Watch: House Judiciary Committee impeachment inquiry hearings – Day 1 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

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  4. Can't wait for this to get to the Senate and they call Hunter Biden as a witness. He will bring down the Deep State all the way to the top.

  5. Can anyone point to where Trump ever said to or wrote to request an investigation Hunter Biden? Can anyone point to where Trump said or placed in writing to withhold military funding? Of the 15 witnesses brought forth by Schiff not a single one could directly answer the questions above. Interesting!

  6. If I have to hear Feldman explain what a high crime or misdemeanor is and have him answer it like it’s the first time he’s heard the question my head is going to explode.

  7. 4:23:00 it is a prerogative to make sure t he countries we assign aid to aren’t corrupt! However it is weird that the one points of corruption that trump was looking into were about a political rival and a debunked conspiracy theory about 2016.

    Almost like it was politically motivated and not actually about the foreign aid… not to mention the new president of Ukraine had already been vetted and the aid was assigned bipartisanly by congress who already did their due diligence years ago under Obama.

  8. Blatant bias even in early questioning… Nadler and Councel avoiding Turley because he doesn’t support the Democrats narrative. They have been very obvious that this is a bullied partisan impeachment!

    In all honesty… Trump would consider it a gift to run against Biden, all he would need to do is sit and watch Biden dig his own grave!

    The evidence supports Biden corruption which should not be compartmentalized with the election.

  9. What is this. Why are there lawyers in front of our judiciary committee when we’re doing an impeachment inquiry ? What do they have to do with any of this? It’s making our government into a joke. And I honestly hope every American sees that. They can provide no facts , or proof of what this whole thing is even about? Why are you there ??

  10. 2:51:12 Karlan, “…as I have already teste-fied…! What a miserable CAST the Democrats have assembled!

  11. If the FF’s saw this 3 ring circus being perpetrated by the Dems today, there wouldn’t be a vacant lamppost in D.C.

  12. Did Trump ask Ukraine to interfere with our election or did he ask them to honor their commitments in their treaty with the U.S.?

    If "no one is above the law", how doesn't that include someone running for office as a Democrat? Shouldn't the law apply to Democrats too – or do they get a pass when they throw their hat in the ring?

    And quid pro quo? Shouldn't ALL U.S. aid come with some expectation that the receiving party honor their treaties with us? How is it not the president's job to communicate out expectations? What did Trump personally gain by doing his job? Am I the only one seeing the difference between Trump doing his job as our representative on the world stage vs Biden actually withholding aid to get his son a profitable job he wasn't qualified for and putting hundreds of thousands for himself?

  13. 1:53:00 yes mam, elections DO matter. And IT IS about the people. And WE THE PEOPLE voted for Mr Trump. And yet here we are, our votes being negated by an unsubstantiated claim. The fact that there are 4 lawyers who had nothing to do with this unsubstantiated claim sitting and “testifying” before our house of judiciary’s is insane.

  14. This is insanity. And someone like ((Karlan)) regaling about the dangers of foreign interests because they don't have our interest at heart but theirs is pretty rich given the daily meddling by AIPAC in the interest of Israel.

    Now, having watched most of the testimony, I think it's inevitable that this country is kaput. We have complete morons in Congress and extremely partisan so-called law professors that cannot separate facts from conjecture, data from opinions and their own feelings from objective truth.

  15. I can’t wait for Republicans to open Impeachment inquiry on the inauguration of the next Democratic president. If it’s good for the Goose, it’s good for the gander. Love this new standard of impeach everyone elected, because the office of POTUS will cease to exist under this new standard!

  16. If anyone here has firsthand knowledge or evidence of a crime having been committed, please raise your hand. No hands went up, then why are we here?

  17. These Democrats are idiotic, foot stomping toddlers! Be careful what you wish for Dem's, I could totally get behind VP Pence for POTUS.

  18. Amazing they open with talking about the framers and reference federal papers…

    …and try to make laws against the first and second… mind blowing.

  19. All this over an exhaulted whistle blower. If all they say is true…. isn't Trump a whistle blower?… that we voted on to remove the swamp?

  20. skipped the "analysis" but ty for the whole hearing. good to see 17 ppl there were logical.Sorry. 18. Forgot the 1 proff.

  21. For democrat Karlan to bully Barron Trump with her joke is despicable! Can't believe how low the democrats will go to trash Trump. Barron is 13 years old. Really Karlan?

  22. Why this is a big problem for the Americans. The USA does the same thing in every country and elections in America. It's a joke. MORATO MORE AND BETTER

  23. Americans are so convinced that America is the best and most powerful country and also Russia is always the enemy. These are your problems America. There's only men and women in this world. America come down from your high horse, have some humility and maybe you wont have problems like Trump in the future,


  25. I'll have to admit, Mr Collins knows how to blow smoke. No Republicans yet have attacked the facts, they have only attacked the procedure. If the Republicans are successful in defending Trump they alone will be responsible for the damage that Trump will bring to the country.

  26. At about 1:54 Prof. Karlan goes on about protections against officials trying to rig the election, but literally left out the DNC rigging the election to tank Sanders. Wow.

  27. I’m just going to leave this right here. The words of one Johnathan Turkey GWU Law School In 1998 as to why we should impeach a sitting president
    “Allegations of criminal acts in office by a president are perhaps the greatest threat to the perceived legitimacy of a government,” Professor Turley wrote back in 1998. “When there is compelling evidence of criminal acts in the Chief Executive, an entire system of laws is undermined and demands some form corrective action.”

    Turley, in a statement written November 9, 1998, declared that impeaching President Bill Clinton was necessary to literally protect the “existence of the government,” and to prevent “contempt for law” and “anarchy

  28. Ok turley then explain how withholding 400mil until they comply with trumps wishes isn’t bribery. Cuz he is bribing them with money to do what he wants

  29. Collins tries to make the fake argument that Trump withheld the aid because he was "concerned about corruption." He neglects to mention that Ukraine had already been "Certified" (something required by law to deliver aid) by the DOD in May 2019 as to taking "substantial actions to make defense institutional reforms for the purposes of decreasing corruption [and] increasing accountability." So if Trump was still concerned with Ukraine's "corruption" (a word he never mentioned in any of his correspondence with Ukraine), then why not check with the DOD who issued the green light for the release of the bi-partisan military support? Also, If Trump REALLY was so concerned about "corruption" in Ukraine WHY THE HELL WOULD HE PUT A "SO-CALLED "CORRUPT GOVERNMENT" IN CHARGE OF INVESTIGATING AN (innocent until proven guilty) AMERICAN CITIZEN WHO HAS NOT BEEN ACCUSED OF COMMITTING ANY CRIME?
    #1) If he was concerned with suspected illegal activity it should have been reported to the FBI/CIA to investigate. (not by the president or his private lawyer to get a "so-called corrupt country" to announce a faux investigation as "a favor" to get military aid.)
    #2) Trump wanted it announced at a microphone (per Sondland he did not care if it was actually investigated). Law enforcement does not announce the investigation of a private citizen in public until they have a case they intend to prosecute (& even then they usually keep it private for as long as possible so as not to tip off the target.) Trump only wanted to bribe Ukraine into making his opponent look guilty in the press. It worked when Comey was forced to announce HRC, despite there being nothing chargeable. Trump's a one-trick-pony who knows he can't win without cheating.

  30. Blah blah blah from the 3 scholars, Turley was great! Trump haters gotta hate but at the end of the day PROVE IT!!!!!!!

  31. Isnt it funny how schiff keeps saying its indisputable fact that trump forced Ukraine to interfere with the 2020 election. Even though every witness says that didnt happen or wasnt on the call or has never talked to trump or got all their info they are testifying from the previous witness.

  32. Damn…..every time someone is getting ready to speak another one of the Republicans has to interrupt on some lame point of order or to ask if they can be excused to go to the bathroom. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Even if Mr Nadler were to stop the entire proceeding for four days and let the Republicans have to floor to ask their questions, make note of their points of order or burp they would still come back and interrupt each witness while they are giving their testimony or their point of view on Constitutional law. The Republicans are all being a bunch of pricks and are making no valid points other than trying to be a bunch of pricks.

  33. I've got news for the Republicans…….these proceedings are going according to the rules set up by John Boehner… of their own. Imagine how the Republicans are going to howl when the Democrats learn how to gerrymander the districts as successfully as the Republicans have done under Tom Delay…..another one of their own.

  34. When you have to gerrymander districts in order to hold power it means that you can not win using ideas. I give you Representatives: Collins, Gohmert, Jordan and Gaetz as exhibit A.

  35. Nadler lied in front of congress by "swearing the professors in" and calling it testimony. They were giving subjective interpretations and opinions. Why is it the only professor who actually knew the articles was Prof. Turley? Why were the three other professors so amped up and opinionated?

  36. the only thing for certain, beside pelosi's vacant cranium is the FACT the demonrats have no facts with which to impeach.
    If so they wouldn't be boring us with distractions from snooty quasi intellectuals.
    If they truly were concerned with national security they'd be investigating the clinton and the biden crime families.
    It's apparent and OBVIOUS both sides of the isle are equally corrupt trying to maintain the swamp. Repubs should be raising hell and carrying out their own investigations in to biden and clinton .

  37. We need to be thinking why didn’t Obama investigate the corruption in Ukraine when he was president. O prolly cause Biden was 2 timing.

  38. Pure Evil Wicked DemonRat Democrats!! Lie,Cheat,Greed,Steal,abuse of power, spy, corrupt, Fake dossier, Fake & bias MSM, I hope They LOSE the HOUSE come 2020 over these Pathetic false impeachment hearings,its nothing but a bunch of Boring BS and feelings from Trump haters who are Dumb as a bag of rocks!!

  39. God Bless our Amazing President Donald J. Trump!!❤😇 President Trump 2020!!❤😇🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾

  40. That Evil Pamela woman is Crazy!!! She sounds like she escaped from an Insane Asylum!! She Flew Straight Out of A Coo Coo's Nest!! She sounds mean,hateful and wicked!!

  41. Gaetz crushed it!!! 6:55:45 The only thing he left out is that perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT witness, President Zelensky, has been more than clear on multiple occasions that he never felt any pressure and does not understand why quid pro quo is even a discussion!!!

  42. Someone Please put Duct tape over Pamela's mouth!! Yak Yak Yak Uuugh The JackAss is the Perfect Symbol for the Democrat Party!!

  43. Leftist law professors are just as steeped in cognitive dissonance as the bulk of the sheep on the left! That, or they are blatant liars! So far, Jonathan Turley's testimony is the only one I've heard that is well reasoned, rational, logical, and sane.

    The left has simply lost its collective mind

  44. Professor Turley simply brilliant in his clear reasoning. Also his anger and desperation free statements made him absolutely credible as opposed to the other three biased experts.

  45. I think its funny how they keep saying Trump won the election and Dems are trying to steal it…..Kinda like what happened in Florida to Gore under Jeb Bush's watch in favor of George W…. Whatever they try to say in order to throw dirt on the Impeachment process, this is simply not the case. Its about the fact that he doesn't know how to do this job properly and continuously abuses the office of the President while pleading on his own bases ignorance, and lying to the American people…..Many of his closest associates (who helped him get into office) are all in jail, and he continuously threatens Republicans in his own party (especially in the Senate) to the point where they are scared to oppose him openly….Many of the promises he has made to his voters such as the the truckers, and to the farmers haven't come to fruition. This experiment hasn't worked out well for poor Trump… I appreciate the fight. Just do it fairly and release all the documents and let everyone who is involved in all this testify to congress and to the people of the country REALLY SEE WHAT GULIANI, NUNES, POMPEO, MULVANEY AND LEV PARNAS amongst others were really up too! Stop OBSTRUCTING and lets see how PERFECT the situation REALLY IS!!! They keep saying the Mueller investigation flopped….So that somehow makes it invisible and non existent? False, it was the beginning of a long line of offenses he has committed in order to propel himself to the most powerful position in the world. And that will be his tragic flaw.

  46. 3:20 "some states are more important based on the electoral college maths", that says it all doesn't it, everything else aside, America is very proud of its voting system but the whole thing is built so it can be manipulated by the college how they want the outcomes to go. It has next to nothing to do with the popular vote. In other words, you don't get to choose your president. After the two-party system has dictated to you via their nomination process which two people will be in the running and after people have cast their vote, a bunch of virtually invisible electors cast their votes and choose the president for you. On top of that you have super delegates who have more power than others when voting for the nominees so with the electoral college and the super delegates together the voting system is a mirage wrapped in an election.

  47. Snorefest, I can watch alot of boring political stuff but this was so bad I cant watch it all. It's way too ugly, it's way too much. The bias is so strong everything they say is ultra cringeworthy, the OMB is such a mortal wound to the process, it's now impossible to rectify. Democrats cant be happy with this. It looks like a parade of Trump Haters getting 5 minutes of fame to participate in helping impeach Trump, I'm sure many are begging to be involved, these Witnesses won the Lottery to help impeach Trump, and they are not even trying to hide that fact, not Mr Turley but everyone else. This will live in the Democrats history forever. These people want to be a part of history against Trump and bash on him for impeachment. What they dont realize is that their reputations historically will be scrutinized forever more than any other impeachment because the internet will preserve every second and deep dive analysis on them and their testimony will be seen with 2020 looking back even 10 yrs from now. This will go down as how not to do an impeachment ever. Even if he were guilty this process would make any impeachment invalid he would win because the process was so unfair. Bad day for the Democrats, this is only for use in the 2020 election, when Dem candidates bring this impeachment up it will be obvious that they are using their impeachment to win the 2020 election, "He was impeached " all that talk should make it obvious they the Democrats dont deserve to win in 2020.

  48. this lady is very smart very intelligent and so, by every word she has use in this whole impeachment depos to hearing sh is in fact breaking her oath therefore she can be arrested for crimes against America, taking part in a coup, and if civil war , she could be heald for war crimes

  49. I am left with one confounding thought … question … as I alternate between Schiff's caricature of  a hearing and the degeneracy,  the filthy intent, the seditious deliberacy and the treasonous malice of the Mueller-weapon wielded against President Trump: Is there ANY Democrat whose heart is not corrupted … filled … with the fetid stench of deceit and ill will?

  50. If you send your kid to law school and Pamela S. Karlan is your kid's teacher you have essentially allowed your offspring to be brainwashed by a very angry, hateful, liberal activist. Pathetic!

  51. Chairman Nadler is absolutely awful. He should not have that position.

    Also I hate Pamela Karlan. She is one of the most idiotic, annoying people I have ever heard speak. I don't know what I would do if I got stuck with her for a professor. Condolences to her students.

  52. Does Ukraine own the utility company? Because if not, then Hunter Biden is not part of the corruption of the Ukraine government that Trump claims he wanted to investigate. Biden, a citizien of the United States, on the board of a non-governmental utility company, would not fall under the umbrella of investigating a corrupt government. Your thoughts?

  53. Mr. Chabot talk to Mitch McConnell about all the things you spoke of. The House has passed these bills and the Senate refuses to even allow them for a vote.

  54. Joe Biden knows for sure that he will never win. He still is running for presidential nomination so he can claim the status of “politician opponent” to President Trump in the election which would cloak and defend him and his son of their corruption / crimes / high misdemeanors / “quid pro quo”. Very divisive crooked and corrupt intent. Rest of them all know the truth that Obama was also so concerned that his administration brings it up when Fiona Hill was being considered for the post in Ukraine in her questionnaire for her appointment interviews . Who is getting fooled here ? We Democrats?

  55. So out of the Democrats mouth's they have said that trump has not broken any laws yet we have liberals yelling at the top of their lungs say "trump for prison 2020"and I just cannot believe the intelligence of most Democratic supporters

  56. You cannot have a prosecutor in a foreign country fired by leveraging your power with tax payer dollars for investigating your son. This is absurd, democrats should be embarrassed especially when the guy your protecting cant put two sentences together without fumbling for words in your primary debates, he's not even a contender. obama knows that and wont even support him this bs farce needs to stop.

  57. 7:00:08 This moment pretty much sums up the whole hearing. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. But these people don’t have anything. No evidence. They’re just trying to get him impeached as quickly as possible because they know trump will win in 2020. How can I defend Democrats when they they waste our time like this.

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