Violating Your Political Rights in 2012 Election [Part 1]

This is a very revealing poll which asked,
“Do the two major parties – Democrat & Republican – do a good job of representing Americans’
political views, or do you think a third party or multiple parties is necessary?” The majority
said a third party or multiple parties are necessary. So given the fact that a majority of people
think that either a third party is necessary or multiple parties are necessary or are undecided,
why does YouTube set up its politics page the way it does? Are they presenting politics
or are they playing politics? It all depends on how you look at it. And talk about playing politics, even the
poll. The poll is playing the Republican word game. The word should have been “Democratic”
Party, Not “Democrat” party. It’s called the “Democratic Party,” not the “Democrat Party.”
And it’s interesting that this poll is playing the same Republican game, a Republican game
that goes back to the 1940’s at least. You can see a link about that in the video
description. But that’s not the point of this video. There are no political ads in the political
ad sections for other than the two major parties that are dominating our political system and
dominating YouTube. I checked, I’m doing a key word search, I checked and checked. So
the question is: why is YouTube doing this? I’m gonna to ask these presidential candidates,
and there are even more presidential candidates – that’s the point of this video. To tell
you that we are not limited to the dirty duo. The two top guys that the mainstream media
is pushing, and YouTube as well, don’t respect the U.S. Constitution. Obama violated the U.S. Constitution by ignoring
the war powers restriction which says that only Congress can declare war. And the father
of the Constitution said that’s the most important clause of the U.S. Constitution: “In no part
of the constitution is more wisdom to be found than in the clause which confides the question
of war or peace to the legislature, and not to the executive department.” I think he was right. What he was saying is
a president cannot be trusted with the power to decide just to start a war because there
are too many advantages are gained by doing so. It’s just too much of a temptation to
abuse power. And so in their wisdom the founding fathers said: We’re gonna make sure that this
power isn’t abused. And we could save future generations of Americans from the horrors
of war because they won’t live under a king. But in the corruption of the powers that be,
they rob us of our basic right to have our Constitution protect us from these needless,
illegal and immoral wars. We don’t have to vote for Romney or Obama. I am not voting
for those two. So I’d like it if YouTube would at least respect my rights and respect the
rights of all Americans. Cause even if you, for some reason you want to vote for Romney
or Obama, I think there’s a good chance that you still other Americans have the right for
someone else and have the right to know that they have the opportunity to vote for someone
else. What YouTube is saying is we don’t want to
represent the majority of people in America. So I’m asking other candidates if they want
to post a video asking YouTube to please include their campaign ads within this page.

Maurice Vega

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  1. It's impossible to have three viable parties in our system. For example: if three candidates run, and the conservative gets 40%, the center-left party gets 25%, and the liberal gets 35% of the vote, the conservative will win. This is despite the fact that the voters are left of center in this example. It's not fair.

    Candidates shouldn't be able to win with less than 50%. This destroys third parties, and our government doesn't represent us.

  2. Voting shouldn't be structured that way. There are different ways to tally votes in order to get a true representation of what most people want.

  3. The Parliamentary System seems to be much better. They have multiple viable parties, and they create coalitions to elect their prime ministers.

    We'd have to rewrite our constitution, which I don't think will happen.

  4. Look up Ranked voting methods or Rated voting methods, we can have those and there is no need to change the Constitution for it.

  5. FACT CHECK: Democrats refer to themselves as "Democrats" all the time. The term "Democrat Party" is the colloquial term used by the members of Democrats and Republicans Parties. Notice that Republicans have always referred to themselves as "Republicans", and the Party has remained the "Republican Party". Further, YouTube is no friend Republican Party, so saying that it's pushing Republican leaning propaganda is sort of laughable. And if the PEOPLE wanted strong third parties, they would exist.

  6. I put a link in the video description that goes into detail about the Republican word game, it is intentional.

  7. I don't think the fundamental fault for the dominance of the two major parties rests with YouTube or programmers for radio, TV, and the press. In any search engine, or even right here on YouTube, look for "Green Party", "Constitution Party", "Peace and Freedom Party", or "Libertarian Party"; there's plenty available to see, and it takes ten seconds. The problem is all those people who wish for 3rd-party representation but won't leave the prison of the conventional, even though the door's open.

  8. No one should be gotten rid o so it is bigotry to lump them all together. As far as abuse of power, like for example the ruthless agenda of manipulating the public into not knowing the main motive for the 9/11 attacks, we need to push for the formal establishment of a representative press. THAT is the solution I am calling for. There are good Jews, like Chomsky for example. And look at the presidential candidate I show as an example that should be included on Youtube's Campaign ads page inPART 2

  9. Several 3rd parties favor instant-runoff voting (used in some countries outside the U.S.), which could resolve the problem you describe. The idea is that you vote not only for your favorite candidate, your 2nd favorite, etc. If no one wins a majority among the voters' #1 choice, then the votes for #2 are added in, and so on, until someone emerges that a majority is at least content with.

  10. You don't think being continually lied to has an effect? Think when FRONTLINE LIES saying "The Choice" and only shows Romney and Obama, that that kind of dishonest manipulative game doesn't have an impact?

  11. The fact remains, if the people ACTUALLY wanted strong "third parties", there would be strong third parties. The problem in the United States isn't that we don't have third parties. It's that people are so ridiculously uninformed about the issues and the policies involved that they go for the simple choices. Word game or not, it's a colloquial at this point. Dude, if people can't even be bothered to demand a vetting of their Presidential candidate (Obama), you think they care about semantics?

  12. While I'd rather that media outlets avoid either outright dishonesty or a more subtle suppression of important news, it's so easy for us to get around that now that the influence of the dominant media could be diminished quite a bit if we exert just a minimal effort. We don't have to risk life and limb; just a few mouse clicks, or the purchase of readily-available journals or books, is all we need. I do believe that often, the finger of responsibility should be pointing right back at us.

  13. Anyone stupid enough to vote for Obamney doesn't deserve air for their lungs. Vote for Gary Johnson! It would be fantastic if he won just ONE state, probably New Hampshire project free state, because maybe that would help end this 2 party mentality.

    btw what do u think about the European Union getting the Noble peace prize?

  14. democracy is simply a method developed by the US over time, to dominate the country, and make the people believe their opinion matters. the US gov is too powerful for a revolution, they destroy anybody who stands up to them in the legal means. its just as much a dictatorship as any other middle eastern state. the people picking from the 2 parties is just like the people picking which of saddam hussain's 2 sons would take power.

  15. The government is really the opening in the door to putting power in the people's hands. Look at what I am talking about, these aren't the actions of "the government," Youtube isn't the government. Mass media isn't "the government." Basically you have wealthy people dominating the pubic discourse & look at the abuse of power. Tricking people into thinking that the only choices are Romney or Obama is an abuse of power to be positioned as if you are there to provide info about the election.

  16. More and more interest in 3rd parties has been entering mainstream knowledge without mainstream media covering it.

    We will eventually break the 2 party system if the country lasts long enough to do so. The people are sick of the constant partisan politics where the 2 parties are more worried about which party is in control than what is actually happening to the US citizens.

    Voting 3rd party, especially in local elections is vital to regain our country back.

  17. why would they show candidates for the other parties when they aren't supported by the banker elite? Both candidates are backed by Goldmann Sachs, plus both plan on indefinite detention and that's the direction the elite want to push us into. Youtube is run by Google which is heavily funded by the establishment government like the NSA, CIA and FBI, so of course they wouldn't show the other candidates, they don't want anyone to know about them, especially Gary Johnson.

  18. I think that YT makes free speach too expensive. Did YT charge for those ads ? Or did they just give free space to the demopublicans ?

  19. And Adam Sandler. And Lewis Black. Oh and Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Dianna Agron, and Elizabeth Banks. Yea, let's spare those Jews.

  20. i agree with you completely about the media. this might sound like a conspiracy theory, but as george carlin said, these people have common interests. the media, the military, the government, the corporations. they all work hand in hand. using the hundreds of millions of americans to fund their own projects. if the people's vote made a diff. bush wouldnt have won twice. and romney wouldnt even be an option. and ron would be in the lead.

  21. being jewish, you do not have a political affiliation, however being zionist, you have a political affiliation. hence i believe you should use the term zionists control both parties and the media. think about it some jews protest side by side with the non jews. however the zionists sit back and watch since everything is going their way.

  22. Gary Johnson should have been in the debates. He's polling at 6% or better. At th least MSM should mention him 6x for every 94x the other two are mentioned. But they ignore him completely. It's wrong.

  23. good vid, nice job, but they still won't listen till it effects their football game or their hypnotic trance watching american idol on the hypno tube.

  24. April 24, 1863, Lincoln issued General Orders 100 in accordance with Art. 2, Sec. 3; "he may, on extraordinary occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in case of disagreement between them, with respect to the time of adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper".. Unless you can point to an act which has reconvened them, all power rests with the Commander-in-Chief, just as Patric Henry warned when he said the President will have the powers of a king.

  25. The answer isn't a "third party". The answer is NO PARTIES….

    We need to get rid of ALL PARTIES. They are nothing more than marketing machines that promote nonsense tribalism.

    People should be evaluated on their capability, ideas need to be evaluated on their merits. Science and cost benefit analysis. Not some stupid party affiliation.

    Parties are nothing more than engines of propaganda and stupidity.

  26. I disagree, we need to have an easy way for the public to identify representatives who have particular platforms. We can't turn everything into a massive research project for everyone. We just need to have representative press which will provide an level playing field. Parties that do represent the ideals and positions should be easily identifiable, it simply is inefficient to ask people to research every single individual that runs for a public office. We need a media system on our side too.

  27. Having an "easy way for the public to identify representatives" is exactly why propaganda is easy.

    Labels are tools of ignorance and parties are self serving organizations. Even when starting with good intentions their primary purpose is to get themselves elected.

    We need to elect ideas not "labels" or vague notions of patriotism.

    Madison specifically warned against factions. Advocating factions or parties is simply advocating gridlock, corruption, and false choices.

    You're fooling yourself.

  28. Just because propaganda is easy doesn't mean you push for doing something that would be counter productive and impractical. People need, and I need, a way to identify things. Instead of doing a research project for every single thing out there, I already knew basically a lot about Jill Stein's positions because she went through the Green Party nominating process. Using tools isn't the same as being oppressed by them.

  29. So basically you're saying that instead of people being informed they simply need to identify a label and "vote for it"…

    Sorry, but that is the EXACT problem we have in this country. Promoting more of it, doesn't fix anything. It just invites more oppression. Just look at the Tea Party…

    Furthermore do you seriously believe you're going to win a marketing campaign or "brand awareness" against a corporation?

    Of course not…

    Ideas and facts are stronger and more substantive than labels.

  30. The problem is that all the tiny parties are working against each other. What is necessary is for some of them to merge and form a movement. And to do it in such a way as to not be coopted like the teabaggers were a cooption of the tea party, and not fizzle out for want of a cohesive plan, like the OWS people largely did. What we need is for the progressives and greens to get together and have a cohesive movement, which can coopt the Democrats, like the Far Right did with the Republicans.

  31. Very thoughtful exchange. While I agree in principle that political parties are BS and perpetuate groupthink, I do agree that at least temporarily, political parties with a fair playing field are necessary to restoring the Republic. Also, pragmatically, it's a lot easier to "contract out" your political research to a trusted trademark. I lost some faith in the LP with the Barr/Root ticket but I'm still OK with trusting them with decisions I don't have the copious spare time to make.

  32. Are political elections really the best platform for change? You get one vote every four years it doesn't really give you much power at all. Most people who watch your channel will vote democrat or 3rd party

    But people can make major changes in their own lives that can change the world. You can offer access to resources on say, peaceful parenting… democratic societies first emerged in the countries where the parenting styles moved from authoritarian over to more democratic. no coincidence

  33. Not that I think what you're already is not worthwhile commentary, it is!

    but in some ways I feel like it's just a documentary of the prison we live in

    people need tools to become more free in their own lives

    if you could ge solar panneling say, then you'd be free from being beholden to a big energy corporation

    or if you could grow some herbs in your window ledge you're a bit more free you don't have to buy from walmart

    or if you learn to self-criticise less you're freer still, etc

  34. "but in some ways I feel like it's just a documentary of the prison we live in"

    I know, the very idea I had to start with and still try to promote is calling for the formal establishment of a Representative Media with a Representative Press. THIS is the focus I intend and that these videos are supposed to highlight what a poor job the existing media system does. I think It would be a dramatic improvement for our country if we had a Representative Press.

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  36. The Quigley Formula
    watch ?v=eHGpZE5z9mM
    does NOT accept new politics. If one imposes a real threat, they get killed. Really.

    In Holland, Pim Fortuyn was murdered and then post mortum elected. He was an outsider, NO friend of the queen's, yet he promised to improve the country and many believed in him.

    I did not vote for him, but my belief in democracy has ended. I'm on my own now, together with millions who inform themselves.

  37. I've got it! the HIG Party (hypocrites in government). I agree with the no party – follow and be mislead…its the only sure fire way

  38. see if this helps u there bro watch?v=SPDPpqkq8bY&feature=BFa&list=PL8kma_GjQgWxvMZNcYKdDbvbrP0Fe7Qcm maybe reach out to them and see if they can help spread info there all for it

  39. Watched this video but don't think my view was counted by youtube. Don't know why view counts seem to be consistently incorrect.

  40. It's crazy how brilliant the Founders were… Imagine what they did happening today? never ever ever…

    We have become a sorry bunch.

  41. Can you talk about things you have learned on a personal level which have led to you becoming a happier person as well as politics? Isn't hapiness the ends of philosophy?

  42. Representative Press, I admire your efforts to speak the truth and analyze the fundamental problems in our society, which, according to you, often involve a corrupted media that is not doing its job to accurately inform us. I urge you to analyze why that is so. Who are the people behind the media and what are their intentions? What are the mechanisms for such control? Without such analysis, we remain in the dark.

  43. "not true"? WHAT isn't true? I showed me scrolling trough the selection of ads that Youtube had in the ad section, people could see for themselves that in the political ad section, their videos were not there.

  44. We the oligarchs are not interested in what the little people think, we are only interested in ourselves AND FUNNELING AS MUCH OF YOUR TAX MONEY TO ISRAEL AS POSSIBLE and when we the oligarchs declare war upon Iran because it dares to want nuclear weapons to stop the nuclear armed ISRAEL from attacking it will be you dumb bastards who go off and get killed while the sons and daughters of we the oligarchs laugh all the way to the bank.

    AMERICA – LAND OF THE FREE 1%, the rest are in debt up to their ears.

  45. I like the declaration of independence on what they said.It spoke of the abuses of king and what abuses where taking place.

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