Two minutes with a brilliant billionaire: politics, legislation and tax

you made the rules in 1986… I didn’t
try to sneak around the back door or sneak underneath this. These rules were
made in 1986. I read the rules, said “what am I allowed to do?” and that’s exactly
what we’ve done! Now why do you want to change the rules again? This is the first…
What’s happened with this operation going on now is exactly what those rules
were put in place for! It’s the first time it’s been used. It’s exactly what
they were put in place for and we have obeyed them absolutely. Why do you want
to change the rules again? I mean since I grew up as a boy, I would imagine that
through the parliaments of Australia, from the time I was 18 or 19 years of age
to now, there must be 10,000 new laws been passed and I don’t really think
it’s that much a better place and I’d like to make a suggestion to you which I think
would be far more useful: If you want to pass a new law, why don’t you only do it when you’ve repealed an old one? I mean this idea of
just passing legislation legislation every time someone blinks is a nonsense!
Nobody knows it, nobody understands them you’ve got to be a lawyer with books up to here, purely and simply to do the things we used to do … and every time you pass a law you take somebody’s privileges away There’s nothing wrong with minimizing tax! I don’t know anybody who doesn’t minimize their tax… … you were doing so in ways that
were that were contrary to the spirit of the law… Well I just got through telling
you what I thought about that! I am not evading tax in any way shape or form
now, of course, I am minimizing my tax and if anybody in this country doesn’t
minimize their tax they want their heads read because as a government I can tell you that you’re not spending at that well that we should be donating extra

Maurice Vega

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  1. Pity we dont have politicians that have the human insight into todays society and what is beneficial to the Australian people . maybe they should have a look at the way kerry Packer looked on with legislation because his right that every time the state government passes a legislation and new law you are taking away the Australian people's rights and priviledges.

  2. Even though he kept an organ donor helicopter pilot — he's still dead and his son's business in casino's is on unstable ground.

  3. hahahaha and we live in a demonocracy…….who would vote these scumbags in ….the 1 % who are addicted to wealth of material possessions due to their insecurities of not being rich in spiritual harmony with the beautiful earth…they just rape murder and destroy for their 'hit'….what's the difference between a billionaire and a heroin addict ?….a heroin addict can be satisfied

  4. Great man ! Tax laws are there to be exploited, why give extra so they can give it to third world countries , look after our own first, the old the homeless the sick there a plenty of ways to help out fellow Aussie , volunteer and spend your monies on first hand helping, it’s what I was brought up to do after our family left the church , who only ever seem to care what was going on overseas.

  5. I miss that man, I'd hear he was in town and I'd go to the city just on the off chance I would meet him… Little did I know I knew some of his friends friends. Great man with a honest business heart, they don't make em like that anymore

  6. And the government still pulls the same shit every budget. Strangling the golden goose eveytime. K. Packer dead set legend.

  7. "Rarely mentioned, however, was the fact that just three weeks after this apparently wonderful performance, Packer had to abandon his quest for Fairfax…Three weeks earlier, he had emphatically and repeatedly denied to the parliamentary inquiry that he would exercise any control over Fairfax. You are either going to have to believe me or call me a liar, he said. It was riveting television, silencing his questioners, and spoilt only by the fact that he was lying.
    "Moreover, just three weeks later, he was effectively caught out. Luckily for him, the extent of his dishonesty never came into public focus. But the tribunal’s demand for the key documents was enough to undo him."
    Who leaked the documents? Hmmm…

  8. this is the man that should have governed australia back in the 70's and 80's……rather than having these wasteful politicians that we did have, who took australia backwards instead of forward…..

  9. Anyone with sense will make sure they pay as little tax as possible in Australia where it ends up funding the ABC's social and political propaganda or the welfare money for Sudanese and Muslim colonizers, etc, etc

  10. governments, the modern day highway robbers,rapists and killers…always have been, always will be…
    at some point these mother fuckers will need to be hunted.

  11. His response here, I might remind remind those that do not remember, was his affront to taxes being used for things like Medicare, and greater funding for public education. His view, as with most neo-liberal economists, was that those with means should thrive at the expense of those without; think back to early laissez-faire experiments that saw children being sent into coal mines. There is a great difference between minimising one's tax that presents a true burden on one's ability to survive, to minimising millionaire's salary to zero because you don't like the government, that funds the military, police, emergency services, that protect you, spending money on the poor. If we all decided what our taxes were spent on, based on what our privileged positions in society allowed us, what do you think the society would end up looking like. Actually we're getting pretty close to that now with tax cuts to big business, and moving the greater burden of tax onto the lower, and middle classes. Great man indeed.

  12. Why should a billionaire contribute one cent toward the upkeep of of the civilised society that allowed him to become a billionaire. That is the burden of the Australian working class.

  13. He's. Dead. Right. They. Have. Got. To. 2018. &. Tied. Us. Up. In. Knots. Can't move. In. The. Place. He's. Dead. Right. Tell. Them. Kerry

  14. Fair enough, we could hardly do without some taxation in the modern world, but I guarantee at tax time the people asking the questions in that inquiry would be down at their local accountant to keep as much of their salary as possible, just as Kerry would…

  15. And aren't we paying now?! Anytime they want to change the rules they do! I don't even know who the Prime Minister is. Fuck. #beenhereforever

  16. Even today, it’s not about “owing” the government. Laws are passed establishing the requirements of the tax system. If you don’t want a taxpayer to make a certain choice, then don’t write the law so it’s allowed. Simple. Don’t feed me any crap about the “spirit” of the law.

  17. Ohh even today these governmental muppets are still filling their pockets of the hard working person……pack of thieves

  18. Hardly a person to be admired. Thought he was the law, because he coerced politicians, particularly the conservatives.

  19. Another rich greedy prick trying to justify why he shouldn't have to pay tax.lts easy to make millions when you inherit millions and still wants a free ride to a tax haven in the country that made him richer and all these dumb fucks singin his praises remember you have to pay your tax to subsidize these grubs they want the country to be great but they don't want to contribute greed rules at the top end as we all know well.

  20. "Contrary to the spirit of the law"
    Meaning, we wrote the law poorly, and you did what we said, not what we meant to say.
    Make a flat tax rate, everyone can follow. The political class make these 9000 tax rules so their buddies who run banks and GMN's can avoid paying any tax.

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