Ukraine’s Burisma lobbied Obama admin to drop probe: Report

Maurice Vega

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  1. Wait wait… So if I'm following this logic: the official Burisma and other investigations were shelved in 2014. Hunter Biden is asked to join the board afterward, Then , then comes back up in 2016 elections (surprise it 2020 elections around the corner). But like he said "Burisma hired Hunter Biden to use his name to shy away the investigation". Huh.

    Kinda like the Guliani hiring…. I wonder who got Burisma to get Hunter Biden hired???…. The plot thickens

  2. Biden has been investigated and exonerated of all wrongdoing. Hilary has been exonerated of all wrongdoing. Trump spreads lies about everyone to distract from his crimes. Don't drink the Faux News kook-aid

  3. Joe and Hunter Biden are dupers. The evidence overwhelms the denial on the fake news outlets. It’s despicable.
    TRUMP 2020! 🇺🇸

  4. Shows just how smug the Bidens & the left are, that they thought this would never come out & how stupid they are, not to realise that putting a spotlight on the Ukraine (through their false claims against President Trump) would precipitate it.

  5. You guys are a joke. All smoke and mirrors, just like Draft Dodger Trumpie. Not ONE bit of actual evidence did you provide for any of your rhetoric, and the video clip of Biden was taken completely out of context. Such a shame that they let incompetent Trump evangelists on the air. You're a waste of oxygen, as are all your supporters.

  6. There is empirical evidence that Hunter Biden's dealings with Burisma is full of corruption. Yet, CNN, MSM and other fake news do not broached the subject but furtively hiding the facts.

  7. Adam the​ frog​ has the​ basedow​ desease can.affect.brains and​ should be court.marshalled​ for​ hi.treason​ father.​ Nancy.was.​Mobster

  8. I saw this dipshit Biden incriminating and bragging about himself & his position months ago…why has it taken so long to come out for others to see…G'Day from rural South Australia

  9. So, there are documents IN WRITING, that pretty much paints a clear picture Burisma hired Hunter as insurance, the way you would hire the mob bosses son to make sure no thugs robbed your store, and CNN (Clinton News Network) is silent, not a peep from them. Yest their mouths are open big enough to float a cruise ship through and their squawking loud enough to be heard as far away as the planet formally known as Pluto when they have NOTHING IN WRITING, just the OPINION of holdovers off 3rd party and worse underlings. Yeah…I guess that ONLY makes sense to those with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) .

  10. Obama,Biden..those are the real crooked people. They should be investigated. Their corruption especially Bidens is goin through the roof..

  11. The Biden boys were caught red handed and they still deny it. What do you expect he is from Scranton and that city is corrupted to the bone.

  12. I'm against corruption of any kind, and there's plenty of corruption to go around from Both parties! From what I've studied from the Democratic candidates so far, is that I trust Tulsi Gabbard the most in ending these wasteful regime change wars, bringing the Trillions of dollars spent on these wars and bringing that money back to we the people. She has reached out to Republicans and when she gets a bill passed with the help of Republicans, I've heard her thank them by name publicly. And although I might not agree with her 💯 of the time, (nobody does), I know that she's sincere and has integrity. I like what she stands for, Service Before Self, People Before Profits! I also believe that if she gets elected President, she will clean up the corruption from both parties. She's already called out Hillary when she referred to her as "the epitome of rot, the queen of warmongers…" If you don't know who Tulsi Gabbard is, please go to her website and take a look for yourself about her policies and her plans to enact them, and what things she's already done. She's the one I hear many Trump supporters say to me, "She's the only one that I would vote for other than Trump." But the things is, her base covers people from all over the political spectrum. There's Progressives like me that like what she stands for, but also Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Liberals, and even those that refuse to label themselves, (like Tulsi). Just check her out is all I'm asking. Actually, do your homework on All the candidates, because we need to have informed voters! Like, for me, I have no clue yet what Andrew Yang's foreign policies are. That's something that I need to still look into, but I will. And for those that voted for Trump, as a self-proclaim Progressive, (not the same as Democrat), I'm telling you, I get you! Hillary in my mind my mind was just as bad, if not worse. (I believe worse because she's a warmonger). And Trump made lots of promises that unfortunately he didn't keep, but hey, at least we're not at war with Russia which would have been a good possibility if Hillary won. Many, including myself, saw Trump as the "lesser of two evils," but I wasn't going to vote for any evil so as a symbolic protest vote, I voted for a 3rd party candidate. I saw first hand how the DNC rigged the 2016 election! Makes me so mad 😠 to this day! Sorry, I went off on a tangent. To wrap this up, do your research, so that you can make up your own mind, and then once you have the conviction of the heart on who the best possible presidential candidate will be, vote for that person regardless what the mainstream media might say about a certain candidate's chances of winning. Don't trust or believe mainstream media's polling and other bs. Remember, these so called polls had Hillary winning by a landslide, and yet, Trump won. So do your homework and then vote with Your conviction of the heart.

  13. Like I’m talking at the basketball game dirty dirty politics stealing all the taxpayers money in the world money you know Barack Obama only had $1 million when he went in as president in 2008 he walked out with hundreds and hundreds of millions he now owns $45 million of homes fancy homes where did you get that money he only make 400,000 as a president that’s $3.2 million in his time as president for eight years but he has hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank G Barack where did you get all that money you’re only thieves stealing Americas money and what did they do gave us 10 trillion in debt it’s the great American robbery

  14. Hunter Biden received $83,000 per month from US taxpayers, while his dad was vice president. (Where did Burisma get the money?)


  16. It's perfectly clear, Washington (D&R) are corrupt. Controlled by their corporate owners/donors with no regard for human life. Drain the SWAMP and clear the way for a government that spends our tax dollars on us not corporate welfare, Bernie Sanders 2020.

  17. Hope this corruption is punished by time behind bars for all involved and Obama's administration is officially recognized as one of the most corrupt administrations of our time.

  18. Too bad the shriveled vaginas on the View are not going to allow these allegations to tarnish the holy pulpit they have placed Obama and his administration on.

  19. Holy moly that's an amazing allegation! And what did Obama's state department do? They had Biden lobby Ukraine and threaten to withhold $1 billion in aid!

    Except Biden told Ukraine to fire the previous prosecutor (Shokin) in 2015. Because Shokin WASN'T investigating Burisma.

    So Burisma asked the State department to help fire the new prosecutor that WAS investigating Burisma again. And the State department ignored them.

    In summary, this story misleads by ignoring the timeline. Lies: the cornerstone of right-wing ideology.

  20. Someone please tell me why the U.S. Senator and Congress are not investigate Obama administration crucked Joe Biden and his son John Kerry crucked corrupt Hillary Clinton and impeach these swamp

  21. Have had family member addicted to speed, trump has all of the signs of the problem. Before I vote want to see a drug test result.

  22. I think it's obvious that the Clinton's, and Obama's won't get what they deserve so we can all stop hoping unfortunately.😔

  23. It is bizar that a foreign company wouls ask United States to get involved in an investigation from their own country. I never heard of any foriegn company askin America to get involved with a foreign matter that has nothing to do with America…I wonder how often this happens? Would a Saudi company ask USA to help them if the Saudi government was investigating them ?

  24. A old wise man once said," Beware!…for what thou wishes for, and remember the truth can never be buried completely! Alas, the @DNC has in a pitiful desperation attempt to stop the inevitable they cast aspersions almost immediately when the first threads began unraveling after revelations of Hillary's email catastrophe. OOOPS! tsk tsk tsk….. Can we say PARTY SUICIDE… Obama is just as guilty, let us remember they expected a DEMOCRATIC DYNASTY. Decades Liberals unraveling of the Constitution, the complete and total burying of the Russian Collusion and further brainwashing of the public. OH MY… this was never supposed to happen. So sad, ( Mock tears of course )

  25. Slow down trumpers, it was only the corrupt officials they were supposed to be rid of. Unlike 45 who can't seem to surround himself with enough corrupt people to do all his bidding! 😜

  26. it is easy to not have a scandal when the media covers for you i.e. Obama/ Biden..  No one ever called them on anything …  All these media outlets that thought it was the Father , the Son and Obama for crying out loud.. They deserve what ever crap they get for this.  Pissing down America's back and telling their audiences, just some rain folks.

  27. Sorry, but if you think Biden should be impeached for this (even tho it's a silly and debunked theory) how on earth can you pretend Trump SHOULDN'T be impeached? I mean this is according to YOUR legal theories…how stupid

  28. This, of course, leaves out the minor (sarcasm) detail that THE EU AND THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY WANTED THAT PROSECUTOR REMOVED BECAUSE HE WAS CORRUPT! This was an international action, not just Joe Biden saying get rid of this prosecutor. Our country has more power and leverage, so we were tasked with the ask. And the reason the international community wanted him removed was because he was NOT investigating corruption in Ukraine. It's funny how different the story is when you leave out one of the most important facts.

  29. The liberals are trying to change our Justice System to not right or wrong, but to who you are and what you believe. If enough people support it, it's not a crime.

  30. It’s so crooked yet…the media most of corrupt government in bed with certain…parties….a revolution….is coming….if this corruption doesn’t stop….

  31. Have the Fake Newsies said we cut the clip and that’s not what he meant or anything like that? You know, to go along with it’s a “right wing conspiracy theory”?
    I can imagine they did. I can’t watch the fake news I start yelling and throwing stuff at the TV set whenever I do… it only takes about 30 seconds or less of watching to hear blatant lie after lie spewing from their treasonous mouths.

  32. I sure hope the fake news and their semi fake partners in news reporting, learn a great lesson here. It’s in their best interests to do so…what a WASTED opportunity for REAL OLD FASHIONED NEWS REPORTERS, to chase down all the FACTS, pound the pavement asking questions, doing real RESEARCH, FOLLOWING THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY, I mean this STORY has it ALL, corruption, treachery my secret a.m. Fishel got the email did cuter snatching in the wavy and the money changing hands and Ukrainian oil the Russian oil and I need one the cool take over demo report all MG is so huge I actually was actually report on this is what it’s doing what it’s doing we will meet your career or Cilla to Thailand windows it

    Oh auto correct, I hate you.

    Anyway I can’t fix it my hands hurt too bad

    So go ahead
    You can go ahead and leave a stupid comment about if you must. Just know it was not intentional it was a bizarre dictating auto correct accident .
    And I apologize for not being able to fix it fix it and you have to do that manually not dictating and I can’t do it with my hands right now sorry so I apologize

  33. When creepy joe does his upper reach around on warren, he will definitely come up empty handed. It will be a hoot watching creepy joe’s expression

  34. "I want to have open-door hearings; they're hiding the truth" Open- door hearings are introduced "None of this should be held in the open, it's a witch hunt" Do any you have any more questions?

  35. Trade deficit up 13% under trump his idiot followers think he is standing up for America. Other countries are cashing in and laughing at us. Sad.

  36. Gosh, it's weird that Trump's entire inner circle is turning against him, with FACTS and 10 HOURS OF TESTIMONY EACH, but not a single participant of the Obama White House has had a single bad word for Biden?

  37. The Democrats are on the road to defeat in 2020, afterwards California will become Republican followed by New York: 21st century American Idealism is rising upwards in the world of today. Americanism is the watchword of the hour: Big American Idealists, with 40 league boots, have arrived upon the stage of universal history.

  38. I intend to keep saying it……Gosh, it's weird that Trump's entire inner circle is turning against him, with FACTS and 10 HOURS OF TESTIMONY EACH, but not a single participant of the Obama White House has had a single bad word for Biden?

  39. Had VIP access Prove it Empty words and another example of Whataboutism – You can spin as much b**8888 about Biden but Trump is about to be impeached so Whatabout that Solomon and hannity

  40. So the oblunder admin has some splaining to do, excited to see them in orange, especially after all these orange man bad jokes, the jokes going to be on them!

  41. None of this matters until people are held accountable. At the end of the day, they will ALL be doing the same corruption as before. And then turn around and tell people like me I dont need my guns, I should pay higher taxes, and immigrants are untouchable. That's nice👍👍

  42. We want to see the wissle blower the two Biden’s Hillary Clinton because she’s involved in the 2016 and Obama because he’s at fault for all this hatred

  43. Biden is on video bragging about what he did! He created the greatest definition of Quid pro quo I’ve ever seen and I live in Chicago

  44. Want more of this story from the Ukraine point of view? It's out there but won't be found in U.S. media. But in the Ukraine ' Unz Review', an interview with Oleg Tsarev. Find it at The Plundering of Ukraine By Corrupt American Democrats / Zero Hedge.

  45. Wow we know how corrupt the Ukrainian government is but it doesn’t hold a candle to the American corrupt government and fake news CNN corruption in bed with the left

  46. Wait what? But the BBC and MSNBC told me that the investigation into Burisma was dead before Hunter Biden joined the board? How can this be?

  47. Listen Trumper cult. There is no them against us. We all are Americans. There are those how see the facts for what there are and those who are bias against the facts because they are with the President regardless of what law he break. But their are more that love our country more those who love Trump. 2020 will be the year those that didn't vote because they never thought this con would be President will come out to vote and for those who voted that gave him chance that are not bias like all will not vote for him again. Anyone that is not bias with common sense that didn't for last time won't be like he is a good President let me go out and vote this time because he not one. So either way he going lose votes from before and there going to be an increase in votes against. Realize this man won by a very slim margin. So for you Trumpers who have dreams of him being reelected. Unless he can rig the election it's not gonna happen. I am one of those who didn't vote because I didn't think he would win. I will be at the polls this time around to vote this corrupt, lying, selfish, embarrassment to our country of a man out. So he can finally end up where he should be. PRISON.

  48. Thank you for your service, Fox News and John Solomon! Wow this is a DAMNING piece of evidence against that arrogant bas*ard Biden.

  49. And this is 1, that’s right- ONE Country, think how many other countries had dealings with the USA. They can have a lot more that could had their arm twisted by Biden .


  51. According to The Intercept, Just Security and The Daily Beast, Solomon helps to advance right-wing and pro-Trump conspiracy theories.[25][23][41] The New Republic described Solomon's columns for the Hill as "right-wing fever dreams."[42] Independent journalist Marcy Wheeler accused Solomon of manufacturing fake scandals which suggested wrongdoing by those conducting probes into Russian interference in the 2016 election.[43] Reporters who worked under Solomon as an editor have said that he encouraged them to bend the truth to fit a pre-existing narrative.[7]  According to the Huffington Post, "Solomon told HuffPost he was not authorized to speak and does not comment on his reporting. He may simply have been unaware of these three facts when he published his story. But they provide crucial context to an incomplete narrative that has been bouncing around the right-wing echo chamber all week."[44]

  52. Isn’t this the same thing the Clinton’s did while Hillary was SOS! Using the Clinton Foundation and Hillary authorizing Bill Clinton speeches in foreign countries for how much money? Pay for play quid pro quo? Uranium One! Again under the lawless Obama Administration.

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