Watch bitter ending to impeachment hearing

Maurice Vega

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  1. Nonsense democrats, can't win election in 2020 so desperately chasing impeachment. This is treasonous and a coup by the democrats.

  2. Wouldn't it be nice if the globe warmed up enough so Godzilla would come out of the Antarctica and eat all the democrats.

  3. Ironic that in the face of 3 weeks of witness depositions under oath and reams of documentational evidence, Republicans still haven't engineered a better comeback than junior-high level name-calling (like Trump does).

  4. that gohmert fucker! "i'd also like to file a dissenting view" – boi your boss did that for you, noted. you wanting to say is separately is just grandstanding… but then again, thats all republicans have got at this stage, smoke shows and baseless propoganda. go get em democrats! restore the balance of power in our democracy! stop trump from undermining the checks and balances that have ensured our democracy has thrived since WW2.

  5. In short, Obama’s redefined the presidency.

    “Whether it is ignoring our nation’s immigration laws, making unconstitutional recess appointments, waiving work requirements in welfare reform laws, or waiving clear provisions of Obamacare, President Obama has shown no qualms about taking unilateral actions that BYPASS CONGRESS AND IGNORE IMPORTANT SEPARATION OF POWERS that are an essential safeguard of our liberty,” said Heritage’s John Malcolm, director of the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies.

    “While a President certainly has the right to enter executive orders that provide guidance to executive branch agencies and officers, he cannot do so when it contravenes duly enacted, valid laws,” Malcolm told The Foundry. “We live, after all, in a democracy, not a monarchy.”

  6. Federal Election Campaign Law:-

    Soliciting or Receiving:-

    "It shall be unlawful" for an individual who is an officer or employee of the Federal Government, including the "President, vice President, and Members of Congress", to
    "solicit or receive a donation of money or other thing of value" in
    connection with a "Federal, State, or local election", while in any room
    or building occupied in the discharge of official duties by an officer or
    employee of the United States, "from any person".

  7. So the professor that the Republicans called was for Clinton's impeachment, but not Trumps? No, dude. You don't get to have it both ways.

  8. The people with the gavel needs to start smacking the republican ranking members in the mouth with it. It is time for the scum lying fucks to start spitting a few teeth.

  9. Trying to convince Republicans Trump needs to go is a mute point, however dems are beginning to agree with that also because Nancy Pelosi seems to think a hollow point might be what theyre looking for to end this whole impeachment thing…
    True story…

  10. Toobin, beginning at 8:05 is COMPLETELY wrong….. withholding evidence is completely in the rights of the Executive branch of government. How embarrassing for Toobin NOT to know that. WHENEVER there is a dispute between the Executive and Legislative branch of gov't, the Judicial (Supreme Court) rules on the issue.

    Christ, CNN – your analysts are complete BAFOONS!!!!

  11. Melania had chosen the GOP bullies herself.."Do Best! This is not about civilization, it is about Winning, making money.."

  12. There is no impeachment. He will never be impeached. They are wasting American time and money. All because Trump asked ukraine do us(Americans) a favor because Biden GAVE Ukraine 3 billion of OUR TAX PAYER DOLLARS actual quid pro quo to the Ukraine and now look who is on the board of that Ukraine gas company. Joe bidens son. IS THAT NOT CORRUPT?? The blind toxic hate from the left and liberals is so anti American it makes me sick. Black unemployment at an all time low. We are winning the china trade war. He wants to secure the borders to protect America s are you people Globalists?? You know what's scary?? U.N. 2030. Look it up!!! An agenda already in progress by the U.N. You will have no rights. We will live in a socialist democracy and have little to no rights. This is just crazy that you people are so blind. Blind to the facts and easily persuaded by the leftists that want globalization. It's sick. Your kids and grandkids have to live hear. 🤦

  13. I’m a democrat, this impeachment is a joke. There is not one piece of evidence on Trump. There is plenty of evidence against Biden, and his son. Where is the outrage over the guy who actually did something. You are trying to blame Trump for what Biden did. This is why I will not vote democrat anymore. Democrats are corrupt liars. Democrats have also lost their mind.

  14. Seem Nadler evidence from his witnesses were not facts. Even one witness said impeachment was wrong.
    Sorry Democrats you need facts and evidence. You're just saying emotional theories.

  15. Biden' was responsible for Quid Pro Quo and bribery to get his son off…. Do you really think we are so stupid to believe that Obama didn't know anything about it? Especially since Biden was Obama's vice president?

  16. Everyone keeps using "the American people" to support their own narrative. The fact remains that the American people do not want an impeachment.

  17. What ever happened to Right over Wrong? How can you look the other way GOP? It's plain as day and that's from a independent.

  18. Demon rats are going to have this blow up in their faces. Try finding some real evidence before you try to impeach you bunch of sad losers.

  19. Who is this senile ugly woman???👎🤦 no wonder why they indoctrinate young people as communists in universities and in the top of that, parents have to pay for this crap💩😱 Are you listening parents…….just take a look who is teaching your kids…..!

  20. Every time these Trump flunkies open their mouths 👄 it's just cringe worthy, Especially that a hole next to Nadler. Shaking your head! Grow up have some dignity.

  21. Sad for us Dems. Again failed to get Trump. We need better reps. More and more Democratic are moving to the line checking out Republicans and what they stand for. Thx

  22. Uphold the constitution, I swore to do it 6 times and will do it all over again. FOK THE FOCKERS that sheet on our Constitution, they are nothing but pure traitors!

  23. One third of the American population are now Communists ( Putins version of Communism) obeying the president of Russia through his intermedia (the five time Draftdodger with a very stable mind and with the very best words). If it weren't so dangerous i would probably be laughing all day long.

  24. There's only one thing I can say after listening to this, so sorry if I hurt anyone's ears. REPUBLICANS GROW UP, QUIT ACTING LIKE CHILDREN AND DO YOUR JOBS TO THE CONSTITUTION, AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! YOU TOOK AN OATH, FOLLOW IT OR GET THE HELL OUT! ONCE AGAIN! GROW THE F*** UP! Sorry everyone, it's just I can't believe grown adults who are supposed to be working for the American people are acting like this and protecting a president that's not following the rule of law, is a threat to National Security and there's substantial evidence on it. Like I said, I'm sorry, I usually don't resort to swearing but there's only so much a person can take. I need a vacation after this…

  25. Democrats are going to scream to the sky again in Nov. 2020. This impeachment attempt was a FIASCO!!! Even hardcore demos in my fam. They do not like the party anymore!

  26. Nad should of prepped the adjunct profs to not show their emotions and be aware the intentions get bigger on camera.

  27. The thing that struck me the most in these hearings is that the only professor that cautioned against impeachment didn't do so because he felt Trumps actions were not impeachable. Instead he felt that more evidence and more witnesses that have relevant information should be heard. I totally agree with him. The issue is that the person making that impossible and who is blocking the possibility of hearing these additional fact witnesses is Trump himself.

    So, the question then becomes. Should a President be able to avoid impeachment by withholding the relevant evidence? That would give the President the power of deciding if he/she want their own conduct to be investigated or not. That is not how the separation of powers were meant to function.

  28. Bla..bla..bla… BS.. finally you have a decent president unlike most of the members of the congress who are natural thieves.

  29. "The only thing to fear is fear itself" – FDR
    "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard" – JFK

    America!!! YOU FUCKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. CNN and Democrats are Horse Manure. Feldman is Epsteins nephew. Karlin picks on little kids. Get three real people. CNN has no real people. Impeach no, conviction, just reelection. DEMS LOSING Union votes fast.

  31. GOP did nothing but yell about the process and try to stall the whole 8 hours. Zero defense of the facts. They requested "fact witnesses" but was oblivious to the fact that the WH is blocking them all from testifying. Laughable and transparent.

  32. This Bozo Nadler was calling for impeachment long before the Ukraine fiasco manufactured by the DemoRats…and now have only platitudes to spew and calling it evidence.

  33. the mother fuckers impeached for a dick sucked oh now the mother fucken nazis are not happy being caught in bribe.

  34. The republican dumbasses do need a reminder of the constitution as they apparently have no knowledge or respect for it. Stanford (ranked 2) Harvard (ranked 3) provide a clear explanation & the Republicans go for George Washington (ranked 336). The republicans just can’t find a good defense of how the constitutional laws actually operate. If they did they could’ve grabbed another professor from the top academic institutions. The reason is clear. Trump has violated the constitution, with all law academics looking at the law than the person who has recently become the laughing stock of the world with world major leaders making fun of him.

  35. since when did the republicans act so stupid? how embarrassing …..accept the truth. The country will forgive your party.

  36. Who else can perfectly see these creatures, like Jordan, Collins, McCarthy, Gomer, Pence, Sessions, etc ride around in KKK robes and pointed hoods, scheming and plotting, at night ? They all have nick-names for each other, too. And for their horses and wives.

  37. Nadler is not very bright.

    The Crook Biden is not running in a Presidential election against Trump. Small point of fact.
    The alleged 'expert witnesses' are an embarrassment to legal practice in the US.
    1) They're not 'expert witnesses'.
    2) There is a difference between direct evidence and opinion evidence.

  38. GOP acts like the sky is falling in when they don't get what ever they want no matter how small but when one of their own sells the USA down the river time and time again its nothing, how fake can you get

  39. I was watching a history channel on Hitler's Nazi Kangaroo Courts . Then the Socialist Democrats on impeachment of Trump . There was "NO" Difference . A rigged Kangaroo Court complete was Socialist Trump Hating professors.  This crap would never fly in a Legal court room. This is just another coup attempt  by the National Socialist Democratic Party and is TOTAL BS !  These Socialist TRAITORS & SEDITIONOUS think hear say & fiction is evidence . They are making things up as they go. They have "NO" Evidence . They should have made some up like the last time with the "FAKE RUSSIAN DOSSIER "!

  40. If she had said that about my child I would have "SLAPPED HER TILL SHE DROPPED ! TREASONOUS [email protected] !!!!!
    President TRUMP 2020 ! Don TRUMP Jr 2024 !, 2028! Ivanka TRUMP 2032 ! 2036 ! BARRON TRUMP 2040 ! 2044 !! THAT WOULD DRIVE THE BABY MURDER DEMS "NUTS

  41. Its time for Trumps allies to stand up and defend him and testify, why wouldn't a anyone stand up and defend the innocent no matter what it costs themselves unless they know that he isn't and to paint it any other way is ridiculous.

  42. Are all the Republicans morons??? Illiterate fools…… surely at this stage, they all know Trump is as guilty as hell….Why not dump him and get Pence in as President….From a Rep point of view, wouldn't that be a better option for the upcoming elections??

  43. If the American constitution isn't upheld by elected government officials then there is no America and it's people have no rights.

  44. Whether your Bi-Partisan you have to uphold the Oath that you took to the Constitution of the United States both Republicans and, Democrats you aren’t a separate Country but ,a Governmental body to serve your Constituents.
    What is the matter with you Republicans are you Traitors do you want this a President to continue letting Vladimir Putin control him and, implement Fascism into our Government wants going on with you guys!!!!!***🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  45. He will not be impeached. We need him to bomb the fuck! outta the fucking cartel terrorists that keep slaughtering entire AMERICAN families, women and little children, babies, in mexican territory!! We need this guy in power for another term. If he cheated to get elected, well fucking done then mr president!! Trump 2020! Trump 2020! Trump 2020!….

  46. Without the constitution America is no longer America. Let's be honest, the founding fathers would have hung or shot trump by now.

  47. Nadler was not about to entertain their shenanigans “Too Late!” Lol I’m going to use that next time my ex husband starts in with his BS 🤣😂👌🏽

  48. All these Republicans want to follow this Evil Man so they all will be judged by History and, Almighty God remember 1/3 of the Angels in Heaven followed Satan and, are going down to Hell!!!!***

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