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– What happened to
Teddy, from my book? Well, it’s funny. Randomly one day I was
driving to a car dealership. I bought an Audi and I
went to the car dealership because I needed them to
help me with something and they said, we will,
call our top mechanic. And just to give you
a little backstory, Teddy was my best friend
in primary school, and he and I used to go
shoplifting together. (audience laughs) And then one day, we
were busted shoplifting and then we ran away
and they caught Teddy but they didn’t catch me. But there’s security
footage of what happened. And they went to all
the schools in the area looking for who was
shoplifting with Teddy. And then they didn’t
know it was me because the security
camera was black and white. It was old school black
and white cameras. And so they were like, we’re
looking for a white kid. Because on the camera,
in black and white, the camera chose white. So then at the
school, they asked me. They were like,
Trevor, come here. They’re like, you’re
friends with Teddy. I was like, uh huh. And they’re like, well,
Teddy was caught shoplifting. I was like, uh huh. They’re like, there
was someone with him. I was like, uh huh. They’re like, it
was a white kid. Who was he? I was like, huh? And then they just never caught
me and Teddy never snitched or anything but he got
expelled from the school and I thought like he
went to jail or something. I never knew where
he ended up in life. 10 years later, maybe
even more, I was, yeah, I had an Audi, drove
to our dealership because they wanted to
help me with something and I pulled in and I
said, can you help me? They said, oh, this
is complicated. Let’s call our top
technician, mechanic. And then they called the guy. They’re like, Theo, come out. And then he came out. And then it was Teddy. And I was like, Teddy! Teddy! Teddy! (audience laughing
and applauding) Yeah. So that’s what
happened to Teddy. All right, let’s do this. And he was just like,
what are you crying about? I’m like, I’m so happy. He’s like, dude, we were
stealing chocolate bars. Why would you be thinking,
where did you think I’d go? I thought you went
to jail for life. (upbeat music)

Maurice Vega

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  1. In my head when he seen Ted at dealership they did the patty cake thing from color purple when Whoopi reunited with her sister👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏😂Teedddyyy!!

  2. This is what I be talking about. All us brothas need to get together and take it off the DL and start fucking each other in the asses in public to show Whitey whats up. We all know we like to do it anyway. I'm talking groups of 10 or 20 in the middle of the streets, in libraries, movie theaters, restaurants, just dicking each other down and gettin that good good. That's how we get a our power over Whitey and we need to do more of it.

  3. Dam, why don't somebody just tell this sale-out he ain't funny….anypne that don't respect our Great president can Go-Get-Funked.

  4. He's the top mechanic at a dealer, sounds like he's contributing to humanity, a lot more than you are – a fucked up shop lifter who would brag about shoplifting and getting away with it.

  5. I heard that this Racist South African dickweed criminal used flush his head in the toilet having anal sex with his Bro Trevor.

  6. A paz do Senhor,volta pra Jesus !!Você e Meghan se conhece desde de novos nao?Ela lhe deu nome artístico e falou que você é talentoso,mais porque você passa necessidade e toda sua família? vivi essa vida miserável ,porque Meghan lhe dar migalhas ,ela transformou você em um prostituto,tenho certeza se esposa soubesse de onde vinha o dinheiro ela não queria,poxa cara!!você é engenheiro formado ,esquece essa vagabunda ,vai ter um bom trabalho naquilo que és melhor!ela nao tem nada mais que problema pra você!vai por favor ajudar Samantha cuidar do seu filho,o menino que pediste a Deus estar a caminho,Lucas Junior!Vai procurar trabalho na sua profissão!chega de migalhas!!Jesus te ama!!

  7. Just who just subscribed because of this awesome story!!!!! (enter the point at my face emoji) Trevor, you are the man. Now i want to read the book. I been a fan of the daily show since the time of it's 2 previous hosts and I'm glad to see they are still continuing to have a great, comedic, intelligent host that is so far from the stereotypical news reporter.

  8. Trevor is a talentless hack. Worse he is embarrassingly not funny. It makes me sad as I loved the Daily Show with John Stewart and watched it faithfully for many years. I tried to watch it with Trevor and simply can’t. It’s simply a terrible show of overtly biased garbage without an ounce of integrity or intellectual honesty.

  9. Trevor, thank you for purchasing a foreign made car as gratitude for the all opportunities this great country gave you!

  10. Trevor Noah is such a douché, especially with that fake ass posh British accent. Ur not funny nor talented. Hang it up now and go easy on ALL of us.

  11. This makes me so happy! I was worried about what happened to Teddy. Maybe not life-sentence, but getting caught by the police and being expelled is something that probably stays with you.

  12. Trevor Noah,
    What happened to your campaigning with Battlefield 5? Are you in support of that game or are you distancing yourself from that game? Was that TV bit with EA and DICE a one time deal? What are your thoughts on Battlefield 5 release. I can't find anything about you talking about Battlefield 5 after the TV spot you did on Battlefield 5. Why have you gone silent on that issue????

  13. Yes, those old-school security cams were junk. You can be mistaken for white if you have a light complexion with relatively western features like nose and lips.

  14. Watching one of your shows when someone asked about Fufi, I just wondered if I had ever met u in life, I’d have asked “how about Teddy?” Got it now, thank you. Your friendship and your book give me milder look on those who are labeled “bad”.

  15. He reminds me of old Indian grandpas ( not by appearance) with so much life experience, entertaining stories, wisdom, humour and knowledge. Just the best comidian to look at.

  16. Omg I was wondering what happened to Teddy as well! I’m glad that they finally met after all these years

  17. I didnt read his book but after teddy was caught trevor and teddy never saw eachother again until years later when trevor got an Audi? Where was teddy ?

    You dont just lose contact to a friend you go to school with every day. I dont understand.

  18. Teddy was really a friend of yours. That is the kind of person I say "sent in our lives". They protect us no matter what. This seemed like a "Jonathan and David's" friendship.

  19. I just started watching his videos today, I swear Teddy was his teddy bear. I was like how the heck his teddy bear fixing cars now, that’s weird.

  20. Thank goodness Teddy's alright!
    I've just finished reading Born a Crime in my English class, and I was wondering what became of Teddy. It was bothering me that such a small crime as stealing chocolates could have had him ripped straight from your book and into the hands of the police. This video cleared up my concerns, and I'm glad to hear that Teddy made it past the incident as you have. Especially proud that he went on to become the top mechanic of a car dealership; the shoplifting incident didn't stop him from being successful!
    Both of you are incredible ✌ and thanks to Teddy for not ratting you out 👍

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