What can we do to Enhance Youth Participation in Governance

but one thing I would be many things but if you reduce it to one thing that I have to say right now it's probably Network the power of network so we talk about engagement and gave me an engagement but I mean you don't just engage from the sky you have to deliberately these networks have to be open first of all we have to know about them no national party level only party level yes and even from you know conversations like this we need more engagement of this nature we need more time to discuss this quite loaded subject such as youth participation in governance and sadly we need to make it a reality a norm that youth must be part of governance fully education starts at home if we have that support on the parent at the early age that the youth I mean the young child has grown up with a home that can educate him and the local system the community system and then take it to the national level by the time is 15 from 15 to 35 will be well boom for him to be able now to participate and take part of elections and and everything in this country there's none better to represent the welfare of a youth than a youth so to champion these decisions it means we also need to share that table and currently we've seen that there's a deficit in these tables when you find a situation where there's v VIPs and VIPs there are no youth generally you actually have to ask for someone to help you out to have the youth in the picture yes I'd need to be captured knowledge with me future understanding so I think they were the one thing that can be done to enhance our youth perspiration is capacity builder but right now what we can do is I think we can really look our electoral systems we have a lot of fraudulent electoral systems within Africa and therefore that doesn't give an equal playing field for all the candidates and especially for the young people who are not able to give money watching bribes so they can be able to win elections what I feel needs to be done by the African Union and other major stakeholders is to ensure that they bring about strategies and interventions that will really curb these particular things that are happening I think the one underlying factor that a lot of young people do not participate in governance or that would allow for more participation for young people I believe is creating an environment where young people can freely speak and hold their leaders accountable we've had so many capacity-building workshops for young people we already know about our self-esteem software our leadership we need concrete opportunity and that's financing

Maurice Vega

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