Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Kanye West – SNL

Maurice Vega

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  1. it's nice how tasteful this was too. He never said anything bad about Trump he just dissed Kanye for thinking he's some political philosopher.

  2. So if u dont wanna hear the opinions of celebs… then y dont u speak out about the other celebs who do (ie: the non-conservative ones)?

  3. SNL fuck you guys honestly, focus on jokes not abt politics you’re gonna lose fans you keep doing this stuff. cool if you’re all democratics don’t make anything abt politics

  4. like donald trump is WAYYYYY BETTER than obama. period. obama was just black so everyone liked him bc he looked good for black people. he didn’t do shit for this country, he didn’t help jobs come back, more companies left during his 8 years, than from 1990-2008. he made THE WORKING PEOPLE PAY FOR PEOPLE WHO DONT WANNA GET JOBS LIKE WHAT SHIT IS THAT😂

  5. > Take em. No shame in medicine game

    I approve this message. I have a real funny anxiety disorder, and sometimes I start doing crazy shit – like wondering streets at night following noises and calling police on some bullshit three times a week. If you are going mildly crazy – no shame in visiting doctor and following their advice to help your sanity. Because being mentally ill is not an excuse for being a jackass

  6. Liberals….. If you dont agree with us you must be mentally ill!!!

    Also Liberals….. All black men must be liberals or their off their meds and proably a racist!!

  7. OK, this is a funny video. But I do want to say he is definitely being a hypocrite in saying that they don’t wanna hear anything but music from Kayne. But yet the Democrat celebrities voice their opinion all the time. I don’t want to hear your opinion on anything that’s not comedy related is essentially saying the same thing.
    Just because you don’t agree with the opinion doesn’t mean you shut it up

  8. Dawg almost every other "celebrity" has given their political opinions and you embraced them. This celebrity happened to disagree with you and now you "only want hot dog eating advice from hot dog eaters" Ya'll LAME

  9. Liberals don't want the political opinion of a celebrity unless it supports their agenda. When a celebrity comes out against their rhetoric their opinion is not valid because they are "just" a celebrity.

  10. What he said about people sticking to their own profession, is so so so wrong. Like I don't know if he's aware, but democracy is about majority of people chosing who they want. That means everyone having opinion about politics, and the ability to share his thoughts and views.

  11. Every person: Kanye’s crazy I wish he wouldn’t say such wild things he sounds like an idiot

    Also every person: yo Kanye where’s that album it’s been 2 months

  12. I hate ads, I don't even have the money to buy any of the shit they're promoting, they just keep wasting my time for fcking nothing.

  13. Can we just respect other people’s beliefs… please. Kanye thinks differently from other people, what’s wrong with that

  14. His not acting like anything
    His just practicing his rights and America is just telling him he doesn't have the right to choose and pick who ever the duck he supports
    But like Pete said just couse his a musical genious you dont have to agree with him.
    And he doesn't need to agree on things you do

  15. I love how even in their tepid, woke slave comedy routines, leftist idiots still don't understand that they're shouting down people because they have differing political beliefs. Kanye is a black Trump supporter, hence he is insane…and by the way, woke rebel warriors (or MSM slave sheeple), bring your hankys in 2020, because whichever talking head you nominate is going to get beaten like a fucking drum.

  16. Why does anyone care what a celebrities political beliefs are? I dont give a shit! the only thing I want Kanye to give at advice on is his next album release!!

  17. I gotta admit, he's funny but anyone with a brain can see that he doesn't truly believe in half of the shit he says…

    "I want a career, so I leave"…
    If he supported Kanye, career lost.
    If he didn't agree on trashing Kanye, career lost.

  18. For those that aren't black or of democratic varieties, Kanye was and is right.
    Slavery was a choice, because slaves outnumbered their supposed masters.

    Democrats broke up black families using welfare. This is true you need only to look at the statistics and see how many black children are born out of wedlock and are in single mother custody. I'll give you the answer, it's 70%.

    Skit was funny though.

  19. I like SNL better when they’re not being stupid and anti-Trump. They’re funnier when they’re not political, because they’re so misinformed politically.

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