Was Epstein an informant for the US govt?

and we turn now to some drama coming out of the Persian Gulf now the UK says it's warded an Iranian attempt to seize a one of its oil tankers they say three Iranian ships attempted to stop the tanker as it was going through the Strait of Hormuz now according to the British authorities the Iranian vessels were forced back after receiving a warning from a Royal Navy frigate which was escorting another tanker in the area now Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps shot back however at these reports calling they're all false saying there was no encounters between Iranian warships and the British vessels now back to stories at home in the one case that dominated headlines all week more details are starting to come out surrounding a billionaire at Jeffrey Epstein actress indictment on sex trafficking charges now specifically a lot of speculation is happening around Epstein's a private island now this is a place that many have even dubbed pedophile island parties at John huddy has the full story from Miami jeffrey Epstein's estate is on little st. James Island it's in the US Virgin Islands and it's been dubbed by some pedophile Island orgy Island an island of sin for the allegations of abuse and misconduct that went on there now Epstein bought the seventy five acre little st. James in 1998 for about eight million dollars he later also purchased the 165 acre great st. James Island for a reported 18 million in 2016 both off the south eastern end of st. Thomas if you look at a map little st. James is Epstein's main private residence he has a mansion there a helipad and even a temple like structure with a golden dome it's unclear what the structure is used for some upset a music room for Epstein who's classically trained to practice piano others for more on nefarious motives though that is just speculation and rumor The Associated Press reported this week that Epstein's workers on the island had to sign NDA's non-disclosure agreements and are not allowed to talk about what went on there but locals from nearby st. Thomas say the island has generated a lot of interest and suspicion among both locals and tourists both before and now following Epstein's arrest and indictment on federal charges sex trafficking and the abuse of minors and as the fallout continues so do the questions about the 2008 so-called sweetheart plea deal that allowed Epstein the plead out to lessor state charges in Florida avoiding more lengthy prison time on federal charges US Secretary of Labor and former US attorney in Florida Alex Acosta defended the 2008 deal during a press conference Wednesday saying the Palm Beach State Attorney's Office was ready to quote let Epstein walk free no jail time nothing and that's when Acosta said the US Attorney's Office stepped in our prosecutors has this 2008 article recounts presented the ultimatum plead guilty to more serious charges charges that required jail time registration and restitution or we'd roll the dice and bring a federal indictment without the work of our prosecutors Epstein would have gotten away with just that state charge Barry Krisher the former state's attorney for Palm Beach County in 2008 disputes a Kostas account however calling it completely wrong contending that the US Attorney's Office produced a quote 53 page indictment that was abandoned after secret negotiations between mr. Epstein's lawyers and mr. Acosta Acosta have said that more evidence has come to light since 2007 in 2008 perhaps warranting tougher prosecution also Acosta has mentioned in past statements the threat of Epstein's former dream team of lawyers including famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz and Clinton special prosecutor Kenneth Starr who were reportedly described as ruthless and willing to dig into the background and personal lives of the prosecutors and victims so perhaps that played a crucial role in negotiating the 2008 deal this as the investigation continues and Epstein is scheduled to appear in court on Monday for RT John huddy to go further in depth we turn to legal and media analyst Lionel Lionel you've been on top of this from the very beginning and so you probably know this how did an unknown citizen go from being a teacher in Dalton to a multi billionaire hedge fund manager who owns this very much I think it's 21,000 square foot mansion with heated sidewalks I mean I'm a capitalist but still shouldn't have been some red flags along the way that something just wasn't kosher this guy comes out of nowhere doesn't even have a college education and Dalton by the way is this Upper East Side hoity-toity private school where he teaches cab calculus or physics or whatever and and out of nowhere but but here's the DS got it just because you're rich per se there-there's no red flags because in New York and among these circles as long as you've got money nobody cares where you got this money from by the way to see if an office even Bernie Madoff right here on Third Avenue he had an office what is this guy where did he work did he who is did he ever act as a hedge fund now this is coming up now after the fact Scottie you have no idea how good this case is it please well that you bring up the fact that you say it's such a good case because here's where my concerns are Courtney's some report secretary Castro said to the truck transition team I was told FC belongs to intelligence and to leave it alone yesterday secretary Costas press conference darted around giving a director dial or even an answer so pending that new information and not denying it are we ever actually going to see how great of a case this is if it turns out that there was more intelligence involved in the situation than what we know of well the next time they ask Acosta something why doesn't he say this hey nobody cared about the fact of who okayed this deal Alberto Gonzalez Muller call me you didn't care about that and by the way the state attorney in Florida this is a guy who thought that we've got to stop at nothing to get rush limbaugh remember when he had his problems with opioids or whatever it was so they show this absolutely indefatigable distance this this full throated at full throttle prosecution what it happens to be a rush limbaugh but when it's this guy well nobody cared about it and when Acosta went through his confirmation nobody brought this up and here's the best part why now why now for the first time nobody's questioned anything about this fellow forever this is 2008 what happened wait a minute Scotty do you think maybe it it's President Trump that's the only thing I can think of that's different from then when all of these Democrats signed off on it it said no big deal what are you gonna do but now it's different because apparently there's a new sheriff in town well and that new sheriff is getting pegged for his relationship it is friendship in the past with Epstein obviously not looking at some of the others but I do have to go back and look at this and say if this is our intelligence agencies are involved do you feel like there's a less likely chance there I can find out the truth they're more likely a chance that this is actually gonna get buried now well here's the thing not now because it's open right when when you heard Berman either they do and the US Attorney for the Southern District walk up to pick walk over to a picture of him and said if anybody watching this had anything to do with this man you call this number I don't think they're gonna dial that one back they're definitely making this but what about commis daughter commis daughters that's probably not a big deal and by the way where's Ken Starr Dershowitz is in here dirty which is gonna be at it with with David Boies where it where's Ken Starr what the legal eagle or me right I don't understand this this is the guy who went after Clinton nobody's talking about him I mean Acosta it's not gonna throw him under the bus if I were a cop I'd say let me explain you again how is he doing that Lionel that's my question if there are all these other names involved why is he not throwing them because ultimately I'm hearing just as many Republicans I heard Newt Gingrich say and Coulter they're calling for Acosta to resign and he's not Democrats are calling for it why is he naming the rest of the names right now because I think in the end he is going to go down for this as I do believe he deserves oh yeah by those green bananas there cause if I were you no no this guy is history as we say in the south that dog don't hunt now this is ridiculous but if I were to do it if I were a casa I would say and explain what I just told you I didn't on my own decide to cut loose some some predator pedophile this was in the works and let me go through again all the people who was who were with this and nobody said anything about this Schumer never said anything about it and by the way this visit about Epstein with Trump she got Epstein was a fixture in the Upper East Side here in New York everybody from 1e out well maybe not a good example what the other but is that Katie Corrigan people people just in general this guy was a fixture people loved to go Mike Wallace this guy was not he didn't walk around and say I'm a pedophile but now but now they're gonna say hey guess what tell me again who are these billionaire's that you work for well I don't know that's what I want to know I want your name with some names always put the names out there thank you so much for Lionel our neighbor names but not on the list like this I'll just name you like got my Christmas card list thank you lad all for joining indeed hey YouTube thanks for checking out our Channel we hope you enjoyed the video we have tons of content for you just like this for more of our T America's one-of-a-kind news and analysis be sure to subscribe and never stop questioning more

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  1. No body is on the island its all closed up. Just seen a drone video. And there is no golden dome. It blew off in a hurricane apparently.

  2. So why I'm I not surprised the American government is part of child sex crimes. American government is a terrorist organization that must be destroyed.

  3. Epstein was a Pedophile Pimp for Democratic Party and some Pedophile Republicans. Epstein was protected by the Clintons and the Pedophile Upper Echelon at the DOJ.

  4. Oh wow🤦🏼‍♀️ another one of Tramps buddies are in jail. Why is that all of Tramps friends are going to jail in the last year. Time to spill the beans about all of his real swell friends. You weak puss no he wouldn’t you of got off you didn’t stick up for the girls you lose. Nobody makes deals for child molesters.

  5. Where did al you come from, i remember back the you wouldent say nothing about epstein now you want to put trump n him in the same question. Lol lame.

  6. Informant my arse; probably a blackmailer of the elites. The higher you are in the food chain one becomes a predator. Castrate all of them.

  7. Who gives a shit? They were stupid white Christian girls. It is the birthright of the chosen ones to rape and pimp these young goy girls. These young goy girls are nothing but chattel to the JEW.

  8. What the fuck do you mean, that he was CIA? He is s fucking MOSSAD agent. Everyone knows this! I think the Mossad agents at RT, are trying to throw crap 💩 at the wall, and see how much will stick. I don’t care to defend the bastards at the CIA, but this was a MOSSAD operation, and that’s why Isra-hell is getting about 7-10 billion dollars 💵 a year in cold cash and weapons. If I was a General with assets at my disposal, I would hit Isra-hell pronto, and dance my way to the firing squad or electric chair. FUCK them!!!

  9. Hope Jeffrey Epstein and/or Ghislaine Maxwell get a chance to name names. I still don’t understand Jeffrey Epstein’s intelligence role unless it’s something to do with blackmail.

  10. Perhaps one day we'll find out that Acosta visited the island himself many times after the settlement – as a "special guest".






  12. Epstein is really bottom of the barrel! I guess money doesn’t buy you class, morals or social responsibility!! Acosta is a joke and I hold him responsible for all the girls that were raped after that bogus plea deal!!

  13. But is a signed NDA still valid, if a person who has signed it later becoms aware of crimes and wants to report them to the police or is asked about it by the police or the feds? I mean, how can it be lawfull for an amployer to have a legal right over his employees even so that they must keep his crimes secret, because they signed a contract with a NDA clause, before they knew about the crimes? It is against the basic common sense – these are not quirky private habits or juicy love affair details being passed to paparazzi, they should be reporting hundreds of trafficked and raped children, for crying out out loud!!! Isn't every citizen's duty to report a crime they have witnessed to the authorities above any NDA? Or is money legally above the justice in the US? Unvelievable.

  14. Why does that weird temple looking building on his island lock from the outside? Why was his plane called the lollita Express when lollita is code for young girl? He was arrested and convicted for soliciting sex from a minor, has an island and a plane named after a sexual reference to little girls, and on said island has a temple that's doors are designed to lock people in, not out. And now we're supposed to believe he was some secret agent?? Funny how that would make certain incriminating evidence unavailable for " National security" reasons. This is how everyone involved skates! This is utter BULLSHIT!! DAY OF THE FUCKING ROPE IS COMING! We're not going to take this shit for much longer.

  15. Epstein and Maxwell have been Mossad assets for decades Trump Clinton and many others were targets caught in the honey trap and blackmailed. America a Nation ruled by pedos perverts and traitors. A nation of little bitches without the balls to stand up to their masters

  16. Holly cow! I'm I in a time warp? A few years ago before the main stream media desended on YouTube, back when the Internet had real alternative media, Epstein's island was a hot topic. In fact it looked as though Epstein would be held accountable for his crimes. Then Google scrubbed YouTube of any voice they deemed conspiratorial. Maybe the crimes Epstein and his associates can be pinned on the people at Google who shielded him from media exposure for the past 5 years! Google even had close up photos of Lolita Island that have been removed. Who are the real criminals?

  17. The Israelis are running your country and will use paedophilia bribery blackmail false flags which bushes republicans loved to utilise

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