UK election 2019: the winners and losers

Clearly, lots of results are still coming
in and we’re still only dealing with projections. But at this stage, it does look as though
this one nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate
to get Brexit done. I will not lead the party in any future general
election campaign. I will discuss with our party to ensure there
is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party
will take going forward. I can’t help but be delighted by the performance
of my party this evening. Tonight, we have seen that it is likely that
Boris Johnson is on course to get a majority and it is clearly a good night for the SNP. Some will be celebrating the wave of
nationalism that is sweeping on both sides of the border. But let me say now, for millions of people
in our country, these results will bring dread and dismay. And people are looking for hope. This is a very bad night for the climate. It’s very bad night, I think, for progressive
politics. We have to learn the lessons. But I killed the Liberal Democrats and I’ve
hurt the Labour party. But that wasn’t your purpose. The purpose, my purpose was to try to get
the right kind of Brexit. If we get half a loaf out of it, well,
that’s what we’ve achieved.

Maurice Vega

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  2. What's up with the Conservative Elmo and Cyclone Batman, and the Labour yellow Christmas tree guy in the background? It's so hard to take you the UK serious.

  3. Watching question time…. considering Borris Johnson just won the election….they are already tearing into him. He's racist… he's got no feelings…he's sexist…masoginy…wha wha wha ?

    Jeremy Corbyn lost because of the leftist claptrap…. inclusivity.. identity gender equality…steeling from the rich…a free commy internet service etc…AND because he wouldn't honour the referendum.

  4. As an American, I am so proud that your people are finally making the decision to stand up for your country. Your future will be brighter. Your economy will progress and your standards of living will immensely improve. Hooray! I am celebrating here in the US for you all. Just back from the store after buying some real English tea and beer. Partying and watching BBC World News here in Florida.

  5. British peasants let’s place a bet in the next 20 years you will be in the union again.
    I am not calling you peasants to be mean it’s the truth all humans are.

  6. I’m so happy that he won. If I was British I would feel so proud of being British. Greetings from a Spanish Mexican. Let’s Make Spain Great again.

  7. I am surprised Labour crossed the mark 200 mark. Did anyone really think labour would win with Corbyn in charge. Everyone could see how he supported dodgy foreign elements and how the party was blatantly leaning towards a certain community by passing various resolutions and tacitly and actively approving protests against other minorities . Labour in its current state is anything but pro British. ???. Corbyn keeps on talking about the party’s manifesto. The labour manifesto boiled down to “free broadband”.????

  8. All of the Conservative in the USA is happy for the UK talks are needed for trade to boost the Economy in the UK. May the UK prosper and the USA.????⚽️??

  9. What do you expect, Labour Party, when you elected as your leader the most extreme candidate – WHY ON EARTH DID YOU ELECT A RAVING SOCIALIST – IRA AND IRAN sympathizer – who FUDGED BREXIT COMPLETELY (TEXTBOOK FUDGE BREXIT) – you will have to pay like you had to pay when you were banished to roam the political wilderness during the eighties and nineties. YOU ARE NOW REAPING THE WHIRLWIND AFTER SOWING TO THE WIND.

  10. What lessons did we obtain from the conservative party got the majority votes of the House of Commons in UK on 12 Dec 2019?

  11. What border is Jo Swineson talking about? If it's the uk border, there isn't a border and dear Boris will continue to make sure there never will be in order to further flood our once beautiful country with lots and lots of trash.

  12. And the socialists and those who were willing to trample over democracy, still scratching their thick heads wondering what just happened. DHHHUUUH!

  13. The Guardian advised people to vote for Labour.
    Clearly not many voters read the Guardian.
    And the Guardian will have even less readers tomorrow.

  14. I hope you Tories are sick or poor like us one day. Then you might need some help. You won't get it from your own rotten kind.

  15. Let me tell you all who Boris Johnson the prime mister is, if you do not know by now he is a opportunist, it is very easy to figure out what he did, he when with the most popular crowd that had the large amount of people that is the foolish labour party people that support brexit and if you ask those naive labour party people what dose brexit mean they have no idea, I will truthful tell you all naive labour party people just what brexit is, brexit is the idea of Arron Banks that stay in the background and some other rich backer that see away of making money out of brexit so Arron Banks had just play you labour party supporter all for a big fool and take you all for a ride.

  16. Even in defeat, Swinson is awful. She still thinks it's right to go against a winning referendum result. Bye sweetheart, I know a girl guide group that needs a deputy leader, you just might qualify. ?

  17. Well my daughter is realising her full potential at University and the elderly and disabled are enjoying their perks thanks to the SNP as well as the heap of other incentives funded by the SNP from which we in Scotland are ripped off and short changed in the U.K. budget share after our many Scottish commodity revenues like oil, gas, whisky , electric power grid , fisheries , agriculture , tourism etc etc generate ££billions for the U.K. -Tory run treasury in London from which we are given a paltry amount back …and they can keep their Barnett formula which is a con to keep us in this shambolic one – sided UK ‘ Union’ and is a pittance compared to what Scotland generates via commodities and taxes.

    My daughter is doing great at a University and my eldest son at college , both realising their full potential….

    Thank you Ms.Sturgeon ???????????????????

    Would never get that from a hateful and spiteful Tory government

    Scotland has again overwhelmingly shown we don’t want to be run by a vile Tory dictatorship who risk selling off our NHS and other public services …Tories are a cult hell bent on privatising everything for self profit and greed.

    A Tory bunch of Etonian racists , liars and greedy self-centred chancers who mock the poor , sick , disabled and even the dying are fair game …kids included.

    Always delighted to vote for the only party standing up for fairness & equality and standing against racism , right wing hatred of the poor and disabled, sick , greed & corruption …the Scottish National Party ??✅????????

    Let’s now look to get the remaining 6 seats back from these disgusting and hateful Conservatits ??

    Even many English folk up here vote SNP because they know they stand up for the right principles and their policies are the most fair , balanced and best and we don’t prop up the corrupted privileged who think they should be tax exempt and look down on the poor …even the vile bedroom tax imposed by the Conservatits is being subsidised by the SNP for Scotland’s poorest .

    Boris Johnson and his vile Tory cult aren’t wanted up here with his cheap slogans and soundbytes and ignorance and hateful of Scotland , we will decide in the end our destiny and not have it dictated to us by the rabid Tory cult.

    Toxic , corrupt , dishonest , racist , hateful Tories have no place in Scotland and the electorate have hammered home that message.

    Scottish independence is the only way to go to avoid o and off decades of disgusting Tory austerity , hated of the poor, sick , disabled and the dying and seeing Scotland as a constant cash cow and the English , BritNat Boris Johnson and his cult of rabid followers.

    SNP all the way ??????????

  18. So I when I clicked on this video I thought I wouldn’t be able to take it seriously because it would be full of dumb leftist catchphrases. Nope, it was the background characters

  19. Still 47% Labour voters were Leavers who thought Corbyn would respect the referendum! So 68% of UK voted to Leave! Some second referendum…

    With a little help from are European partners! X tohdaloo third world country hello Europe ; )

  21. Jeremy Corbyn was always in a dilemma. More diehard leave than any Conservative, like most of his leave-voting labour heartlands. His party was opposed to this and are mainly remainers. as leader it must have been difficult to be on the leave side – so he went against himself into the middle of the road to be "neutral" andwhat happen to you if you stand in the middle of the road? You get run over.

  22. Dian Abbott lost Coburn the election .they had no chance with this racist. And she has no brain. No one in there right mind would want her in the winning party

  23. The clear loser here is Britian, the SNP won a big victory and Scotland is probably going to leave over Brexit. The upper class will get more and more tax cuts while the NHS gets sold off to the Americans causing healthcare to be as expensive as the American counterpart. When the next financial crisis comes, the smell of revolution will be in the air.

  24. Yank here…the one Labour MP I'm sorry to see lose his seat is Dennis Skinner. I may not have agreed with a lot of the policies he supported, but at least I felt he was basically the real deal, with true blue collar roots in a party of poseurs, who spoke from the heart and didn't mince words.

  25. The London IRA communists’ anti-Semitic Labour Party suddenly found out not everybody wants more green taxes, less foreign investors, less manufacturing jobs, more EU bureaucracy, unlimited immigration. Strange people outside London…

  26. I always had Jeremyski down as a loser, now I have been proved correct. Please take that Diane Abbot with you when you leave. PS: and don't forget to close the door behind you when you go.

  27. From April 2019 all MP's earn £79,468,00 and this does not include their expenses, i presume Jo Swinson earned more than this as the leader (former) of The Unliberal Democrats. Jo has fallen of the gravy train, merry Christmas everyone.

  28. I’m an American and therefore I don’t know much about British politics, but can someone tell me why Elmo was standing behind Boris Johnson?

  29. Winner – Tory
    Loser – Labour

    job done 🙂 and you can thank the likes of Owen Jones and Ash Sarker for turning this into a cultural war

  30. No jo the result only brings dismay to you and your husbands company , no more EU funding. Now get back under your stone you pathetic little parasite

  31. First move made by our lovely government – the DWP now decides whether or not you’re disabled. If your GP determines that you are too sick to work, the DWP can override that. The DWP exam to determine whether or not you’re fit for work is carried out by a civil servant, not a medical practitioner.

  32. I hope the UK deports all those Arabs in there country. Since the UK doesn’t have a libtarded government I’ll start going on vacation there

  33. I've always wondered how the allegedly 'Green' parties can be for open borders. Do they think immigrants don't need houses, places of work, and roads to connect the two? Isn't this 'development' snaffling up far more countryside than 'global warming'?

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