VIDEO: Conservative Politician Wrings Woman's Neck

there is a conservative a British politician who rung a Greenpeace activists neck when she interrupted a speech in the United Kingdom a few days ago and I'm gonna set this up for you mark field is a member of parliament or an MP as they are known in the United Kingdom he's 54 years old he's a member of the Conservative Party in the UK also known as the Tories and a few days ago Chancellor Philip Hammond was giving a speech about brexit at what's called the bankers and merchants dinner Greenpeace Greenpeace is the climate activist organization they sent 40 volunteers to the to this event to try to interfere with the speech and get attention for climate change one woman was walking around there as part of this protest and Mark fields got up and grabbed her and pushed her and then wrung her neck some might almost call it strangling from behind although I don't know that that's the right term in this particular case and there is video so immediately the question is is this treatment too rough for someone that seems to be one of 40 peaceful protesters some have argued she could have had a gun hard to imagine from the dress she was wearing that she had a gun not to mention both of her hands were full of items which would make it quite difficult to even get a gun out of her purse if that's what she had and where she had it Fields is saying his reaction was quote instinctive given the circumstances and Fields has since apologized to the woman there are other MPs calling for this guy to go Labour MP Tanya Antonio at sea says quote no one who reacts like this to a peaceful protest should be sitting in our Parliament Liberal Democrat MP chuka Emunah says that the actions are totally unacceptable former Tory MP Sarah Wollaston says it was quote absolutely shameful a male MP marching a woman out of a room by her neck Labour Minister Don Butler tweeted this as horrific mark field must immediately be suspended or sacked bottom line a woman in a ball gown with high heels holding a cell phone in a small purse is not the threat that instinctively was apparently what went to mark mind here it's extremely difficult to buy that now some people are making this a man versus woman issue saying oh you're only upset because the protestor was a woman but it would have been totally fine if the protestor had been a man there is no question that gender is a factor here I would argue it's a reasonable factor but beyond that a sitting MP putting his hands on a member of the public's throat is now what we're defending I got an email from a viewer saying the way this guy reacted his entire posture his entire demeanor during this is of a classic domestic abuser I would not argue that this guy is a domestic abuser absent evidence that he is a domestic of you abuser what I do believe is that this is a level of aggression that did come naturally to me to him in the moment and I can also tell you that in the United States far less aggressive physical attacks than this often lead to people being charged with battery so I want to hear from you what do you think about this if you've been listening to the podcast a radio show and you you didn't see the video that we just played for a video audience find the video online and let me know what you think of it

Maurice Vega

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  1. If that British asshole rung the neck of my sister or mother or any
    other woman I know he’d be at hospital right now with every broken bone in his hands. Then in about a month once he hands were healing I’d stop by and break every bone again with my mallet. I would repeat this over and over till I got bored or the wooden handle on my mallet broke.

  2. He wasn't instinctive he was emotional, that was anger or rage that made him slam the woman against the wall

  3. I'm only five foot six inches I've been working my whole life physical beat yourself down bloody broken bones body all my life worked out many different times in my life I am now 65 years old been in many of fights did all my life raised a wonderful family lost my father he was a World War II vet Die Hard Union man Democrat lost my mother as well my oldest son like I said I have been in many of fights in my life probably lost more than I won but I'll tell you this much even at my age if he would have been able to manage to put me in that hold with his hands on my neck I would have countered his hold and took him down at his legs stomped his nuts up through his throat and then somebody would have had to pull me off of him because I would have been stomping his face into the floor and it would have been quick and he would not have realized what would have happened to him it makes me fucking sick and Ill to believe and think that the Trump regime and this asshole over there around the world this is what America means now and the world dominating of dictators that they have the right to put their hands on anybody just because they don't like them being there the Democrats in this country will stand up to this tyranny he will not survive I will go into the street with all of the young ones I have a nice little small baseball bat that is waiting for whoever wants to go with their revolutionary ways the things that are going to happen will be are good lord and savior to scroll back the heavens when all man will see in the rich in the greedy like that man will run and hide the True Believers will know what is about to take place but these rich and greedy people think they're so powerful but they will be able to take over the world this is like some kind of stupid science fiction authors Avengers movie that's what they want us to think but I know and most people know and should know this is reality now leaving children to die in cages these are God's children and all that do not speak out and cursed these actions will definitely be judged in the end I do not judge people I can form an opinion of the people and then I can like you until I cannot I have never liked bullshitters they waste my time use up my airspace I've been taught to tell the truth be careful who I'm hanging out with I wasn't perfect I was rebellious but this kind of action there's no way he would have walked me out of that room absolutely no way

  4. Holy fuck! Imagine that this would be the video that would make me block Pakman. Pure garbage. Too bad was a different kind of channel just a year ago.

  5. Violent assault is a felony. It's not just a firing offense. It's time for a jail sentence. He could have called security and had her removed the right way by professionals, if it had really been appropriate.

  6. He was diffusing a possible situation before it happened. He wasn't rough, just firm, and I can guarantee that he was in the military or police force where they're trained to instinctively and safely remove possible danger from an area.
    There's always two sides, guys. Wait to react AFTER all the facts are gathered and the report is given.

  7. What's worse is no one stands up to help this poor women as she gets manhandled. I don't care if they were on two different sides of the political spectrum, this was literally a violent quelling of descent as a response to a protester. If I were there, I would have immediately jumped up from my seat, gone straight up to this guys face, separated his hands from her, and shouted "What the fuck do you think you're doing!? This isn't acceptable, you don't put hands on people you don't agree with you, YOU need to leave." If he resists, I'd call for a show of hands essentially asking who would want to defend this man for his actions as a violent abuser.
    This doesn't just make this man look bad, but everyone in the room who just sat there and watched.

  8. I was just going to say, I wonder how he treats his wife. Even if he's not a serial abuser to his spouse, he's probably abused her at least a few times during their relationship

  9. Heck I would have stabbed his eyes w my nails- ir his feaking neck the moment i would warn him to get his F hands off of me and scram for someone to tape him

  10. "She could have had a gun"! Get real David, this happened in the UK. Guns are hard to come by in the UK so that sort of thing is generally not what people are afraid of. A burly man attacking a (burly?) woman is, however, not gentlemanly and very un-British.

  11. Its Britain they cannot get guns easily like the US. The MP is a way out of order. A Conservative whore for big buisness.

  12. David you need to watch all of the footage before passing judgement. She wasn't on her own, there was a huge group and they stormed the room. In the UK they showed a lit more than what you showed

  13. Mark Field has been suspended he will be sacked, the Brits of all parties won't tolerate this type of behaviour.

  14. Fun fact: Tory is a UK slur for the Conservatives, it is Irish and Scots Gaelic for 'outlaw' or ' robber' we in the UK who are Labor supporters refer to the Conservatives as 'Tory scum'….lol

  15. He didn't "strangle" her. He basically perp walked her. She was trespassing & disrupting a meeting she wasn't invited to & he put an end to that. I'm a democrat who HATES Trump & find republicans to be nothing but a bunch of lying brainwashed assholes. But, no, I don't see anything wrong here. She got what she deserved.

  16. ANY man that grabs my neck from the back like that will find themself picking up their teeth with broken fingers!

  17. He was pissed off ! The only people allowed to lay their hands on a protestor are the Police. It was assult. If he did it in the street to someone he would of been arrested.

  18. I agree we need to do more for climate change but this woman was wrong for interrupting a dinner how would you like it if someone interrupted your dinner and started screaming and yelling about their beliefs or what not. she was wrong. However doesn't give you the right to grab somebody and ring their neck. If she wanted to protest you protest outside and do it the legal Safe Way. Just because your opinion is correct doesn't give you the right to be nasty or interfere in someone else's life or party

  19. Chuka's not a Lib Dem. He was Labour but he, a bunch of Labour colleagues, playing s a bunch of Tory dissenters, had joined forces in the political centre ground to form Change UK. a new party. Chuka was one of the founders and prime movers, but has since quit (along with several others)because he didn't like the direction that was starting to go (the Tory element was trying to realign it to the centre right, whilst Chuka is centre left). I think he's still an MP. but is now a non affiliated independent. Note, Conservatives, as you pointed out, are also known as the Tories, but they're also known as The Nasty Party. A term first coined by a Conservative (Theresa May) to describe how British public was starting to perceive the Conservative party. She had the audacity to rebuke the hard right back benchers for their attitudes. That's why, when she became PM. they've taken every opportunity to undermine her. Stabbed in the back and slated in the (Tory controlled) media. Propaganda, if you control the forum, works.

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