Watters' World: Government giveaway edition

Maurice Vega

28 Responses

  1. Universal healthcare works just fine everywhere in Europe. Free bacon can wait, but healthcare …USA is behind the developed world on this one

  2. A bunch of spoiled, Lazy, young people who have never worked for what they want.This is why New York is Liberal.

  3. Or you can just listen to AOC who seems to think that the government will just print more money to pay for all that stuff.

  4. well i am on the right but this is something i think we should get free stuff.. they been printing fake money for years to give to the government , why cant they print money for the people for once… everyone should get 100k for them to start them a buisness or something…

  5. Men will give that blonde in the bikini all the free stuff she wants.  She doesn't need socialism.  😵

  6. Wow !! How ignorant are these people who hail from First world country ? Currently in India one of the PM aspirant Rahul Gandhi said that he will give a guaranteed income and all the students and everyone else said that we dknt need the free money but we would like Govt to present the opportunity for us to work hard and no free stuff and by the way India is called as Third world country by most Americans.

  7. Free Yoga? How much do you pay to stretch on a rug currently? I love the cutaway scenes, hilarious.

  8. I like this guy, he goes after the better looking chicks. Bet you he's banging some of them, guaranteed.

  9. Free college???? They get free K-12 see how they respect thst….and college doesnt care if you even show up they get paid….this works great for the few people that would like a college education if they can learn in the environment that they will be exposed to

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