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Mass shootings. Over the past few years, they have become
as regular in America as Star Wars movies, and just like Star Wars movies, people have starting paying
less and less attention. But this weekend,
something happened. NEWSMAN:
The nation mourns the victims of two shooting massacres
just 13 hours apart. The massacres in El Paso,
Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, happened in startling proximity for a country already
too familiar with gun violence. 29 people were killed
in the two shooting rampages just 13 hours apart. Yes. In the span of two days–
13 hours, in fact– 84 people were shot, and currently,
31 people have been killed in two deadly mass shootings. And, like,
even though most of America has gotten used to dealing
with mass shootings, having them happen back-to-back has forced people
to take notice. In fact,
this weekend’s tragedies garnered so much attention that
President Trump couldn’t respond with his usual “sad” tweet. Instead, he had to come out
and give a formal address to the nation this morning where
he condemned white supremacy and domestic terrorism. Unfortunately,
he also offered condolences to the people of Toledo,
which is not one of the cities that had a mass shooting. So that was basically
the mass shooting equivalent of saying
the wrong person’s name in bad. But these two tragedies
didn’t happen in a vacuum. They’re part of a rise in
mass shootings in recent years. And now news anchors,
pundits, politicians alike, they’re all trying to figure out
the root cause of what has become
a national epidemic. And they’ve been pinning
the blame on a lot of different things, starting with the Internet. TV REPORTER: And on the
controversial website 8chan, extremists seem
to have found a home. At least three mass shootings
this year alone have been announced
on the site. The dark corners
of the Internet where these people breed hate
and-and division… The perils of the Internet
and social media cannot be ignored
and they will not be ignored. We must recognize that
the Internet has provided a dangerous avenue
to radicalize disturbed minds and perform demented acts. Yes, many people,
including the president, are saying that
the Internet is to blame for radicalizing
these domestic terrorists, because giving them a community
and a platform is helping them
share their ideas. It’s the same way the Internet
has given a platform to people who eat
laundry detergent, right. Yeah, back in the day, you could
only share your feelings with the people
at poison control. Now you have a community. So now some people are saying we need to tighten regulation
of the Internet. And I’ll be honest with you,
I’m all for it, yeah, especially after I got
catfished last week. I thought I was talking
to a lonely middle-aged man who needed
my social security number, turns out it was some beautiful
woman who wanted to date me. What the hell? (laughter) I get what these people
are saying, though, the Internet is a powerful tool
that can be used to radicalize wannabe
mass shooters, you know. Maybe that’s why we don’t have a mass shooting epidemic
in Africa. Our Internet is shit
and the power keeps cutting. Yeah. Right now, there’s some
guy in Nigeria who’s like, (with Nigerian accent):
“I want to be radicalized “but this Wi-Fi is so slow. “You are so lucky
this video is buffering, eh? “You are so lucky. “I’ll just have to stick
to sending e-mails. Dear sir,
I have lots of money…” (laughter) (normal voice:
Now, while some people argue that this epidemic is being
caused by the Internet, another argument is that
it’s something more precise. Because everyone uses
the Internet in America, but most of these shooters
are young white men. And what do young white men
all have in common? Video games. The idea these video games
dehumanize individuals to, uh, have a game of shooting
individuals and others, I’ve always felt
that is a problem for, uh, future generations
and others. TV REPORTER: First shooter games
would desensitize folks -to the violence.
-TV REPORTER 2: When you see it through a screen and you don’t
relate to it in person, uh, it-it makes it seem
like it’s more accessible. What’s changed in this country? We’ve always had guns,
we’ve always had evil, but what’s changed where we see
this rash of shooting? And I, I see a,
a video game industry that teaches young people
to kill. Okay.
On the surface, that sounds like
a pretty good argument. America has always had guns, America has always had evil, but mass shootings
have only taken off over the past, what, 20 years? And what has been new
in the past 20 years? Violent video games. Although, by that logic, anything that’s been invented
in the last 20 years could have contributed
to mass shootings, like Crocs were invented
over the last 20 years. (laughter) And I know
they inspire anger in me. Here’s another thing,
here’s another thing, though, if video games are responsible
for shootings, how do you explain countries
like South Korea or Japan? They play the same games at
a higher rate than the U.S. but neither of these countries
have a mass shooting epidemic. The worst thing Japan
is dealing with right now is a karaoke epidemic. The only thing getting murdered
there is Mariah Carey songs. So some people blame
the Internet, and others say it’s video games. But for many,
if the president wants to find the real cause
of what’s happening, he should go and look
in the bathroom mirror. TV REPORTER: The 21-year-old
white male said the attack was in response to the Hispanic
invasion of Texas, adding that his ideology
pre-dates President Trump, and that blaming the president would be the equivalency
of fake news. This is language
the president has used since his campaign began. A lot of people are taking issue with the explosive rhetoric
he has used, rhetoric that mirrors the screed written
by the El Paso murderer. TV REPORTER: Just three months
ago, this scene at a rally in Panama City Beach, Florida. President Trump
at first laughing when a supporter in the crowd
suggested shooting immigrants. But how do you stop
these people? You can’t.
There’s… (laughs) That’s only in the Panhandle
you can get away with that statement. Yeah, it might have been a joke
at that rally, but clearly
there are people out there who could take the president’s
words seriously. Now, I know it’s crazy to take
Trump’s words seriously but some people do. In fact, as we’ve learned, the mass shooter in El Paso
left behind a manifesto that included the same phrases
Trump uses every day: fake news,
immigrant invasions. Like, the only reason you know
that it wasn’t written by Trump is because
the grammar was correct. And here’s the thing,
here’s the thing, although there is a chance Donald Trump has emboldened
racist mass shooters, we also cannot say
that he’s the overall cause, because there were
racist mass shooters before Donald Trump. It’s the same way you can’t
blame stuffed-crust pizzas for the obesity epidemic
in America. You can admit that adding
a pizza to the edge of a pizza is not gonna help people
lose weight, but it’s not the cause. So some people blame
the Internet, some say it’s video games, others blame President Trump. But the thing
we’re hearing the most after these mass shootings, is that the real cause
is all in the head. Mental health
is a large contributor to any type of violence
or shooting violence. -There are so many different
factors, you don’t know. -Yeah. I mean, maybe a child’s
born with, you know, some mental illness. This was a sick person. The person in Dayton
was a sick person. No politician
is to blame for that. You cannot be
a white supremacist and be normal in the head. These are sick people. Now, again, this argument
sounds completely logical. If someone kills a group
of random strangers, they must be mentally ill, but that’s not necessarily true. In fact,
a majority of mass shooters have no history
of mental illness, which is a scary thought,
because it means most mass shooters are killing
because they want to, not because something
“went wrong” in their brain. So… what causes
mass shootings? Is it the Internet?
Is it video games? Is it Trump?
Is it mental illness? You know, what’s sad
and frustrating about America is that after
every mass shooting, lawmakers want to identify
the one thing that causes all mass shootings, and if they can’t agree
on what that thing is, nothing gets done. But the truth is, when it comes
to any individual shooting, the cause could be any one
of those factors, if not more. But there’s one thing that every
mass shooting has in common: whatever motivated it has to be combined with a gun.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Yeah blame it on the games. We Asians are doing pretty fine. Ive been playing violent games since i was born Contra or Doom in the early 90s. I was literally less than 7 back then. I turned out fine. But you know what we don't have access to? Its GUNS! Most Asian countries don't legalize guns. USA's problems is the guns. No Guns and you will only have mass stabbing =D

  2. Yeah, very well excecuted closing with a dramatic comment and a picture of a rifle. But didn't you said on this very same video that "America have always had guns, America has always had evil" and these incidents didn't happen 20 years ago. Be consistent man.

  3. Because in the rest of the world it's forbidden to have a free gun.If you want to have it,you have to get through a lotta paper work.But not in the USA

  4. Politicians are really oblivious, I’m actually surprised that shootings aren’t more frequent. Every suicidal person has a probability of deciding to go out in a blaze of glory.

  5. smh. thats where it starts Trump limiting the internet. today he limits 'bad shit' later limiting EVERYTHING…. think about itttttt

  6. shooting video games causes more violence in people…
    WoW csgo pros must be hitmans or serial killers during their off hours.

  7. It's always the person BEHIND the gun. Yes, guns kill people, and I do understand your guy's heart. But if we start putting gun laws in place then the only people your gonna end up disarming are the ones that follow the laws. People who don't can always get their guns from the black market. If my opinion ain't welcome here, well… Just something that was on my mind.

  8. Sorry but if there is a website where killers are venting and outing themselves before they commit the crime, doesn't it stands to reason that such website should be monitored instead of shut down, that way the authorities may have a chance to look into it before it happens. Also, I played tons of video games in my lifetime and never felt the urge of hurting anyone, if anything I blew off some steam and ended too tired to do anything else. This is common sense people!!!!

  9. Nothing causes them, there are just evil people in the world who do evil shit. Change gun laws, take guns All together and it'll still Happen. Blaming video games is so 1990s lol, Ppl who want to do harm, will do harm. Period. There are crazy ppl out there… Nothing we can do about It. Just be vigilant and protect yourselves

  10. Guns enable people to defend themselves… and to kill others in mass shootings. Let's study the effectiveness of these 2: has the availability of guns enabled people to protect themselves during the mass shootings? Obviously No. Have the guns enables the mass shootings? Obviously yes -> simple, the theory that guns enables people to protect themselves has been proven wrong. It is time to change the law and ban guns.

  11. You just couldn't keep from cracking jokes even about such a serious subject. SHIT HEAD. Just don't fuckin talk about it if you can't be respectful. I have NO RESPECT for this ASSHOLE. Because he has no respect for the victims any their families. And you FANS should be ashamed of yourselfs for not calling him out on his bullshit.

  12. "ViDEo gAmEs CaUseS viOleNCe!!!"

    Me: reading up GameFAQS while playing a game so I can get the True Ending where nobody died GodDAMMIT! I didn't realize I can save that guy! Welp, time to restart the main campaign!

  13. It's always white men doing em..ban guns from whites and no mass shootings.shit atleast black gang members kill other black gang members and not shoot up local stores,theaters or malls.. This is why I'm scared to be at white congregations cause of theyre demonic mass murderers

  14. Switzerland has lots of guns and violent video games yet no mass shootings. Many countries have legal guns, internet, and violent video games yet no mass sghootings. What we have that these other countries don't is a white nationalist president and FOX news propaganda radicalizing an obsolete working class……..

  15. Everyone ignores that all these shooters are on anti depressants and other prescription drugs. Also many kids now are bullied and taught that fighting back makes them just as bad. All that bottled up rage is dangerous. We had semi automatic weapons in the past why are these shootings starting to pop up all the sudden in the past few decades? Guns aren’t the issue it’s mental health and drugs

  16. It is time that we have a memorial built to remember all the victims of domestic terrorism and mass shootings, least we move all of our fallen too quickly to memory. The impact of such a memorial might move us as a country to reasonable action.

  17. This is such BS, no one would have dared to blame Obama for all the mass shootings during his 8 years as president. Take away guns & people will still kill each other. How do we change humans to have a burning desire to honor & respect others. Once we find that, murder will go down.

  18. Well I'll throw my opinion at the wall and say that clearly the internet is not to blame, people will always find a way to communicate with others. And the one sentence that I tell my father who still solidly thinks I'll be a serial killer in a few years is that, there is a massive mental difference between shooting some people in a videogame knowing that the only pain is some butthurt and anger, and shooting a animal or human; erasing them existence and in my atheist opinion completely stopping them from doing anything ever again. Videogames don't make reality and fantasy bleed into each other except in the most insane people.

  19. Fuck this liberal POS! Comedy Central has lost it's mind! Why don't you report the mass killings in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and every other city that it happens every single day! Why… We know, it's not good FOR the news! TRUMP 2020! Fuck all you LIBTARDS!

  20. Idk why they happen but it doesnt help they liberals are trying to take guns away which btw will not work since guns are apart of the second amendment.

  21. Everyone is going about solving the problem the wrong way. I can tell you what is happening with these mass shootings but will you believe it? Do you remember Guyana and Jim Jones who brainwashed his followers to drink the Kool Aid laced with poison. 909 people, a third of them children were killed in this massacre and Jim Jones said he did it al in the name of the Communist party. Do you Remember when 38 people died in the Heaven's Gate mass killing. All these people were brainwashed to kill themselves. If you look up Brainwashed to kill here on YouTube you will find a video explaining how clinical hypnosis can be used to program anyone to go out and kill others. Brainwashing does exist and has been used by intelligence agencies for years. With illicit drugs or Pharmaceuticals they can be more susceptible hypnosis and can be put under to murder people. So what they are doing is abducting programming people who have been diagnosed with mental issues and using their mental condition as a cover to blame mental illness as to what is causing the problem in the mass killings so they can say we have to get rid of the semi automatic rifles thus making America a soft target for foreign intervention. There are many videos of Holocaust survivors warning do not give up your guns. History continues to repeat itself..!

  22. Trevor Noah seems to think that not having a medically recorded history of mental illness is the same as not having mental illness at all. he may as well be justifying his politicization of tragedy.

  23. What causes insanity? What "causes" any irrational behavior? The trick is to avoid such impossible questions, and ask "What best thwarts acts of violence?" For one thing, enabling and expediting the ease by which insane and hate-filled persons can obtain lethal weapons obviously is NOT working, ergo, perhaps we should try the opposite?

  24. I’ve played violent video games since I got my first Xbox one gaming console, but I would never get up one day and decide to pick up a gun and murder innocent people

  25. I cringe every time Trevor tries Nigerian accent… we don't talk like that Trevor.. let me teach you one you can easily get! lol

  26. The Dayton shooter was an ardent leftist. Of course mass shooters don't have diagnosed mental illnesses or else they'd be in therapy, not killing people; more seriously, they are less likely to have coping strategies or to be actively working through the problems.

    This is all pinned by the fact that black people commit the most mass shootings in america daily, but since they're in gangs and we've come to expect it, nobody cares. The el paso shooter told potential shooters to target gun free zones because they are soft targets; you will not be able to legislate away evil, so you need to make sure you are a hard target by arming yourself.

    And what's the point of that last statement Mr. Noah? I assume it is to encourage gun control, but which ones would have stopped any of the shootings in recent years? Do guns go off by themselves? Will criminals and mass shooters obtain their guns legally? We should be trying to decrease violence, not specifically violence with certain weapons, especially since infringing on peoples' rights doesn't actually decrease overall violence.

  27. This is actually shit 1st person shooters are good they release stress and the real threat is guns like AR 15s need to be gone let hunting and pistols alone but don’t put it on video games

  28. what causes mass shootings are media outlets like this one, giving the killers the spotlight which creates copycats.

  29. Ha ha.. Now they are f**king White Supremacists, not terrorists !!! And most importantly now they are not representing any religion !!!
    And yeah man.. I agree..They all have mental issues but when it's about f**king (so-called Muslim) attackers, they are all in perfect condition with f**king good metal health !!! And f**king representing Islam !!! No???

  30. i live in ohio and i didnt even know it happened until when i was at my summer camp and they said that it happened in dayton, i was sas and they had the flag at halfmast most of the week.

  31. how are u gonna say the internet causes mass shootings when most of them are blamed on mental health and if someone has some mental health then how are they able to go buy a gun within a day thats crazy

  32. Oooo please the military hire and train kids to use drones to kill "ppl". Video games are the only outlet some kids have to take out their personal issues. Game on.


  33. It's evil racism fueled by irrational racist lies and propaganda also contributed by trump and pro trump conservative news outlets all who are deserving of hell

  34. Body Count of tyranical Governments in the last century up to today: 262,000,000 approximately vs body count of mass shootings in the last century up to today: 414 approximately! I never want to see people murdered by mass shooters or governments and although it is more likely a mass shooting will happen over a tyranical government actually carrying out murders publicly, (they are doing it by the way by police against unarmed citizen which is still even higher than mass shootings) it is still an absolute fact our government even today in the USA kills more people than mass shooters, so make your choices with facts not ideology and ignorance!

  35. wanting to kill someone is an illness, willing to kill someone is an illness, carrying out that act is an illness.  doesn't matter if by gun, knife, bomb, or club.  take away Trump- even though there were mass killings before his presidency, take away the internet, video games, guns and there will still be mass shootings- will always be able to get a gun, and there will still be mass killings.  we need to stop the cause, not symptom

  36. >Shooter writes a manifesto where he explains that mass migration and the decline of the white race in the country is the motivation behind his actions.

    >"What could it be that is motivating white shooters( there are more black mass shooters than white ones btw) to gun down people????? It must be video games/mental illness/Trump/ guns

  37. theye eat fox news for breafist im a fascist im not rascist I think you shud be prod of you race and that's the opposite of racsime

  38. The cause is evil people wanting to do evil things. I'll keep my gun so I can kill evil people when they want to do evil things around me.

  39. How smartly and tactfully he is talking to the people who can listen and understand the inner view of the shooting happened.

  40. I would like to start by saying ILOVE Trevor! I watch almost every video you put on. The one issue I have with what you said though is: The 2nd amendment was written to protect people… from what, is my question? My understanding was it is meant to protect people from governments ruling over/ imposing their will upon them (both foreign AND domestic). The guns aren’t the problem in my opinion. The issue is mental health… we need to figure out what drives people to pick up the gun in the first place to kill innocent people. Furthermore we need to eliminate or drastically reduce gun free zones… a criminal will look at a bank with armed guards and say there is no way I can rob them; however, I could go get a few hundred easy bucks at the little store without protection.Its the same with a gun free public gathering.

    With that being said, I love your show and think your hilarious. I will continue to watch because I want to understand both sides. We all need to come together and compromise to fix this as Americans and more commonly as people.

  41. OMG. The desensitised kids are running around …but not being able to get guns, they are just running around. And with all the endorphins, they get so much healthier. Access to guns can give people with an a stray violent thought the means to commit crimes. Get rid of the gun and that same feeling can end in a punch or shouting match. I have been angry, hurt, and despairing many times in my life, with access to a gun, dozens of events would have lead to someones death, maybe even my own!

  42. What is causing mass shootings? The media is causing them. The media turns otherwise marginalized unstable individuals into stars. And as the media has often pointed out, there is very little difference between fame and infamy in the long run.

  43. In singapore almost every kid plays video games but not a single shooting incodent happened. The problem with US is that, the few innovative americans made the country rich while their education system for the mass is incompetent. Rich country poor education system = more dumb idiots who can afford guns

  44. Veterans that were literally taught to kill haven’t been committing mass shootings. It ain’t video games.

  45. People who think that video games cause mass shootings=🤡
    People who think banning or making laws for gun stop mass shootings=🤡

  46. While it's not funny to say "shoot em" after so many mass shooting, and YET…
    that was actually a pretty good rip on Florida. (can verify, live in FL)
    Panhandle is full of scum lawyers ready to represent the Diablo himself. It's disgusting.
    I can hear 'em now using the ol' Stand Your Ground Law chewbacca defense.

  47. Mass shooting epidemic opioid epidemic and enter word here epidemic. Well i see the overall strategy they r trying to keep people out of usa and using internet to spread it globally. Nice work CIA

  48. The gun seems to always get the blame with these events. I will remind people that the Assault Weapon ban was in place in 1994, so what did mass killers do? They used other things besides guns. For example, the OK City truck/fertilizer bombing was in 1995. Would the killer have used an Assault weapon had they been legal? Who knows, but one thing is for sure… McVeigh simply used another form of mass killing to get his job done. The 9/11 terrorists used planes to kill many, many people when the Assault Weapon ban was in force. Did we ban fertilizer, Uhaul trucks and commercial airliners since they were all used to commit mass murder? No… so why do some people thing that banning guns will end mass murder? It won't. Killers will use anything they can get to to evil things.

  49. Trevor is brilliant! His in-depth analysis of everything help me better understand different culture and politics with the right amount sense of humor!

  50. Diversity – you against me – is the problem. There is not a coinsidence Russia picked up on this before the election 2016.

  51. I’ll tell you what causes the mass shootings. – Your stubbornness and pride.

    Yes, it IS your damn guns and lack of gun control. Don’t give me that bullshit about ‘right to defend yourself’.

    The fact that you can all easily purchase fully automatic weapons is the reason for everyone of your shootings and everyone of your deaths. It’s the reason for every child and youngster who were killed in those shootings.

    It’s not the internet, it’s not video games, mental health, white supremacy or whatever else stupid excuse you come up with to avoid talking about the REAL reason.

    We have internet, supremacists, video games and mentally ill people everywhere else in the world and yet, we don’t see much of these shootings and why? Because we can’t go around the corner and buy a fucking death machine – that’s why!
    We don’t have these shootings because guns are only allowed and worn by people who have a proper education and knows how to handle and such weapons!

    Honestly? I’ve almost stopped caring whenever I hear about another shooting in your nation and just rolls my eyes.
    Because I know you’re too damn stubborn to admit the truth and actually do something about it.
    In many ways, I have respect for the everyday American, however this shooting thing, stubbornness and lack of insight and action, makes me loose respect for you as a nation.
    America is not a country I would EVER want to settle down in (not just because of Trump).

    And yes, this IS A SCOLDING from your older brother Denmark 🇩🇰

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