UK election 2019: how the Tory triumph unfolded

This one nation Conservative government
has been given a powerful new mandate. This is obviously a very disappointing night
for the Labour party. Tonight is terrible. It’s horrendous.
It’s heartbreaking. Jo Swinson has lost her seat in Dunbartonshire
East to the Scottish National Party. The most disastrous result for the Labour
party. The worst result since 1935. [cheering and applause] The votes are counted after this election
of December 2019, the Conservatives on 368 seats and Labour way down
on 191. A majority.
[audience boos] Well, that’s what the exit poll
is saying. Boris Johnson has gambled and won. The exit poll which is predicting a
large Conservative majority. If this exit poll is anywhere near right,
this result is a catastrophe for you, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. – If it is anywhere near this
– Just anywhere Anywhere near, you’re right, this will be
extremely disappointing for the for the party. But certainly this exit poll
is a devastating blow. Ian Levy, the Conservative
party candidate, 17, 000 [cheering and applause] I would like to thank Boris. What we seem to be seeing tonight in Blythe
and from the exit poll is that families, people who have been lifelong Labour voters
in Labour areas are not voting for your party. Russia’s Berlin Wall came down in 2019. Labour’s red wall came down. Labour’s red wall is analogous
to the Berlin Wall of a totalitarian state? Well, that was a very left wing state. Is this result making you … I mean are you
slightly gone …? No, not at all. The Labour party present lucidity?
No. In this election year, I did notice that
Ian Duncan Smith is to be elected as a member of parliament for Chingford and
Woodford Green. The Lib Dem vote, though.
Look at that. Just about splitting it enough to let
Iain Duncan Smith in. As the member for the East Dunbartonshire. So we’ll be celebrating the wave of nationalism
that is sweeping on both sides of the border. And I do congratulate all those who are
newly elected. Commiserations to Jo Swinson. To lose her seat tonight, when has led
her party through this campaign will be a bitter blow for her. Thank you very much. All good things must come to an end. But I do want to say that I’m over the moon
by the results we’re seeing nationally. Corbyn was a disaster on the doorstep. Everyone knew that he couldn’t lead the
working class out of a paper bag. I want him out of the party.
I want Momentum gone. Go back to your student politics. And I will not lead the party in any future
general election campaign. It is six minutes past 5:00 in the morning. And we are now in a position to say that
this election of 2019 formally has been won by the Conservatives. This election means that getting Brexit done
is now the irrefutable, irresistible, unarguable decision of the British people.

Maurice Vega

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  1. What we know about the 2019 election so far – at a glance ►

  2. The Scots will have to flood Westminster with their dirty salmons full of antibiotics to get a second independence referendum! Little England and their narrow nationalists views will hold…In the short medium term only.

  3. ☹️☹️this is absaloutly heartbreaking for Scotland honestly heartbreaking what is happening to our country Scotland is going bye bye to england if we leave I can’t wait to see all use people who voted for the conservitives have to put up with your country falling apart

  4. The silent majority win, they’ll remain happily quiet as many people are waking up to reality, while the rest rant like toddlers and demand a recount.

  5. U.K. has shown it true colors we all know deep down inside that racism is rife and was the major benefactor in conservative winning .

  6. The levels of psychological manipulation are godly.
    The creator/s, this unknown entity, if you're reading this then I must say-

  7. More people voted remain in the referendum, than voted Tory and Brexit party put together in this one, this is the final proff there needs to be a second referendum, respect the PEOPLES's wishes, not that of the minority who vited Tory in this election,

  8. Thanks to all Indian brothers and sisters, for voting borris in power. Nice slap to labour party and Jeremy in UK. Enjoyed it from India. ???????

  9. Anti-semitic racists win nothing…. and the Guardian should be utterly ashamed of itself. Millions put their coats on and from the four corners of the country taught you what democracy means. Don Valley, Bassetlaw, Blyth, Sedgefield, your 'vote' taught you a lesson. Hold your heads in shame.

  10. Am I the only one here who’s watching this video because there’s a man wearing a trash can and Elmo in the Thumbnail?

  11. Channel 4 have a live audience to boo the exit poll? This is serious politics, not a Big Brother eviction. Get a grip, Channel 4.

  12. Well done Great Britain! Well done Boris Johnson!
    Now we (I am a UK citizen!) can GET BREXIT DONE and re-remember and realise how great The United Kingdom can be. Let's leave the EU. The world awaits us again.

  13. Hahahahahahaha! Oh, Owen… POOR OWEN! Mr. Jone's nowhere to be seen in the pages of the Guardian today. He must have had a breakdown. Hahahahhahahahah!

  14. JC should’ve stuck to his principles and campaigned for a Socialist Leave instead of pandering to the remainer Blairites. He would’ve been in number 10 now. Cannot believe they were so stupid. It was obvs this was going to happen. Don’t abandon your core voters.

  15. Boris Johnson promised to update Britain’s National health service, which has been struggling under the weight of immigration. By curbing immigration through severing ties with the EU, the NHS can be adjusted to meet the demands of the British citizens, not the rest of Eastern Europe or the Middle East.

  16. It’s a shame Corbyn made himself so easy to critique. And it’s a shame jo Swinson thought that she’d actually have a chance despite splitting the remain vote!

    Absolutely fair play to boris for winning, brexit is now actually happening and we can move on.

    Still, the fact that there was around 2-3 million more votes for remain/peoples vote parties compared to the leave ones just shows the problem with first past the post.

  17. Why is Elmo and a guy with a bucket on his head behind Boris Johnson I mean it’s still pretty funny but why are they there

  18. Well from your cousins across the pond in the USA, I congratulate those who won. Obviously the people spoke and spoke very loudly.

    I'll be honest I don't understand UK politics at all but congrats all the same.

  19. So boris is the PM until 2024. Yes!! Amazing. So ateast one country in europe has just found its balls again. Praise the Lord and deport the communists.

  20. Big scam in UK is not only Labour, Lib Dem, but SNP. The leader of SNP is lying all Scottish people leaving UK, but staying in EU. That is impossible. Leaving UK is automatically leaving EU. New country has to prove their economy before applying to join EU. Being in EU means more control from Brussels. That is not to be independent, but slave to EU. No £s as a currency. If Scotland wants £ that means totally be in the UK. EU in next 3 years forces any country member in EU to change their currentcy to €. Recently countries joined EU are still using their currency. She the SNP leader is a liar.

  21. Before the election there was huge amount of people protesting the Brexit, what I believe this people are paid by the EU in the Liberals if not the anti Brexit won but no so i doubt.

  22. It’s scary to think of this, Boris Johnson wants to sell the NHS so we don’t pay in our taxes instead if we just want to have a checkup or just to see how we doing we have to pay thousands of pounds is on fair for people who don’t have that money. I think the people who voted for Conservatives are rich and old people who don’t have to travel or they have the money to do all of this is on fair for the people like me and my family who are poor and we don’t have the money to do this, it’s scary and unfair.

  23. Corbyn never seemed serious contender, he was interviewed on national tv with a Tesco bag in his hand on many occasions
    Then again his red manifesto could have been in that bag.

  24. The EU don’t mind the UK leaving because all the jobs and companies who depended on the EU customers and markets will be moving to the EU to access the market this will be the Netherlands or France
    This country will suffer and if you think otherwise you must be on something strong!!!

  25. Insulting working class people and obsessions over identity politics and pronouns, was always going to end like this. The women labour kicked out for ‘misgendering’ have had enough of you too.

  26. Boris is a machine!. Millions of leave voters were called thick, Boris was called a bafoon. If all that's true other parties and EU goons need take a long look in a mirror!

  27. 2010 GE; 2014 EUROS; 2015 GE; 2016 TRUMP & BREXIT; 2017 GE; 2019 EUROS; 2019 GE…Read the list again and take in the scale of devastation! The left keeps getting savaged but learns nothing. Impeachment will make Trump stronger and Labour will elect another leftie and lose again in 4/5 years. Losers.

  28. Jo Swinson pre-election : "We can only stop Brexit if you vote for nationalists wherever they can beat the tories!"
    Jo Swinson post election : "We have to find a way out of the nationalist surge!"

    Makes about as much sense as a party calling themselves liberal democrats trying to overrule the electorate

    Goodbye, Jo.

  29. Hey guardian d bags… why don’t you learn from labours mistake and start listening to the VAST MAJORITY OF THE BRITISH POPULATION AGAIN… ?(white/heterosexual/ working class people )

  30. What we need now is Jess Phillips as the new labour leader as she hates men and they can then lose another 50% of potential voters

  31. Corbyn just isn’t progressive enough for my vote but all is not lost.
    As long as he is willing to be surgically re-gendered to a less destructive variant I will be prepared to vote for him again.

  32. 47% Labour Leavers still voted Labour, they thought Corbyn would respect referendum. So 68% of UK want to Leave! Some second referendum….

  33. Left wing elites have colluded around the world to silence the native working class so they can fill every cheap labour role and bring more business into the country. Then when people revolt they are called racists or bigots. Time is up, time for change. The left weaponized the youth, the only people who could be weaponized due to their lack of life experience. They will see the reality of the oppressive left wing. Mass immigration has been a disaster.

  34. Australia sky news gave the uk result credit and were happy for us. Head over to uk Sky utter devastation on their face at the result.

  35. This car is perfect, it just refuses to leave this spot. I don't know why should such a perfect car do such a stupid thing.

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