We Must Learn How to Spot Fake Leaders

there's a story that Warren Buffett's partner Charlie Munger likes to share and it tells the story of Max Planck Max Planck was a physicist he won the Nobel Prize in about the 1920s and after winning the Nobel Prize he was invited to give a lot of talks talks over breakfast talks over lunch talks in the afternoon talks in the evening Max Planck was assigned a driver to take him from meeting to meeting to meeting and the plank go park the car and then common stand at the back like some of the people looking at the back here and as the week's went by the driver was hearing Max Planck speech time and time again breakfast time lunch time afternoon evening and after about six weeks the chauffeur the driver in a moment with Max in the car said max for six weeks now I've listened to you morning lunch evening and I've heard the speech enough times I think I could pretty much have a good go of it what do you say max the next event we go to i'll get the gear on go onto stage and give the talk and you put on the chauffeur outfit and stand at the back a max planck was always known as a little bit of a comedian he thought that sounds like a wonderful idea so next meeting they go to the chauffeur gets up onto stage and word for word he had the speech he'd memorized it each part of the theory laid out and it came to the end of this wonderful speech where the chauffeur gave the words of max planck and at the end of the speech there was a scientist in the crowd and the scientists raised their hand and he indicated for them to ask the question the scientist asked a really twisted question getting at the core of Max Planck's theory the chauffeur on the stage said I expected more from this audience that question even my chauffeur could handle [Applause] charlie munger the partner of warren buffett says their full-time job but berkshire hathaway is making sure that chauffeurs drive cars and max Planck's run business there are a lot of people that give a good speech a lot of people who could talk a good violin I think one of the amazing things about these musicians you might be able to talk a good game but it takes about a second to tell whether what we're looking at here on stage are chauffeurs or max planks but in leadership and in management it sometimes takes more than a second it might take a bit more time their chauffeurs that put so much time into looking good you have to scratch real deep to discover what's underneath the lessons that we've learned there are people that build their house on sand and there's an ancient story book that tells us you do not need to be evil to have bad things happen you do not need to be mean to have bad things happen if you build your house on sand if you are careless bad things can happen to good people

Maurice Vega

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  1. I fell into a cult called the soka gakki of America. Everybody worships their her.I of the organization Disaku Ikeda who is the biggest phoney.Millions have been brainwashed. This organization ruined my life.

  2. I remenber the same story but with Einstein. That does not interfere in what is a great reflection.

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