US Healthcare System Explained

If you look at lists regarding which countries have the best healthcare and landed in rather unsual places seems rather strange I know but hear me out For some reason places turned a dark red and Japan followed cause Japan and another hand fell on the Islands Big list of random facts with a rather odd close up and closer and closer we can see it better now and the useless facts go away

Maurice Vega

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  1. What's your experience with the healthcare system in your country? Did you receive treatment you needed or was it denied because you couldn't afford it?

  2. The USA is a fantastic country with fantastic opportunities and great people but so sad that it doesn't have free health care

  3. Healthcare can be fixed by phasing out for-profit insurance, using public works to move toward full employment of Christians and ending all immigration (thus raising wages)… this would allow ordinary medicine to be paid for out-of-pocket. For catastrophic, have Christian charities oversee community pools that refuse aid to those who cause their own illnesses by alcohol, drugs, recklessness, promiscuity or unnatural lifestyles, thus leaving more money for the needs of decent people and their families.

  4. I used to take passport pictures, you'd be surprised how many ppl are getting passports to go to a different country to get dental work done.

    This lady comes in and gets passports for her baby, herself, and her husband because he needed a few teeth pulled. She said they could either get it done here (in the US) or go to Mexico, get it done there, take two weeks vacation and enjoy their selves and still only spend about half of what they would spend here.

  5. India has almost free health care but the condition of govt hospitals is miserable, so only poor go there and people with money all go to private hospital

  6. I wonder why Canadians are ready to pay the big bucks and be treated in the USA… just saying…

  7. The hybrid system with all its government interference is perhaps what makes it so expensive and inaccessible to those who can't afford it. In many ways it's better than the universal system because it still embodies elements of the free market, which is why America is number one when it comes to medical innovation, treatments and has the best quality hospitals, but when it comes to affordability and coverage, a universal approach works better. It's a tradeoff. That said, a full-on free market healthcare system might be the best. It doesn't have to be free. It just has to be affordable and be of high quality. Small minority of people may fall through the cracks for all kinds of reasons, but this would be the best tradeoff.

  8. A few years back, I passed a kidney stone. It was the most excruciating pain i had ever felt, thought I was going to die. Went to the hospital. After some blood tests and MRI, doctor said I was fine, the stone will pass naturally. 2 weeks later I get a bill for $12,568. I had a $5,000 deductible with a Max $7500 out of pocket with a 20% coinsurance. My total i payment I made was $6740. That's with paying my insurance premiums $200/month. This is what I call rigged…. same MRI in Taiwan only costs $120…. smh…

  9. what's up the captions?? i tried to edit them to be, well, actual subtitles but i've never actually done this before so i have no clue how to do it. please make them proper! this is frustrating

  10. I’m so grateful to have been born in Spain. It might be less rich than USA, but at least we don’t let anyone die because they can’t afford a surgery, and our healthcare system is just fantastic.



  13. l don't understand anything . can someone please help me .
    l would like to move to the U.S and l wanna know for sure how normal doctor consults would cost me .
    l am from France though can anyone please help me !

  14. I am Disabled and on a Low Fixed Income. Disability = Poverty. Healthcare needs to be considered as aright. There need t be laws that would not allow a hospital etc to just charge what ever they want to and would not allow them to deny people. If you don't have the money you will get ALL the SAME Services someone who is not poor and who can afford the care without insurance would have to pay and those on low fixed incomes would NOT PAY but get all the same. Paying for a band aid that only cost 2 penny's to make and actually paying 500.00 for it is not very fair. Another thing is that you will see that your insurance company will pay MORE for the same thing that they could charge out of pocket but if the hospital, wheelchair shop, Dr office/lab etc they will try to charge you the same unless you can show them and they will give you the out of pocket cost. You will notice that that drug you was prescribed 10 years ago is now an over the counter. Most out of pocket expenses are still well way out of range for a person to afford and just because you are on a low fixed income doesn't mean you can afford it.

  15. Want to get free healthcare in the USA? Use the emergency room/urgent care if you have pain and then just not pay the bill.

  16. They want to call it "free market", but when lives are involved you can't be all for profit, (why police and fire no longer private), not like if unconscious or in an emergency or need medical attention you have time or capability to "shop around" for the best deal or negotiate prices for supplies at the hospital, It shouldn't be like buying a car or groceries. Free meaning you can choose in a free market. Even med flights are all private now, are we expected to shop around and negotiate with life threatening injuries or when unconscious, or a head injury?

  17. Whether health care is payed for by the gov or not it is not natural to pay that much money. It is in part thanks to inflation and this video didn't tell me why the inflation happened.

  18. “Yo dude I just got shot”

    “*50 grand*”

    “Wait what!?”

    “*Sir that will be 50 Grand*”

    “I’ll just bleed out thanks.”

  19. so yea if you need medical care in the us go to canada or mexico it will be better and cheaper even with out insurance.

  20. Health insurance and health professionals in the United States have no reasonable or sane excuse for the prices charged. You don't need me to tell you that it is literally impossible. Erm, unless you just go in for a quick office visit, and that's still going to run at least $200.00 to $300.00. A relative of mine had to go in for a blood transfusion a couple of years ago. 1 pint of blood (donated for free) cost $12,000.00. Absolutely serious. If something isn't done this system is going to totally implode.

  21. To those saying its bad:

    Its quality for higher price. You get the care you need immediately. You don't have to wait 4 MONTHS in an emergency room to get something checked out. Why do you think Canadians come to the USA for healthcare? Because it's great. We have made the biggest medical advancements out of any other country. Do you want a free burger, or a pricey steak? Take your pick.

  22. Cost of insurance is not a healthcare issue but here we are. Doctors, nurses and hospitals are protected by law to scam the bleeding public. The public has no bargaining power over them, the insurance companies do and they chose to pay high fees so they can charge large insurance premiums. Besides, ins companies can skip on covering the insured by their loopholes in their plans.

  23. My dad (Who is 50yrs old) just got his 6th skin cancer spot and he usually pays about $4,000 depending on how much flesh needs to be removed… 

    Guess I'm moving to Sweden

  24. The UK system would work for the US, its a system ran by the government who is held to account by the electorate.

    The system is payed for via taxes, which are placed into a single fund and pay for the cost of running the system for everyone.

    Nearly everything thing with the exception of some private care and drugs are free regardless of what you need
    and how expensive your treatment would be.

    You will never get a medical bill or expenses except for those exceptions.

    That expands to visitors as well

    The NHS is free at the point of delivery.

    It is a fantastic system that works to provide the best excellent quality of care to everyone

  25. Lol if you gonna die go to uk free health care that what I guy did he needed surgery so he went to uk got it and left

  26. It's all largely an Illusion, and corruption- I believe Mary Baker Eddy was an inspired seeress, knew about our epoch; wanted to help people with this Illusion!  However, a woman cannot found or head a true school or church- such an one, such as a true Pope, must be physically male; a little better had no Christian Science "church" been formulated.  It's all basically corruption, she knew…  Among "caveat emptor" things are:  Getting a "health checkup"; having your blood pressure tested; letting a stethoscope be used on you; most prescription drugs; letting a doctor measure your weight; having a personal doctor, to "consult" with as we constantly are advised; the primary motive of the medical association is to make you sterile, impotent, frigid; prevent the people from reproducing while abetting their own increase…

  27. I hate the healthcare in the United States. It is something that I really didn't miss when I was abroad and would be a plus to taking a job abroad. I pay 3 times the price in monthly premiums here than I would if I lived in Japan instead not including things like copays and recieve lower quality service to add insult to injury!

  28. In Malaysia you only have to pay 1 buck for most basic procedures such as for wards etc. Free healthcare should be America's top priority. Please vote wisely for 2020 election!

  29. If a person wishes to avoid the expenses of chronic care or expensive illnesses, all one has to do is die healthy, or as healthy as they can. It sounds counterintuitive but much of the medical costs one incurs comes as on grows older and usually unhealthier. By staying as healthy as possible for as long as possible one avoids all the expensive tests and doctor's visits as well as unnecessary hospitalizations, that's what breaks people.

  30. A pharmacist should be able to approve the sell of antibiotics. Like they can in many other countries. That would help costs immensely. Doctors can't tell the difference between a viral and a bacterial infection any more than a pharmacist, or anyone else for that matter. And doctors would assume far less liability regarding antibiotics .

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  32. I lived 11 years in US, and trust me I loved every second but these insurance policies scary me and i don’t want to deal with it when I’m getting old so one reason why I’m moving back to Germany. Will miss you US.

  33. The U.S isnt on the list because we are the one's inventing health care while defending the countrys that are benefitting from it. Maybe if we got out of the UN and stopped providing their defense it would be completeley different.

  34. I have to pay cash for medical care because it's significant;y cheaper than any decent ACA plan. I'm an independent contractor who makes too much for a subsidy but too little to afford the premium and deductible. I'd have to pay (in 2015) a minimum of $3000 a year (probably more now) in deductibles before my coverage kicks in. That's on top of a $300/month premium. That's a minimum $6,600 a year for medical insurance vs maybe $1,000 a year tops if I pay out of pocket.

  35. Come to Chennai is the medical captain of india. You can see lot of foreigners came to Chennai for treatment. Use this opportunity and not get bankrupt by American medical system.

  36. Denmark : Spends $4,779 per person on health care and covers everyone

    US : Spends $10,348 per person on health care and still bankrupts people everyday

  37. Having administered medicaid-for the poor-you do not have wide access to those in the medical field because not all participate the reimbursements are so low. NO the govt does not give you all what you want. That is true of medicaid. E.g. it is very hard to find a dentist who takes medicaid. If you do they will be booked for months & believe me people on medicaid have lousy teeth. Don't think that people are necessarily going to go into medicine if you're gonna make take a salary of $15/hr.

  38. US hospitals all have financial aid. Ask how many people with the severest diseases have been remedied: ALS, MS, triple bypass, ebola, Creutzfield Jacob, MD, CF. What they want you to do in Europe is self-euthanize.

  39. 19.8% of US gdp of health care? more like less that 5% the rest goes to the goverment for other spending, there is no way a country misserably fail to treat it citizens that badly, the money must be going somewhere else.

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