Watch the full House Judiciary Committee vote on impeachment

Maurice Vega

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  1. Why do some vote "Aye" and others vote "Yes"? And then the graphics show "Yea" and "Nay". I don't care which they use, but they should pick their terms and stick with it.

  2. The republicans always trying to destroy our country and waisting our money in wars. We gonna gonna remember all theses rats saying NO

  3. nazis at their finest.. pray we dont lose our country to them peeps.. now we can just say "i think someone may have committed a crime" without any evidence and these nazis will try to hang you.. just think of the new laws they want to introduce … saying you dont like someone.. saying i think this guy is dangerous.. saying i thought he looked weird.. he said something that offended me.. and boom these people will go at you with their fake powers and try to put you in jail.. not for long.. the DNC will go down.. they might have well just said.. please vote if you dont wanna go on killary's suicide list.. its sad to see all these people making comments here are that stupid that they dont understand basic law.. impeach with zero evidence all hearsay by trump haters ….. well when the time comes and hearsay is what people say about democrats is enough to put them under when civil war hits.. lmao what goes around comes around..

  4. It's time for the Democratic congressman who sees the corrupt Dems, to change their party to Republican . It's a disgrace to support this anti American party. Change now before you are voted out. If your seat is up in 2020you are gone unless you are from California are New York, and they don't care about you.

  5. Collins was disrespectful them Republicans a very disrespectful men's I cannot believe we as the America people have these men's running our country the United States of America because they will not believe that the president of the United States of America did wrong that is sad we should not let no man run o u r country that is corrupt jmw these people act like they being possess bye the devil jmw

  6. "My vote is NO!!" Dude sounds like the head clan's member. All the Republicans look tired and terrified to defy the biggest, orangest bully. Stand for something or fall for anything. I'm moving to Kentucky to vote Addison McConnell Jr out of office.

  7. It's a shame the Republicans no longer have morale values in their vote. Voting party only is inappropriate and shall come back to bite them……Drumpf has received foreign monies from several countries including but not limited to Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey which has influenced his foreign policy and actions. This is why he is hiding his tax returns and financial documents.

  8. Can't wait for Obama's impeachment for his roles in Benghazi and spying on the Trump campaign talk about an abuse of power what comes around goes around only difference there is actually evidence against no bama

  9. They look like that because it's an up hill battle when u are fighting a whole group of people who thinks its there why or u die just asks Hillary Clinton's former friends an works who committed suicide

  10. anyone ever look at the views on CNN's videos compared to the views on Fox News videos. Go take a look in this is why Democrats will get voted out of the house next November

  11. The Witch Hunt has been successful in arresting charging and imprisoning lots of guilty Witches … With more to come … Now the head Witch Trump is facing charges … If convicted this will be the most Famous Witch Hunt in History 🙂

  12. Good that the orange one got impeached. Unfortunately, it will mean nothing when the republicans ram through an acquittal in the senate in record time. Then, you'll see Mr. Orange gloating, and starting to take his revenge on democrats in every way he can conceivably dream up, such as criminal investigations of Biden. In the summer, there will be a big tax cut to make sure he will be reelected. We're fucked.

  13. As an impartial witness to these debates, as I am neither Republican nor a Democrat, it was painfully obvious that the democrats got their ass handed to them in this entire process by the Republicans.

  14. This shows how important voting is can you imagine the power the Republicans would have to ignore our Constitution if they had won the recent House vote! We need to repeat this in 2020! Keep the Blue Wave rolling!

  15. Why is Mr. Collins rocking in his chair as he votes No on the second charge….sit your old ass down and knit a scarf😇😇😇

  16. When he goes and the nightmare can end I'll be so relieved. And how dare these republicans continue to refer to all people as "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE". You don't speak for me I want his ass out along with I believe over 50% of the country now and I'm gonna vote that way this next time if he's not impeached.

  17. I just think it’s funny how these comments are for the left and are very poking fun at the right considering most of the leftovers just in that’s not suspicious to you one side is half assed and the other side is trying to defend our Constitution and the rights of a president seriously this is bullshit one-sided liberals suck ass

  18. Cognizable Misconduct Law and Legal Definition

    According to USCS Ct App 11th Cir, Appx § 3 [United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit; Addenda; Three. Rules for Judicial-Conduct and Judicial-Disability Proceedings; Article I. General Provisions], cognizable misconduct:

    “(1) is conduct prejudicial to the effective and expeditious administration of the business of the courts. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to:

    (A) using the judge's office to obtain special treatment for friends or relatives;
    This should include giving special preference to BAR Members who are a circle of friends who do not defend your constitutional rights while making money for not defending them by mutual agreement of BAR Members to all agree and say we have not constitutional rights.

    (B) accepting bribes, gifts, or other personal favors related to the judicial office;
    Taking kids away without due process of law, while imposing the equivalent of the death penalty to all involved including the kids, is making them rich and without cause get money, which is a bribe from the Federal Government to do this corrupt activity.

    (C) having improper discussions with parties or counsel for one side in a case;
    If DHS is supposed to ask all the questions and they don't have testimonies in open court then the judge has a preset disposition or has conversations with the DHS as a pattern and a practice.

    (D) treating litigants or attorneys in a demonstrably egregious and hostile manner;
    Yes, giving parents the equivalent of the death penalty without due process of law is egregious and hostile but since they sit there without feeling any emotions it is not put in here as egregious or hostile when it is very commonplace.

    (E) engaging in partisan political activity or making inappropriately partisan statements;
    Yep, they should keep their mouths shut in public or reveal there true dark side.

    (F) soliciting funds for organizations; or
    They are soliciting funds for their private court organization.

    (G) violating other specific, mandatory standards of judicial conduct, such as those pertaining to restrictions on outside income and requirements for financial disclosure.
    They are required to be independent of the DHS but in fact, are working for the DHS.

    (2) is conduct occurring outside the performance of official duties if the conduct might have a prejudicial effect on the administration of the business of the courts, including a substantial and widespread lowering of public confidence in the courts among reasonable people.
    Those courts are criminal organizations for the purpose of Human Trafficking for Federal Funds

    (3) does not include:

    (A) an allegation that is directly related to the merits of a decision or procedural ruling. Merits have to be presented and given a refute but are not and they can bar you from your flesh and blood without a hearing. An allegation that calls into question the correctness of a judge's ruling, including a failure to recuse, without more, is merits-related. If the decision or ruling is alleged to be the result of an improper motive, e.g., a bribe, ex parte contact, racial or ethnic bias, or improper conduct in rendering a decision or ruling, such as personally derogatory remarks irrelevant to the issues, the complaint is not cognizable to the extent that it attacks the merits.
    Two days after i file CAPITAL FELONY TREASON complaint by email they try to have me arrested by police in Salem when they are clear in Portland. They go by what the judge did and they are all trying to make me stop yelling rape they will not refute.

    (B) an allegation about delay in rendering a decision or ruling, unless the allegation concerns an improper motive in delaying a particular decision or habitual delay in a significant number of unrelated cases.”
    Who knows about this one because they drag stuff out for over twenty-two months and no crime committed and that is over a year-long sentence like mine is ten months long.

  19. The end of the world is near we need to stop have you seen the people he killed the kids in school he doesn't care about stupidity

  20. It’s not Trump is abusing power it’s that people like cry baby Nadler & Pelosi aren’t!

    2008-2016 did they screw us over enough when they abused it?!?

    We have nothing to worry about expect one more term! 👍👍

  21. Everyone who voted yes/I needs to be removed from office come next election. There is no grounds for impeaching the president over the Ukrainian phone call. This is a disgrace. You cannot impeach a president simply because you don’t like him, if this attitude persists it’ll be the end of our republic because every president going forward can be impeached over these vague articles. There was NO high crime or misdemeanor. Politicians should NOT impeach over partisan hatred. When you see every single Democrat vote exact same way, you know this is unethical. What a pathetic disgrace.

  22. It is very sad that Everyone knows that Mr. Turtleneck and his friends will kill it and knwing how -mean no disrespect but cant find a better term – stupid the average voter and with the gerrymandering….GOP will use that to regain power and the orange man will return for another 4 years and fuck us all over again

    Anyone else noticed….ALL of GOP senators are Whites….I thaught for the party that freed the slave to have some other colours!!!!
    Haha….how times had changed

  23. We know imbecibles (republicans) won't care at all, because the GOP (gang of pigs. Gang of Putin) will vote in favor of that traitor. But the damage will be huge for trump, because every single lie and treason will be exposed.

  24. Republican sheep’s following their lying con traitor leader Tunnel Dump straight into the swamp. Words does no justice right now
    What da hell is going on?

  25. Hey guess what all you Sky Screaming mental midget leftist regressive’s?!?!?! This time come 2024 our/your President Trump will be ending his second term as our STILL GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S 45th President!! And there isn’t a damn thing the DumpstercRAT party can do about it!!!

  26. The comment about Alexander Hamilton was an historical reach at best. The brave & noble Mr. Hamilton served under our First President, George Washington, not some lying Circus Clown.

  27. You Puke*tard CommicRats fked up good this time. We going to show you all something come November. When you fks go after an American Citizen, not to mention the fact that it’s the President with this $cam of a $ham, Well we going to respond come November. Can’t wait.

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