Twitter’s Ban On Political Ads Is A Jab At Mark Zuckerberg

Maurice Vega

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  1. This is coming from a platform where Trump targets Hispanics with the verbiage of invasion? Making it more likely for someone like me to get shot

  2. Another reason why I deleted my FaceBook account.
    I don't want to have anything to do with them.
    Just like Fox "News".

  3. WTF if you turn on the subtitles at 0:36 it says "FACEBOOK FOUNDER AND THE MAYOR OF THE SILICON UNCANNY VALLEY" but Stephen makes no such reference. Was it cut or something?

  4. Zuckerberg is a Russian asset, since Putin bought large chunks of his company in the early days. Zuckerberg is nothing but the face man and a sell out.

  5. Then the next step is to ban Drumpf himself.

    Stars above – can you imagine the hissy-fit he'd throw if that happened? And he couldn't even rage-tweet about it. So he'd probably host an hour-long bitch-fest of a press conference.

  6. False claim? False according to whom? How the hell can Facebook be sure what is false and what is not? Where should Facebook look up to check? You cannot ask the impossible and criticize others for not being able to do it.

  7. hah, picked up a joke he didnt get to deliver from the captions. "Zuckerberg, or the mayor of silicon uncanny valley"

  8. Democrats have always had a hard on to shut up every avenue of free speech. That's why you never ever hear a Republican point of view on this show. That's why all their media whores sound the same, they're mindless cowards and none of them think for themselves.. Republicans often disagree with each other and mysteriously, being a Democrat is so simple.. they are all of one mind.

  9. Zuckerfaggot, that admits Facebook was invented to rate women if hot or not, and admits it was designed for negative topics, because humans, love to watch a train wreck , not good positive info. This guy believes in free speech, but yet , if I post , an OPINION on someone's wall post , that says , I think Eric Clapton is am over rated douche . I get flagged and can't use Facebook for a month. Happened many times , to the point I was banned over expressing my OPINION . But politicians can throw mud ? Your a faggot two faced liar. You like the politicians part, because your making millions on it , and I don't give you a dime . See the difference faggot?

  10. Mr. Zuckerberg has obviously not benefited from all those human lessons he took. He can't even make himself look like a reasonable facsimile.

  11. They edited out a joke about Zuck. "Facebook founder…(insert Stephen's usual description like: Facebook founder and body double for Data from Star Trek, Mark Zuckerberg). Anyway, you can hear the edit. Perhaps they wrote something too nasty.

  12. Anyond who expects any kind of integrity or decency from FB and Suckerburg are barking up the wrong tree. This is the guy whos entire concept is based on a chick ratings list.
    Definitely a pillar of any community.

  13. Mr. Dorsey had BETTER do something about political ads on twitter. The second largest stockholder/investor in twitter is a Saudi Prince. Sometimes I wonder if tRump just blasts away on twitter to raise the stock price. Maybe it's some sort of labyrinthine quid pro quo and tRump owes this guy.

  14. If only Twitter would actually grow some balls and ban Trump! He's broken all the rules countless times & is a major threat to national security! KICK HIM OFF! KICK HIM OFF!

  15. Mark Zuckerberg — you enhancer of liars in the USA — why don't you just move the hell out of this country — along with your pervert subverters of the Democratic Republic of the USA.

  16. I would like to recommend banning Trump and his family because his mostly false tweets are political advertising. I'm not joking..

  17. Keep this in mind. Zuck has all you Facebook users’ ugliest dirt. He has every bit of info on future Presidential Candidates, and will sell that information to the highest bidder world wide. Do yourself a favor, ween yourself off Facebook cred, and invest in something that makes a difference in your community. Self promotion is desperation of a life sans purpose.

  18. This ban is going to have very little affect on Andrew Yang. From what I've seen, the vast majority of his campaign seems to be volunteer or Yang Gang driven. He's kinda like a crowd funded candidate. Say what you will this crazy long cycle is allowing for a never before seen type of race. I think the same will apply for Donald Trump, he already has a twitter army as well.

  19. Aren't Dump's tweets the epitome of political misinformation? I'm surprised Twitter hasn't deleted his account. (Perhaps his twits only have entertainment value?)

  20. I don't FB, I don't "Gram", I don't tweet… social media is society's modern "back fence/clothesline", where rumors, gossip, and misinformation gets spread today… I just vent my bile in YouTube comments… ;-P
    I just replaced the F with a Z, and call him"The Zuckwad"…

  21. Zuckerberg looks and acts autistic when speaking in public. Is he? No insult intended…except that he has no problem dumping and ripping people off. $ doesn't make someone good.

  22. Hol' up. What did they edit out between "Facebook Founder" // "Mark Zuckerberg"? You can clearly hear the editing cut.

  23. Zuckerberg is pretty a much a giant POS. They allow straight up lies in their political ads and ban small business from running ads that FB finds “misleading”. Want to know the difference? $$$$$$$$$$$ I hope FB crashes and burns like MySpace.

  24. But seriously apart from banning what can FB do? They can't go verify each claim as being true or false, surely.

  25. Stephen don't be a hater because all you are is a host and not inventor like mark plus he has no right to tell people what to post especially check when people fall asleep that is just being a creep u sicko.

  26. I wonder what they edited out about marky mark. It was so shocking to hear "facebook founder – mark zuckerberg." Dont censor the jokes, especially when it's that obvious.

  27. I have not seen political ads in my FB newsfeed. How can anyone help it if users actually make their own memes, write their own stories or share political pages? Facebook has done a great job cleaning up all forms of advertising. I only see what I want to see. But, since I don't care for the drama or the disappointment of people I have known, turned Trumpster, I've reduced my time signed in on FB. At least they have tried to keep FB running fairly! . And it is great that Twitter has finally joined the cause. But, now, it is time for YouTube to clean up their act. I don't see advertisements on issues that Trump and the government are working toward, I see self indulgent polls and approval questions concerning Trump and his long line of antics! I could do without THAT drama! I think America has been punished enough!!

  28. for all of you who think this is a good move by twitter, you don't know how badly this will impact progressive candidates who don't have voices in the MSM, and will have one less platform to show their true colors on.

  29. Facebook's job isn't to be the thought police. Unless Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have to explain their conspiracy propaganda to Congress, Facebook still has a right to free speech

  30. As much as I dislike trump, these past three years I'm starting to dislike Colbert just as much. With the frequent lengthy vacations, the "reverse talkshow guests" where colbert is asked all the questions, gets all the attention, and gets to talk about himself, I'm quickly losing interest. Just being honest here, when trump is finally, FINALLY out of office I think Colbert's show will quickly start going downhill. I'd much prefer to see craig ferguson in his spot. He is much more entertaining

  31. Political Ads should be banned completely from the Internet. Too many idiots are allowed to vote and are easily brainwashed.

  32. I would suggest completly banning all political advertisement in ANY media at all. Nothing in radio, TV or newspaper… that will solve the problem.

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