What is Lightning Lab GovTech? Enabling Rapid Innovation in Government

What we’ve actually got is we have a GovTech accelerator running right now across the street. So Brett is gonna take
us there and we’re gonna go check it out. Alright, so this is Johnny. Kia Ora Jacob, welcome to Lightning Lab
GovTech, come on in ae. So this is our space here in Wellington for
Lightning Lab Govtech 2018. We’ve got 12 teams working out of here
the next three months which we’re pretty excited about. So we’ve got four themes
here at Lightning Lab GovTech and all of the core projects fit loosely into one of those themes the first one is looking at social. So how do we look after people in
New Zealand who are most vulnerable. Second is our environment really important. Third element is looking at the community and making sure that our
community is inclusive and no one sort of gets left behind and the fourth area
we’re looking at is Digital Inclusion. and can we meet one of the teams. Yeah course. We’re part of BFC Digital and we are from Ministry of Social Development and our focus for this project is focusing on people in financial trouble and providing access for them to our products and services that are currently avaliable. Going to get financial help for the first time is a bit like going to the
dentist. You leave it too late and it’s got to be really hurting before you go. We’re here at Lightning Lab GovTech to maybe think up solutions to make it easier for people to connect. So in closing the Lightning Lab GovTech
is about building a better public sector in New Zealand. We think we’re in a
really unique spot to lead this space globally and what we’re doing here at Lightning Lab GovTech is about creating better faster and stronger public sector. Through doing breakthrough innovation. You want to find out more check out www.llgovtech.co.nz.

Maurice Vega

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