good morning good afternoon good evening wherever you are out there in the world welcome to the highwire it's awesome to have you here I'm in an awesome mood sitting on my brand new set totally excited it's been an amazing week and every time we think about this show we'll start planning it right after we finished the show on Thursday and then we throw most of it out of Monday because so much news has changed and so many great things have happened like this special gem for the New York Times that came out last week I think you probably saw this how to inoculate against anti-vaxxers this was an amazing article it's the usual screaming and yelling hair on fire terror fear-mongering that the pharmaceutical agencies pushed these shills at different media outlets to write to tape to to spew to the world it's another one of those and I love it I love it because it actually is giving us all the credit that we deserve in fact this quote I'm not gonna get really deep into it you probably read it New York is getting crazy they're trying to move in just like California and force inject every one of their citizens with products they have no control over can't believe is happening the modern age but this was this very particular this this quote was was really a gem here it is on the Internet anti-vaccine propaganda has outpaced pro-vaccine public health information the anti-vaxxers as they are colloquially known have hundreds of websites promoting their message a roster of tech and media savvy influencers and an aggressive political arm that includes at least a dozen political action committees I mean you get a sense from this article that we've got everybody on our side except the New York Times you have done this I just want to say this is another one of those shout out moments to all of you that are sharing these stories that are making it seem like we are huge because we are every and it's true social media is our space and this New York Times writer has got it right we are winning this argument what's that we're what we're hashtag winnings every week we get another opportunity to dance and the New York Times gave it to us this week obviously just I just wanted to stop down just for a second and just say you know my team just a little like a handful of people have built this with their own sweat equity Patrick Layton designed it and shout-out to you guys for really giving me this incredible opportunity we've lightened the set up it's modern it feels great except for a little bit of off-gassing going on right now we are really enjoying it I got to make it look like I'm the one that built it I showed up and threw in a couple of paint strokes but look at all the work that went into this I am so lucky to have such a passionate team around me working tirelessly they were up all night just trying to get this ready so that we could do this show today and we're really looking forward to all the different possibilities we can do the technologies up no more stripes and lines you can actually read what's happening on that video wall behind me so again hey team thank you very much I feel so lucky to have you all right moving on you know I've been saying 2019 is going to be the game changes the year where everything changes not just our set well one of the biggest things happening really is something we started at the very beginning with the high wire it was called the HHS notice now essentially what happened was Bobby Kennedy invited me and several scientists and doctors and lawyers to get together and work on a discussion about the vaccine issue he had been invited by Donald Trump to meet with the National Institute of Health so we actually all went up to Ojai for two days in a think tank and put together all the ideas with which we thought there was trouble inside of the vaccine world and we wanted to bring it to the NIH that ended up the vaccine safety project was a PowerPoint that many of us have been giving all over the country but out of that out of that meeting with the National Institute of Health we went Bobby performed brilliantly in front of all of the luminaries of our health industry heads of FDA CDC NIH HHS everybody there and after we asked the questions that we had put into that project we walked away and honestly the thought was this I think we all turned to each other at that lunch and we said if there was ever a doubt in our minds that maybe somehow we had this wrong there is no doubt anymore to stare in the the blank eyes of what is supposed to be the brain trust of American health and ask questions like you know have you done a placebo based controlled studying you know why can't we find them and they're just like oh well no I mean and then ten minutes later well it would be unethical hey yeah he's right unethical that's our answer unethical is the answer I mean it's like talking to three-year-olds on The Price is Right it's just crazy that they hadn't thought through this that they weren't ready for us to come and ask these questions anyway when we came out of it it was somewhat disturbing and we decided to really put to the test HHS so we went and worked on the HHS notice which laid out definitively every problem that we see in the vaccine program from lack of studies to you know lack of oversight there's no did the liability issue how the court systems are working all of it that was a huge document called the HHS notice and this is what it looked like the day I was on the high wire and presented us sending that out to the entire Pharma driven health departments of our government take a look if you're vaccinating your child you're vaccinating your child because you believe those vaccines are safe you believe that safety tests have been going on and I'm telling you they have not today I am filing this notice against our Secretary of Health and Human Services as many of you know the 1986 Compensation Act took liability away from the pharmaceutical industry and put it all on our health department Health and Human Services is in charge of doing all of the safety testing that the industry no longer has to do we believe there's a major failure of Health and Human Services to do the appropriate safety tests this notice is demanding that the HHS do it immediately or show us the proof of the safety test unless HHS performs its vital statutory obligations regarding vaccine safety Congress as a final resort to assure vaccine safety authorized a civil action against the secretary where there is alleged a failure of the secretary to perform any act or duty under the 1986 Act we are prepared to authorize such an action and this letter constitutes the notice required it is however our hope that the vaccine safety issues identified herein can be resolved cooperatively with all interested parties working together toward the common goal of vaccine safety entrusted to HHS under the 1986 Act nearly 50 groups that have signed on in support of this representing over five million people I want the best system the best health for our children we are still a free nation let me step up and do what is right visit our website WWE can decide calm download the HHS notice and share it with all of your elected representatives we are the informed consent action network and this is our quest so that's how it all began the HHS notice was mailed out now why does this matter what is it that we are dealing with when we're trying to get what are we try to get HHS to respond to you see that CDC and HHS and FDA have got the media giving us a mantra all the time that sounds exactly like this the American Academy of Pediatrics Reader today vaccines are safe effective and save lives vaccines save millions of lives and it's really safe for people to get them all at the same time I understand people are scared about putting chemicals in their children I totally understand that but they have been proven safe and study how after studies clear your physician position of my dad a pediatrician get your kids immunized it is the safest thing to do get a minimum immunized and then do it on schedule children should get vaccinated against preventable and potentially deadly diseases period okay so they're safe they're safe the safe the safe the safe the safe that's what we hear all the time don't worry it no reason to not vaccinate now of course all of you know that I started by making the film backs which had many parents in it they were saying they're not safe in fact vaccines ruined my children's life that's happened all over the world hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of people have all witnessed an injury of their child – so to hear our media saying it's safe it's safe and safe you have to ask yourself well something's incredibly wrong so we sent out that notice with our our problem saying we don't see how you can establish safety I'd actually talked to several scientists that aren't even on our side that have said exactly that they said you know Dell I believe vaccines are the greatest invention of the 20th century but I will agree with you on one point when you make that point that they cannot say they're safe because they haven't done the appropriate studies I believe you're right about that and so that's really what set off the HHS notice well we did get a response actually we got a response arm as it came in a few months later in January of 2018 dr. Melinda Wharton who is the acting director of National Vaccine program office so she was tasked with responding to this very profound document that we'd sent them and so she said about responding to that and giving us all the answers to all of our questions and they replied with a 9 page document it was amazing I think ours was something like 20 or 30 pages but thought they could answer all the questions in nine pages and we received that all the way back in December and I came under some heat from the other side a lot of them thought this is it we've got them they never expected this brilliant response in fact we've got some of those amazing statements right now and I think they'll get a kick out of this okay this one is articles by Dorie Reese and Kathy Hennessy hashtag vaccines work blogged Dell big tree is not a scientist that's what this headline says Dell big feedback seen safety complaints HHS vaccine program responds on January 18 2018 dr. Melinda Wharton acting director of the National Vaccine program office in the Department of Health and Human Services sent mr. Dell big tree an anti vaccine activist and producer of the anti vaccine film VAX a response to questions he raised about vaccine safety the response is a very informative description of the blah blah blah blah blah blah blah okay go on to the next one this is skeptical rack there this is awesome let's see accordingly above article dr. Wharton replied to dolls idiotic screed on January 18 2018 kicking his ass and making him look like the drooling uneducated anti science fool he is and lo and behold he's failed to mention he's received response gee I wonder why moving on to another one by vaccines work blog Kathy Hennessy that's who this is thank you the letter includes responses to all of Dells claims and accusations every single one of them proving Dell knows nothing at all about vaccine safety all of his claims were disproven and all of his requests were denied this letter is a glorious piece of vaccine gold and when you read it you will understand completely why Dell let this ball completely drop pop fizzle into nothing and fade away well there you have it there's what they thought had happened when we got response from Health and Human Services and it's true I wasn't fully transparent I didn't come out to everybody and say we've just received the response why because that response even though I had nine ages sighted thousands of studies that they were pointing to to make their point and so what did we do we read them every single every single letter of those studies because we want to make sure I want to make this clear we were looking for answers to our questions I wanted to be wrong I don't want to believe that the Health Department the United States of America has never conducted a safety study on a product that's injected to our children especially made by a corporation and an institution when we look at Pharma that lies to us all the time pays out billions of dollars in damages on drugs that kill people when we see norton freaky and other lawyers standing there if you've been injured by fen-phen or you lost a loved one because of this cancer drug that same industry when that industry lies over and over again and loses billions and billions of dollars over and over again and we have great government agencies like CDC and FDA and HHS that are going to be looking at our health making sure we're not taking advantage of our poisoned by this industry that clearly only cares about making money I wanted the US government to respond to me and said it's true there are hidden places that your average consumer cannot find the studies of safety where we compared it to a placebo group that's really what I wanted I want to see it so that we could report on it we can see how well the studies were done instead that is not at all what happened as though you read these articles it sounds like a Smackdown I guess they think barely answering questions is somehow a Smackdown but we have now responded with a document that is now over 80 pages we spent all year on this and this is while we're traveling the state capitals to talk about issues while we're running this show while we're meeting with people and talking to families and doing interviews we were costly doing our due diligence to make sure that we saw to the bottom of this that every detail was in it that no rock was left unturned because this is it this is the most important document that has ever been sent by Health and Human Services they clearly took this I can notice seriously in fact I want jump ahead do we can we throw up the FOIA request an email in a FOIA request just randomly on all the things that we request through Freedom of Information Act this is what we found we found this this email right here that was an internal email and what it says is a tax is a letter response you may recall seeing this public controlled correspondence letter to HHS back in October from anti-vaccine partners at cetera we never got the actual requests to draft a response since HHS MVP oh and asfr were tasked to take the first stab at these responses now they're asking all HHS opt OPDs involved to review these responses I took an initial look at the questions responses that made some edits and comments for your consideration the question and responses that I would recommend you look at are as follows 3 through 6 9 through 10 11 Si and 11 D question 11 a and B and E is more of an FYI note I have concerns – question 11 sees response and how they talk about PST and prism in the original context CDC OD needs cleared comments and edits by early next week since this still needs to be cleared by denise and rita whoever that is so you get the idea we had internal branches of FDA NIH CDC all talking to each other to respond to our original HHS notice as here you'll see OS es assigned the attached letter to OAS H for direct reply the National Vaccine program office staff has pulled together a draft response and is just requesting that be cleared with CDC OGC FDA HRSA NIH and AHRQ poor review prior to signature so this response that we got back from HHS is it this is it this is all they got every single head of every department signed off on this response so if you want to read our entire response over 80 pages to that you can do that at any time just as I've said before all you have to do is type ICA and right now in your comments if you were watching this on Facebook and we will supply the link to all the in this show today and especially our HHS response and if you were on YouTube or some other apparatus watching this show then simply text us at 3 3 2 2 2 and then type I see a and into your message and we will make sure you get texted all the links so that you can read these things for yourself now I'm going to go through the HHS notice a little bit at a time every week because it is long it is thorough and it will probably take you a few sittings to get through now people would say you know couldn't you have fitted on a bumper sticker like they do like Kate it just sounds something like vaccines are safe and effective see this is science folks and we have laid down every single detail in the problems of what is going on at HHS but let me start with how this notice opens up this response was sent to Alex a czar Secretary of HHS and Tammy Beckham Acting Director National Vaccine program office we started out with this the 1986 Act expressly requires that you as the secretary shall make brochure improvements in the licensing and research on vaccines in order to reduce the risks of adverse reactions to vaccines given this statutory obligation this was also written the original notice please explain how HHS justifies licensing and pediatric vaccine without first conducting a long-term clinical trial in which the rate of adverse reactions is compared between the subject group of the control group receiving the placebo and inert placebo please list and provide the safety data relied upon when recommending babies receive the hepatitis B vaccine on the first day of life and here is how they replied here it begins I can purchase HHS are you ready ding ding I would like to address a comment made of section 2 of your letter and pre-license your safety review of pediatric vaccines contrary to statements made on page 2 of your letter many pediatric vaccines have been investigated in clinic in clinical trials that include a placebo now I want to point out what a placebo is supposed to be oh let's not do that yet actually let's go on to the next statement then I'll get into that next day right inert placebo controls are not required to understand the safety profile of a new vaccine and are thus not required in some cases inclusion of a placebo group control group is considered unethical okay well there you have it I've been saying this over and over again I said when we were at that meeting at the National Institute of Health they said we never do vaccine safety studies or trials with a placebo group because that would be unethical so there you have it you have them in mitting that right there I can say it they've now printed it so now you know for a fact that they've just admitted those products you're injecting into your kids have never been confused compared to a control in a nerd saline injection meaning the Berrie study that every drug has to go through to be approved your vaccines have never been through that but we go into more detail morton continues on data relied upon in licensing infant use of hepatitis B vaccines is summarized in the respective package inserts that was it what she's saying is all the information that we have about what makes that hepatitis B vaccines safe to inject into your day one old baby who's gasping for their first breaths just entered the world and now is about to receive their first sexually transmitted disease all the safety with that vaccine is written right in the insert what we already provided the insert in our first HHS notice and said there is no placebo group here this thing was only tested for less than four days and five days respectively with not a single Saline control group and you're injecting this into day one old babies with aluminum loads that exceed any toxic limit known to man that's ever been agreed upon we expected something more like how about Howard's the studies on aluminum that were done that said you can inject it into a day one old baby this fragile baby how about the fact that we more babies dying on the first day of life in America than every other industrialized nation combined shouldn't that lead to some sort of discovery some deeper explanation other than just read what's on the package sensor cuz that's all we got but that's all they got there you have it that's the big Smackdown all of the people are waiting for we got they'll be tree now we went for the old one to package insert trick unbelievable so this was their answer I'm not making this up all right so here is our response we thank HHS for the time and resources to dedicated to respond to our concerns in this letter of January 18 2018 including having its response reviewed and cleared by the following agencies within HHS the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC Food & Drug Administration FDA National Institute of Health NIH office of the general counsel OGC human resources and service Administration HRSA and agency for Healthcare Research and Quality AHRQ I bet they were surprised we knew all those people had already weighed in on this we did because we deployed that email okay so notice to all the agencies listed this is what we responded okay we've already done the FOIA moving on to we right again we write again because after careful review the substance of HHS is responses heightens the serious concerns we previously raised regarding the safety of HHS is childhood vaccine schedule the gravity given the gravity of HHS is responsibility it is deeply troubling that the majority of HHS has letter contains little more than broad unsupported conclusory assertions made by virtually every department in our health department most of these concludes reassertion do not withstand basic scrutiny HHS is responses even often can't ridiculous material again moving on invalid pre-license or safety review of pediatric vaccines we take each point in HHS is letter regarding vaccine clinical trials in turn below let's talk about placebo controls placebo controls were not used in pediatric clinic trials or our open letter expressed serious concerns that the clinical trials relied upon to the license pediatric vaccines did not include a control group receiving a placebo reflecting its importance HHS's were spawns letter addresses this concern in its first two sentences we already read this to you but here it is again I would like to address a comment made in Section 2 of your letter about pre-license you're safe to review of pediatric vaccines contrary to statements made on page 2 of your letter many pediatric vaccines have been investigating clinical trials that included a placebo now let me be clear here let's talk about what a placebo is because we've talked about sometimes they will say that injecting you with a needle full of aluminum hydroxide or injecting you with another vaccine is somehow a placebo but just so we don't get confused let's go ahead and look at HHS's own definition of a placebo as defined by the CDC a placebo is a substance or treatment that has no effect on human beings as HHS is aware common examples of a placebo are a saline injection or a sugar pill there you have it I didn't write that I'm not setting the bar too high that's where they've set the bar for themselves that's what they've said is important ok so now let's talk about the tables that that are involved in this study the following three tables compiled from HHS's own publications list each pediatric vaccine that HHS's vaccine schedule provides being routine routinely injected into American children each table addresses a different age range and answers whether the trials relied upon to license these back each vaccine for use in children included at least one clinical trial that assess its safety a safety against a placebo control group all right here we go folks you ready for this we've gone through it we've read every one of the studies we looked at those package inserts like they wanted us to and here are the facts that will never ever be able to be refuted again because they sent us everything we read everything and so can you if you look at the notice every single citation of every study that has been reviewed to give you this response is listed you can go ahead and spend the next year of your life reading it like we have I don't expect you to take my word for it but here's how it breaks down okay according to HHS is childhood vaccine schedule babies receive three injections of each of the following back seats between day one in six months of life DTaP hip hepatitis B pneumococcal polio and combination vaccines they're all listed there now look at the control groups where we should have seen a saline injection in a control root group which all right just for just let me remind you what this is about here's how a placebo would work you give one group the vaccine and you give another group that are involved in the trials and inert saline injection totally harmless to their body will absolutely do nothing for them but it won't hurt them either and then you followed those two groups for several years that's how we do drugs and then you start asking questions who's having more arthritis who's having more autoimmune issues who's having more eczema did anybody get cancer you asked all of those questions and then neither the scientists involved in the study they don't know who got what the people involved in the study don't know who got what and at the very end up you've asked all the important questions you want mask it and reveal whether or not that so the Saline placebo group had better health or worse health than those that got the drug or the vaccine that's how this is supposed to work now look at how they did it their control group never received in an ER placebo first one got DTP other we got DT or DTP desert vaccines hepatitis B vaccine act hid was used lice lie applies head backs hip then there was no control group and several of them one used prep nor a multi dose vaccine act him you get the idea but all the way to the right not a single inert placebo was ever used in any of the trials of these vaccines that we give our children multiple times within the first six months of life right now let's look at the next one now we're gonna look at table 2 which is according to HHS his childhood vaccine schedule babies receive a fourth injection of most vaccine than table above as well as one or two injections of each of the following additional vaccines between 6 months and 18 months of life again hepatitis A is being given MMR vaccine chickenpox combo vaccine flu and once again not a single one of them used an inert placebo this is the only way to determine safety it's the only way it's the industry standard and yet do it for vaccines alright let's go to Table three and finally according to HHS his childhood vaccine schedule children receive yet another injection of a majority of the vaccines in the above two tables as well as one to three injections of each of the following additional vaccines along with an annual influenza vaccine between 18 months and 18 years of life you get it in this one there is one Saline group that's that tiny little group we've talked about over and over again in the Gardasil trials that never appeared when they were talking about severe autoimmune reactions they hid that group and when you finally dig down and get through all the government websites you find out that that saline group had 0% autoimmune reaction compared to a 2.3 percent injury rate by both the vaccine and the aluminum adjuvant group we've talked about that many times so here's what's troubling and this is what we wrote it's troubling that HHS chose to begin its response by miss stating that prior to licensure for children many pediatric vaccines have been investigated in clinical trials that included a placebo at worst HHS knowingly perpetuated this inaccurate claim but at best HHS was unaware this claim was incorrect this leaves the public to wonder what other critical assumptions underpinning HHS is confid confidence undermining should be undermined competence in vaccine safety are incorrect so they haven't done it they said there are some studies there not a single one except that one tiny little group I told you in HPB it's a it's a bold-faced lie and think about this they sent us thousands of studies that were supposed to show us these placebo groups and in have any so now you have a complete misrepresentation of this vaccine program which now we know has never been proven safe moving on new vaccines now this gets interesting HHS licenses new vaccines without any placebo controlled trial even when no vaccine for the same disease exists after making the false claim that many vaccines on HHS is childhood schedule were licensed based on a placebo controlled trial HHS then states this inert placebo controls are not required to understand the safety profile of a new vaccine and thus are not required here is this is from the FDA his own website okay just so you don't think I'm making this up this what the FDA says about the need for an inert placebo control trial in undertaking a clinical trial researchers don't want to leave anything to chance they want to be as certain as possible that the results of the testing show whether or not a treatment is safe and effective the gold standard for testing interventions in people is the randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial it's the gold standard it's not the bronze standard it's not the aluminum standard it's the gold standard that has never been upheld on a single one of your childhood vaccines so take that to bed you can leave you can say you can think whatever you want about what we are doing here or all of our friends on the internet are talking about go ahead you can say I trust the pharmaceutical industry so much that I don't want them to do any safety studies on a product they inject into my baby you can do that it's a free world but I wouldn't and that's why I am a part of this HHS notice so I want to point out something else and this gets interesting so now let's look at hepatitis A there are only two hepatitis A vaccines on the market licensed in 1995 because the clinical trials for both were conducted when there was no hepatitis A vaccine on the market these trials should certainly have had use the placebo control to assess their safety you see what we're saying here is if it's a brand-new vaccine that has never liked for instance HPV that we've never tried before then it certainly should be going and being compared to a saline placebo just like let me think about this when they say it's unethical to do that study that somehow to deny the placebo group this great new brand-new invention to deny it to test for safety think about how many times we doesn't deny people that are dying of cancer a trial cancer drug because we say it's unethical until it's been proven to be safe we're not gonna let you have it we're gonna let you die of cancer because we adhere so much to the standard that we've got to test this thing for safety even if it could save your life we're just not sure it could other problems how many times we hear people died of AIDS died of cancer died of leukemia or loops and lupus all these different trials are going on and even Donald Trump has tried to relax some of this to say look if you're dying what difference does it make let them try the trial drug that people are pushing back farmers pushing back on that now we go to a product where nobody's dying you have perfectly healthy kids running around their yard playing frisbee running around with the dog licking his tongue and we take that kid and we inject him with this vaccine that has never been through a safety study because we thought it was unethical to do one does have me access to anybody am I missing something I mean this is insane so here's what I want to talk about so forget about just the vaccines that are brand-new here's what they would say to you what they say is well once yes the initial product should be tested against a placebo this is what they do with drugs people say there's cancer drugs that have been approved that didn't have to have a placebo group but just compared against the most recent cancer drug we do that all the time yes but your original cancer drug was tested against the placebo we knew what its safety rating was and so then we take a new drug and we compare those two and if they're similar we say well we knew it did pretty good against the placebo so if it does pretty good against this drug then this one can get approved too I'll admit to you that does happen and what they're saying is that's what we're doing vaccines vaccines already had a placebo group in the original version of it now that this is a you know a brand new version of the same vaccine we don't have to go back to the placebo so we looked into that too we looked deep we read every study and just like I told you there's never been a saline placebo used not in even the original ones and yet they will tell you the reason we're comparing these two back scenes together is because we knew the safety profile of the first one you can't know the safety profile if you didn't use a placebo and so here's what we call this in the HHS notice welcome to the HHS s safety pyramid scheme after license to give back to you without assessing a safety in a placebo controlled clinical trial a chess will then open license another vaccine as long as it has a similar adverse event rate to the license but improperly safety tested vaccine this is a so-called active control which HHS references in its letter but this form of comparison only provides reliable safety data if the previously licensed active control itself had its safety profile previously assessed and a properly designed placebo control trial all right I noticed a lot of words in fact I'm getting tongue-tied up here so let me try and make this as visual as I can because we have gone through every single vaccine trial to track what it was compared to and where the saline placebo would have been do we take this to the big screen okay here it is the placebo pyramid scheme here's how it works each one of these vaccines on top is being compared to other vaccines so we've sketched this out men vo in its trials was compared to banana boost Rick's add a cell and Mensa vex and then boost Rick's because it's being compared was compared in its trial to deca vac deca backed never had a placebo a de sel was compared to TD in its trial it never had a placebo so therefore comparing those two never gave us in any information Mensa backs which when men vo was compared to never had a placebo control you see how this works there was never all of these being compared to approved this vaccine there saying hey if it's as safe as these we're okay but we don't know how safe these are because none of them were ever compared to another placebo let's go on Quadra cell same thing that the cell down to DT P so we compared this to this vaccine and that vaccine you get the idea we go down this chain and at the bottom of every one of these chains no saline placebo has ever been involved in any of these vaccines that you are injecting into your children do you realize how problematic this is this so dangerous we have no idea our entire health department not just of this nation but of the entire world has zero idea whether these are safe or not because they never compared it to a saline control group just to be clear at the end here we do put in the 306 people that received a saline injection during the HPV vaccine trial which by the way right at the end of the trial they injected them with HPV vaccine so that we can't track them into the years ahead to see how they would have done in the end so that they cover everything up they injected them with HPV vaccine and then in this little trial they actually here's how this one works so they compared this vaccine right here lay Appa lies pad backs him get this they compared it to the DTP and opv with a placebo so what happened is this group got the vaccine plus DTP and opv and then the control group got DTP OPB in the placebo so both groups got two vaccines at least one of them got a third saline injection and the other one got the third trial vaccine so you got three vaccines that you're trying to compare and say we can understand something out of that let's bring it back to the central camera so I've said it before if you're watching the highwire I'm assuming that you know how to read I'm assuming you care and I'm assuming you do an investigation into your thoughts and what you do with your baby I know this is a lot of information and maybe some of you are bored you can go off and go ahead and inject your children whatever you want but if you really care about your children you really have to read this notice also we have sent this out now as I said to two people but the package has to include when we send it out our entire over 80 page document the brand-new HHS response we have their nine page reply and then the original so everyone can reference it say we're not making up our original HHS notice all of this is being put into one envelope and sent we want to send it to every single scientist at the CDC every single scientist at the HHS FDA and then beyond that every doctor we can think of in every news agency every one of these packages is costing us ten dollars to send so I'm gonna start asking for your help this year because if we want to change this we need to get on them so if you want to donate ten dollars so that we can shut maybe yours is going to go to Paul off of himself maybe it'll go to Stanley Plotkin go to our website I can decide org right now and go ahead and just donate ten dollars so one more of these packages go we'll go to on some unsuspecting unfortunate scientists that it's going to have their world rocked by the truth you can do that help us do that because that's why we're winning okay I told you we would do another episode of plot in on vaccines today's Plotkin on vaccines we'll be dealing with something we hear about all the time ad nauseam when you talk about the vaccine risk awareness movement the word is autism and this is how the media talks about it all the time we're not sure the scientists community what causes autism but we know that vaccines do not vaccines are really the one thing we have looked at that's causing all we know that vaccines don't cause autism the science is clear that there was no association between prenatal and infant explosion of vaccines that contained thermos ow and increased risk for autism vaccines don't cause autism they are highly effective and safe you can never really say MMR doesn't cause autism but frankly when you get in front of the media you better get used to saying it because otherwise people here at door being left open when the door shouldn't be left them right okay well there you have it back seats don't cause autism back to use don't cause autism that's also that's also a part of the HHS notice we get deep into that and I'll talk about that but let's let's let's do with Plotkin on this so as many you know last week we started showing you excerpts from Stanley Plotkin who just just just for those of you they're brand-new Stanley Plotkin if you believe in vaccines or you study back scenes the textbook is called Plotkin's vaccine so no doubt this guy is the most important man on earth he's created more vaccines than anybody else on earth living and he's written most of these slogans like vaccines are safe and effective don't worry about it get your damn kids vaccinated he ended up being he submitted himself he offered himself up to be on the stand in a deposition in a in a small child custody issue up in Michigan why he did that I don't know I believe the gods just smiled upon us because as I've said before for years and years all we've ever wanted is for one of these leaders in the vaccine movement to sit down and answer our questions let a lot are in the HHS notice about safety about placebo groups how you know about aborted fetal tissue which we discussed last week but let's talk about the placebo group when it comes to Plotkin what does he think of the need of placebo here's the first little clip from Plotkin on vaccines so determining causality really requires a double-blind placebo-controlled study correct it does if you want to be certain or at least a statistically strong relationship what do you mean by statistically strong relationship I mean a situation where you have a comparative group and you can say that compared to the comparative group that the Association you're looking at is statistically different than the control group isn't it also the reason then that careful preclinical studies using an inert placebo should be conducted before licensure it would be ideal to do so but one will also have to would have to be very large studies and covering different age groups and by and large those data come out much later after experience with a vaccine used in thousands or millions of people there you have it yes it would be ideal to do so be ideal to actually have a placebo group so we had any idea what we're talking about but you know that's difficult and who really cares it's just your children so that's what he has to say about placebos he admits that's really the only way to determine safety so let's go on to his next statement I think you'll find this interesting we start moving into the discussion of autism I'm gonna hand you what's being marked as Exhibit 22 this is an excerpt from the Iowans report mm-hmm right yes and this is where they um discusses the evidence with regard to whether DD tap or Tdap cause autism correct correct okay if you turn to the second page can you read the causality conclusion with regard to whether DTaP and Tdap cause autism the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between diphtheria toxoid tetanus toxoid or acellular pertussis containing vaccine and autism so the IOM reviewed the available evidence with regard to whether Tdap or DTaP can cause autism and their conclusion was the evidence doesn't exist to show whether DTaP or Tdap do does do or do not cause autism correct yes but the the point is that there are no studies showing that it does cause autism one study by two well-known anti-vaccination figures Guyer and Geyer who have no legitimacy whatsoever so what they're saying is that there's there's no evidence and the important point from my point of view is that there is no positive evidence to do a proper study as we've been discussing which would disprove it would involve the control administration of vaccines and withholding vaccines from children who should have them so I'll tell you like I I actually spent hours that was up until about 1:00 in the morning Patrick's like we need that video on Plotkin I was like no I'm working on it but you cannot imagine how many times this question goes back and forth where he's just dodging and dodging the answer what the lawyers trying to get across is he's saying the Institute of Medicine now remember the suit of medicine is our brain trust of Nobel scientists and our smartest scientists that are outside the government our government everyone so want ask them to weigh in on a topic like does the does any form of dtap or Tdap vaccine which is diphtheria tetanus and pertussis cause autism and so they investigate they look at all the literature all around the world and what they came back and said is we can neither confirm nor deny whether this vaccine causes autism because there's just simply no studies have been done actually just one study that he mentions by Guyer and gar that's you know they say they're anti Baxter's just because they you know come up with a conclusion that doesn't make them happy but no studies at all have been done and so the lawyer keeps saying now isn't it you know isn't it a jump to conclusion to say that vaccines don't cause autism if in fact you really don't know because there's never been a study I mean it says here we can neither confirm nor decide the and Plotkin keeps saying but but that that means that you know we it's probably safe that nothing proves it's not safe but the word if you say yes but it you could also just as easily say there's no proof that it is safe and this goes back and forth swear to God I think it's like 35 minutes the same question going back and forth but I want to point out one thing because this is in this last excerpt where after 30 minutes drilling this same question trying to get plot into it clock in to at least recognize that there may be a problem if there's no studies that have been done at all what we're talking about is this statement that vaccines don't cause autism okay and I've said this before but let's look at the CDC website very quickly okay the CDC website says this plainly if you go to the website questioning vaccines it says on its website vaccines do not cause autism there is no link between vaccines and autism and what they point to is one of the citations in is this IOM report which looked at only one vaccine in this session the DTaP and what they're concluding is we can't confirm or deny it very well could be causing autism we just don't know now remember I want to make this clear that the only reason the Institute of Medicine is even investigating whether the vaccine causes autism is because so many people are reporting this injury so many people are putting lawsuits now against Health and Human Services our governments because they can't sue the vaccine maker but parents all around the world is saying my child got this DTaP vaccine and stopped speaking stopped walking lost the ability to communicate stop looking us in the eyes it was never the same again so because of that because there was so many serious complaints eylem said you know see he says hey you better look into this okay so they do and they come to the conclusion that no science has been done now I also want to point out that when we took away liability in the 1986 vaccine Act when we gave that liability government the DTP vaccine was the one causing so many injuries that it was being sued to death and and the the industry was saying we can't make money on vaccines anymore because we're getting sued so badly specifically on DTP I've told you before so they blackmail our government ringing and get them to take the liability away now Congress wasn't stupid Reagan wasn't stupid remember it's 1986 and they said if the diphtheria tetanus and pertussis vaccines are so problematic specifically look at that one will you please look at that one it fixed that problem since now our tax payers are gonna be paying the debt on the injuries to these children let's fix that back saying let's look into it so now we're all the way here in 2018 and Plotkin's telling you and admitting what the IOM found out there's even though the DTP diphtheria tetanus and pertussis was the reason they were getting sued was in Congress specifically said looked into it now in 2018 they never ever did they never did a single study cannot be found and a Plotkin's chuckling to himself about this well that means we could go on say you say because no one ever proved it wasn't here's the last clip of Popkin on vaccines but since there's no evidence that DTaP for Tdap don't cause autism you can't yet say that vaccines do not cause autism correct I could not say that as a as a scientist or a logician but I can say as a physician that no they do not cause autism okay so what you're saying is as a physician or logician then you couldn't say vaccines you know you you could not say vaccines do not cause autism but as a pediatrician you're saying that you would say that to a parent because you want to make sure they get the vaccine is that right you know I can't be sure that DTaP doesn't cause leprosy that doesn't mean that that stops me from using a DTaP vaccine are people claiming that DTaP is cause leprosy are you aware of any such complaint I'm not aware of any such complaints but I wouldn't be surprised to see it on the web one of these days okay but but but people have made enough complaints about DTaP Tdap causing alter that the Institute of Medicine at the commission of HHS thought it was serious enough to do a scientific review correct yes okay if you don't know whether DTaP or Tdap cause autism shouldn't you wait until you do know until you have the science to support it to then say that vaccines do not cause autism do I wait no I do not wait because I have to take into account the health of the child and so for that reason you're okay with telling the parent that DTaP Tdap does not cause autism even though the science isn't there yet to support that claim absolutely I okay I'm also willing to tell them it doesn't cause leprosy okay good again to the IOM review whether detail causes leprosy no okay there you have it I mean this is this is the godfather of vaccines this is the guy that's written a textbook do you think pediatricians around the country right now know that the leading scientist actually just said as a scientist no I cannot make the claim that vaccines don't cause autism but as a doctor I can as the CDC website know technically the science doesn't say that vaccines don't cause autism but as bullcrap artist weekend that's what's going on here you know it would be funny if it wasn't so incredibly dangerous and it's not like we're pulling this out of thin air like leprosy we have hundreds of thousands of people still lining up every day around the world saying I was told back scenes are safe and now I've become an anti back so because my child will never be the same again I'm not doing that this show is not doing that the vaccine program itself is cream the biggest part of the anti-vaccine movement it's the injured people the ex back sirs that make up the greatest body of the anti-vaccine movement why because this scientist is lying to the world when he puts on his mask as a doctor says forget what I know as a scientist and the product I made to inject into your children and the aborted fetal DNA that looks like it's mutating your stem cells forget about all that just listen to me as a doctor telling you it's safe it does not cause autism there it is the HHS notice go and check it out you can also check out all the Plotkin on vaccine videos the entire 9 hour deposition will bring you more episodes of both those things next week but now I have the special opportunity to introduce one of my favorite doctors in the world yes I love doctors especially guys like this this is Lawrence Pulaski I entered NYU School of Medicine in 1983 finishing in 1987 the majority of the material presented in medical school was these are the diseases and these are the ways in which you treat them the safety that I would want for kids having taken the Hippocratic oath of first do no harm is not happening the vaccines are not safe the way we're told that they're safe there's never been a study to show that vaccines don't cause autism if you show me the studies that show that there's no relationship between vaccines and atopic disease where were you comparing vaccinated kids to non-vaccinated kids she can't inject neurotoxins into the body and then question why so many kids are motor delay and speech lay and can't process can't sit still and everyone keeps looking around and saying what's wrong what's wrong what's wrong in our current state of we're not allowed to ask the bush that's not sciencing that's ideology and dogma all right I'm here with Larry Pulaski I mean what an honor you and I you know we run into each other on the speaking circuit once in a while and and honestly I'm really bummed sometimes they'll put us on opposite stages at the same time but the last time actually I went in because they always like to check out you know how you're saying things and the clarity with which you're saying things but I mean you're just watching Plotkin in the video we just showed you've said similar things you can't say vaccines don't cause autism what do you think the average person out there that maybe is tuning of the show for the first time what do you think is going on in their mind when they're watching that Plotkin video does it does it matter to them well the question for me is how do people come to know things do they come to know things because they just swallow what they're told by the authority passively just accepting and giving up their own inner Authority for the the powers that be or do they come to know something because they've researched it or even experienced it and my concern is that more and more people who listened to dr. Plotkin are just swallowing what he says and not doing their own research so for the nine-hour deposition I would recommend that people go listen to it themselves for the 80 pages of the HHS initial paper and then the response by HHS and then your response go read it yourselves don't listen to necessarily what you say and just accept it go read it have the experience that there is more of a controversy here than just what you're being told be responsible take responsibility take your power back and decide for yourself and I think you said it you said it correctly is that the vaccine program is allowing people to take back their power because more and more people are saying yeah I believe vaccines are safe and then having the experience more and more and more that they're not right and now more and more people are finding out that they know people who are vaccine injured you can't avoid finding vaccine injured people not just children but adults the whole Alzheimer's and dementia group that all the neurological diseases that we're seeing in adults you can't not know that there's something going on and people are realizing in my experience I was fine I got the vaccine and now I'm not but what we're hearing from the medical community is I punched a wall I broke my hand and the medical community is saying yes you broke your hand but it's not from punching the wall so we're having this disconnect yeah people's experiences are no longer valid right and what I'm seeing is that people's experiences are becoming more and more valid and that is raising the bar for people to take back their power there also I think I mean one of the great things you're out there as any movement like this you know other you know civil rights movements throughout time once they start being emboldened once they start stepping forward and and speaking out and saying this is who I am this is what I believe we are surprised to find that our neighbor actually oh you're not vaccinating your kid either or your child's injured I didn't know you had an autistic child yeah I never bring them in public but that's this is what's happening I think this is what the New York Times are really freaking out about right is that it's not that we're so clever or so brilliant and you know you know we're we're it's the fact that it's the truth first of all it's it's really hard to stop the freight train of truth and then when people start recognizing there's other people out here and they start telling the story we are in and now at a time where we're saying oh my god I know so many people that actually believe they're injured by vaccines I had no idea we'll see most people I would say in in the almost 20 years of me looking into the subject of vaccines I would say that I don't know anyone who started their life out not thinking vaccines were safe and effective everyone thought vaccines were safe and effective they came to know that they might not be through research and through experience and so they stopped swallowing the party line and they actually started doing their own their own empowerment and I think that's what's freaking the community out is that people are actually learning on their own that they've been lied to well you know you went med school is there I mean I guess to begin with what is the mentality of a doctor I mean we put them on pedestals we act like there's so much smarter than me so if they're saying back scenes are safe I shouldn't question it you know are you do you get in the profession because you want that type of power and what makes us Stanley Plotkin what why is he not seeing or asking the obvious questions well first of all I graduated medical school in 1987 I had no reason to believe that vaccines were weren't safe i administered them in residency i administered them when i was an ER physician when i ran an intensive care unit i administer them initially when i was in practice and i did it because i was told that that was what was best for children but then when parents started saying to me my did you know doctor larry that there's mercury in vaccines I said no I gave a child a vaccine and within a couple of hours he got swollen lymph nodes throughout his neck he was sick with a fever and this was a well kid who all of a sudden developed this and then all of a sudden I started hearing more and more stories and the the the pediatricians whom I know are doing things based on what they think is best there's no reason for them to believe that what they're doing is not for the benefit of children but my question to them is do you know what's in vaccines do you know that aluminum is in there do you know that it's a nanoparticle do you know that a nanoparticle can pass the blood-brain barrier did you know that the pharmaceutical industry uses aluminum and other nanoparticles to get drugs into the brain did you know that aluminum as an adjuvant is tightly bound to to viral and bacterial antigens therefore did you know that there's a possibility that aluminum bound at events can enter the brain did you know that the pharmaceutical industry uses polysorbate 80 as an emulsifier to enhance the delivery excuse me the delivery of drugs when it's attached to the nanoparticles no they don't did you know that polysorbate 80 is in vaccines most of them and that can enhance the of vaccine materials no I didn't know that did you know that there are no studies actually evaluating whether vaccine materials enter the brain you know I didn't know that did you know that one in six children have neurodevelopmental disabilities no did you know that that studies out of 2008 we're in now 2019 where's the update right our children worse so it takes somebody who's willing to think and actually be willing to not just take what the title of the article says or what the title of the fascinating HHS letter says and look deeper and not just say okay I agree with that but do your own research and I don't know if medical doctors have the time or want to know because I'll tell you some pediatricians with whom I've spoken over the years are devastated to find out that they have been doing this to children over the years because they didn't know the lack of safety studies the potency of the materials in the vaccines the aborted fetal tissue the foreign DNA the the materials that can get into the cells that can destroy the mitochondria that can destroy the brain they're all there yeah but you have to be willing to accept that you don't know what you don't know you know we I say on the show all the time that I'm not here on the high wire trying to tell you what to think I'm trying to teach you how to think I'm trying to teach those of us I mean we really have lost the ability to be critical thinkers and we just take whatever we're told and you know we've got to stop doing that so you're right you can't just hear what I have to say about the HHS notice and go yeah I got that you really have to read it like you really have to and then read it several times I had to I mean you know as you start going through all this information we're laying it out did we get it is it all there but it's there's a lot of information there you know so you've got to get involved there and I I mentioned you know last week's show I had a friend I was talking to in the UK I hadn't talked to for a long time it's like doesn't it bother you that people are following you and they're not they're just stopping all vaccines and they're not thinking about it and I want to address this today because you know what I actually do think there's a to that and and and what I mean is that I am getting so tired of seeing I think last week I saw three different posts one was you know from some vaccine choice for vaccine risk for something one of the movement you know a mother saying you know I'm at the hospital my six month old baby has a hundred and three degree fever and doctors don't know what it is or another post I personally am at the hospital I had a hundred and you know three or four degree fever and doctor doesn't know what it is and and you know or my child you know or I read that you know there's twenty people in Washington or something that are unvaccinated their children vaccinated and they have the measles and they're at the hospital and I'm and I'm thinking what are you doing at the hospital I mean if you're understanding what we're talking about you don't need a hospital for these things and so are you just there are there people out that are just saying oh I'm not back saying because Dell bakery said so and not there is so much more to this that right I mean it's not just about not vaccinating you you need to be making a choice about natural health and the second you walk in the hospital you're giving up on that choice or there's something you don't understand how do we what's going on how do people think it's that they need to be at a hospital with a 103 degree fever right when I when I went to medical school and did my residency most of the pediatricians who were teaching us had started out in practice in the 1940s in New York and they practiced through the 80s and 90s and they had feel they had experience they had smell they had taste and the mothers and fathers and grandmothers and grandfathers that they worked with we're handing down oral traditions how to take care of your child for teething how to take care of your child for a fever what to do for a rash what to do for a mucus in the nose what to do for a sore throat what to do for shaking chills what to do if it hurts to pee what to do for vomiting and diarrhea what to do for pink eye and that oral tradition has been lost for the past two generations at least in what I have seen so what you have is a lot of fear because a fever becomes oh my god my kid's gonna die you and I cannot go into that mother's heart and tell her what to do because she's in her state and I would never negate the state that she's in but what's lost is the the grandmothers the aunts the cousins the elders the sages the Crone's who have that experience who can actually say this is the tradition we hand down now it's over-the-counter medicines which are dangerous to the babies now it's antibiotics right away and most of the time when children have fever it's not an infection but how do you tell that to parents and most of the families in my practice they learn that because I make them and I mean make them in a in a compassionate way go through the trial I'll be with you I'll hold your hand but I need you to go through the experience of your child having the fever and watch to see what happens and once the parent has the experience then its wisdom then it's real inner knowledge right now it's there's nothing in there or there's very little in there but that fear that that and that angst and that comes from the media that comes from the people around them who carry the same fear and it you're right it ain't enough to not vaccinate if you're making that true did farm a drive that that spike that nail between our elders and isn't that really what they did don't listen to your elders don't listen you know your doctors who you need to listen to we're gonna program your die mean isn't that isn't this a part of what Pharma wanted to happen is to have a society that doesn't actually look to experience well I I can't tell you what Pharma is doing or did because I'm not in their minds and I'm not in their policies but what I can say is that when I finished my residency in fellowship by 1991 I already started to see the shift to protocols and not to clinical medicine so when I was teaching medical students in the mid-90s and they would say okay I had a kid with a headache and the MRI showed I would say well did you take a history did you take a physical like what's the child eating did the child fall what did the child take as a supplement is there strife at home is a child sleeping anybody getting divorced at home did somebody die at home you know all these psychosocial and environmental issues were no longer being asked and so medicine was being trained to here's the symptom here's the fix so I can't say if it was Pharma but I can say that something switched in the early to mid-90s where physicians were no longer asking questions they were just following protocols and what happens when you follow protocols is you don't practice clinical medicine anymore right so you don't know let's see if a child's throwing up is it is it a virus did he eat something did he did he ingest another is it a parasite is it somebody at home is is under a great deal of stress and that's how the kid manifests the stress did the kid breathe in something that caused vomiting so these clinical questions are no longer asked and in the times when I do have interface with medical students or younger doctors there's blank looks on their face when I asked them for a differential okay so the kid has a headache what are all the possible reasons that the headache could be there and they don't know they don't know because they go right to the test here's the MRI here's the cat scan and we gave the kid Tylenol or motrin and the kids on a non only a liquid diet and we're watching like but what's the etiology what caused it and so again it's lack of self think it's lack of critical thinking that I've seen and that's why I take time with families when I work with them because it takes a while to figure out why is the kid presenting with those symptoms because sometimes it's diet and one kid and sometimes it's the emotions and the other kittens sometimes as the family sometimes its parenting sometimes it's the electromagnetic radiation sometimes it's poor sleep I mean sometimes it's school raise your kid you got to get involved right you got to beat it so you know what is and I want I want my audience today that have some understanding of fever that they let some don't I know that some of the people that were putting out those tweets this week or probably watching this show you know I saw you know we start talking about this with our with our team my executive producer Jennifer says she was in a mommy group and they were all talking about you know well fevers I don't play around fever as soon as a fever I go tylenol you know and that idea so there's two things what happens with tylenol if you stop the fevers fever supposed to be happening and then I also hear people that aren't vaccine the kids that will say my kid never gets sick Layton has never been sick we didn't vaccinate our children and I wouldn't say that I would say this they get bieber's it lasts like a day it's not like three five days you know they get hot they get cranky you know we bundle them up in bed we let them sweat it out and you know a lot of times it's almost like they're a different person their eyes light up and there's something beautiful is they you know it's almost like a metamorphosis sure am I missing something our kids not supposed to get sick at all so when the pediatricians trained me and us in the 80s one of the things that they taught us was in their experience when the kids had their febrile illnesses regardless of what what the cause was if it didn't need antibiotics and it took its course without intervention they would almost always see a developmental growth spurt after the fever was over that that folklore that tradition is gone so nowadays the mother will say well if I I don't mess around the fever I'm gonna and the bottom line is that the chemicals that produce a fever are active in the body even when you don't have a fever and the reason they're active in the body is because materials that are impure to the body are always coming in we breathe them in we eat them we put them on our skin we bring them into our nervous system and we inject them into the body and even the pure material that we put into our body the byproducts of those materials they're also impure so the body is built that's why we exhale that's why we pee that's why we poo that's why we sweat and smell that's why we sleep that's why we exercise to get rid of wastes to get rid of the materials that stress our body the materials that cause fever are the same ones that are helping us to get rid of those wastes so when we have the fever we're we're taught oh it's a bacteria oh it's a virus well actually newer and newer newer science is showing that the bacteria and the virus is in our body already of which there are over a hundred trillion of them may be playing a role in helping us to get rid of the wastes really so that goes back to what the mentors in my residency and medical student training taught us is that the children would have a developmental growth spurt after the illness was over and what they what they were saying is that that the the onset of that illness is the peak of a stressful period in the child's body that requires rest fluids no food quiet and toning it down and that allows for the reset that allows for the waste to get rid out of the body and then the child is now advanced because the immune system of the nervous system of a baby is immature and it needs pruning and one of the ways it prunes is with a fever and not every child gets sick with airway gastrointestinal skin or throat issues some children get their illnesses through their emotions so they'll just be out of control behavior they'll scream it like sort of like that that you know I am mad as hell and I can't take it anymore and they let it out and then they feel better so they get it out through their emotions children not getting there's always one part of the body where a child is expressing the release of the material and it may not be just in mucus or or diarrhea or vomiting or fever and we've lost this information we've lost it we've lost it because over-the-counter medicines are the go-to and I would say that that the over counter medicines that we use are probably as dangerous if not more dangerous than the ingredients we inject into kids bodies and the studies show it the studies show that acetaminophen is really really dangerous yeah to the detoxification ability of a child or of an adult and we just keep administering it and again don't look at me the science is there right I don't I'm just transmitting the science and if people don't believe me go read it because the science is there the science that says that these drugs and over-the-counter medicines are safe are actually done by the companies that sell the products so we need an independent really oh sorry Chinese but we want to talk about that sometimes we we need independent studies and and that's one of the things that you know going back to the vaccine issue that's one of the things that as a as a doctor when I was taught in medical school I mean I was taught start with the hypothesis have no bearing on the results do the experiment observe the results and summarize the results without having any bias about what those results should be so medicals will actually train me to become a critical thinker and that's what I asked parents to do is start with a hypothesis and be able to be able to look at a situation with uncertainty and unknown and allow for the answers to come we're now at a situation in our culture where most people need to have the answers before they actually go through the process and that's dangerous because then you lose a certain piece of brain development which says I don't know let me figure it out and that's how toddlers learn that's how the BRIT toddler brain develops I've never done this before I need to figure it out I know I'm gonna fall but it's okay I'm gonna stand up and do it again and I'm gonna do it again that's why when you see a toddler look at blocks they're gonna take it then you stack it and they're gonna stack it again and stack it again again and again they're gonna push it over and then they're gonna do it again and again and again they didn't know what they were gonna do when they started right but they figured it out because they were willing to go into the unknown and nowadays I see in my practice and when I lecture and when I speak to people is that the answers have to be there first before the exploration the investigation the identification the examination and that's missing that's the five-year-old comes in with a headache and the MRI shows rather than a five-year-old comes in with a headache and he fell three days ago and nobody knew until today right right these are the things that are missing a lot in in my experience for the parents out there is they're just not to just keep harping on the same thing is there is there a temperature is there my mom never had a thermometer she refused to allow it tomorrow right she said you'll get over it is there a temperature at which you probably should go to the hospital is there anything like for parents that really want a tool some way to say I know I'm okay got it so in 1991 I started working in an emergency room in the Bronx three to four 12-hour shifts a week and somewhere along the way like a two years later I wanted to see if private practice would be right for me so I approached one of the practices in Manhattan with pediatricians who trained me in residency at Mount Sinai and I said to one of the guys who is a pediatric infectious disease specialist I said what do you do for all these kids who have high fevers because in the emergency room you have to do these tests these tests and these tests and he looked at me and said Larry if I did all those tests on all those kids I would lose half my practice I said so what do you do he said if you had a kid with a hundred five fever and was looking at you talking babbling drinking peeing sleeping arousal alert interactive consolable and then you had a kid who had a hundred point eight and you couldn't wake up which fever would you be concerned about and the answer was 100.8 so I try to teach parents to not treat the number on the thermometer but to treat the child just like he taught me 25 26 years ago which is is the child alert awake arousal so let the child sleep but give the kid a little you know Pat every so often and the kid goes yeah you know the kid is fine is a child interactive drinking urinating is a child in respiratory distress what's the child's color and I list all these things on my website so that parents can follow a checklist and I get emails and emails from parents who say if it weren't for your checklist I wouldn't have made it through mmm because it's really about gaining experience that we want to treat the child who has a fever not the fever like I don't want to treat like when I was in medical school and residency we'd say yeah the diabetic in room 1 and the asthmatic in room 2 and over the years we started to learn no no it's the child with asthma the child with diabetes the child with autism because these are human beings and there's much more than just looking at the miniscule fever you're gonna miss connecting to the child and when I first started doing the more alternative and holistic practice I would tell parents get undressed hold your child and do skin-to-skin and the children would get better or I would say use essential oils use lavender lavender on the tops of ears the back of the neck maybe a little bit in the and the chin the middle of the chest to calm the heart these are acupuncture points and the parents would say wow much–how felt better and I'd say I don't know if it's the essential oils or the fact that you just touched your child yeah you're just connected to your child and more and more by going to the medicine chest you're ignoring your child in in August of 2017 I was on an airplane going to New Mexico and there was a family sitting in front of me in all of us the two-year-old girl starts screaming now of course the air pressure is probably going to hurt and the father's trying to help the child and the mother stands up frantic and is ravaging I mean she's just pummeling through the the suitcases above then she puts her bag on her chair and she's rummaging through and she's going crazy and the kids on the father screaming she's going through him going through and going through she pulls out an ear thermometer to stick on the child and I sort of smiled and said why don't you pick up the child and touch her and feel is she hot right and so that's what I'm seeing a lot of is the the loss of the knowledge the wisdom to actually connect to the child and know how to go through let's see my kid is alert my kids talking to me there's no rash breathing's okay color is pink maybe a little pale and then parents confuse the word lethargy to listlessness most kids when they're sick are listless right they're pokey they don't want to be bothered they don't want to be are you okay is everything all right did I get something for you do you want something they don't want that they want quiet so they're listless lethargy is dangerous lethargy as you pick up their arm and you can't get them to even hold tone you don't want that right you want to avoid that happening so the idea is to start learning to connect to your kid start learning that you have the ability follow the checklist the most important thing is that when kids are sick the first thing that parents say my child won't eat and I go like this you know applause applause the kid is smart right because the body needs not to eat but to hydrate and hydrate a lot and rest turn it down and let it evolve and keep watching but you know that takes again another oral tradition we need to instill in our live and oral tradition we can see some of the things I mean you talk about all is we could go on for days and days what website or where should we go to get your 10 you know things that can tell you right so my website is dr. Pulaski DR and then the spelling of my last name PA le vsk and i have an if your child is sick section where i provide options for treatment of fever and options fork off and why mucus is produced in the body which it needs to be produced to get rid of wastes and what to do if your child is sick and has fever and how to follow a checklist and when to call your doctor fantastic Larry thank you so much for joining us I think that a lot of parents replied downloading it right now okay definitely do it we have an embarrassing moment here because we did not produce any way to get you off the stage and be back in the SEC these are the things that happened in television we're supposed to have some video or something they look hide the intricacies but here we are on a brand new set we were really up all night and so it's here whoever still let's go they're still really quick perfect yeah let's go Willie we're winning all right we good I'm here all right so look at such great information I could talk to Larry all day and you should if you ever get a chance to see him speak it one of these natural health conferences or chiropractic conferences don't miss that opportunity a wealth of knowledge I want to though say that really what we're talking about is natural health and it's scary folks you know I'm not going to tell you just like you know we all have to be careful I'm not gonna tell you what to do with your child but we're rushing into the hospital too often and I want to say if you're watching the show you're thinking oh I don't want to vaccinate that's not really the point the point is is what we're talking about start researching and start looking at the science start asking your grandmother your mother who's still alive how did you use to handle a fever or or this thing that's going on my child call friends call family go to Larry's website because what I want us say is you know this movement is a health movement we're really a natural health movement we believe in being free from toxic chemicals as soon as you go to a hospital the first thing I'm going to want to do is give you toxic chemicals people say that some end unvaccinated child died of the flu at a hospital I would always say did they give him Tamiflu I mean do they die the flu or they dive the product that they injected into them but mostly I just want to say this this anti-vaccine movement this vaccine free lifestyle this toxin free lifestyle is going to be difficult for hypochondriacs we cannot have D jerk reactions to everything we're going to have to stay the course try a hot bath sleep with our child touch them I'm not going to tell you what to do but I'm gonna keep trying to bring you resources to make this easier because it is scary I get it it's our children but really our doctors are just gonna paint by numbers they're not gonna hold your child they're not gonna feel them they don't know them you do and when we think about options for us one of those options is homeopathy you know I've traveled around a lot and when we're talking about autism I can't tell you how many people will say homeopathy actually brought my child back they started speaking again and it's a very important time right now because our government agencies are trying to make homeopathy illegal specifically homeopathy there's been other attempts at vitamins and I'm sure chiropractic is under siege at times but right now I want to bring on Paula Brown as the president of Americans for a homeopathy choice to talk about hi how are you doing Paul it's good to see you great doing good good to see you again too awesome where are you right now you're not even America are you my husband's work moved us to Budapest but I you know everyone kind of freaks out but believe it or not you can do a lot of work from home and online and and we're still super active super busy we're actually having a big congressional briefing in April so I'll be back in the States for that and we're gonna be meeting with our representatives and doing a lot of great work so there's something going out the fda that is it the FDA that we need to get involved with because there is a threat right now there is this press to say homeopathy shouldn't just be allowed to be given out by the way as far as they know it like much of the royal family still uses homeopathy I mean this is not just some quack scientist like really very rich wealthy people that use this in case you were wondering but for people I want to say that whether or not you're using homeopathy to allow our government to start outlawing things that really I mean this is virtually an inert substance that you're taking it's such a low dose approach towards health that doesn't seem to me to be any health implications certainly you know I just want to say just the hypocrisy of when they talk about homeopathy always gets me because they'll say it's about the dose that though it's not the poison it's the dose of the poison mercury is not toxic as long as is in small doses aluminum is not toxic as long as certain you know small doses and formaldehyde is not toxic as long as it's in small doses well homeopathy is diluted and diluted thousands of times – it's really just the essence of what's there and they're trying to say it's dangerous it doesn't seem like they can have it both ways but what's happening and what can we do to help with the FDA so basically homeopathy is unique from other I think natural types of medicine because it's actually protected in the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act homeopathy is a federally recognized form of drug and because of that the FDA can treat it like a drug and all the way through 2017 they said we acknowledge that homeopathy is very unique and different from other drugs and they treated it very differently but they're changing that and so what Americans for homeopathy choice has done is because the FDA is trying to block access to entire categories of remedies and they've released draft guidance and because nothing limits them to just focusing on those few remedies we have released a citizen's petition and so we need you guys to go there's that web right there sign the homeopathy petition dot-com and you can copy and paste a comment and send it in now the FDA isn't gonna make it easy for you to send in a comment the FDA website does not work through Facebook so if you're watching this on Facebook and you're gonna tap on sign the homeopathy petition com you're gonna want to open that in a separate a separate wouldn't you know like on your internet browser not through the Facebook app but how many people written in so far how many signatures do you have we we passed the 8,000 mark to today and we need to get to 10,000 before this coming Monday so I really need everybody to drop what they're doing and go to sign the homeopathy petition com here's my homeopathy kit you guys I love your interview that you just had and homeopathy brought me from being a mom to a mother I know how to take care of my kids in their sick I don't freak out when they have fevers it's given me a lot of confidence it's my workhorse it's a very important it's gentle it's safe it's easy for moms to use for Acutes but like you said people with some really serious chronic illnesses are finding a lot of benefit from homeopathy and you know in a world where we're raising the sickest kids to ever walk this earth the FDA should not be limiting or opposite our actions and our options to inherently safe medicine I agree Paula you know and I also my wife's here today and she said we have to thank you because our house burned down we had a homeopathy kit everyone knows our house burned down we lost it and you provided us with a new one so I definitely from from my family to yours Paula thank you go ahead go ahead we're gonna well I was just gonna say we're gonna be in DC in April we're gonna have a big screening there for the film magic pills and we're gonna send you and Lee a ticket so if you guys can you know move things around to be there I'd love to you know meet you guys in person so that sounds lovely so look at this is your call to Paulette thank you very much for that information I really appreciate it you take care and we'll see you when you come to America maybe we'll get you on the street okay thanks great thanks all right look if that's your call to action everybody you know this show is not just about sitting and watching a TV and watch to remote and and and let it just sort of roll over you we I'll watch you engaged we are we are about changing the world this is 2019 truth lives here and truth lives in you if you do the work if you do the research if you do the reading I don't want to just show you an excerpt go read the entire thing I don't want to just show you a piece of a video go watch the entire movie and I don't want to show you a petition have you say god I hope that works out come on mm we should be able to blow that thing out of the water today that's how so next week I can report to you that the FDA decided to drop it we are making a difference let's make the FDA complain how many people wanted to keep homeopathy as an option in all forms for the free people not just of the United States but of the world the highwire is dedicated to eradicating man-made disease there's multiple ways we do that but the number one way is by sharing truth with everyone we know it's that family that movement working together that changes the world 2019 this is our year this is the highwire and I'll see you next week thanks for watching and thank you for being a high-wire insider be sure to share this show with your friends on Facebook YouTube periscope and Instagram because knowledge is power power is freedom and we need all we can get you

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  11. If they stall with their answers and there clearly no satisfying answers and it is a deception and a lie that vaccines are not safe. The next logical step will be to start suing every media outlet individually for false advertising or whatever the legal term is. If we want things to change we need to play hard ball.

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  17. Thank you so much for your shows and all the work you do to bring this information out to the public. I agree that this is a over all health choice when choosing to not vaccinate. I really enjoyed listening to Dr Larry speak about allowing the child’s body to heal when ill. I found a wonderful Homeopathic Dr when my very sick daughter was 6 months old. She had received 1 hep b vaccine at birth in the hospital and i had no idea what they were doing, as I hadn’t done my research. My doula shared Mothering magazine and that is when my research began. When she was 2 months old we were asked to leave her pediatrician’s office if we were choosing to not vaccinate. I am so grateful that my husband and I decided against vaccinating her and found a a homeopathic dr that helped her body heal. He also helped me as a first time Mum trust in myself and to allow her body to work through fevers and her other illnesses. Dr Mendelsohn’s book “How to raise a Healthy Child In Spite of your Doctor” was also so helpful. We didn’t run to the hospital when our kids got/get sick. Our Homeopathic Dr told me that I would know when she was really sick and needed more then my care and to trust in myself , that the body is amazing and has the ability to heal, and that I just would need to give it time. He also helped me understand that her immune system was building and getting stronger when allowing the body to heal on its own when ill. My daughter was very sickly and I believe homeopathy saved her life. She is 22 now, has been diagnosed with a cognitive delay, but we work at keeping her healthy and the only doctor she sees is a chiropractor- our homeopathic dr moved away when she was 7. I also learned from a Anthroposophical dr that our children really need to get those childhood diseases-measles, mumps, chicken pox to shed past genetic layers of stuff. We also have an 18 year old son, had him at home, and has never been poked with a shot, or has never had an antibiotic. When he has been ill-chicken pox, the flu a few times when 8 and 12, and some sinus/cough stuff from time to time, we allow to run it’s course. He has such a strong immune system. More pediatrician’s really need to help heal their patients like Dr Larry!! Thanks also for the information about homeopathy being looked at and we not having that choice. OMG, unbelievable, as that is true healing!! Thank you again Del and your crew for all that you do to provide such great information to help people WAKE UP and take health and healing into our own hands. Namaste 🙏 😊❤️☮️

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