewing situations to fit a political narrative see the curve
engine high school incident where a minor received death threats off of an
extremely biased uninformed and politically charged set of news
stories that posed the minor as a racist when in fact he was the one being
harassed by the alleged victim journalists had the entire video
recording of the situation which showed the truth of the matter but cherry
picked only the clips and images that pushed that the Covington student was a
racist in most countries to child’s of same age can have sex and get pregnant
legally discovered this when I read a new about by accident actually by
instinct not sure really a seven years old boy had sex with her 80 years old
girl and leaved her pregnant there was no malice in this no adult involved
everything fine just nature doing its job in not even asking justice to do
anything I mean though would you punish just it sounds not right when you are at
an event or even a bomb club park whatever and people sitting at
some tables guarding some chairs and saying someone is joining us I mean it’s
not a restaurant table or something I came there first let me sit one stir
fiends come in we can move most of the time what pisses me off is they probably
no one’s coming since they legalized weed here I still have a hard time being
outside in the open with it number two is leaving a store without
buying anything and trying to convince yourself to look normal because you
really aren’t stealing you just didn’t want anything the one hundred and
seventy-six degree article on the Brazilian criminal code states that
eating a meal on a restaurant sleeping in a hotel or boarding public transport
without the money to do so and therefore not paying constitutes a crime for which
you be arrested for fifteen days to two months the writing however allows one to
reach the conclusion that doing one of those things with the needed money but
not paying is not a crime airlines over booking flights knowingly and bumping
people from flights for which they paid to specifically fly that date and time
especially out of small airports when the next flight that isn’t oversold to
your destination may not be four days ninety nine percent by Annalee so it
basically doubled the amount I owed once every six months I don’t know how I
signed up for that thinking it would be okay but thankfully when they took me to
court the judge was like WTF no and made the interest rate nine percent instead
and I’m actually a few months from it all being paid off so here in the
Netherlands you have a law that requires online web shops to use a cool-down
period which means you have some time mostly two weeks to send an item you
ordered back no questions asked unless you will get up of course I always feel
bad when I have to send something back didn’t happen too often luckily only
twice even though it is my right to do so
buying condoms and cucumbers at the same time listening to music or watching
something loudly with no headphones Lane filtering a new tour or lane splitting
in California I will never run this and why motorcyclists think this is a
good idea every rider knows that the biggest single threat is that auto
drivers can’t see them or at least claim they can’t so why in the world would
they want to put themselves into a narrow honest capable place where driver
never expect them to be leaving a supermarket without buying anything I
always have to cheer for myself in my mind you didn’t found what you want just
gather the entrance without looking suspicious start sweating me okay
don’t wipe it that’ll make you look like you cannot stand the pressure also me
what pressure I’m just walking another me what if someone puts something in
your backpack without you noticing really I’m not made for any social
interactions I even fail at it when I’m all by myself
using heavy machinery even jackhammers around the clock including in the dead
middle of the night as long as the city issued a noise variance even especially
in some densely populated areas like New York City some sites don’t even have
rules against it at all so you can literally force someone to move or ruin
their lives including severe health issues if they can’t easily move and
it’s completely legal religion licking ice cream it affects people’s health by
a lot going to some homes house and their dog jumping on you and not wanting
to scold their dog because you feel like you might be too harsh and be judged so
you just stand there awkwardly I don’t want to scold someone else’s dog but
Kass who they might scold fish differently and make my way of scolding
look mean and I might never get invited again

Maurice Vega

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