US Government’s Secret Plan For A Zombie Apocalypse

Are you a fan of TV shows like The
Walking Dead if so I’m sure you’ve pondered this question before what if we
had a zombie outbreak well it’s not just you and your couch questioning this in
fact top US government officials in the Pentagon have also thought about this
and that’s why the United States Department of Defense made something
known as conop 8888 in 2011 I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at the US
government’s secret plan for a zombie apocalypse first before we get infected
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2011 the US Department of Defense released acorn on a strategic command
Corner is a concept operation this is basically with a military think of
events which could happen and prepare for them these are used in real-life
training sessions for the US military and of course are enacted in real life
if these events actually ever take place but this concept operation known as
conop 8888 is like no other that’s because it’s known as counter zombie
dominance this is a real-life white paper you can download which describes a
plan for defending against zombies the document depicts various scenarios of
potential zombie attacks and also provides military training and planning
inside the document zombies are described as horribly dangerous to all
human life they say zombie infections have the potential to seriously
undermine national security and economic activities and it says that having a
population composed of zombies is a big risk to the USA and its allies you may
think this is some kind of joke but in the report it actually says this plan is
not designed as a joke planners from the USS T or ATC om in Omaha Nebraska
planned this all out this organization employs personnel from all branches of
the military and national defense services this zombie plan was made to be
secret and it was for three years until a report by foreign policy made it
public in 2014 well it’s comprised of
five phases well it’s comprised of six phases phase zero is shape this phase is
how things are basically what it means is the US military needs to begin
training against zombies in phase zero no zombie outbreak has happened yet and
basically it’s the world we live in right now so technically we are in phase
zero as we speak but now let’s move into phase one known as deter this is when
the zombie outbreak begins the report says that unless these zombies are
controlled in some way by a nation state they cannot be reasoned with
and because of this the US military needs to get ready to defend itself from
zombies phase two is known as seized the initiative this is when things really
start to kick off the report says at phase two all military units need to be
able to deploy within 35 days troops will then begin to head out to the
infected areas and provide security and aid they are also quarantine the area to
make sure nothing goes in or out anyone who’s been infected and turned into a
zombie will be contained or may be taken out and if anyone is injured but hasn’t
been turned into a zombie they’ll be given medical aid and if one exists an
antidote to make sure they don’t become a zombie next moves on to Phase three
dominate this phase sounds kind of scary and that’s because it is the report says
they would need to control zombies through superior firepower
this basically means blasting the zombies to bits with all the weaponry
the USA has this includes any firearms tanks aircrafts or explosives if needed
the US military would also need to build shelter that would last up to forty days
if the worst-case scenario happened hopefully during phase three all zombies
would be taken out or at least they would be contained in an area so no one
else can get infected then would come phase four known as stabilized
stabilized in foals repeating steps two and three until everywhere is rendered
safe they would need to search for and destroy all remaining threats meaning
all zombies still live in apparently they would do this by deploying counter
b-team these would be elite teams of soldiers to weed out pockets of zombies
conop 8888 says zombie resistance pockets would spur all over the country
this is where small factions of zombies would congregate together and try and
gang up against the army for phase 4 to be complete all of these pockets of
zombies would need to be taken out then if they would move on to phase 5 restore
civil authority during this phase the zombie threat is gone but this does not
mean the damage hasn’t been very widespread the entire country and maybe
even the world will be a very different place
it may be totally destroyed and the US military would have to restore civil
authority this means they would end mob rule going on and they would make sure a
stable government is in place in the USA and around the world phase 5 the final
phase would very much be about rebuilding the world and there we go
that’s conop 8888 broken down phase by phase so it’s basically for US and
international law to regulate military operations as far as human and animal
life goes under this operation there would be no restriction on hostile
actions against pathogenic life-forms this includes zombies and robot entities
so maybe if AI robots take over the world
conop 8888 will come into play the report also says these operations will
not just be domestic in fact the report details how the entire world would need
to respond to the zombie outbreak and it also describes how the USA would
communicate and cooperate with its foreign allies and enemies but where
exactly these zombies coming from well the report actually does break this down
one example of zombies they say are pathogenic zombies these are basically
humans who turn into zombies via a virus this is sort of what you see
in movies and TV shows like The Walking Dead
they also detail robot style zombies this is kind of like all of the AI robot
terminators stuff we hear about in the news seeing as AI is growing more and
more powerful maybe this will become reality and they
also mention radiation zombies this is where zombified life is spread via
radiation maybe this could ever happen if there
was ever a nuclear explosion or a nuclear plant blast they even talk about
evil magic zombies brought out from a cult experimentation also Space zombies
created by aliens also weaponized zombies created by the USA’s enemies and
even vegetarian zombies similar to the game plants vs. zombies but if the
report mainly talks about pathogenic zombies which is spread through a virus
right now the government does not have an official stance on whether zombies
can be a possibility or not but conop 8888 does make a mention of chicken
zombies right now these are the only kind of zombies which have
scientifically been proven to exist in 2006 zombie chickens were seen crawling
out of piles of compost in California USA these were chickens who had passed
away but had come back to life thanks to a nearby power plant but just the
government knows something we don’t if not why would the Pentagon spend all
the money and time creating conop 8888 well they say it’s simply for
preparatory and training purposes but of course if we ever did have a zombie
outbreak this report would become reality and come into play so now you
can get prepared yourself and know how the government would respond if zombie
outbreak ever took place but now it’s time to make your voice heard vote in
the poll in the top right corner do you think they’ll ever be a zombie
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  3. The plan is simple. kill everyone regardless if they are a zombie or not and, keep all the food for themselves, and save themselves. the only difference between the government killings its own people already and during the end times is now they are zombies.

  4. US government: hmmm what should we do make plans to prepare against an attack by a biochemical weapons. Nah let’s do a zombie plan

    Citizens: I see you are also a government of culture

  5. Very egocentric/ethnocentrism eay to say that "its a threat to US and allies" but don't care about its enemies like Russia.

  6. I think there will be a zombie apocalypse there is to much experiments n weied thin that make me think that there will be oneπŸ’–πŸ¦‹πŸ‘½πŸ₯Ά

  7. If there is one and they have ,up to 35 days just to get together.By that time line most if not all, of the world can kiss their tails good waist of spending,to come up with lame of plan.
    Now yes I think it could be possible, for a zombie apocalypse in the future. I seriously doubt it will be anything, like what's shown on TV,or movie theaters even here. Far more likely far from either example,It could be on a scale we haven't handled or dreamed of. Or something we can handle, because we have prepped for.There are so many situations that could, fit into this area it's not even funny.

    We have the ill that have died,mixed with either chemicals or space debree.Theres mother nature mixing with anything,or all the drugs we max. Not to mention the byproducts of, meds and products we make. A combo of natural events,or natural and man made events. There's what we bring back from space mission,or bring back from missions on the ship. Space dust some scientist say that's already had a part in making us who we are.Then meterors and astroids, the combo's are unlimited.Everything listed here to colds and flu.

    My concern is Missuse of, an event or plan 888. Be it someone like N Korea, wanting to put fear in their peoples hearts.Some militant group who's power hungry,or looking to use fear. By killing of certain people,yelling zombie's We killed them to protect you. I can even see certain political groups,giving their followers a little trainng. Then sending them out to cause trouble,may be even kill or mame.

    The differences and contamination might, be simple like a extra digit or color(s) and or scales. It could even be intelligence level,that might spread fear and un understanding. Heck it might just be,power plays and greed. Look at our history, it's full of examples. Like Salem like the indians,theres more xamples to many more. What ever the plan offers,if this program didn't leave something out. In my opinion it's an expensive bust, had they have said something like. we'll store contaminated person,on an island till we can if they'll get well on their own. If they don't get well,we have a safe area to study them.

    There we can create vaccines to, protect us and try and cure them.It's unlikely the amount of, contaminated person need will be small. Also studdies done in a short time, I don't think will produce the correct path either. If only some are picked up, and the rest shot.What happens then?

  8. "IF" a zombie outbreak happens, I gotta feeling that they'll be zombie fanatic retards that will try to spread the virus in order to live out their zombie apocalypse fancies.

  9. Everybody eating them Popeyes chicken sandwiches will turn into zoombies.
    You heard it here 1st!😱🀒😱🀒😱

  10. WOW!! Are there really people who believe in this crap? Smh πŸ™„ There is and con not ever be real zombies. They are make believe. He made a statement saying something about pockets of zombies planning on attacking the military which right there makes them not zombies since zombies are not suppose to be able to think and plan attacks. They are supposed to be mindless infected creature that go around eating humans and brains. This video just baffles the mind. Just when I thought that I had heard all the dumbest things people could possibly believe in. WOW JUST WOW.

  11. Yep/Nup… this is a theoretical war scenario as US soldiers are becoming depressed and disillusioned with wars with countries that cannot possibly defend themselves..

  12. Government are preparing to go underground, while y'all chat back in FORTH on you tube. The GOVERNMENT KNOW they are in no way able to prevent the destruction that is coming.

  13. The way I see it
    one way is a big catastrophe make a lot of people go into a mental state and just moving around with no plan.
    They need some emergency aid in that case
    I think this is happening in real time.

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