Voting Machine Lobbyists Pay Mitch McConnell, He Blocks Election Security

in the continuing saga of all the disgusting and immoral and corrupt things that Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has done he has now blocked election security bills and he just so happens to be taking money from voting machine lobbyists nice right this is a separate story by the way from the totally swamp filling financial dealings of Mitch McConnell's wife Elaine Chao and her conflicts of interest that's gonna have to be a story for another day this is other swamp filling nonsense from Mitch McConnell remember Russian hackers successfully targeted voting machines in 2016 voting systems in 2016 they're likely to do it again in 2020 uh intelligence agencies agrees agree the intelligence agencies of other countries agree touchscreen voting machines have no paper trail some have no paper trail which makes it impossible to verify how votes were counted if they were counted who they were counted for and these electronic voting machines can make it impossible not only to find but even to correct problems in many cases there are ideas about how to stop this both Democrats and Republicans have actually proposed some of those ideas in legislation every single bill that has been proposed has been stonewalled by Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and of course big surprise it just so happens that the two biggest voting machine companies have hired lobbyists at the federal level who recently have contributed to Mitch McConnell's re-election campaign for Senate in Kentucky just delightful right the system we have the two companies I'm talking about our ES and s and Dominion voting systems between the two of them those two companies supply 80% of the country's voting machines they have very significant lobbying operations historically at the state level but they've now hired federal lobbyists ES NS hired lobbyists Peck Madigan Jones to lobby the House and Senate they have significantly funded this federal lobbying spending Dominion voting systems now owned by a hedge fund based in New York City also star at federal lobbying this year with Brownstein Hyatt Farber and Shrek a different lobbying firm many of the lobbyists working for both of these companies have donated to Mitch McConnell's campaign and to Mitch McConnell's joint fundraising committee so listen can we prove that Mitch McConnell is blocking election security bills because of the donations from voting machine lobbyists no that's not the point and that's by design that's how the system is designed even if there isn't actual provable foul play here this is a corrupt system that it is even legal for voting machine companies that tally election results to go and donate money to elected officials who are participating in those elections which may be tallied by their voting machines is a sickening but legal status quo in the way things work in this country last segment I said we have over criminalization in the street crime world in the United States we have under criminalization and under prosecution and under conviction and under penalisation of white collar corporate and political crime in the United States Mitch McConnell is one of the most insidious forces in American politics today and he has been for years and very successfully so for Republicans his role in helping Republicans control the courts including his amazingly successful if you're a Republican obstruction of Obama's Supreme Court nominee Merrick garland extremely successful from the point of view of Republicans his continued involvement in covering up the full truth in the Mullah report as we saw from day one after the bar letter was released and now standing in the way regularly of election security this guy has got to go there are unfortunately no serious challengers right now on the basis of polling at taking him down in Kentucky I know that there was at least one declared candidate that candidate from the polling I've seen is not standing any chance at this point in time this guy's got to go and as much as we need to get rid of Trump Mitch McConnell has become an extremely effective I don't even know what to call him he's been an extremely effective operative for some of the bigger Republican successes over the last ten years it's disgusting and most of it is legal today's program is sponsored in part by Blink asam / Pakman if you've not already heard about blinka it's amazing it's an app for your phone tablet or web browser and what they do is they take nonfiction books popular nonfiction critically acclaimed nonfiction they condense the book into a fifteen minute audio book you get all the most important information and insights from each book but you can soak up the entire essence of the book in one sitting I've listened to a ton of books on blinkin recent one is a Robert Rice's new book the common good also bunk by Kevin Young useful in preparing me for the pseudo-science miniseries that we're producing and if you are a David Pakman show viewer or 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Maurice Vega

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  1. Are we gonna let these politician crooks stay in our govt? . Turkey neck and orangeboy gotta go out kicking and screaming while being handcuffed and dragged out . Get these crooks out of our govt . Wonder how mitch stayed in politics kentucky ? Hes cheating his constituents..scamming and screwing you people in kentucky.


  3. David, he is a TOOL. Been used over his long career doing nothing for his citizens but has lined his pockets and his family's. TOOL for anybody with a dime. Since he is going to enter into eternity with a tremendous deficit you can pretty much be assured where he is going to spend out eternity…a debt he cannot pay!

  4. Hello.

    Will someone please de throne this Soviet emperor tortise. We are tired of his old crotchety brill cream using self making every descision rhat impacts this country. His very neck waddle offends us so.Donald Drumpf is only his puppet. This Soviet tortise is this countrys problem. Make him our enemy and target as it is he who holds aliegence to the Soviet Union.

    Good luck.

  5. How can this be legal? You mean to say that although he is a corrupted politician no wrong doing can be proven against him and he can continue to use his power to obstruct justice? This is so disheartening. It just makes me feel as if no matter what we do, we will not be able to take our country back.

  6. He ain’t fucking kidding when he said he is the fucking act like the Grim Reaper. Truely he ain’t the Grim Reaper he is just a piece of shit like Trump

  7. Then the voting machines of these companies (and McCompost, as well) must be DISQUALIFIED and gotten rid of ASAP!

  8. If it's legal, it's not just him who's disgusting, it's the people who allow the disgusting system to enable people like him. You complain about individuals having the power to do disgusting things yet you support individuals having such power instead of pursuing democracy.

  9. US Government for sale! Get it while it's not!

    Give me a fucking break. The entire government is a fucking cesspool. Lobbyist run this country at the cost of our health, environment, and financial capabilities. Government of the People my ass. Democratic my ass. USA is nothing more than a Corporatocracy and just digs and digs itself deeper and deeper into a hole for the financial gain of the old and dying criminals. Why would they give a fuck? Godless bastards.

  10. Is Mitch the Turtle with Downs Syndrome McConnell trying to compete with Don-the-con for title of most corrupt?

  11. Saunders doesn't like capitalism and wants to change the system, then why don't capitalists change the system and allow US corporations to vote at elections according to the number of shareholders they have. And if corporations are big enough to have their own representatives in Congress.

  12. McConnell is one of the reptiles holding America hostage from growing we need a human being that didn't sell his soul to corporations Mitch is no longer human he's sold his soul he's just a empty skin suit puppet working against the people.

  13. Mitch should spend some of his money to get a face lift , a chin tuck and a general all round make over.

  14. what the hell!!! Cocaine Mitch wants to secure the corruption continues in favor of the corrupt criminal republikkkans.

  15. So basically McConnell has been guaranteed that Republicans will retain control of the Senate, the White House, and quite possibly every state in the nation.
    That is brilliant and terribly wrong. We need the UN to come in and monitor our elections.

  16. Radical insurgent is a good word for him. The Republican party has itself become a radical insurgency planning a bloodless coup for forty years now.

  17. Why does one man get to determine which bill will be voted on I thought this was supposed to be a democracy!

  18. Here in the Netherlands we have one of the biggest voting papers of the world… It freaking works…

    And why is doing everything electronically working in Estonia and Switzerland, yet it fails in the US?

  19. So his Chinese wife works in pushing cocaine distribution, and now Itchy Mitchy has voting poll machines! Hmmm.. correlations here folks???


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