We’re Wrong About Everything, Caller Can Set Us Straight

We have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two, David P.
this voicemail came in. It’s a voicemail from a, I don’t know that
I would call it a very angry Trumpist, uh, or a very angry right-winger. But it is certainly someone who believes we
are wrong about everything and they know everything. That’s a really important element of this
voicemail. Let’s take a listen to it. Remember you can call anytime and leave a
voicemail. Two one nine two. David P is the voicemail number. Let’s listen together. Uh, yeah, I was watching your videos and man,
I just couldn’t tell you how wrong you guys are. It’s like like an alternate universe. Hmm. So poker see at every corner and you guys
just don’t see it. I’d love to point it out for you. I mean, I could, if you ever had a conservatives
on your show, we do often debate. You know what I mean? You’d just be pummeled by you and the face
news never really, you know, has anybody on and it’s just crazy. I mean, you’re transgender athlete video. I mean you’re saying we used that issue. No. The reason why we talk about it is because
we cannot believe our eyes. What’s happening is this real life or the
Twilight zone? You guys are an unbelievable, yeah. What they’re referring to there is, I got
a call, I think it was during a livestream last week or the week before where I was asked
about this issue of transgender athletes and participating in this that the other, which
uh, you know, should, should, uh, transgender individuals participate based on their biological
sex or whatever. And I said that I, I don’t disagree that those
are real questions, but that that is not the primary issue around trans rights and that
when we’re talking about issues of trans rights and bathroom policy and all of this different
stuff, you know, job employment discrimination, that bringing up questions about if you’re
born biologically male, should you be allowed to weight lift against other women if you
are a trans woman later in your life. I’m not saying it’s not a question, I’m not
saying it needs to be figured out, but it is not the forefront of the issue around trans
rights. And a lot of people were angry. They said, David, how dare you say that that
issue of men’s and women’s sports leagues is not the foremost issue of trans rights? Well, it’s not. Now as far as you want to debate me, call
in. We take calls every week on the broadcast
show. I accept calls typically at least once a week
during an impromptu live stream on either YouTube or Twitch. I am glad for you to call in and tell me all
the ways in which you are right and I am wrong. On the bonus show today, the Donald Trump
campaign has revoked media credentials for Bloomberg news reporters over a decision not
to investigate 2020 Democrats in a very particular way that Trump wanted them to do. We will also talk about Elon Musk of Tesla
fame testifying in his own defense during this defamation trial over the pedo guy tweet. If you don’t remember that, we’ll catch you
up on it. It is interesting what is going on and we
will also discuss on the bonus show the first Supreme court gun rights battle in 10 years,
which may have a significant impact on the legal landscape. So a lot of really important substantive,
good stories about a freedom of the press, about the Supreme court gun safety regulations,
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[inaudible] we didn’t coverage of today’s Trump impeachment
inquiry hearings in the house judiciary committee, the David Pakman [email protected] [inaudible].

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Well.
    They either never learned how to examine things with rigorous honesty and self-respect and stubborn objectivity– which, in our times, you must do constantly, if you're to know what's what– or they did know how to do that at one time, and they gave it away. To Trump.
    I have no idea what to say. It's very sad.

  2. You're going to get pumbled by guys who can't wrap their heads around the fact that all female athletes are being replaced by the transes. Never cared about female sports before, only ever disparaged them. But now that they're all filled with MTFs, the integrity of female sports is a giant priority David. What if he accidentally gets turned on by one of them while watching volleyball? He'll hold you accountable. You David. Get ready for the pumbling of a lifetime.

  3. I just don’t get some of these people. Why follow a channel you don’t agree with? It’s like they go looking around for things to be triggered about.

  4. I've noticed that arrogance is a common trait among Republitards. Just like Trump they think they know everything, they're the greatest, nobody's ever seen someone like them.

  5. What really makes mad😬 about incels. Is don't appreciate what they have. Lot men sharing their feeling online are actually unhappily married men… Who want nothing then women mother Sisters even Daughters out of their lives Espicially their wife. But wife's all the power men have live in fear Divorce rape Child support alimony the majority of Homelessness are men . . And is in plan site being your privaleged . Being lied to your face. So abvously not . True. Insult really..of. Course are hated. Why should give f!!! What go through and play the Daughter card.
    What your daughter wouldn't Evey exist if someone else Daughter didn't take advantage of youand she's always she's. And obviously victim.
    Are any laws telling women what to with lives. She also give the baby baby up for adoption . In states where she can't go out of her way to kill him.
    And it I fare more common for a man on street paying Alimony and ChildSupport to endangere the health &life of thr man's life then Childbirth and pregnancy to endangere health and life of man.

    The men who call other incels fot not wanting put with women . Themselves are Wh# r😘 s .
    Controlled by .their Biology. Who give little so boy can avoid being but . That's an example of a woman being Believed. It's really quite. Come.

    Your own daughter's like get no in trouble. Just like girls you in highschool jusy her mother. And another of how women lie telling to Blame Patriarchy for why men can't talk their Problems or feelings. But when they do. Those same lying women called mysogynist incels Losers why have go online.

    Even the men in your life could feel secretly feel the same. I'm an open Feminist so my wife does force me into proverty .

    The incel song should be I got no strings to hold me down. To hold me back or make from. The Femisist man wh# have strings but you assume I'm a lonely incel Because you can see their are strings

  6. Have to agree with this caller about the transgender athletes , it's a disgrace , women getting wrecked left right and centre , world records toppling like dominoes . Has anyone noticed that it seems to be men transitioning to women and women transitioning to men almost universally stay or transfer to women's events , but not men's . No one finds this strange and let's be honest very unfair ?

  7. For years now the GOP has said that they are right because they have "Alternative Facts". They have said "Don't believe what you see and hear" as if reality is a malleable thing. They have called "Facts", "Opinions" as if facts are just subjective as opinions. These things are their self described political and life cornerstones, but yet they think "We" have everything wrong.

  8. What do you call someone who has had five children from three different wives; and is now married to someone who posed nude?

    Unfortunately, we in the United State have to call him Mr. President.

  9. Buttigieg has too many connections that don't leave with a warm and fuzzy feeling. I believe in trusting my gut feelings.

    Pete Buttigieg Won’t Talk About His Secret Work At McKinsey [HuffPost]


    Pete Buttigieg worked at McKinsey & Company, an elite consulting firm with global reach…McKinsey, a mammoth consulting firm with nearly 30,000 employees spread across the globe, has become infamous for taking on ethically dubious projects, such as advising authoritarian regimes.

    Buttigieg has avoided giving details on his clients and assignments by saying he is still bound by a nondisclosure agreement he signed as an employee.

    Mark Zuckerberg Has Quietly Recommended Campaign Hires to Pete Buttigieg [Bloomberg]


    Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has privately recommended several potential hires to Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign… Ultimately, two of the people recommended were hired.

    Russia Funded Facebook and Twitter Investments through Kushner Investor [TheGuardian]


    Two Russian state institutions with close ties to Vladimir Putin funded substantial stakes in Twitter and Facebook through an investor who later acquired an interest in a Jared Kushner venture, leaked documents reveal.

    The files show that in 2011, VTB funded a $191m investment in Twitter. About the same time, Gazprom Invest holding financed an opaque offshore company, which in turn funded a vehicle that held $1bn-worth of Facebook shares.

  10. There is something about Mayor Pete that has just been tugging at me. Something about him just isn't sitting right. Then one time he made a statement that the democrats "don't care" about the national debt… then it struck me… Mayor Pete doesn't have any real understanding of the history of how the national debt got to where it is… how the republicans have undermined the taxation of the wealthy… or how the republicans undermined every, all bills in congress just to undermine President Obama. Sure Pete is intelligent and idealistic but is lacking in that he lacks a historical reference to the problems that exist today.

  11. Why do you support that Jordan Peterson bs….."Thinkspot"….did you hit your head on something?? Explanation needed please….

  12. Caller, on a scale of '1' to '10', about how much do you think you subconsciously project your own failings and misguided views onto the people you're told to hate?

    Caller: "And that's another thing, the level of projection you guys put out is unbelievable. We can't believe it."

  13. Its "AMAZING" how people always feel life topics should be a certain way, "conservatively" Unless it's affecting their life personally. Then its unfair. Its great how this caller takes the time to call in with actually nothing to say. He definitely is a trump supporter. Has spirit But No game.👍

  14. you guys see that? all he brought up was the transgender issue. you know why? because that's all these people have. all they have is this culture war nonsense which stems from their white and christian identity which is fueled by the republican party's white and religious identity politics. that's all these people have, because they have NOTHING to say about the GOP's top 1% agenda. 99% of these people are middle and working class whites who feel false aggrieved by the fiction of their social status disappearing and who are actually aggrieved by their material status and conditions disappearing, thanks to neoliberalism which is spearheaded by the GOP. sad they're so wrapped up in their delusional ideology. truly sad.

  15. The caller is a coward. debate me debate me he says, but given the opportunity, he will curl up into a ball and play the victim.

  16. So scary that there are many many trumpsters, it’s like they are brainwashed. We appreciate all you do to keep us informed.

  17. Fox has been engaged in a 30 year campaign of disinformation. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the population are quite literally brainwashed.

  18. It must be hard to be so stupid if you think Trump is great then you such a fool but then Trump supporters are very moronic fools

  19. This, right here, is the best, most awesome tweet of the year from Brandon Straka, a gay hairdresser who walked away from the Democratic party after doing his own research & seeing how badly the left has been lying to all of us. Sincere question 4 liberals:

    If u found out the majority of things u believe about


    & his dealings were untrue, & he is clean, would u b willing 2 support him & turn on the sources who’ve misled u? Or continue on wanting 2 see him punished bc ur already so far in?

  20. You guys all know Pacman's calls are scripted & fake, right? They are. He's just doing this to get your money. Pacman's the worst kind of scum on this earth. He's a weak, petty, sneaky, little bitch, who preys on the useful idiots of the world. None of the phone calls are real listeners folks. It's all scripted & fake. It's as clear as day. I've listened to a lot of talk radio & believe me when I tell you this. The way the calls are portrayed to come in, how the questions are worded & how Pacman responds like a dick, is so plain to see that this all produced & fake. Pacman does it to weasel you guys out of your money. He's a fucking piece of shit! Pacman doesn't have a fucking contract with any station to broadcast his show from. This is all a scam. There isn't a person on this earth that would be sitting around, listening to this asshole & calling him up & ask his advice. He doesn't have a fucking clue what he's talking about. He's your typical leftie, who just regurgitates the shit he hears other lefties say in the main stream media. He has no original thought. He's boring as fuck. I know what he's going to say before he even says it. Save you money & tell this asshole to fuck off.

  21. not sure these conservatives understand that conservatism is driven by fear. It is stripped down cowardice, nothing more nothing less

  22. I would have some respect for these people if they said, "we know but we do not care". Tell me that Trump is doing all the things you want to happen and you do not care how it is happening as long as it is. Because that is a lot of it. Maybe not the person on the street because they are being fed or only side over an over. But the Congressmen? They know. The truth is that a lot of Americans want a "stronger" President (your clever statement about Trump not being strong). Do you hear the words he says? How often does Trump say "strong and powerful". This is basic psychology and a basic rule of inception and it works. People will defend a thought no matter where it came from. And I see this on both sides, the far left and the far right. In Trump's case, the Far-Right got enough moderates to vote for him in the right areas. Because they will take the ends over the means. Liberals on the other hand, eat their own and will destroy its own candidates.

  23. He must be so "woke" and we are to ignorant to even comprehend anything. It's so sad that so many ( especially young boys and young men) get sucked into this black hole because they are looking for direction and life lessons type videos. They should just live and not rely on idiots like Patterson, Joe Rogan, Gavin McAnus, Sargon the cuck Ben Shapiro and so on. These morons don't have life figured out no one does and to blindly follow them is like giving up on living life and just falling into line to keep the status quo or normality going but never actually fixing the problems in their lives to make it better. They love to play the victim and blame game. It's not their fault they can find a great paying job in their shitty town with no jobs available no no no it's because of something someone he dosnt know doing it or keeping him having the job because of SJW, and PC culture. Go listen to incel Jesus these people are delusional as fuck it's mind bending the way they think. People are scared of change but they can't stop it and I think that's what upsets them the most. They have no control anymore. It's basic white man syndrome.

  24. People. Here. Look up “in otter words” he has an excellent 2 part series debunking moronic right wing misconceptions about trans atheists

  25. I ponder how these: socially and geopolitical conservative individuals would handle a species from a different solar system (or Galaxy); with a completely different DNA structure (assuming this genetic program; also possibly different). A species that undoubtedly would be vastly superior with regards to technologies and cognitive capabilities to ours. They would; safe to say, lose their f*cking minimally functioning minds. They can't even handle a transgendered human? I truly struggle to have compassion for the depth of their lack of imagination, and sense of the possibilities the Universe provides. They have a very sterile and limited sense of wonder.

  26. Big surprise that a man doesn't think women's sports is that important.
    I'm on the left and someone who has enjoyed your stuff in the past but even your "right wing caller" seems more informed on this issue than you are. How is it fair for women to have to compete against biological males often leading to serious injuries?

  27. Do they not teach critical thinking in schools in America? (The tools to be able to look at issues from both sides, how to evaluate and make an informed decision)

  28. God damn how stupid can a person be has even ever watched the show? I hope you do get a call from him maybe you can "set him straight " when a person doesnt believe facts theres not much hope for them!!!

  29. I LOVE that I'm unbelievable. I love that David is too, that's why I watch him. He doesn't give you fluff, just the facts.. So hey, I love it.. I absolutely AGREE with David on the Trans video and what he said here.. I'm for trans rights because as a person with a Forensic Psychology degree they didn't CHOOSE to be,they knew it was wrong for them and our research shows that.

  30. Oh noooooo we're wrong about everything? 😱😵 Actually it's trump supporters living in the land of delusions, it's like Hitler and his Nazi ragime for awhile they thought they knew it all, and that they were God's chosen people, and look what that got them, they lost WW II in a way that is that their mindset was their downfall without anyone else's help, much like how trump supporters think now.

  31. So now we know … It all comes down to not accepting other people's rights, all while playing as if they are the victims.

  32. You ARE wrong about everything and someone should set you straight. He's telling you the truth, you people are in your own little world completely oblivious to the facts. I click any one of your videos and watch you get everything completely wrong. I knew you were wrong about Russian collusion, You are wrong about the impeachment, you are wrong saying Trump is mentally ill. And you are wrong about climate change, there is no climate emergency. You know it's hilarious how the liberals have got half the world worrying about climate change killing us all considering that the things they predicted thirty years ago have not transpired and there is nothing at all unusual happening with the weather. But we have protests in the streets over bad predictions from scientists with an agenda. I wonder how long they will keep up the protests as the years drag on before they notice it's a big lie?
    You didn't learn a damn thing from Russia gate. You're still believing all you see on CNN. You're like one of those women whose husband beats her every day that never leaves him. You just wouldn't know what to do with true information, so you cling to the lies. And when you discover you have been lied to, you white wash it and pretend that it never happened. Then you just make one of those "Why are republicans so stupid" videos, or "Donald Trump is criminally insane because this guy that works in an old folks home says so" videos and erase those nagging doubts about your own intelligence. Yep, you're own little fantasy world.

  33. I think the left should put the gun issue on ice. Take the votes that will get you and focus on climate change. Climate change is going to affect everyone. Gun violence or fear of guns is going to affect some people but not every person and animal on the whole planet.

  34. caller, there is a lot in this world you cant believe..
    like math, science, or reality in general..
    Dems do wrong we call em out..
    Repugs never do wrong..
    thats why youre

  35. "I'd love to point it out to you"… At least in the 'old days' morons knew to keep their thoughts to themselves.

  36. This caller pray at the alter of right-wing fascism; he's clearly taken and passed fascism 101 with flying colors.

  37. We can't belive our eyes but we can believe everything trump tells us because he is is smart and rich and we know this because he told us.

  38. the difference is that our alternate universe is supported by facts, evidence, science and common sense. Their alternate universe is just not

  39. They took out pieces of my brain and replaced em with little bags of sand. Obama was a reptilian shapeshifting alien from outer space and I have the body of John Wilkes Booth. Jesus on the dash board. Y’all don’t even know. Gropenfuhrer 2020

  40. "We" can't believe our eyes. "We" will decimate you. I've no doubt whatsoever, that the "we" in this case means the caller's mom, hamster and blow up doll. Timmy, you're late for dinner and mom made your favorite: spaghetti with no balls!

  41. There is some truth in this dudes voicemail and I said this a couple of times already in these comments. If you want to convince Trumpists (Not the most hardcore of hardcore Trumpists) to leave the madmans slipstream, you will never achieve your goal if your methods are full of hostility, ridicule and insult. Now if this channel was only these things i wouldn't stay subscribed, this channel brings more to the table than negativity. I love the segments where you analyse social problems and give a progressive viewpoint on what policies could be. But you can't deny that there is alot of Trump/Trumpist bashing in both your content and in your fanbase comments. In a way i do believe this channel helps polarization and the product of polarization are 2 groups who can't believe the viewpoints of the other group. Hillary called a huge chunk of the population 'a basket of deplorables', but you need this basket of deplorables on your side to make the US a social democracy with good social programs.

  42. The ideological divide we‘re facing here is between a „winner takes all“ and a „nobody left behind“ society with Republicans embracing the former and Democrats representing the latter. They‘re irreconcilable.

  43. isn't it funny that the only example the caller mentions is also the most irrelevant to peoples lives compared to real issues. the millions that cant afford to get ill, dont give a damn about someone choosing to switch genders

  44. Your biological sex, itself, is defined by your genitalia, not your belief or feelings. If you have a penis, you use Male oriented public amenities and vice versa. Should you want to compete in the opposite sport or use the opposite bathroom, in my opinion, you should have the same genitalia. To me it's pretty cut and dry. I dont see the argument here on that point. I respect their rights but if you have a penis and it requires a vagina…you should probably get one before you join that program.

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