Video Appears To Show Alleged Atrocities By Turkish-Back Militias Against Kurds | NBC Nightly News

Maurice Vega

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  1. IISIS ALL ALONG WERE ORGANISED AND ASSISTED BY THE TURKS .THE RUSSIANS HAD EVIDENCE OF THIS ALLIANCE THE well known Turkish newspaper CUMHURIYET Had revealed this connection between Erdogan and the ISIS TERRORISTS as a result its Chief editor was persecuted and I also believe that the newspaper was shut down for a while .The atrocities committed by the Turks and their Chihadist mercenaries are " NORMAL for THEM " Turkey HasIt is a really exceptional truck record in its History by committing GENOCIDES and Ethnic Cleansing. It is Turkey's NATIONAL SPORT .Turkey has no place in the civilised World .

  2. if Turkey making ethnic clean up on Kurds why they are not starting with 20 millions Kurds lives in Turkey. We know Turkish government not making ethnic cleansing. Stop lying we are not buying anymore.

  3. The Kurds were the only thing U.S. got right in that cesspool. Now Trump f'd that up as well. Aggressor state Turkey will now expand their borders with the genocide of the Kurds. Just like they did to the Armenians and just like they tried to do in Cyprus. Turkey should be removed from NATO. Trump should be removed from office for his complete incompetence.

  4. Turkey is Isis dont Support turks their with Russians and Isis one. Turkey is with Al Qaida you support your own Enemys. Turkey make a Safe Zone for ISIS you stupids support kurds before its too late

  5. When the US bombs and invades Iraq, it caused a million two hundred thousand deaths, did NBC denounce it at any time? Oh, I forgot that for NBC it was about freedom and democracy, and also the White Helmets are not Al Nusra terrorists. I also forgot that for NBC those of the Islamic State were not created by the USA. Pathetic.

  6. Thank you Trump… your crazy policy is creating a complete mess… Message is clear … EEUU is not a reliable allied!!! ….International EEUU policy is crazy since Trump!!! …

  7. I feel sorry for the Kurds. We as Americans can't solve everybody's problems. As an individual citizen how much true information are we getting. Basically I do not trust the media. Many people who criticize Trump are going to criticize him regardless.

  8. Take all your US troops home. Their only going to get in the way. It's not like their doing anything.
    Then Russia can come in and clean up your mess. AGAIN.

  9. I hate how the portray Islam.It makes me really sad,now people are going to think bad,WHY,WHY,WHYYYY.Now the people are just going to keep thinking Muslims are dangerous.Its 9/11 all over again 😭😭😭

  10. Well the Kurds did try to create an ethnostate within Syrias borders. Assad let them live in peace but they decided to go against the Syrian government with foreign backing. Now they are getting the traitor treatment. Serves them right.

    They behave like Jews.

  11. dear President Trump, I have always verbally supported you. I understand why you pulled out. I don't agree but understand. Please fix this the only way you can. PROVIDE MANPADS to the SDF. You know that they are not terrorist and will not use them inappropriate

  12. It is a very verdantly prepared video. Full of lie. Probably escape scene is recorded before Turkish attack to mislead public opinion.
    Let me add another think. YPG, which are not Kurds they only terrorists, fires mortars from the churchs and Christian streets. Their aim is to attract Turkish fire to that places so that Eurupeans and Americans shows reaction to Turkish soldiers. Hopefully Turkish soldiers are aware of the game and wait them until they abandon that places. Don't be taken in this game…

  13. What is Our friendly neighbor – The Amazing Chinaman doing ? Weren't they the ones who officially stated Kurds and Assad forces were the one actually fighting ISIS ? why not help them now ? Oh I see…when their country is in no shape of negotiation AFTER the war..The Chinaman will hop in, blaming the West while building some "win-win" BRI project to rob them ! They were quick on their feet to block Veto in 2011 against Syria !

  14. Trump is working to impose sanctions on Turkey!! How about turning our military around that is only a few miles away, and helping the Kurds to stop this, or at least evacuate safely Trump?!? Why pull this moronic stunt that’ll truly get people killed?!?

  15. When u are a nation that does atrocities, it is called national defense..

    When u are a people trying to create nation for your people to prevent atrocities it’s is called terrorism..

  16. Problem is both Turkey and the Kurds are US allies. To go against a NATO Allie would be to cause major disruption to over all peace in this region and to NATO as an organization would crumble. What would you do? Do the right thing and support a lesser Allie (kurds) or support a major military Allie?

  17. Bla-bla-bla there is 1.5 million Kurds in Syria you gave them weapons and money and authority to control 35% of the Syrian territory … WTF where you expecting ? Now you are abandoning them to their faith… they should ve sided with Assad from the beginning and not accept Western “help”

  18. "I have a little conflict of interest ’cause I have a major, major building in Istanbul [Turkey]. It’s a tremendously successful job. It’s called Trump Towers—two towers, instead of one, not the usual one, it’s two.”

    –Donald Trump (2015)

  19. Religion of peace doing this not America. Its Turkey and Kurds. Fake news chooses sides? Better remember that crap.

  20. All those who say the US should remain there should go themselves to the front and don't expect to be paid by taxpayers, nor other US soldiers to be deployed there. What is the objective? Create Kurdistan taking half of Syrian territory and their oil fields? That would cause decades of conflicts. That is what the US should do in the coming years and years?

  21. Its a dirty game both US and turkey are playing
    Why is that guard hit by incoming fire and why aren’t IS camps bombed directly by turkey.
    Its utterly blatant that turkey is aiding IS and AQ to escape from prisons and US is still considering turkey as a nato ally. US is betraying both itself and kurds.
    If turkey has to take responsibility of IS
    Then why did US fought along side with kurds in first place in fight against IS, they could have just handed the responsibility to turkey. Completely confusing war with completely unholy and foolish alliances.
    Ultimately civilians pay the price.

  22. A)They are Syrians fighting for their homeland in Syria. Kurds have a homeland in Nth Iraq. They can go there.

    B) So what if they are "Turkish Backed"? Nobody seems to have a problem with USA backed Jewish atrocities agaisnt Palestinians.

    C)The video is inconclusive. No proof that anybody died. Vids are doctored all the time.

    D)Turks have done more to help the Syrian people than anybody. Setting up a safe Zone (which the YPG and PKK terror groups opposed) is the best thing to do.

  23. Duh, strategically, Turkey is a lot more important than the Kurds. Trump will start delivering F35s to Erdogan soon.

  24. Trump is directly 100% responsible for this MASS MURDER OF CHRISTIAN'S BY MUSLIM'S! ! ! The religious conservative right says NOTHING! ! !

  25. This is not an attack on the Kurds. This is an attack on PKK communist terrorist organization.

    Here is a video of one of kurdish factions who are fighting against the american backed terrorist PKK.

  26. who is this serving?? why would the US abandon their ground allies in fighting ISIS?? that is the question

  27. The people who are crying about this are those who say we should have never been there in the first place. Make up your mind. Barack Obama did nothing to help the Kurds when ISIS was attacking them but president Trump sent adequate forces in to eliminate isis. The Kurds are not our allies but were just using us for their self preservation against ISIS.

  28. I agree with President Trump's decision not to restart any war, but use economic sanctions to force Turkey to stop fighting in neighbouring countries like Iraq and Greece in the past.
    If Turkey needs to be stopped with its aggression militarily why not have other NATO nations from Europe deal with this conflict for a change and spend their military budgets and soldiers' lives rather than the United States.
    European nations need to take responsibility for ISIS fighters captured since these fighters came from Europe (Germany and France) and they refuse to do so.
    Well if these ISIS fighters escape they will continue with their terror in Europe and that will be the fault of European leaders.
    It is also interesting that the Demoncrats who claimed to be for peace and not war now want President Trump to re-commit troops in Syria and fight the Turks … they are such hypocrites!!!

  29. For those of you who dont know better. This whole video is fake. People are destroying this american propaganda on twitter as we speak.

  30. Do you believe that? If isis finished as Trump say! Why USA still supplies these kurds??agains who??whos has borders to syria Turkey or usa? What are you guys doing there?only ally is Turkey for USA we fought together many wars including south Korea! Now what happened? We are not your colonie!

  31. Trump has left the Kurdish people like lambs to the Slaughter. How on earth are the Kurds going to fight a Turkish army & Syrian people? It will be a genocide caused by Trump 👿

  32. Do your own research people. This is propaganda from left who are getting rich off our fighting over there. So many lies from MSM.
    LIKE THIS VIDEO THEY ARE USING IS 2015 practice range

  33. You could see this footage for the last 6 years everyday on international news…..wonder why usa fake media has decided to start covering it now…..hmmmm

  34. Making ISIS, Assad, Erdogan, and Putin Great Again…. Trump and the GOP have blood on their hands. A shameful disgrace.

  35. Turkey must be expelled from NATO immediately, censured by the U.N. and hit with sanctions that wreck its economy. It is an Islamic theocracy under Erdogan and is no ally of the USA. The secular Kurds are our true allies and they have been betrayed by Trump, who has major real estate holdings in Turkey that he values more than the Kurds, who are now being slaughtered.

  36. Trump following orders from Russia. Still dont know why the main stream media is not connecting the dots. The special forces were not many in numbers but they provided the logistical and training support the kurds needed to keep turkey out and isis defeated. At the request of turkey after buying Russia’s weapon system they ask putin to put in a “pull out order” to his subordinate in the white house. Just like he did on the aborted iran military strike. Cant believe we have a KGB agent as a president but every body respects the institution of white house so much to where he is not physically removed. He needs to be taken out!

  37. Many of the turkish backed forces had support of Usa before. Still good that Usa are leaving after creating this mess for years.

  38. Let us see if Trump would make good his promise about what his administration would do had Turkey gone off-limit.

    …forget what I said. We all know he will flip-flop as he always does.

  39. Allowing Turkey to invade Syria labelling the Kurds as terrorists is despicable! Erdogan is ISIS! He has been supporting, training and funding ISIS and its affiliates! What is going on?

  40. The Europe is still in fear of Turkish people and their bravery. The European/Roman ancestry people are cowards just like their ancestors, they can't fight people with equal strength and only know fighting indirectly by drones, missiles etc where there is no loss of their lives being lost. The ottomans against whom their ancestors have fought and present conditions of Turkey are making them worried if similar situation arises today.

  41. USA provided weapons training and territory to the kurdish Pkk right on the border with turkey, who have been trying to get rid of the them for over 30 years. What else do u expect.

  42. These are the same guys that showed us a video of a gun event in Kentucky in 2017, saying it was video of Turkish soldiers killing Kurds, why should believe what they are saying now? I am tired of the lies.

  43. MORE BLOOD ..on ''Don The Con" TRUMPS Hands!!! AND European Community…NEVER ..Let..This BARBARIC NATION (Turkey) In the E.E.C. ..

  44. This is a disaster… Trump has ceded control of the region to Putin. Russian arms and weaponry are flooding into Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc etc… Russian troops are on the ground in Syria and manning former US bases, Russian planes rule the skies.. .Putin is going to allow the Turks to ethically cleanse northern Syria of the Kurds paving the way for a reoccupation of Syrian land by Assad controlled forces… The bonus for Erdogan is that he can empty his lands of Syrian refugees and wipe out Kurdish opposition which will serve his political ambitions at home. Trump is making Russia great again and allowing Turkey to commit another genocide on the Kurds. The Americans will never find another ally in the region.. well done Donald!!

  45. Trump responsible for the genocide of the Kurds. Well done Mr Trump you can award yourself The congressional medal of honour. Your name will live on forever. You can die knowing that you Sealed the fate of the Kurds. Such a great admirable achievement. I bet you and your family are so proud.of this fact. Kurds on the extinction list probably all gone before the polar bears.

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