West Africa Youth Internet Governance Forum 2019

my name is Vitaly kamenashi I will be the gamma radio and television services I mean be part of this event is something that I'm really are not about but because the us-africa use Internet Governance forum brings together young people from diverse sectors to come together and raise awareness amongst themselves about Internet governance and how they can be productive in that space I think it's a very good initiative because knowing that about 95% of young people are active users of social media but also at the Internet it is important that you know that is a lot more we can do that just need one the internet there's a lot more we can do by using the Internet to our advantage which will benefit all of us but also our country my name is Jose discussions and I think I'm very much in the discussions of Madagascar today I killed I have learnt a lot from like how to use the Internet the advantages of the internet and a disadvantages of especially the ones my name is Pamela and with the gambia procurement Authority the Internet governance every means in lesson from all the spectators that had the questions and all the mentors like him hello I'm day truly a member of the Gambia cybersecurity Allah and any work of Mozilla and I'm happy that I attend our first Africa Internet Governance where different people come together share their 80s and optimal issues effectively and especially when it comes to security cyber security I think everything that was talked about there it was very very useful seems I can say women's vulnerable to the use of Internet and then me participate in the and speaking out on behalf of my fellow young women and then it was a pleasure for me so thanks to West Africa internet governance that women are coming out to speak out they are mine and it honey

Maurice Vega

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