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so after Barrow turned up yesterday there was a slight issue with him bringing the primed pack leader mod he brought on console was supposed to be primed animal instinct he now apparently has it on PC as well it was added about 50 minutes after he turned up the normal one is heals your pet by a percentage of the damage you deal with merely attacks 36% lifesteal but the one that Beryl brings says that it is just 66% lifesteal well it actually says lifesteal link it should work if roughly the same but the only way to find out is to really pick it up but that means that it's not a console exclusive because well here it is on PC as well it was out of 50 minutes after burrow actually turned up whereas it was 20 minutes before the fixed the console what an added primed animal instinct so let's pick this open with a small fortune leveling the thing old selects unfree golden kitty because well this has to go on something and as with every prime mod as much as I would love to take this to its max that is a lot of endor and a lot of credits so it's just as easy to get there because it's still better than that because that's where the normal one sits 36 percent so all of this is still added bonus it's just not costing a lot to level this up I should max it but and really I'm not going to this wasn't done on purpose because I had Korra equipped yesterday but it does work on van re as well as does primed animal instinct which I really want to max that one over the primed pack leader because the loot radar the enemy radar they are very useful and I use them anyway but having them on there means I don't have to run them on and yes I did decide to swap to a cobra instead because well I have a curve at here so let's see if it will work on the Cobra and well strangely enough this one actually has pack leader in here so let's just swap that out a take the shields off so they will get a little bit of damage but I need to put more former in this because I can't put it building I mean I don't even have bite on here for some reason shield recharge rate isn't really needed so little bite in there instead and that should be much better after a little bit of testing and multiple feels finally got this to kind of work where I can demonstrate it because you're kind of notice that meow face is not taking much damage and there it goes yeah that heals very well but at the same time this is also healing the even re who is kind of sitting up top not doing airy combs oh no the taking damage I'll just merely an enemy and kill them all quite nicely I've always used pack leader on cobras I never bothered using this on Givat so having it on van re there well I worked a little bit too well getting them both to join in this time they are actually there we go now the taking lots of damage so yeah all fully healed stop attacking them watching the hip health it's not moving at all they're actually killing them to effectively here oh if an AR is taking some damage all healed I loved this mod it is if you run a cobra or a curve at this mod is useful anyway having it better just well the Cobra on the curve at are taking out level 80 enemies here might be a bit overkill because obviously I don't want to do too high level enemy because they will kill them very very quickly but I don't want them to do that and die instantly because that's not good either oh that's what's happening I'm stripping the armor off and they're finishing off the enemies running both of these is actually great fun I've done this a few times and it sounds like a weird combination running a kvass and the cool rule but there's only call rather can actually do this on finish it off yeah laughs 109 but and I don't even have the nori set to attack she is set to defense and there you go now they're starting to take a lot more damage I'm just I'm not watching what's going on and trying to watch numbers when they start taking lots of damage I can catch it before that happens which I didn't manage to do level hundred and twenty it's expected that we're gonna go down quickly I just didn't honestly expect that quit well that was a lot of damage by merely a lot you two fully healed them so this pack leader has always worked very very effectively now it just works even better than it did before and if it can keep them alive against level hundred and twenty s well kind of and they'd have to do will revive to the kubrow but doesn't have any shields if the shields with a was probably fine that just doesn't that just look wrong for nori and a cool rule it's a small cool bro I'll admit but still that is absolutely tiny but it does work this mod is well worth picking up if you run Cobras orca vats or in this case both using Cora it is more than worth having this thing because it will just it'll save them for the higher level stuff a lot so we'll leave this off yeah for now thanks for watching la caches next time

Maurice Vega

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  1. I got it but i'm gonna go rank 7 at most just for that much more life steal. Not worth maxing it since if the basic one did the job very well but a bit more will put it over the top ya know?

  2. I dont even rank up the normal pack leader from 5% because it still heals my pets instantly. Kind of a useless primed mod…

  3. I never even fully ranked Pack Leader because my melee hits for several thousand per hit anyway. One hit always fully heals my Inaros-Buffed Kavat. This is worthless.

  4. This Is The Same Lame Crap As The Old Magnum Force Before The Buff, God Damn DE You F*Ked It Up Again…

  5. I am wondering if this works with something like garuda's claws. I also wonder if you can use a redeemer and shoot things to heal them so you can hang back and let them work. Kind of a fun but impractical mod.

  6. I use this mods to stay alive and mi pets but the primed version of the life steal from him i mean that his dmg is concerted in to health that one should have a primed version becouse its no use having 36% or 66% of life steal for pets when you deal high dmg he's getting re filled with hp all the time

  7. Id like this mod to be a 2 way street.. so companion attack i get healed… i like usong other frames other than inaros and nidus

  8. Any % of your melee damage, for any competent melee weapon, will instantly heal your pet. The primed version is stupidly unnecessary

  9. Really, you make a 6 m video about this mod, that's so sad, the lack of content is killing you right…

  10. Just max it out you have enough endo and Credits i picked up both mods maxed them out and put one more forma in all my cats and companions

  11. I have a maxed Prime Animal Instinct on my Khora. 110 lot radar and 60 enemy radar. She can see almost into the future.

  12. Poor review, this mod is not worth it. Normal pack leader is more than enough, you heal your pet with a single attack. If you buy this, you will waste ducats and credits

  13. When you do 1000-2000 damage you give 660-1320HP just from 1 attack.
    Regular mod is enough. This is junk.
    I have lvl 1 regular mod and my Pet get more than enough HP from Melee damage- helaing, because in game Melee is strongest.

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