TYT Los Angeles Protest At The CNN Building

i think i think this is an aggressive
reporting on location behind the safety of their and our
fellow protesters we are asking c_n_n_ to recognize the fact that the majority of the public wants
the public option we’re getting a really good turn out
here sexism in the camera okay how we’re going to start a little
bit and uh… sparrow and i do this so subversive as c_n_n_ headquarters in
l_a_ dot russell instead my designing the first then worry about herbs so when you told them about life the example walked off yahoo alright but not
topographic doctrine after you know lalo my lesson out but i think that polarizing now my lesson well i got in there adventure those who have a dangerous adventures for others the hat beta zero davis wrote at stake is the have a good friend really well mediacom meatballs be paul reciever us for a fact slows down well don’t you know data file we will not have our news media let them know their majority of americans want the
public office it’s not since i never almost verses that michelle bachman in order to be
back as a result the reverse side three the polls ninety
nine percent fifty six percent seventy seven percent c_n_n_ itself apaul sixty one percent in favor of the
public option not give off if the numbers are clear
and easy to scientific empirical numbers and american people want the public
option why don’t they covered on hair like that erica hill once on-air said albeit all
the time she was fun popular based on what may be wrong bowls read all the polls and we watch c_n_n_
decoration gay said altogether as feedback protest
we have one right here again is los angeles writer brother building and we
still have not seen a camry and and when the politicians come on their shows
they’ve got to asap why if they’re buying us obama russian
what are you barney because the claro wealth of the majority now we’re gonna sign majority for a long
time this is the first step just the parts that in making sure we’re not silent anymore if what they cannot frommers the town
hall guys doing approach i think and ignore the clear majority of the
american people well then what time do the same thing so is the first day witness a lot for
until they recognize that we represent the majority there as well as if there was a a out all of your today woodridge illinois
here there is really busy around here and and this is how we get stuff done
this in our democracy works it’s not easy sometimes regatta cannot
be shown what grades therefore without the united and i like to see all of the adhere
united fighting from saint paul’s fighting for the right cause if they
don’t see the poll numbers we got to come down here shaw log at the poll
numbers because why do we say the polls disguised as one of the jordy of
americans want they want the public option and if they don’t have the
politicians and bc don’t give it to us they’re going ken’s the wealth of the
american people this is supposed to be a democracy and they need a represented we have the
facts on our side now let’s make sure that they hear satisfy a for don’t that is not exactly go historic downtown status quo has got to
go satisfy has got to go stand as well as
the cannot we at once because they don’t know about what’s the address and not begin to wonder if they don’t
know why didn’t you well we bring in further literally their
front today to accept that uses that take different demographic
mathematics monotonous dash wallace veronica grandmother mod guardsman meanwhile they got it exploded saale student loans dubbed cfd city there c_n_n_ prevents the unit vienna r_n_c_ and dharamsala r_n_c_ and de all right c_n_n_’s alright so do you
have a lot of good websites millions of americans that wanted and they want real
healthcare insurance for themselves for their family for their workers for
their companies with that patrick of all of you guys
putting together is the first that boorda many steps like this that we’re
gonna represent real americans not that’s not all the guys that the tea bag
responded by their corporate america that was a child is out there report so that you saw what was your w we really appreciated huh i uh…

Maurice Vega

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  1. 3rd world? lol Turkey is many things but it is NOT the 3rd world. That statement alone shows you are living in made up dream world.

    How is a Public option "give me tax payer hand-outs".

    So you should not have healthcare if you are in a upper or lower quartile.

    You do realise the public option saves money. You do realise you pay premiums?

  2. The correct term is taxation without representation and you ARE represented here by popular vote.

    Our current system is unsustainable because it allows for what is essentially price fixing by both the insurance and health care industries. Restoring competition alone will provide the funds to pay for the resulting reform, increase the insureds and reduce the cost of treatment.

  3. For those of you smirking about TYT's turnout:

    I'm actually impressed by what these guys were able to do. I'm even more impressed by what they were WILLING to do.

    It's easy for a mainstream media outlet like Fox News to throw in all their money and resources to convince a crowd or two to go to designated townhall meetings.

    But is it easy for a youtube channel (regardless of liberal or something else) to get people to march outside a corporation HQ without hate-mongering? I don't think so.

  4. When righters get a dozen or so people to show up for one of their very short-notice protests they seem rather pleased with themselves. When lefties do the same thing with similar turnout, the right wingers gloat about how "no one came" to their event.

    Biased much?

    I love it how some right wingers seem to think they invented protesting with the tea party movement and that the lefties are "copying" them.

    These are the same people who called organized protests during Bush's term "unpatriotic".

  5. I think this was a good turn out for a show with such a small audience. Most likely people were passing by and they joined in the prostest. Cenk is not Glenn Beck, he doesn't have the exposure or the resources to bus people from across the country. So the fact that anyone can let alone like at least 30 people is shows that people care about this.

  6. I think this was a good turn out for a show with such a small audience. Most likely people were passing by and they joined in the prostest. Cenk is not Glenn Beck, he doesn't have the exposure or the resources to bus people from across the country. So the fact that anyone can let alone like at least 30 people is shows that people care about this.

  7. Sad turnout ? Dont you think people work or go to school? These people were not paid to show up and the time notice was very short. They also had protestors at two other locations. Dont listen to this shit TYT. You keep going the army is growing stronger everyday. Most people could not start a YouTube channel and get 200+ people to show up and protest, never. Well dont TYT MOVE FORWARD.

  8. Are you kidding me? Let's "keep it real" here to use Cenk's words. This is an epic fail of a turnout. The entire CNN crew could have gone out on their lunch break and not noticed them. I bet 95% of the people who turned up were TYT staff/family and friends. Stop embarrassing yourself and keep it real.

  9. But they DO represent Americans as their elected officials just as our Constitution dictates. Simply because you may disagree with them in no way de-legitimizes them or the majority of Americans who don't. Allowing corporations to control our lives is a far greater threat to our sovereignty because they can't be voted out of office. That's what's really at stake here and you are playing right into their hands.

  10. Well of course this isn't going to compare to the protests endorsed 24/7 by Fox News like the one Michelle Bachman is putting together.

  11. You say TYT subscribers are dumber than apes on crack, but then you basically have the same opinion about the corporations and lobbyists that Cenk Uyger has, minus the view that we need a public option and better regulation.

    So you're saying that someone that has 75% of your own views is dumber than an ape. You really must hate yourself.

  12. Healthcare costs are spiraling out of control and are the NUMBER ONE contributor to bankruptcy in America. The cost of the emergency room is out of control, private health insurance is increasing faster than inflation, and YOU want people to believe a public option isn't relevant to the deficits?

    Please, don't be so disingenuous. Do your own research about it.

  13. CNN wouldn't even send a proper camera (minus some guy standing in the corner) to any of the three protests. CNN sucks ass and doesn't represent the people, or represent anything but corporate driven bollocks.

    As Cenk said, it isn't the number of people that went to the protest because the fact is…they represent the majority of Americans. Just look at the polls.

    So the teabaggers are organized and funded, but they represent the minority. That's just a fact.

  14. WOW… Do you even know what your saying? do YOU even know what the public option does? and you're gonna call people who want the public option unintelligent?

  15. Only 30 people showed up? no i saw millions. What do you thing those polls represents? MILLIONS of Americans that want the public option. JUST because they aren't there doesn't mean they don't want it. and really your getting so desperate that you have to make fun of the signs they make? unlike certain other people they don't pay other people to make their signs.


  17. When you say 'you idiots' about the public option, you're really talking about the American public. So you clearly hate America.

  18. It's true that poll's are just a sample and do not represent the truth. If we want to find out how Americans really think about the public option we should hold a national referendum. However, polls can show certain trends and the sheer number of polls showing a large majority in favor of the PO signals that most people probably want it.

  19. It was a great protest, but I'm afraid it was all too civilized to be noticed. The sad truth is that we have reached a point where you can only grab attention by doing something crazy or ridiculous.

  20. @calimar28
    so you admit Bush screwed up bad. Besides nobody screwed up, jobs are the last to recover, everyone knows that and with healthcare reform, millions will be saved from bankruptcy.

  21. Looks like no more than a 100 people showd up. This proves at least that people who are against the public option are better at organizing demonstrations.

  22. Silly humans. When will they realize that their world has passed the critical limit with regards to population, social incoherence, and the power and control hierarchies.

    When you have power and control hierarchies sitting on top of an incoherent mass of people in the billions, there is no social mechanism that can collapse that hierarchy, because societies are INCOHERENT. Because people do not understand the common social purpose. It's every person for him/her self.

  23. according to what? one poll, versus 7 or so that state way over 54% support it?

    i think the "public option or die" sign means you will die if you don't have a public option, not that the people who dont give you it should die, but it is a stupid sign.

  24. Ah, the power of the Internet, where even the enlightened and the foul mouthed can all have their day. Take care now! Go TYT! Show CNN how it's done…:)

  25. Are you high? Last time i checked, economy, job loss, wall st. all went down the drain on Bush's watch. You really expected Obama to fix 8 years worth of damage in one year? Really? one year, especially with healthcare that has defeated many great presidents, that BUSH avoided–COMPLETELY just like Dover air force base. please just shut up and do everyone a favor.

  26. YOU are damaging the chance of people getting health service that they have paid for with insurance, for which the hospital will bill you and you will simple not pay and go bankrupt.

  27. This is too funny. What a weak bunch of liberal idiots. The title of this video should actually be PROTEST FAIL. Cenk, how much did you pay the homeless man to hold that one sign?
    The reason you didn't see cameras is because you are a nobody.
    BTW, this is not a democracy. It is a representative republic.
    Final score: young turds-50(maybe), Teabaggers – 2,000,000

  28. This it's what's called an actual grassroots effort, the tea baggers had Fox news, elected officials, and group of people with money to promote and fund there protest, that tends to result in more people, so your comparison is a real epic fail.

  29. ok so why is this different than the 9/12 rally? It isn't. It's just TYT being hypocrites about a political show forming a rally

  30. I don't see a difference. TYT does news reports as well. As for Fox yes, they are opinionated, I personally find their news objective but their commentators and talk forums are not. So to me there is no difference between TYT and Fox/ TYT=Left and Fox=Right

  31. Man! I wish I could be there!

    Go you guys! I'm there in spirit!!!

    I live by Detroit, where am I supposed to protest, in front of all the closed down auto plants. 🙁

  32. icecoldbeerr, first of all, a constitutional republic and a democracy are not mutually exclusive…and America is BOTH. Secondly, you might want to view the video again because you didn't seem to get what the protest was about. The protest was not about the teabaggers but against CNN for not giving coverage that is representative and proportional of popular views (ie: if the public option has majority support, which it does, why does it get less coverage than the teabaggers?).

  33. tyt says over and over that they are libs oh and the tea party were payed work events. let me get this you a for giving big buisness more money?

  34. CNN needs to be exposed as the biggest Zionist front operation in the world. Faux News is there to give CNN and the other mass media outlets, including MSNBC, credibility. After listening to Glenn Beck, you feel relieved that the other stations are normal, stable, reliable people. When if fact they're all pushing the same Zionist lies and "story line." That story line starts…Muslims are bad, Americans (and Jews) are good. All mass media are Zionist fronts, so beware what they tell you.

  35. Ratings does not always mean truthful or unbiased. I see some left and right wing nuts on radio who will say anything, just for ratings.

  36. i couldnt give a rats ass about those in the medical insurance industry being unemployed. they can then go get honest work like the rest of us instead of being bloodsuckers.

  37. Your an idiot if you had any idea of what the words your trying to use ment. you'd realise you are using them incorrectly. How the fuck are they racist ?? one is a turk one a black guy a latino and a white chick. and how are you supposed to pay for a $100,000 health bill when u work minimum wage. no your just gonna die.

  38. I think CNN was too scared to cover this because it was right in front of their own building. It makes them look bad…which they deserve, but that is probably why they didn't cover it. I'm not saying it's a good reason, i'm just saying I think that was their reason.

  39. God damnit, I wish I could be there. Even though I'm from Norway and have single payer. I so hope Americans get it too!

  40. This is what makes me proud.

    There's a lot of ignorant neighbors living downstairs in America (I'm from Canada) but there's a lot of smart people as well!

    American media, SPEAK THE TRUTH!

  41. @trader1963, also I believe there was a Gay Rights protest which outnumbered the Tea Partiers, and that got virtually no coverage.

  42. @MarquisdeBarrabas well, actually they r doing much more by sitting on butts in fron of camera , but y its nice to see them doing this, because Cenk is right its democracy… if u ever lived in country where protests was restricted u will understand..

  43. @BoSoxnation1972 "With what bush spent, the interest on the debt he created will cost taxpayers 2 Katrinas worth of money PER YEAR!" Exactly! and Where were the tea baggers then? Oh yeah they were listening to Cheney telling us "deficits don't matter" They need to STFU now and let the grownups drive.

  44. @amarillotalk Killing the insurance industry will cause much higher taxes and unemployment? How exactly? How brainwashed do you have to be to think there will be disaster if insurance company leeches can no longer be the middle men sucking our health care money. They provide NOTHING & they need to go away. And what Free choice? Our HC is hijacked by a few companies who price fix and collude like crazy and have us over a barrel Thank God we finally have leaders who did something about it.

  45. @icecoldbeerr Cable news is nothing compared to network news anyhow. FNC on it's best day has 3 million viewers. 1% of the population. It's like they're king of the mud puddle! The morons who want their opinions spoon fed to them flock to FNC –which is so far beyond "biased" MSNBC never organized an anti-Bush ralley or contributed to the DNC. There's no comparison. And the "backfire" only happened in the ramblings of Fox news pundits. Out in reality not so much.

  46. @icecoldbeerr "Whatever Fox does obviously works. " Yes and Miley Cyrus had the biggest concert attendence ever so what's your point? That she's the best musical performer ever? Fox is a very successful propaganda machine. It lost almost half a billion dollars in it's first 5 years but thanks to the deep pockets of Rupert Murdoch it keeps chugging along.

  47. Where did they get the picture that they use in the hotspot to come to this link? it sure as hell wasn't from a TYT rally… hahahaha… that is a FOX tactic. I've met with more people at Starbucks than they pulled for their teeny, tiny, protest. hahaha. TYT, use a picture that truly represents the 30 people who showed up.


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