Video shows students hiding as shots are fired

Maurice Vega

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  1. For me, seeing this was when lockdowns stopped being just another part of the routine and started being a constant remainder of how little my government is doing to keep me safe, how little they actually care about me.

  2. it's sad this is an actual threat to schools these days. it has always been a threat honestly, but here of late, school shootings have been more common. you are depriving people of their youth, not giving them a chance to experience life. things like this make us realize how fucked up our world is.

  3. I can't understand why people want to hurt these people…i get it there is this one kid you don't like BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU GO AND KILL EVERYBODY IN THE SCHOOL DO NOT KILL ANYBODY AT ALL. Now, kids cant feel safe in school they don't trust anybody anymore. because of that kids kill themselves and cut and more. i wish for a better place someday.

  4. I still can’t believe these things have really occurred. This country is broken and after more than a year, nothing has changed. It is time for change. It is time for us students to be safe whilst going to school to try to succeed in life. No one should have to see their best friend or peers getting shot. No one so young should have to listen to the sound of bullets after bullets. No parent should have to worry about never seeing their children again after they get on the bus in the morning. It is time to reflect on what this country is becoming and it surely isn’t great.

  5. if i was thier i would have fought back
    and beat the living shit out of the shoooter thats fucked up man why would you shoot kids they havent had a chance to live they havent been able to live its SO FUCKED UP why do i wach this shit omg i hope he burns in hek

  6. 18 gunshots were fired trully sad 17 im guessing killed them we need to stop these monsters CHANT WITH ME


  7. this makes me want to throw up. like reading these comments and watching the video is just insane. like i dead ass feel like i'm going to throw up right now.

  8. My heart literally skipped a beat when I heard those screams imagine screaming and straight after that getting shot. The UK has stabbings rarely shooting but I'm still scared to go to school

  9. I always say I love you instead of being in a fight before and after school and all day because I want life to last

  10. Someone probs said like 1 LiKe = nO ScHOOl sHooTinGS. Or ThIs iS SaD 1 LIkE = 1 ReSpECT tO ThE litTlE ANgLeS. Like come on dont so that what are you dumb stupid all that just for likes and surpports just stop :,/.

  11. this is bullshit america is just sitting on its ass waiting for this shit to magically stop. its not gonna stop unless we get better gun laws. i get guns are our right in the constitution but guns have evolved. i had to go to bed at 730 every night when i was 5 but now that im 15 the rules have changed. its the same concept. the only reason nothing has happened is because trump is getting boatloads of money from the NRA.maybe if trumps son died in a shooting or something happened to one of his loved ones his perspective would change. this has to stop.innocent people are dying every day because of gun violence. SOMETHING. HAS. TO. CHANGE.

  12. Please say the victim's names. They deserve to be remembered.
    Alyssa Alhadeff, 14
    Scott Beigel, 35
    Martin Duque, 14
    Nicholas Dworet, 17
    Aaron Feis, 37
    Jaime Guttenberg, 14
    Chris Hixon, 49
    Luke Hoyer, 15
    Cara Loughran, 14
    Gina Montalto, 14
    Joaquin Oliver, 17
    Alaina Petty, 14
    Meadow Pollack, 18
    Helena Ramsay, 17
    Alex Schachter, 14
    Carmen Schentrup, 16
    Peter Wang, 15

  13. I can feel the fear through this video, I'm so sorry for all these kids and for the rest of the kids in American in all these shootings our president is suppose to make "America great again" but you can't protect us kids trying to get a education

  14. this is the story from reddit as you can see in the corner by a door there's a cabinet and a computer cart if you were wondering the kids died because there was a fire that happened behind there killing them within seconds.

  15. And now? As long as nothing is done against bullying, people are so psychologically destroyed and hateful. It hits which one. Why do you think that something should stop, but not the cause of such violence? Does not make sense, because it is the cause of that shooting. Of course it shouldn´t affect social students but because of such ignorance it affects almost all the people because that person loses almost completely faith in humanity
    . You don´t know what´s going on in his minds and think he was just a natural freak who likes shooting people and don´t know why he is doing it. In that case he would be dangerous because he would do it automaticly but he did it because of a sense in his minds and it is curable. Depression is the reason of that. Morally and humanly, it is more like killing oneself than pulling others in, but more people gain more points from the general sense. He acted in a general sense because he felt that almost no one had treated him there morally and humanly.

  16. I don't understand why this is still happened so much now why are they not putting a ban on gun if we know that if you have one there a chance this will happen again

  17. If only someone there had a gun to fire back at that dumbass. Oh yea probably would've saved all those lives but soooooo the demo-crats liberals dont want guns at campus? They want guns at their private lots, property, vacations and other sites. Yea wake up america

  18. Imagine how their parents felt. Just dropping your sweet angel at school,and never seeing them again.Lets just pray and hope their okay.

  19. Hard to believ a freshman saw him loading that gun and had the chance to stop him but didnt. Nikolas Cruz told him he better run its going to get messy. The kid could clearly over power that scrawny little cowardly bitch of a man but chose not too.

  20. To the kid who shot, let your pain pour out in bullets. It doesn’t matter, show no mercy. I hope when those 4 bullets went off after each other they went into your bullies head

  21. Should’ve just shot the son of a bitch where he stood. Somebody that’s done deeds like that doesn’t deserve to live. Especially doing that to young kids.

  22. If you pause the video you can see Nicolas Cruz at the door. Every classroom he went into he shot everyone. Some died and some survived by playing dead. He went back twice through every room to make sure everyone was dead. Or playing dead.

  23. cruz, I have compassion about you thinking everyone hated you but I don’t have any compassion that 17 students have died, you cried in your confession because of yourself but not the mess you made, you left multiple parents with no child that were close to their dream jobs and universities, you made 1 dad, 1 survivors kill themselves because of you.

    Rest In Peace to all the 17 young people,
    who risked their lives to save multiple others, you are true angels

  24. I'm glad a survived that shotting and rip to my friend Alex Aresuiz because he got shot 3 times in the chest will not knowing what's happening.

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