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I believe in waterboarding It’s better than cutting people’s heads off Is it? Yeah any expert would tell you torture does not work Why do terrorists cut people’s heads off? that’s not torture that’s just murder ok but the end result- and thats wrong too- The Democrats Republicans All right First question What does the constitution do? it shows our rights for freedom of speech and religion it establishes our government thats correct woohoo! I don’t trust Hillary I haven’t trusted her for the last 8 years. She sounds like a republican a little bit Oh!! How many amendments does the constitution have? 27 That’s correct Are you concerned for your party at all? Yeah ’cause I think their values have changed. It’s transitioned to something else. What do we show loyalty to when we say the pledge of allegiance? The American flag -uh, uh, the, uh country That’s correct, the United States and the flag *clapping* *cheering* Who are you voting for? Initially I was thinking about Donald Trump. But after a while, I’m seeing his rallies and everything he’s gone through I’m actually leaning towards Bernie Sanders *scoff* Wait a minute He’s a traitor! What is freedom of religion? Freedom of religion is where you can preach, worship basically show your religion. It doesn’t really matter because it’s a freedom of religion. That is correct wooo! yes! How would you describe the democratic party? Humane, I think is the best way to say that Democrats are concerned with the wellbeing of all people instead of themselves or business concerns So I think that is important, to me When is the last day you can send in your federal income tax form? April 15th That is correct How would you describe, in just a few words, the Republican party? A dumpster fire Lori, how do you feel about the democratic party? Well I feel like the democratic way of thinking if a democrat is offended then everyone has to change instead of just letting someone have their opinion and not be frickin offended over everything!!! *awkward silence* Yeah you guys can cheer her on! Clap for her! What movement tried to end racial discrimination? Oh gosh, um, the civil rights? That’s correct. Did she get it in time? civil rights, civil rights movement The idea of self- government is in the first three words of the constitution We the people Yeah Yeah! We’re winning! What is one responsibility that is only for United States citizens? vote That’s right. Voting in federal elections Where do you get your news from? I get a lot of my information from my dad. He likes to call me in. Talk about the election that’s going on, what I’m thinking ’cause this is my first year to vote So he wants me to vote republican What are 2 rights of everyone living in the united states? Freedom of speech and freedom of religion That’s correct This could be game point Name one war fought by the united states- yeah it’s on you world war 2 That is not part of this question Name one war fought by the United States in the 1800s uh, the civil war? That is correct wooooh! yeah yeah yeah *cheering* What did you guys learn today? Learn that there is some hope that some of the Trump supporters will come over to the other side of the fence y’know. the smart side the logical side, the non-racist side oh! we are not racist *awkward silence. lots of tension*

Maurice Vega

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  1. Does anyone else feel like that was rigged The Constitution of the United States established America's national government and fundamental laws, and guaranteed certain basic rights for its citizens. I so fuck you answer sheet and who are these republicans.

  2. I'm neither Republican or Democrat but both representatives of the political parties aren't exactly the best especially the lady in blue, she kind of extra

  3. The blonde lady on the republican side is a horrible person, very obnoxious… I’m liberal btw before everyone bashed me for saying something lmao

  4. I desperately wanted the ignorant fat white woman to forget what the Civil Rights Act was and get exposed. At least she knew it…

  5. That lady is a fucking bitch for saying we're racist. She's a stereotypical white liberal woman. She said come over to the smart side even though they fucking lost, like how stupid can you be.

  6. Their selection of Democrats was spot on, misinformed socially unstable weirdos. Republicans on the other hand were represented terribly through a guy who likes socialism and a girl who gets all of her political information from her father. Republicans are known to be smarter because their practices work better and they tend to do better in life. Get some real conservatives to show these liberal snowflakes how a real American behaves.

  7. I am a democrat but that was poor representation of the Republican Party hat lady in the blue man she was aggravating I know so many republicans better than that plus some of the democrats just seemed off

  8. “He’s a traitor!”
    Just because you’re of the party doesn’t mean you have to vote for your party if you like more of what someone else is doing vote for them…

  9. I loved the lady in the blue shirt. Particularly because she did absolutely nothing and yet you look at this comment section and see so much hate and divisiveness from the left, as usual.

    Not to mention she was the most accurate representation of any American on that panel.,

  10. Let me ask the pro choicers:

    1. Does a women have the right to kill her newborn baby if she decides she doesn’t want to be a mother and she doesn’t want to give the baby to adoption?

    2. If she doesn’t have that right…….why not?

    Whatever your answer to the second question is, 3.why does that reason not apply to pregnancy?

    If it applies only to viable babies after 22-24 weeks, 4. do you support banning abortions that take place after this deadline?

    5.(a) If no, why not?

    5.(b) If yes, in the future if science pushes the viability date back to say 16 weeks rather than 24, which it will, would you support bringing the legal limit for abortions from 24 weeks down to 16 weeks?

    6. If you would not support what I propose in 5.(b), why not?

  11. the only thing i saw and heard from the democrats was personal attack and defamation of character. To call people less intelligent and racist and not knowing anything about them shows their true colors. Also, for the guy to say its a dumpster fire is ridiculous. Their answers show who they truly are as people. Other than that it was a poor representation of our political parties.

  12. “Humane. Democrats are concerned with the wellbeing of all people…” Right. Just not the unborn babies because those are choices- not children.

  13. The blonde republican needs to stop being so annoying and rude and the Democrat woman at the end needs to stop being such a rude asshole

  14. Why can’t people just respect other people’s right to have their own opinion without assuming that people who disagree with them are bad people

  15. Why do the stupid democrats think we are racist I mean I have met ten times more racist democrats than republicans

  16. Democrats always say Republicans are all racist that's not true , some but not all and I am bless to be amercan and I'm also a republican

  17. The blonde lady is the exact type of republican I have no respect for. Loud mouthy types just ruin it for everyone else

  18. 4:32 okay bitch call Abraham Lincoln racist because he was the founder of the modern day republicans. CALL HIM RACIST HUH???

  19. The stupid Democrats say everything is racist now these days!!! They throw that term "racist" around just like the communists did in the Soviet Union to shut rational thinkers down.

  20. Democrats would have just screamed into the sky when they got a question wrong and then blame Russia

  21. Not all Republicans are racist, but a lot of racists happen to be Republican. That young girls face at the end after the Democrat said that looked very suspicious too.

  22. “I’m hoping the republicans come in to the logical non-racist side.” 🤔🤔🤔🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ wasn’t the kkk founded by the Democrats. Also when there’s an Asian on the republican side🤔🤔 and doesn’t science of gender logical🤔🤔 just saying🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  23. The racist party is & always has been the democrats, the young ins have been hoodwinked into believing otherwise..

  24. It's funny that Democrats call all Republicans racist. I guess all Democrats are weed smoking hippies who lay around and listen to bob Marley

  25. What Candidates really are:Democrat Candidates are idiotic and ignorant and Republican Candidates are dicks
    Trump has a big self esteem and doesn’t give himself a fucking chance over a debate
    Hillary is just ……….
    god please help
    (this is a joke pls don’t roast me)

    Being independent is a very influential part in my political views
    Especially is a Democrat family nothing sutes my eyes when I was trying to look in to both parties nothing worked for me. Let’s not give a fuck about any president race and focus on what’s happening in Europe where the EU is slow like hell or even focus on people being tortured in China or Saudi Arabia.
    Don’t focus on Central Americans who are FLEEING from VIOLENCE and trying to block them out.
    “Nothing is perfect even the perfect isn’t perfect.” – Steve Hawking

  26. Whichever side an Asian is on, it the side everyone should choose because there will always be an Asian better than you!

  27. Republican here..
    Both sides had awful representations and the video overall was uncomfortable to watch. You could cut that tension with a knife. Geez.. 😅

    But it is upsetting how people can't at least try and show a bit of respect to the other side without starting a fire war. Regardless of your beliefs, you should be respected and given a chance to show them.

  28. Although I’m British and I am not a democrat or republican I have done research and I have noticed that republicans are much smarter and think what’s better for the country but democrats are not too smart but tend to be more accepting of others. I am not saying that republicans are racist cause they really aren’t I don’t understand why some stupid democrats think they are because they’re not but democrats tend to be more accepting like gay people for example , gay people are always on the democratic side although republicans morals are better for the Americans and you can’t deny it . A lot of celebrities tend to be democrats just because they don’t like Donald trump , which I find stupid because Hilary was even worse so don’t let people decide your future and vote for what is right . Republicans are smarter and safer when I say that I mean their morals are better and they don’t want psychopaths coming into America . Democrats believe what ever is on tv usually but are more accepting of others (gay people). Comment your opinion

  29. This video is so bad, they chose pretty ignorant people. Republicans are not racist, some people who are Republican are racist as well as some who are Democratic. This just shows what is tearing our country apart. Division! Sure there can be disagreements, but not such that produce hate.

  30. Ok but this channel is probably democractatic so they are most likely just trying to make the republicans look bad.

  31. These are fake Democrats. Real Democrats never know answers unless donna Brazil cheats and gives the answers

  32. I strongly disagree with the Republican Party, but i still feel bad for you guys for having to be on the same team as her

  33. The Republican side is racist …


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