WaPo: Giuliani sought money from Ukraine while pursuing Biden

Maurice Vega

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  1. So according to this hack Matt, Giuliani thought about maybe pursuing a business deal in Ukraine, which never happened? Wow, what bombshell reporting by the BezosPost. LOL! Similar to Trump thinking about but never actually doing a completely legal deal to build a Trump tower, which never happened. Wow, again, how nefarious. These derelicts are seriously just grasping at the straws at this point. Total desperate losers.

  2. Biden is the confessed criminal. He confessed in a video interview. This network will smear everyone that is exposing the Democrat party for the criminals they are.

  3. What's kinda ridicules is that instead of people distancing from Trump, Trump is distancing from those people. It quite shows that Trump is not the stupiest here 😉

  4. Mr. Santorum is so willing to misrepresent the well declared and intentional orientation given to Giuliani by Trump. Come on, guy, this was the President speaking to his personal "lawyer"; this is not a sergeant speaking to soldiers. What Trump did was more than directing; it was ordering, commanding, no matter how much Mr Santorum wants to dress that up differently. I wonder whether he would be as willing to mischaracterize someone's intention, if he himself was not benefiting from the deeds. Shame on him.

  5. Americans not interested in paying Emmett Flood's extortion invoices, so Giuliani & Trump going overseas to meet with Putin's contacts to get more quid pro quo…The Biden stuff is distraction folks. THEY ADMIT TO THE SMALLER CRIME, WHY? What was actually going on is Trump's burning through legal expense cash before he even illegally declared his 2016 campaign despite Tax Evasion FELON TRAITOR status. What Putin wants to forgive Trump's debts is ALL OF UKRAINE, and Trump pushing for Putin's prosecutor – the one Nunes met with – to be reinstalled: Trump working on behalf of RUSSIAN NATIONAL SECURITY in exact OPPOSITE of his OATH to prioritize AMERICAN NATIONAL SECURITY.

  6. Can always count on O’Reilly to hold politicians feet to the fire with hard questions and pinpoint follow ups.
    Mr president, was Giuliani in Ukraine by your direction?


    Oh ok, there you have it america. This is the no spin zone.

  7. When a Dem is accused there "is never any evidence." When a Republican is accused, it is a fact, without any evidence. The one thing never disputed, Hunter Biden was payed a lot of money by Ukraine without any good reason. That is all you need to know about CNN. Fake news.

  8. Two words that together. 'Santorum' and 'why'. He never has anything of substantive to contribute. Like when he 'was' a senator. Also, why is he still addressed as "Senator" ? He hasn't been a senator for 12 years.

  9. Biden commited a crime and hid it under a Presidential directive but then boasted about it and he's not investigated? BS. Biden should be in jail. He got his son from being investigated and bragged about it. He's a crook, but we're supposed to believe there is nothing there because he says so and the media says so. The media says there's nothing there because Biden said so? Idiot.

  10. What is wrong with making money? If he had the proper paperwork to do so. Or was he just seeing what he might be able to do. He may have not been studied up on how to be an international lawyer so while he was in the right corner he tried to learn a little bit of information on that side of the coin. But we have to see what he Donald Trump was paying him to do. The order by Trump was to see Rudy he knows. Trump has used this narrative that he is not sure what his lawyers were doing. But they keep getting in trouble while others say Trump told them that the lawyers were in charge at the hearings for impeachment inquiry. So these people say they are fighting corruption but they do more corruption than anyone in the world probably. Will this country fall if Trump is not president? Didn't Obama war hard and make it so Donald Trump could go through this thing without any problems where he could spend money and give cuts to make this country better. Wjat presiden have you ever seen not go to war? Donald Trump tried to mess with China but it was over money because there was not anything else to do. People want to mess with Obama and talk junk but he is the Reason that Trump is not at war and is able to coast along as if he did the foreground but trump reaps benefits of an actually great president who actually cared about his reputation. And the Republican talked about him like they were breathing air. So when you look back realize that people who hate Obama are just Republican lovers. This man Obama set this country up beautifully for the next man to come in. But always remember that people who are in better positions and have connections around the world can position their family members in places that others wish they could be. Pick any rich family who make friends that need only give their voucher for another man and see the other man prosper. But see a man using his government given power to destroy men for no other reason than to bring his self up higher in the government and you have a crooked thief that rests good. because he has gang of those who have dirt on them aswell because they participated in it all. So not only Nunez but more are involved and have participated in crimes. But these Republicans do not care as long as they are in power and in their seats of Senate and congress. They participated in crimes all around America but these few Republicans know that these are the last of the pure prejudice people that will hold it down into their very late years with the same nonsense. They are tea party white supremacist. We have to stopthem because they are getting more wealth promised to them for doing what they need to do to help trump screw up everything. And make it so the mess has broken down the fabric of this nation.

  11. Santorum is an expert on nothing. Perhaps establishment Republican talking points, certainly nothing more than that. Why would cnn have these types of people on? Theyre pushing an agenda, they are not impartial analysts. Therefore the audience comes away with a skewed perspective of reality. Because the shit he talks doesn't match reality. Ever. And these hosts…. they cant even call the guests on all yheir bullshit on account of having to take a commercial break every 7mins. So even if they call them on some bullshit, the rest gets to slide by virtue of the fact all cnn and other media corporations REALLY are is ad selling companies. Thats what they make their money on. Not delivering news. Not researching news. Selling ads. 0% of their profits come from the news they report. 100% comes from selling ads. What then might their priority be? You dont bite the hand that feeds you.

  12. Blitz Wolfkreig wow!!
    Someone needs to tell Blitz that he died a month ago. He is starting to stink and the ventriloquist thing is creeping me out.
    He has to put his hand way up to move his lips… Yuck Blitz.
    Even Ted Truner is embarrassed by what they have become. Disingenuous make sht up broadcasting. Wow

  13. 🤣🤣 you shouldn't use wapo as a source… this is proven fake… once again you are just proving trump right…..

  14. And there is a video on here of Joe Biden telling the president of Ukraine you fire that prosecutor investigating my son's corruption or you will not get the 1 billion dollars from America. But that's okay he's a Democrat

  15. Trump – READ THE TRANSCRIPT! You said you were sending Guiliani to Ukraine. Now you have no idea why Guiliani would go to Ukraine at all, he's just your lawyer… LOL


  17. I never bought into the idea that Giuliani was "Americas Mayor" or that he came even close to being a hero after 9/11. In fact, I believed then and still do, that a lot of NYC's finest Fire-fighters and law enforcement people were allowed to enter two buildings that the leaders including Giuliani, knew were very vulnerable to collapse based on their NYC approved construction using the weakest possible method of construction. Even the terrorists knew it. 

    From wikipedia: "The 1993 World Trade Center bombing was a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, carried out on February 26, 1993, when a truck bomb detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City." They knew (the terrorists) if they could get to the core (center) of the buildings base they might be able to break that base and if they did the entire building would collapse. 

    It's been obvious that the enemies of America knew of the vulnerability in the structures for a long time. I believe the fine people I mentioned earlier were not called out sooner due to the fact that to do so would be to admit of the knowledge of that vulnerability by the powers in NYC Government. Even more damning is the fact that emergency responders were sent in early and stayed for a long time in a hazardous cloud of Asbestos laced dust. Those people are suffering to this very day for their heroic, but ill-advised acts of bravery. 

    Because of his experience in the successful prosecution of many members of the Mafia and of members of the Financial services sector many years ago, he cannot plead ignorance of the prevailing laws that govern the behavior for which he stands accused. He knew he was in violation of several Federal and State laws. Lock him up!!

  18. https://www.prageru.com/video/the-inconvenient-truth-about-the-democratic-party/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAoIPvBRDgARIsAHsCw0-kDEiVg1-CZSeL8AaW8SMwXce7gPX4n2LDD-WKRMqpQS9FoyTKjs8aArGOEALw_wcB

  19. It's so funny how almost everyone commenting on this video is soooo clueless. Lol this is why CNN is FAKE NEWS! They act like they know and have total evidence of what he was doing… meanwhile the Bidens were clearly involved in corruption, but the anchor says, "they have no evidence of that.." like what??? How can you even call this journalism??

  20. Every dumbshit GOP member defending trump like their lives depends on it needs to be removed from their position. Our government has become beyond corrupt, it's become a joke where every Republican is in trump's pocket, mob boss style. Not even a clever fucking mob boss one that just spills the beans as soon as they're asked and thinks cuz hes blatantly breaking the law its ok?!!?? He needs to genuinely get his ass beaten, if no one has the balls for that, then the impeachment will shatter him even better

  21. How long do you think it will take the MAGA crowd to turn on Rudy? As soon as the Bloated, Orange lying Sac of Puss….Trump, tells them to. Lemmings and morons!!!!! All of them are as delusional and dumb as their leader Trump.

  22. Guiliani did trump dirty our president is no criminal. That damm guiliani he doesnt even know who he is. As a lawyer guiliani should know better then that .Michael cohen hu you talking to me

  23. #BidenEpstein2020 CNN protecting the "corruption" excuse me "dirt" by the DNC. 🙄 CNN is the enemy of the American people and the Free World.

  24. This is big fat LIE by the Liberal Main Stream Fake News Media!
    Ruddy is clear of such fake charges! Ruddy is in no legal jeopardy…this is the usual make believe junk news!


    Watch "NYT Rolls Out Fictional Version of IG Report 2 Weeks In Advance Of Report!" on YouTube

    Watch "Saagar Enjeti: Joe Biden FLIPS over question on Hunter's paternity test" on YouTube

  26. Stop putting Santorum on your panels! There are plenty of honest retired GOP members that will give real opinions about what is going on. You are doing a disservice to the America people when you allow these lackeys to spin, spin, spin everything the president and the party does now.

  27. Trump and the GOP think along the same lines as attempted murder, attempted burglary, attempted suicide are no-burgers because they weren't successful.

  28. Wow CNN is so corrupt . They really are amazing . Now plain to say Joe Biden boasted that he wanted a quid pro quo Sack the guy investigating Bermisa or you do not get a Billion. The southern district of New York are Bought and Sold by the Democrat Party. The Bidens and Co are Corrupt and anyone that can call themselves even at the lowest lever know they are . They want Trump out and even in worsts situation they would accept Bush , anyone but Trump . The People who really control and Own American want Trump out out out . The Why is what I don't know

  29. Trump could be standing over a corpse holding a bloody knife and say it wasn't ,me it was the knifes fault and his sheep would believe him.

  30. Rudy seeks out payment and GOP is silent.

    A witness declines money and reports it to his superiors like he’s supposed to and GOP sees a huge ethical issue….

    Yup, seems about as expected…

  31. Back in 2015 I told CNN “Be careful with crying Wolf so many times, eventually no one will believe a word you say” I believe that’s where we find ourselves. You are Fake News

  32. People who watch and believe this just want impeachment regardless of the truth. Cnn is pure biased speculation. Opinions and not facts.

  33. When Trump leaves office and starts up the news organisation he was talking about with Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon before the 2016 election, can we please remind any females applying to work there: DO NOT sign the NDAs, wear a cup, and have a voice recorder going at all times in your pocket. Bill O’Reilly will definitely be working there and he’ll be the least of your problems with the other gross grabbers running the place

  34. Trump always distance himself to these guys just before they go to prison. I feel a little bad for Rudy but maybe spending your final years in prison isn't that bad.

  35. Naturally, this is coming from CNN. You never have any facts or any "real" source to back up your salacious lies. The American people are getting tired of it. You truly are the enemy of the people. When Obama signed that Smith-Mundt Modernization Act giving you the right to lie to the American people, you really took it to heart and now you think you don't have to do any real journalism, you just make sh*t up. Like Trump always says, "never interfere with the enemy while they are destroying themselves."

  36. President Trump may have said words, and expressed presumed thoughts to the biased CNN opinion-media purveyors, but Hunter Biden burned American Jet Fuel, flew into Ukraine on Air Force Two, then demanded a payment of $50,000 dollars a a month, for a total in excess of one-million dollars. An American can write a bank-robbery heist book, then produce a Hollywood feature film based on the book he wrote, but HUNTER BIDEN? He took $50,000 dollars a month from the Ukrainian Oil Producer, " GAZPROM". Hunter took in total, more than a million dollars form GAZPROM alone. " Sticks and stones can hurt me, but WORDS NEVER DO". Hunter Biden is GUILTY…or? NOBODY IN AMERICA IS GUILTY ANYMORE. THAT IS The END_GAME OF CORRUPT OFFICIALS, CITIZENS STOP SUPPORTING THEM WITH HARD-EARNED TAXES, AND CITIZENS WILL REFUSE TO ACCEPT A GUILTY SENTENCE FROM A JUDGE DEEMED TO BE " part of the corrupt Obama/Biden administration". IF THE DNC THINGS HUNTER'S FREEDOM IS WORTH AMERICANS IGNORING LAWS? %THEN THEWY FAIL AT GOVERNANCE, AND 100's of other metrics.

  37. Congress has brought forth the “So-called” witnesses to testify under oath in regards to Russian collusion and the Ukraine scandal. None of the witnesses have provided any testimony or presented any evidence to point to Trumps guilt. As a matter of fact they have said anything and everything to exonerate Trump. These congressional hearings have been a disaster for the Democrats. Yet despite all of this, they’re still going to cast a vote to proceed with impeachment. Because the Democrats are the majority they’re going to vote “ya” for impeachment and then it’s going to go before the senate where it will be shot down.

    What I believe should happen is a new means of determining impeachment. Look at it like a court of law. If a man is being accused of a crime, he must go to trial and evidence must be presented before a jury. The jury is tasked to weigh the evidence. To determine if the man is guilty the jury must vote and it must be unanimous. If it’s not unanimous, then the accused is exonerated.

    This is what should happen in congress. They should have a 12 person jury at the congressional hearings and both parties (Republicans & Democrats) must present their cases. They must cross examine the witnesses and they must present the jury with their own interpretation of the evidence. Then the jury must weigh in all that was presented and determine if a vote for impeachment must be cast. If the jury feels that there’s enough compelling evidence to proceed with a congressional vote then they themselves must first vote. The jury must be unanimous in their decision to proceed with a congressional vote. If the jury cannot be unanimous then congress must not be allowed to vote.

  38. CNN is quoting WaPo :))))) it doesn't get much shittier than that :))))))))))))))))))
    It's like two lepers exchanging their feces for lunch and feeding each other :)))))
    CNN is a FAILING PROPAGANDA UNIT. Drowned in their own mediocre SHIT, paid in millions of Dollars to LOSE, again and again, to TRUMP's TWEETS.
    That's, ladies and gentlemen, DISGUSTING. This propaganda bordello costs AT&T dozens of millions of Dollars to RUN… MONTHLY… Bringing ZERO value and ZERO results.
    That's what happens when you pack the organization with overpaid, tarded, incompetent, useless, royalty offspring.
    A single person (Donald J Trump of all people), with ONLY a PUBLIC twitter account, is burying CNN.
    Let that sink in. Think about it, and let it sink in.
    But – it's entertaining to watch.
    CNN is such TRASH.
    CNN is such GARBAGE.
    Just SHUT IT DOWN.

  39. Its no wonder you are called fake news. Docs are out. Quit cutting the rest of the sentence he made! He said he is a warrior!

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