Two Parents Sentenced For Role In College Admissions Scandal | NBC Nightly News

Maurice Vega

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  1. Prosecutors totally wrong. Best punishment? Pay full tuition for 10 USC students. Roughly $2 million. That’s how you handle this.

  2. Aunt Becky should get more time because if her smug attitude. No one is above the law. She should have taken a plea deal!

  3. They should not be sentenced at all…but be reimbursed that money…and their children should be expelled from those colleges…and their diplomas (if any) should be removed or disapproved…THE END

  4. They been cheating for years…..makes me questioned how many really deserved their ivy league degrees. Most probably brought their degrees while Blacks have to prove our worth and earn our degrees. #whiteprivaledge

  5. 4,000 views and a handful of bottom tier comments after 12 hours. America really can't get enough of this riveting story.

  6. shows how there is two very different Justice systems in this country. People got to jail for 1 gram of weed for longer.

  7. They'll probably try to pay people to serve their sentences in their place. Sadly, this practice of bribery has been going on longer than we've imagined.

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