Were These Historic Moments Actually Secret Alien Invasions? (Greatest Mysteries: UFO)

On June 24th, 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold was
flying in the vicinity of Mount Rainier in Washington when he suddenly spotted something
shiny in the sky with him. Turning his aircraft to get a better look,
Arnold claims to have seen a string of eight bright, saucer-shaped objects being led by
a larger crescent-shaped object. After about two minutes, all of the objects
accelerated and disappeared, leaving Arnold’s small plane behind. Today we’ll take a look at one the world’s
greatest mysteries, in this special episode of The Infographics Show’s Greatest Mysteries:
UFOs. Kenneth Arnold’s Mount Rainier sighting kicked
off the modern UFO craze, and established the term flying saucer in all our minds. Since then, humanity has been obsessed with
the question: Are we alone, or are we being visited by beings from another world? We’ll explore these questions with the top
4 most mysterious UFO events ever reported. Number 4 is an American classic: the UFO crash
at Roswell, New Mexico. Just a few weeks after the Kenneth Arnold
sighting, the Air Force recovered debris from an allegedly crashed flying saucer in Roswell,
New Mexico. Roswell Army Air Field public information
officer Walter Haut initially released a press release stating that military personnel had
recovered a flying disc. However, this was quickly retracted by the
Air Force, which then claimed that the object was just a weather balloon. Fifty years later, in 1997, the U.S. government
declassified documents showing that it had indeed been operating a secret high-altitude
program in the New Mexico skies, sending up balloons made of high-tech lightweight and
flame retardant materials that carried sensitive microphones into the Earth’s troposphere where
they could eavesdrop on Soviet nuclear tests. With no satellites in orbit, and given the
secrecy of the Soviet nuclear program, it would have been important to keep any such
attempts to eavesdrop on the Soviets out of public knowledge – and a captured flying saucer
made for a great cover until nationwide UFO hysteria threatened to create a panic. While many still refuse to accept the official
explanation, the evidence is staggering. The 297-page declassified report has been
substantiated by many members of the then-secret program, but perhaps more telling is the mundane
nature of the objects recovered in the crash, as described by those on the scene: objects
such as rubber, tinfoil, paper, and tape. With any possible visiting aliens being greatly
technologically superior to us, we’d like to think they’d make their spaceships out
of things more advanced than tin foil and tape. At number three is the first possible conflict
between man and alien – the Battle of Los Angeles. After the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor,
many Americans expected Japanese raids against the West Coast to be imminent. The U.S. Army dispatched batteries of anti-aircraft
guns to major coastal cities in response, including Los Angeles. On the evening of February 23rd, 1942, military
spotters reported blinking lights in the sky above LA, sending the anti-aircraft crews
into high alert. A few hours later, however, the lights were
gone. The next night, a radar contact was reported
180 miles west of Los Angeles over the Pacific Ocean. What happened next is a bit murky. Some military personnel and civilians claim
to have heard and even seen up to a dozen aircraft in the sky, while others claim that
a large, glowing shape hovered above the city, partially obscured by the cloud cover. Immediately, the alarm was raised, and a citywide
blackout was ordered as dozens of anti-aircraft batteries and .50 caliber machine guns began
to fire into the pitch-black sky. Powerful spotlights scanned the sky looking
for targets, and an hour later, over 1400 rounds of anti-aircraft shells had been fired
into the night sky. The people in the city believed they were
under all-out enemy attack, but dawn broke shortly after only to reveal a bunch of confused
air defense crews and no enemies in sight. With no official explanation, Japan was asked
about the incident at the end of the war. They confirmed that they had never launched
aircraft over Los Angeles. Yet shortly after the end of the war, the
United States War Department revealed that 1 to 5 radar contacts had definitely been
recorded that night, and no U.S. planes were in the area. Did the United States fire the first shot
in a war against an alien species? Or were wartime jittery nerves and primitive
radar technology to blame? Sadly, we may never know. They say everything is bigger in Texas – including
their UFO encounters. At number two is a famous and unsettling account
of motorist harassment by something possibly otherworldly. On the night of November 2nd, 1957, immigrant
farmers Pedro Saucedo and Joe Salaz were driving down a lonely Texas road near the small town
of Levelland when they suddenly spotted a flash of blue light ahead of them. Their truck immediately died as it lost all
electric power, and as it rolled to a stop, they witnessed a strange object rising up
off the road ahead of them and move in their direction. Pedro jumped out of the truck and hid in a
nearby bush, while Joe, paralyzed with fear, remained in the truck. An object later described as “rocket-shaped”
flew directly over the vehicle, rocking it violently and giving off intense heat and
powerful wind gusts. Terrified, the two men immediately found a
pay phone and called the local police department. Officer A.J. Fowler answered their call, and, initially
believing the call to be a joke, immediately dismissed it. However, an hour later his phone rang again. Another motorist driving down the same road
reported coming across a brilliantly lit egg-shaped object that also shut down the power to his
car before flying over it and disappearing. Still skeptical, Officer Fowler made a note
of the report, but didn’t pay it much mind, until another call came in at 10:55 PM. This time the call was made by a married couple
driving northeast of Levelland. This couple also reported a bright flash moving
across the sky, which killed their car’s headlights and radio for a few seconds, as it passed
overhead. Just five minutes after taking the couple’s
statement, his phone rang once more with yet another motorist claiming that a strange object
sitting on the road had caused his vehicle to lose power as well, only turning back on
when the object rose up from the road and flew away. In total, 15 calls came in to Officer Fowler,
who dispatched three police officers to look for the object. Of the three, Sheriff Weir Clem also encountered
the object at around 1:30 AM with the same results: his car experienced electrical malfunctions
and died, only to restart once the object disappeared. An official investigation by the U.S. Air
Force claimed that the objects spotted by Sheriff Clem and 15 other motorists were nothing
more than ball lightning and that the electrical failures were due to faulty wiring. Yet those present on that November night have
never bought the official explanation, and with so many eyewitnesses having such close
encounters, it’s a little hard to believe they would all confuse lightning for an alien
spacecraft. At number one is something much more recent,
and substantiated with modern military technology. In 2004, Commander David Fravor and another
pilot were flying a training mission with their F/A-18F Super Hornets about 100 miles
off the coast of San Diego. Midway through their training mission, the
Navy cruiser USS Princeton contacted them and requested they investigate several mysterious
objects the ship was tracking on radar. The pilots were briefed that the Princeton
had established radar tracks on a number of whitish, 40-foot long,
Tic Tac-shaped objects that would suddenly appear at an altitude of 80,000 feet, descend
towards the ocean, and hover at 20,000 feet before dropping out of radar range or blasting
back up into the night sky. Working together, the Super Hornets and the
Princeton tracked one object via radar, and Commander Fravor managed to get close enough
to make visual contact with the object. For a few seconds, Commander Fravor said that
he could clearly see a whitish, pulsating object that seemed to rotate as it flew. However, as if sensing the Super Hornets had
drawn near, the object immediately accelerated and blasted out of sight. Perhaps the best part about this encounter
is the fact that the close contact by Commander Fravor was all recorded via his gun camera. In the video, you can clearly see the object
being pursued by the fighter jets, and you can hear Commander Fravor and his wingman
excitedly describe the object rotating, and at one point exclaim in surprise that “there’s
a whole fleet of them.” The incident was classified for many years
until the gun camera footage showed up online in 2017. Despite numerous requests for comment, the
Department of Defense has maintained its silence on the matter. So, do aliens exist? Probability alone tells us the universe is
too big for them not to, but the real question is are they visiting Earth? What do you think? Have you ever seen a UFO? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Worst Punishments In The History of Mankind! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

Maurice Vega

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  1. A friend of a friend told me that his father worked at a base in Dulce, where they were trying to reverse engineer a captured aircraft. They couldn't figure out what exactly made it float and move as it orginally did, and said that he glimpsed at some bodies one time as they were moving workers to another location within the base. He said that, he conversated with a scientist who had first hand experience with these entities and said that humans had long made contact, and that certain governments whom claimed domain over the world, established some kinda relations with multiple entities, some being rather hostile in nature, and that there are beings actively targeting military infrastructure, and being shady. There is one group of entities who defend our planet to a degree, and the military often has to race to certain sites to cleanup leftover debris from low orbit fights between Extraterrestrial beings, fighting over our planet. He said, while we largely have nothing to worry about, our future isnt certain, and that they are trying to prevent mass panic. The universe may be scarier than we think, because our planet, and us, is rather unique, as compared to how other civilizations evolved and become. He said that some of these entities come from worlds where nightmares truly exist, and where humans would parish if we tried living in such worlds. He said, the greys whom come from the Zeta star system, are from a dark & cold planet that is dying, and they want what we have, but they cannot survive here, so they abduct people to learn how we survive here, that they can use. How true this story is, I do not know. But I do know, that dudes dad did go missing, and was working at the dulce base as an engineer.

  2. It is funny to notice that every alien incident happens only in USA. You see, only US Military had experienced all those incidents. I just want to say that don't be fooled by all this gibberish.

  3. yes their real, and yes I've seen "them", right here in Puerto Rico, it projected a beam of white light followed by a green laser like beam! I believe!

  4. No way ive seen what i think was a ufo at seminol not to far from leveland that took fish from our ponds and left

  5. Aliens are real, must beleave it, just movies and television made it as a joke, but they are real, we are like an intergalactic nation park where aliens come like a tourists to take a look at us, but they never do contact, if they did, its clasiffied.

  6. Humans r ignorant if they think they're the only living thing in the nearly infinite universe with trillion is galaxies nd trillionssssssssssssssssssss of plants don't even a about the moons

  7. Even if a city was destroyed by a flying saucer, the Air Force would say it was false because they always lie even if it’s obvious.

  8. 🎶We're whalers on the moon,
    We carry a harpoon,
    For they ain't no whales
    So we tell tall tales
    And sing our whaling tune.🎶

  9. I don't know why but I do not care for this narrator. As soon as he starts speaking and I realize it's not the OTHER narrator my head automatically jerks back and I inadvertently make an ugh sound. Sorry I can't help it lol!

  10. Yoi one time in Toronto ever car stopped moving and at the same time there were this unknown plane look a like was hovering

  11. If aliens only land on the US, then Texans let’s secede from the US. We shall not be abducted by illegal space aliens

  12. if aliens visited us , why did they always hided to us , aliens didnt come last 20 years , we can detect them their mothership

  13. I still believe that what Kenneth Arnold saw were Stealth Aircraft's. His drawings of the crafts looked like the shape of a Stealth Aircraft and I don't ever recall anyone else reporting or drawing any UFO's the way Kenneth did. They all reported and photographed the typical Saucer shaped craft but never did we see Kenneth's version of the original UFO's that he saw.

  14. IF extraterrestrial intelligence exists it is way beyond humans. People just don't understand how far away the nearest star is and how long distances really take to traverse. Just getting to the nearest star would take thousands of years even with theoretical technology. Now think about the other side of tha galaxy. And then think of just how far a different galaxy is. There are so many stars and galaxies there must be other intelligent life out there. But if any can travel to different galaxies they would be as advanced to us as we are to ameboa. It's just insane, we wouldn't even understand they would have to be so much more advanced than us.

  15. What if UFO's are us from the future and the actual ufo is a time machine and the reason they haven't made contact with us is because they dont want to alter the past or something lol

  16. I agree with Carl Sagan’s opinion. There is almost certainly alien life out there. There is an outside chance such life may as visited earth at some point. However, to think their presence is repeated and omnipresent is almost certainly false.

  17. This guy is a world class debunker bought and paid for from the black projects budget. Don't waste your time.

  18. With other earth like planets being light years away it would take aliens more than a lifetime to reach us. In order for living aliens to reach us they would literally have to bring multiple of each gender and continue having kids and grand kids on the space ship while teaching them how to operate the ship and they’d have to have a green house environment inside the ship to continue growing food for generations.

  19. We were lucky to have such a perfectly natural comfortable planet. H. P. Lovecraft got it right with his theory, were nothing to the vastness of space, we can’t even comprehend fully areas so close to us, there are things out there waaaaaay more intelligent things out there, even in our seas.

  20. My grandpa during WWII was posted over in NY and scanned the skies for any incoming enemy aircraft and there was one night they saw something on radar but couldn’t identify it so his superior said to not say anything and let it go. Aliens.

  21. if there really are aliens with ships able to travel at lightspeeds… we are like fish in a bowl to them

  22. What if we never seen aliens because we are the most advanced in the universe and we are the ones that will be flying our aircraft/UFOs to other planets

  23. The last example is now on the History Channel with gun camera and interviews with multi people that were there.

  24. Of course aliens exist but the government always try to say otherwise to not have a global panic but alien movies weren't created out of nothing had to be some form of evidence just like ghost or demon movies

  25. I don't know about you guys, but if I were to make a space ship I'd make it in the shape of an aircraft not an egg.

  26. WHY IS THAT THE SUPPOSEDLY ALIEN ATTACK OR UFO SIGHTING HAPPENS ONLY IN THE USA🗽? The rest of the W🌍RLD is invisible to them or what ? 🤔

  27. Am sorry but this proves that they were not alien "invasions" but where "peacefully" visiting us. This was however, interesting to watch! I do believe in aliens

  28. It was not tinfoil and tape that was recovered from Roswell, you had a Major in the Air Force say it wasn't that. And inetial reports by the government was a crash flying saucer, but I guess this channel goes by official government reports which is as inaccurate as one can get.

  29. Yet astronomers have yet to find a single radio signal that could be intelligent life in origin of the billions of galaxies and stars surveyed since the 80s. Yes they could be using something like quantum entanglement to communicate which would be undetectable. But at some stage in the beings evolution they would have used radio.

  30. I was near my house 1 night during advent and i saw a weird aircraft that was slowly moving after a few seconds it just disappeared from sight

  31. If you can make an Intergalactic space shuttle out of tin foil and tape, I would say that's pretty advanced…

  32. That is a flat out lie at what was found at that crash site! I need a 4 or against UFOs. I've never seen one there for I don't even know if they truly exist. Probably just spy planes with new metal alloys never seen before but aliens are also always a possibility I suppose. Witness accounts do claim they had found metal alloys that would bend and retake their shape, heard of metals. Either way you didn't put that in your video and there's more than one account for military personnel. As well as their families.

  33. So, here is why I don't believe. Supposedly the aliens have been here for thousands of years. They were here in the past and left behind….blocks. Then they decided to traverse time and space to chop up cows and probe buttholes. Is this the best they can do? Not to mention that these beings are so advanced that they decide to stay hidden from the public. Why would an advanced group of beings care if we knew they were here or not? They would just do whatever they wanted to. Honestly, I don't know what some people see or experience but creatures from another planet…not buying it.

  34. I may have never seen a UFO in my lifetime, if ever. But I have seen countless hairy tall bears in San Francisco.

  35. AGAIN……… WHERE IS ALL THAT FOOTAGE YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT?? You're still just summing up a hand full of rumors that in some cases is shown with the footage on the internet, your're selling lot's of ads though, so who cares huh?!?

  36. Pilot Kenneth Arnold may not have been the innocent UFO witness who is credited to have coined the term UFO .. most people don't know Arnold was contracted at the time of the supposed UFO sighting by the USAF to scour the Mt Raider area for 50 missing and presumably dead troopers whose aircraft had apparently went down on the mountain the previous winter also Arnold was involved in business with Fate magazines owner an well known popular journal that regularly featured scifi stories of invading Martians etc…It would appear that the US government stance over UFO secrecy may have been Arnold's real revalation to the world and an dispute between publishing journals eager for real UFO stories and the air force demanding secrecy from any UFO sightings or UFO witnesses came to the fore and into play ..In this respect Arnold and his fate magazine friends aswell his contacts in the US airforce where successfull as he and the magazine became world renowned for true UFO stories and this despite the secrecy aspect the publishers simply could not respect…also we should consider what really did cause the crash of the flight over Mt rainer and the death of 50 troopers and was this and not the widely reported Arnold sighting the real Mt rainer UFO incident?

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