Watters' Words: When government fails you

Maurice Vega

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  1. watters, funny, NRA is now found to have russian influence and possible money, but watters continues to twist facts, you believe this fools half baked line of crap, he knows he is lying to appease his viewers not to inform factually…

  2. Hmmmm protection like police you mean the same ones paid for by your taxes through ummm the government and your argument about it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun?where was your good guy with a gun to stop the last shooting? Oh yea he was hiding with his 9mm pistol probably cus of the ar-15 semi auto fucking rifle dumbass

  3. Fuck FOX news. All lies. OMG dude. Ok let's just continue to allow crazy people to buy guns. And fire cops and FBI agents every time a mass shooting happens. … ONLY ONE OF THESE OPTIONS PREVENT SHOOTINGS. DUH

  4. The f**** County Sheriff he's a liberal so eight years of Obama administration this country became a big mess, all the shooting going on that is because a liberal put this country in a s*******.

  5. I have a f**** drug dealer that lives next door to my home I already called the DEA and also ICE agent and no one haven't done anything about that I came to the point that they don't give a s***. So we have to find a way to protect yourself because the last government left a big mess for president Trump clean up I carry and I'm not giving up my own protection.

  6. Democrats are terrified of guns doesn’t fit their future of United States. Once they rip up the Second Amendment then there’s no stopping it after that. Then it will be freedom of speech

  7. Hear, hear! What I find interesting is that on the radio, Mr. Pollack's comments are carefully edited to make it appear that he is actually rallying with the MSM for more gun control.

  8. They want us to have less arms so they can enslave us. And their dam close. God help my children and grandchild.

  9. A. Political Espionage and terrorism/massacres would be different parts of the FBI, so the competence one does not relate to the competence of another.
    B. I think the blame should lie both with the government for screwing up and with assault rifles for having the sole purpose of killing dozens of humans fast.

  10. PLEASE stop saying Pertect…You people get paid to talk…PRO tect..and more then 5 cops hid behind they're cars..

  11. Fake news? Read about it. http://thehill.com/homenews/news/362569-rasmussen-poll-americans-give-fox-news-the-fake-news-trophy

  12. how will they GET our AR15', hmm? cause millions of us are NOT going to surrender them and they aint got enough crazed cops and troops to come take them.

  13. Don’t you want harmless guards at schools, or a Rambo pinning kids to floor in corridors for swearing everyday? His job was to call. You don’t really want armed psycho,s patrolling your schools all the time. I think he,s shaken enough without being blamed for not becoming superman.

  14. Trump will fail you all. You are Super Glued to him. You have helped him Make America Great Again one massacre at a time.

  15. NSA, FBI, Dems, and the Deep State are all to busy covering their ass to do anything. Yet, they have time to spy on the Trump Campaign, and cover their asses by spending millions of taxpayer dollars and talking about something else.
    I mean, what the hell are we paying Mueller to do? He is not even investigating a crime or wrong doing. He is investigating democrats allocations which the democrats bought and paid for to go after one man. One man that they don't like. Laws are not written for single individuals, yet that is exactly what a handful of democrats are attempting to do….. and using tax payers dollars to do it. This Banana Republic shit needs to stop, now!!!!

  16. He's 19 why was he STILL in a school of minors?
    Where Was ALL this concern with the school shootings under Obama?
    The Root cause is violence pushed as entertainment from liberal Hollywood.
    Ban Hollywood NOT guns!

  17. The 2nd Amendment is in the US Constitution
    when government fails

    and it has been for the past 50 years
    arm yourself
    and stop waiting for the government to protect you

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