Voters share who they think should drop out of 2020 race

Maurice Vega

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  1. Hmm…were we watching the same debate? I guess so, because they'd at least spotted that the moderators had decided at the outset to make this the "save Booker's campaign" show…even he seemed surprised at how much time he was given!

  2. Shame on you, CNN. You selected the people who root for nobody's. And you couldn't find a single Bernie Sanders supporter? Not one?? Only the milk toast candidate fans. God, this is so undemocratic. It's your freaking job to INFORM, not to steer opinions. Take money not only out of politics but out of the MSM as well.

  3. Yang should get out? I guess Yang was wrong when he said Americans are smarter than we think. Come on lets not mess this one up guys. Yang2020

  4. Comedy gold, people are not stupid; the number of thumbs down says a lot about this preselected crew. The politicians choose voters, voters don’t choose politicians

  5. I see a lot of younger voters in these comments bitching about older voters. Welp. I hear you. I feel your pain. I agree we need younger people in leadership/Washington. But, hello! It's YOUNGER voters who have lowest turnout. We need to get MILLIONS more younger people out voting b/c we've GOT to CHANGE how things are working in this country. Right now, though, the truth is, OLDER VOTERS are carrying elections, on both sides, B/C OLDER VOTERS ACTUALLY VOTE!!! If you want things to change, quit your bitching & get your friends registered. And get your asses to the polls, & VOTE, no matter WHO the candidate is. Otherwise, sit on your couches for another 4 years of Dotard & whine about how unfair & sad your lives are. Damn!

  6. CNN made a big mistake choosing voters that represent the other generation but don't count with younger voters. Harris, Klobuchar, Biden, Pete… nobody will beat Trump honesty. It will repeat the same scene in 2016.

  7. Here to represent #YangGang. To the lady that thinks he should drop out …. NEVER!!

    Also – They have a whole group where not one person likes Sanders OR Biden. I find this hard to believe.

  8. Haha ! I knew they were going to yell out Tulsi Gabbard !!! I knew it ! This is fake. These people were told to say that. CNN, MSNBC, and The NY Times have lost all credibility these past few years I tell you. This is a sham ! Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders 2020. Buttigieg !!? Dude never answers questions. He tap dances around questions. He NEVER answers anything. Amy Klaubachar ? Where did they find these people? This is CNN. This is staged.

  9. Some of them are #YangCurouis they just don't want to say it but eventually they will come to join and appreciate the #YangGang

  10. Imagine if the “lower-tier” candidates got the same number of questions. I’m not at all surprised by these responses based on how MSNBC structured this debate and distributed questions.

  11. What are they talking about!! Where did they find these people. Everyone was over the hill except for Kisha in the back row

  12. Hey CNN,

    Quit trying to program democracy.

    It is obvious, this whole segment is fabricated & subsidized propaganda.

    In 2016 the DNC establishment, together with CNN and others, tried to rig the game and robbed Bernie of the nomination.

    The people's response was a Trump presidency.

    Make the same mistake in 2020, and people will make sure Trump serves another 4 years. Mark my words.

    People want a stable economy, universal healthcare, and an end to the greed and corruption that currently pervade every level of our society.

    That includes our media.

    We want government to work together to fix the systemic problems that have existed in this country in perpetuity.

    Ie…..homelessness, inequality, education, infrastructure, etc.

    Stop peddling influence and sensationalism.

    Start reporting the truth and rebuilding trust with your viewers; while we're still watching.

  13. CNN propogandic bullshit. Look at the age range and they leave out other minorities like spanish and asian voters. Young voters will decide this next election.

  14. Guys, I am halfway through Yang's book The War on Normal People. I recommend you read it. And /or HBO vice documentary on the Future of Work or the FRONTLINE episode on AI.
    Yang is the only candidate who is adressing the inevitable job decimations we are facing, and the societal devastation around the corner. Booker and Klobuchar are oblivious to this stuff.

  15. “I am planning to caucus for Amy Klobuchar”. Ok, Boomer. Also, my god CNN, how can you even treat yourselves seriously. You went out and intentionally picked up the biggest establishment shills you could find. No one up there is younger than 40. This is embarrassingly ridiculous.

  16. This is a prime example of media manipulation. So everyone is for Booker and Klobuchar, and they think the best 2, Yang and Gabbard should bow out, HAHAHA. CNN you are so obvious I hope all you see through this BS. I’m a trump supporter however if Yang is the candidate I’m fine with him winning, and I think Gabbard would have the best intentions for our country even though I disagree with much of her policy. Everyone else would be horrible.

  17. They made decisions based solely on these “debates”?!
    Dig deeper…

  18. They said Yang & Tulsi should drop out but they’re the best candidates. This actually pisses me off to no end that the people of Iowa, those who they interviewed at least, do not support either of them whatsoever.

  19. 90% of young people choose either Bernie ot Yang but MSM is still desperately trying to make Klobuchar happen. She is the most republican candidate of all, she even beats Biden in that field.

  20. Who should drop out? She said the candidates who see it's not their time nationally, namely Andrew Yang. Yang just polled 5th nationally…

  21. Yang literally has the most feasible plan to abolish poverty and everyone thinks that Amy Klobuchar is “more electable”

  22. A bunch of gathered idiots stroking each other’s egos and providing no premise to support their arguments. I’m embarrassed to call myself a Democrat because of shit like this. Only reason I’m even registered as one is so I can vote for Yang, Bernie or Gabbard.

  23. "Who should drop out?" That lady: Andrew Yang. Me: Oh no… He's gonna be with us for a while… The Yang Gang ain't letting that happen xD

  24. Great job guys. Finding what Kamala said as too aggressive. Trump is going to destroy us if we keep that “taking the high road” behavior in 2020

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