TYT Wins Best Political News Site Award: Next Up, Streamys!

no way either way best political new site in the world i mean it’s happening every line dressed
in our curriculum and a little money competition because you know we like
these web sites b_b_c_ hopping oppose the that a good job but turns out we had the best political
news site in the world analysis of the base on avoiding it
mashable and uh… and they’ve got all these different categories there were
the most sites sites in serra serra and uh… and of course began it was
your going that they did and look what can i tell you he’d like to know i think it’s just too
strong so that activist can’t go on forever but i think u one more let’s go for three anamika streamyx dot or these guys have everybody plate by the top hollywood guys et cetera off
go to their lives event discover by entertainment weekly in the everything else the streaming sickle right were gone were coming forward like totedaho
now that’s a little bit reeled out of it colin better then as to when the string award poke
but no i don’t know what people we’re taking this training we are the things that trip it’s true we did doctor streaming yet we
invented streamed live streaming december twelve two thousand five and would be good ever since the
longest-running uh… web television show initiative or baba se manzoor so it is
that we provide a link for you on the web site on the actors dot com i thought
or i have no by cyclical post uh… and then on youtube loss of a
runaway free so don’t worry the school weight will click on it too easy and
that they were on their best news or politics web series that’s one category best news or politics websphere what we
are an enhanced with the series naming you know that’s the on trucks re-enter
the on purpose and then uh… they ask you are you are
a listen that supports debby debby debby dot the young turks dot com so if you add to
that you could vote once a day again as they did with other categories uh…
until january fifteenth and and that’s it at you know then after we win all
three we played our flag we go what happened now and we know about the
russians about three p let’s go now it’s not and like i just wanted to
mention something okay we’ll have the strongest soldiers
working for us we kill an insulating army basil incredibly strong it and only
settlement right but you know with we who bear so quite a week ago we love we
we luckily or legally but its but i have been to the in the beginning
they started with a msnbc poll when all who should get msnbc jobs are i was surprised by but all the sudden we went from like ah… you know
whatever to om flushing the rest of the field system wide in army thapar litigation that strong and it turns out it has and we go we
crash every single one of these things and at some point like the mainstream media or whatever is
good but wait a minute if they win every single
award him a question everything from the web ended his biggest steamroller
wonderful she proper that it all it very clear of it they had this thing
rolling system the wallets doesn’t really exist i’ve gotten so we’re not sure what
lesson for you guys is uh… membership ok you know what do
the membership drive in december date i know its people are signing up like
crazy which is great because if we get this turn of the members of the higher
more websols as the work for us today annie get bigger bigger do some new
shows do some expansion et cetera so we’re giving away by these awesome
buddies i thought day-to-day i guess so envious i ordered a videotape or myself untapped
o_j_ acquittal order yet does that mean we have two people honey yet haha at that budget but it is i’ve never
met richard you get a free directed and then if you go to the higher levels than
senator financeiro rebel headquarters artist free ipods different nak books at
the highest level this wireless f_m_ transmitters to check
that out on the other church dot com if you’re ever in the center for membership
and is the belief that we’ve ever done it and very lightly always i will ever
do it this is it you do it in december

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. I'm from Ontario Canada how much is it to join and get the sweater with it Cenk (I know he reads these btw). I'm at work and can't check the prices. I work nights at my gym and this site has saved me from many a productive night:)

  2. so weird when cenk talks about the army I get excited, but when ana talks about it I don't want to do anything but sit on my hands. They should really cut out that hour of the show she is on, just horrible.

  3. I like TYT, but I'm getting concerned that these awards are gonna go to Cenk's head around. What's good about TYT is that they aren't just a Left version of Bill O'Riely. I'm worried that too much success might start creating an ego that big.

  4. You mean the guy yelling? It's from Gladiator. I've been told he's saying "Ihr seid verfluchte Hunde!" which means something like "You are damned dogs!" in German.

    (While we're on the subject, "Am I not merciful?" is also from Gladiator. Cenk must really like that movie.)

  5. congratulations, awesome job….i'll b votin everyday, lol u beat the BBC and their revenue is only in the £billions but whose countin

  6. unfortunatly, none wants to cover a show that speaks the truth. All these media corporations are totally bought and they wouldnt allow a show that gives REAL news.

    I regret so much I didnt go to the CNN protest, if there's another one, i would definetly go this time.

  7. turk why are you not launch the tv channel
    as you now it the turks are all offer the world+khazar jew
    who are the turk people+even muslims
    who are the 1.578billion people+million americans who are athiest like you
    any way i wishing you the best my dear

  8. Congratulations guys on your second win, wow people really have a problem with Ana is she too perky, too bitchy, too obtuse, a bimbo? seems people are just finding an excuse to rag shit on her. Is she really as bad as people say she is, yes ana has her faults but to say she's some ho who is taking up space in the show is just mean.

  9. @Cypha1

    Really? According to imdb and most other sources, the former is correct. (Google both versions, you'll see what I mean). But your version does sound closer to the audio. I don't speak German, so I can't actually say for sure. 🙂

  10. We should also congratulate all the right wing haters who come on here to help boost your numbers. They are unwittingly a part of the TYT phenomena.
    Really they are biggest fans and they live to watch and comment on your news every day.

  11. Ana brings diversion in the whole show it's not only serious politics but also lighter topics or social topics which interests the general viewers if not the ratings would have gone low which it hasn't I say next stop: tv. own tv show.

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  13. @Somai82 Yup. Thats what the barbarian warchief yells while he waves the severed head of a roman soldier by the hair. Quite an interesting analogy by the way. We are the "barbarians", the marginal force that is still smaller then the "roman empire" but their demise is a matter of time.

    Way to go TYT! Keep it rockin'! TYT nation is an ever growing crowd that shall shake the grounds of this rotten political scenario!

  14. Your show is really good, what I mean by this, good because you say what really world wants us to know, things like T. Woods. By world I mean people who for 200 years worked hard to make sure that general public has the proper view of the world and keeps paying taxes so the new world order comes eventually to fruition.
    But the best part of your show is those two wires sticking out of your ears. I'm sure this is big contribution to your award. Keep those wires, they are really funny.

  15. Everybody works.
    Part of USA cold-war propaganda was to call workers middle class.
    Workers are like "friends" on TV or the Simpsons
    Capitalism made us all into workers, workers are civilized.
    Even many of the boss class are fed up with the nasty rat race.
    But all are stuck with a system from the Victorian age, blindly chasing profit causing bubbles of misery
    More openness and democracy is left.
    More reason and fairness.
    Pull Obama to the left; to the people.
    Pursue happiness not corp profits.

  16. @gymelef1

    I don't see why I would be jealous of a shitty white computer with basic components yet it costs about 30% more than any comparable windows based machine for no reason whatsoever.

  17. @Scarpsad

    Lulz what makes you think I'm a homophobe? All I pointed out was if you own a Mac there is a better or not chance you're gay. Nothing homophobic about that.

  18. @pbmdh

    I love the explanation of your non-homophobic ways, its better the plain description of a Mac (Man that sh!t cracked me up).
    But seriously how bout a nifty description of Windows or a witty description of a non-fag PC, or am I making an assumption on your behalf.

  19. IMPORTANT: READ THIS PLEASE!!!!!!! A new thing was started a couple weeks ago by the TYT viewers. After you vote TYT for Best News and Politics, go back on the site and vote TYT for Best Comedy =D It's already gotten hundreds of votes and with your help we can win it for them. It will be hilarious! They'll be SO SHOCKED! Please do it!

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