Viet Nam on their Election to the UN Security Council 2020

than they were denied huh victim good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and members of the media as you are aware Vietnam has just been elected as a non permanent member of the UN City Council with a large and broad support of the membership of the United Nations for support like to extend our high appreciation and our gratitude to all the membership of the UN for their precious and very kind support we believe that the support the broad support of the membership of the UN shows their recognition of our tradition of holding high the principle of Independence and also their recognition of their achievements in our process of comprehensive comprehensive reforms and also in our foreign policy of peace independence and cooperation it also shows the confidence in our constructive role the role that we hope to continue to play in international forums including at the UN at the UN as a new member non permanent member of the Council we are committed to the values to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter we try our best to button the partnership and work with all partners those that are members of the Council and also members of the UN we would try our best to work with all members of the council and the membership of the UN on on issues or all on the items of the agenda of the UN to deal with both the traditional challenges to security and also the new non-traditional ones and of course we need to work together to prevent war conflict and we try our best to resolve the ongoing ones and we would try our best to defend and protect the civilians especially those women and children on the ground of course we would work with the other members of the council to try our best to work on the current items on the agenda of the council at the same time would like to emphasize the relationship between the council the UN and regional organisations as an example is a excellent example of a successful regional organization secondly as Vietnam went through decades of war we hope that we can bring to the council the experience of Vietnam a country that has been able to rebuild the country after the war and deal with many other issues after the war including land mines thirdly we hope that we could also promote the interest and also the role of women and children in the prevention of war and in the building of peace finally we also hope that together with other members of council and the membership of the UN we can also enhance the effectiveness of the council again I'd like to on behalf of the government in people Vietnam thank the entire membership of the UN for their kind and valuable support and thank you very much for going kind of tension thank you very much I think that we are not going to have questions for this one right on what Vietnam will bring to the table you played a crucial role in the summit regarding North Korea and you're going to be on the council what fresh ideas do you regarding what summit North Korea so we as you are where we have our policies to promote peace and also to our policy is for nuclear non-proliferation I think that that policy is also the policy of the international community we have good relations with both the u.s. and DPRK we also have experience in our process of normalization and promotion of relations with the US and also we have the experience in economic reforms so we hope that we can share with our partners in the council and those that might be interested in working together with Vietnam to promote peace and also the to deal with the issues on the peninsula in the interest of in the legitimate interests of all parties involved and also in the interest of the region and the international community thank you very much thank you for your attention

Maurice Vega

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  1. Congratulations on your Elected onto the UN COUNCILS and wishes VIETNAM to improve their human rights around the REGION especially let KHMER KROM go please love Kumpuchea and Kumpuchea KROM

  2. 我們的美好一天,聯合國安理會新一輪國際合作關係,引導國際社會經濟貿易安全協定會事

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