From a Deadpool dance party to a kilt-wearing,
bagpipe-playing Superman, the Planet Dolan crew re-enacts some of the weirdest things
people have ever seen at a convention. I’m Nixxiom, and today, I’ll be your narrator. Number 10 was Submitted by chibiachika Melissa
A few years ago, Melissa was in the audience in a panel where the voice actress for Vanille
from Final Fantasy XIII was speaking. Suddenly there was yelling from outside the
room. Everyone looked as Spiderman ran past, shortly
followed by the Blue Power Ranger, and then Rainbow Dash. The VA just said, “I could never have imagined
anything like that happening, and yet it did.” Number 9 was Submitted by HipsterCicero Mkylem
Mkylem was at a thing called the Junior Classical League. It’s basically where future classics majors
hang out and learn more about Latin and Greek. At roll call time, each school had a theme. Mkylem’s school had a rave party theme, and
some others included Bee Movie and Avengers. One school’s roll call consisted of a heated
political debate between Julius Caesar and Donald Trump. At the end of the roll call, someone dressed
as Brutus ran out of nowhere and “stabbed” Caesar, prompting him to gasp, “E tu, Brute?”
before collapsing. Then, Trump winked at Brutus and handed him
a wad of cash. Number 8 was Submitted by Akkun_K Ladybot The anime convention in Ladybot’s town had
a lip-sync competition in the main area. One act featured two cosplayers: a girl dressed
up as Bombshell Wonder Woman, and an unshaven man dressed up as Rose Quartz from Steven
Universe. The man used ALL the right moves, from strutting
around the stage to doing a full split in a floor-length dress! He even tossed off his wig in the middle of
it! Naturally, they won the contest. Ladybot had her picture taken with him, which
was a perfect fit because Ladybot was a girl dressed as Steven! Number 7 was Submitted by DragongirlUna Doopie One evening at AnimeExpo, Doopie and Ramona
were talking about perceptions of convention goers. “When it comes down to it, most convention
attendees are normal people expressing ourselves in safe, ordinary ways,” Doopie said. Just then, she saw a giant T-shaped Tetris
piece running out of the building in a panic. It was being chased by a woman in a ripped
up, bloodied middle school uniform. The woman was swinging a kendo stick above
her head screaming, “GIVE ME BACK MY CANDY!” She chased the Tetris piece out of the building
and down the street to the hotel. Doopie calmly shrugged, and said, “Well, some
of us express ourselves in more normal ways than others.” Number 6 was Submitted by TheDownLow6993 JamesShark Last year at an anime convention, JamesShark
saw a man sprint through the entrance and start yelling, “HE IS COMING! THE GRAND SENSEI IS COMING YOU WILL ALL BE
PUNISHED!” JamesShark thought it might just be an excited
con attendee. But just then the security tackled him to
the ground and escorted him out. Number 5 was Submitted by GamerSheCat05 Andie Andie was at Wizard World Comic-Con, heading
over to watch the Smash Bros tournament. On her way there, she saw a guy dressed as
Superman wearing a kilt, riding a unicycle, and playing the bag pipes. As he rode by, Andie was rolling on the floor
with laughter. She later later saw the same guy, doing the
same thing, only dressed as Mario instead of Superman. Andie considers it probably the best thing
she’s ever seen. Number 4 was Submitted by Snythdetective Tolop The strangest thing Tolop saw at a convention
happened right about when he was leaving. Tolop was tired and hot from the sweater he
was wearing for his Kankri cosplay and just wanted to get to the car. As he was passing a window, he saw it. Across the street on a neighboring building
there was Spider-Man ACTUALLY CLIMBING DOWN FROM THE ROOF. He walked around on a dangerous-looking building
ledge like it was nothing, then climbed back up to the roof and disappeared. Tolop still regrets not getting it on camera. Number 3 was Submitted by Black_Macklin Civil
Spider Civil Spider was watching a costume contest
at a con when the announcer called for contestant number seven. Suddenly, a bunch of Deadpools ran up on stage
and started dancing. One of them was holding up a boom box that
was playing YMCA, so they were all doing the YMCA poses. The announcer sounded pissed, and yelled at
them to get off his stage. Then the contest continued like nothing happened Number 2 was Submitted by ElectronicSnow GhostToast
GhostToast was talking with a few friends at an anime convention, while dressed as Dragon
Ball Z characters. He noticed a guy who kept giving him weird
looks from across the room. The man just looked like a regular dude, not
dressed up or anything. GhostToast was mid-conversation, when he demonstrated
a “Kamehameha Wave” with his hands. Just then, the dude from across the room started
FREAKING OUT! He ran up to GhostToast, and said, “The gesture
you made with your hands is a sign of Satan! If you don’t cut it out, he’ll come here and
eat you ALIVE!” Then he started flailing his arms in the air,
and ran out the door. GhostToast never saw him again, but to this
day, he wonders how that move could’ve possibly woken up Satan himself. Number 1 – What’s the creepiest thing
I ever heard a kid say? The weirdest thing I saw at a con; Was I watched
these two really fat guys at MCM conic con do this sword fight with plastic katanas,
and then one of the really big guys tried to…do a backflip or something but he just
landed on his back, and everybody heard this loud pop, and the guy started crying. But rather than help him everybody just laughed
at took pictures. And that’s it. That is the weirdest thing I ever saw. Aside from all those furries – EUGH – and
those BRONIES -euweugh! Eugh… Huge thanks for the folks over on our Planet
Dolan subreddit for submitting their stories. We have another question for you: “What’s
the dumbest lie you ever tried to get away with?” Let us know in the reddit page linked below
and you might be featured in a future countdown.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Once I went to meet my friends at Bronycon to talk with some grimdark fans and when I got to the building, I heard yelling. Some moron was on a 2nd story balcony on a close by apartment dressed as Rainbow Dash and jumped off, threw rainbow colored glitter, and landed on a Volvo station wagon. The ER came and picked him up and while he was being walked away, he looked at my friend and said that he made a sonic rainboom before he passed out. This is why Rainbow Dash is my favorite character in MLP.

  2. 7:17 – 7:19 Then why do you like Melissa and why would you keep sending her gifts? And how come I saw you riding on one? I saw it on the SPD video.

  3. I'm a Furry I Unlike Others Though Can't Wear The Suits Seizures So I Only Furry Realited Shirts So Don't Worry Be Furry!

  4. Nope, you cannot hide the secret bnha stuff from me! Deku is right there in the crowd from number 10!
    also heccin succ girl why is nobody talking about the obvious succ girl.

  5. When I was at Comi-con with my friend, we were talking about who we were going to cosplay as on the next event since we didn't have costumes at the time. Since I just got my Oblivion keyblade, I decided to cosplay as Roxas from Kingdom Hearts next time, while my friend would be Saitama, the One Punch Man. A little after that, we saw a guy nearby dressed as Kilo-Ren from Star Wars. So, I figured it would be fun to pull out my new keyblade and challenged the guy to a fight, while my friend watched. I ended up losing because this was my first time fighting with someone with the force, but I think I did pretty good. I did managed to find Solid Snake there after all.

  6. every comicon I go to, I have prepared myself to see Furry suits and MLP suits everywhere. First time I saw them, I wanted the bleach

  7. Furries r actually just anthropomorphic animals. Which are animals with human characteristics. Examples: Zootopia characters, Mickey and his friends, and the Kung Fu Panda characters. People do dress up as them and it is very weird and retarded but some people do that as a job not as a life choice. And not all of them are interested just in yiff. I’m an artist who draws furries. And I hate yiff. I hate being accused of liking it. And I believe Melissa, Cidius, and the anthropomorphic animals on this channel hate it to. So stop it.

  8. 7:15 I am a furry… and i am… not offended. Nixxiom is a DEAD ELF. So, if they thought this was a way to poke fun at furries, they failed

  9. What happened twice for 2 years in a row was insane at Anime Matsuri.

    I was looking around the dealers room when suddenly i heard music. And not like any average music in the building, i mean like stereo music playing the Prince Ali song from Aladdin.

    I looked around and saw a few mario cosplayers with the stero parading with an aladdin cosplayer. Everyone including myself decide to join the fun.

  10. My first time coaplaying I put together a Booker Dewitt cosplay. I went to a convention with mt wife and ran into a couple dressed as the luteces from the same game fully set up from the coin flip scene and even had all the lines memorized. They had two quarters glued together to fake the always heads outcome. My wife recorded video and i tried to do a full flicking flip like in the game and the quarters broke apart. I felt so awkward but they said it was ok and that its already happened before.

  11. I'm pretty sure the story number 2 the person saying a gesture for summoning Satan was prob a preacher. Lately there been more preacher going to cons annoying the guest by saying this is and that is sin. So annoying. The cons I went to didn't have this until recently.

  12. I went to comicon in San Jose 2017
    And I was at a panel where buzz Aldrin was speaking at
    And someone went up to the microphone and said the Star trek condom joke. And there was a 5 year old kid in the audience

  13. The whole "satanism" thing with the Goku imitation, it is because the radical Christians (I learned this when I converted to Christianity) look at anything supernatural that is NOT biblically Christian is satanism the same way any icon of any mythological being is satanism (ankh, pentagram, original symbol of Christianity [Blue Oyster Cult's icon], etc).
    That troll in the last performance was probably a newly converted radical Christian who was a fan of Dragon Ball and was hoping to score "holy points" with Jesus… or at least brownie points with those who converted him.
    I lost my new conversion fire quite quickly, less than a year, as every rational thing I knew was argued against… and the busybodies started making up rumors about me when I shamelessly admitted to everything I "did wrong" with laughter. Once I started denying the insane rumors, suddenly I was keeping evil secrets. I apparently had the ability to be in multiple places at the same time and join a cult while doing its work during Church functions. I could also, while at work, go clubbing, lead cult meetings, and give more money than I earn a year each month to various "unGodly" causes despite my faithfully tithing 10% of my gross income each pay.
    So… yeah… the most insane group of religious nut-bags here in the USA are Christian fundamentalists. They see demons behind every bush. That is the problem with having the most accepted and tolerated religion in the nation… you must fabricate enemies of it to be the hero of your story in it. None of them will admit that the biggest enemy of being a Christian are other Christians. I never admit my faith publically… ever. I will admit it when directly addressed. Atheist friends assume I am an atheist. Muslim friends assume I am Muslim. Jewish friends assume I am Jewish. Why? I read and take no sides. I rally for tolerance of all… and that makes me a horrible Christian to those Christian fundamentalist anti-Christ ninnies.
    Oh… and I was once an avid martial artist and I understand chi techniques. Dragon Ball's energy attack is based upon a hand technique to throw heat as a party trick and to get hands ready for chi strikes in a fight.

  14. those kendo sticks" that nixxiom mentioned are called Shenis (or Shenais). I know this because I took the classes. my Sensei was really nice!

  15. i got one:
    Anime Expo 2018 July 5th 7:00pm( Outside the Los Angles Convention Center):
    As i was walking across the street ( the one that connects both sides of the convention center) halfway through i see the cops shift there attention to someone yelling "I AM BATMAN" "I AM BATMAN". the cops overlooking the crosswalk see someone yelling this phrase and people start to look around to see what or who it was. a few seconds later a batman appears as he steps up the sidewalk and is now fully visible, however this was no ordinary batman, in fact he was a batman in a maid outfit equipped with fishnets (yes it was a guy) he then proceeds to run through crowds of anime gatherings yelling his phrase and even takes part in an anime dance group. to this day i don't know what the hell was going on neither did the cops.

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