Water Fuel-Cell Inventor Murdered by Government

okay it never wears out because there's no moving parts in the top our news here at six o'clock an age-old dream becoming a reality a local and better has discovered a way here this to use water to run your car it's a major breakthrough that will no doubt make motorists happy and it's Ralph Robinson explains the Pentagon is also showing lots of interest in this project water has always been considered a precious commodity but Stan Mars invention may make it even more valuable he has developed what's called a water fuel fill it has taken the place of his old gas tank the water fuel cell breaks down water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen the hydrogen is used to run his dune buggy I don't care if you use rain water well water city water ocean water if you don't have any fresh water go ahead use snow if you don't have any still available to you the you salt water because there's no adverse effect to the fuel cell I just started working on this project for years ago he's not a scientist he isn't even a chemist in fact he never graduated from college Mars was determined says to design something to protect this country from oil embargos we have calculated that if we take the Dubai from Los Angeles to New York we would roughly use 22 gallons of water the Pentagon flew a lieutenant-colonel and last week to look at Mara's invention there's talk of possibly using it in the Star Wars defense program and to run army tanks Mars is currently perfecting a water fuel sulfur cars it will cost about $1500 he says it won't meet any maintenance and you won't have to replace it it'll be at least two years before the fuel system goes into mass production the data happens we won the fuel industry hates but will put a smile on the face of those who've had say at one time or another fuller there is an enormous an enormous range of new things that have been worked up to a remarkable level in the past and then suppressed by the existing order for one reason or another either they're incompatible with classical ideas or they upset strong financial interests or whatever it may be in the past great things have been done by gifted humans they are in a sense the vehicles of God Almighty and bringing stuff into the world and none of it has ever reached public use and public currency because of this dictatorship of the knowledge systems of the world video and in particular projects like this one we're on now they reveal that you can do to these ancient and seemingly ancient discoveries what was not possible feasible 50 years ago it was simply beyond technical capabilities and the means of distributing what you discovered we're all in the wrong hands nowadays the Internet has put all that's a bit you can't do that anymore you know humanity is going to have information no matter what so I see in the things that I know about and have been personally involved in a great horizon for producing an endless series of productions like this that will bring this stuff out of the limbo where they've been shoved and into the full light of day with some of the bright young people who are now on the earth can make them into blessings for mankind you

Maurice Vega

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  1. Sorry, you can’t separate water into hydrogen and oxygen, then burn that hydrogen and oxygen and expect more energy out of it.

    This is a psyop by the deepstate to discredit things like cold fusion, which coincidentally uses “heavy” water and has been replicated thousands of times.

  2. Can someone post this all over facebook and make all of us take a stand against the big corporations that push us around. And the bullshit government.

  3. Fossil fuel usage should be stopped for protection of global environment, but with out which USD will not survive.

  4. The problem with this technology, is that it still produces carbon and heat, it is lucrative,but what we really need is machines that run themselves without the need of creating carbon and heat, that man is "Muammer Yildiz" free,clean,abundant energy, that does not use combustion.

  5. Anyone that threatens the loss of power over the other 99 percent of humans on this planet will be erased. All governments are corrupt as fuck especially America and its CIA.

  6. Many reasons why they killed him. They don't want us to have free energy. Free energy means free of course and this also means free electricity.It's also clean and would help our planet a great deal but "nooo" the powers at be being the bullies that they are wont allow us to possess it.

  7. and if any of you have a invention , do not go to your government , or put a paton on it , just contact steven greer , put it out , to the public , on the internet , so it is public , the mistake stan meyers did , he told the government , keep it to him self , and the shadow government killed him , so make all inventions public ,

  8. hi steven greer has all stan meyer papers and all of his invention , its call the steven greer , orian project , but need donations to do this work , all of us in the world should donate just a little bit , of money £10 $10 , each , and we have free energy , with no gas no elextric , and stop paying bill , it would be free ,

  9. Do you understand what free energy is?? do any of you understand what the cure to ALL medical disease means. The possibility of anything running on what 71% of what our world is made out of which is water!! think about why their deaths should upset you.

  10. i just met a man today at a salvation army who said he had a Chrysler newy yourker back on 1980 that got 160 mpg him and his brother went to patent it as it was a vapor carb the man in the patent office(OVER THE PHONE) said they can do this but many have dont it already and that he would end up dead like all the rest ,and if he wanted to stay alive and healthy to just make it for him self keep his mouth shut , well he gave up on it for that reason and the fact the car motor soon melted down the pistons valves etc as the motors wasent designed to handle efficiency like that they are designed to waste 80 percent of the fuel or more so it burnt up and so he fearing the mans words and the thought if tinkering with another engine advancing th e timming etc made him lose interest he also said most of his work was based on a man from the 30s one that was invented and he just change sizes and ran things differently but was still a vapor carb

  11. I want to believe in this. But it sort of seems like a crazy conspiracy. But that water engine I believe is real!

  12. This cannot possibly work. It would take more energy to electrolyse the water than you could get by burning the hydrogen. This sort of nonsense is perennial and nothing ever comes of it because it ihas no value.

  13. listen, the government and especially the american one is no doubt sinister, this doesn't explain how in the other 200 countries, they are able to "suppress" the tech. china for example would have no financial interest in suppressing such techs, and clearly their government isn't some puppet state like the Americans support. my point is, on the basis on my logic I believe suppression of tech doesn;t happen any more, it would be too difficult to accomplish.

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