Twitter Announces Ban On Political Ads

Twitter announced recently that their ban
on political advertising is going to extend to legislation and social causes, a move that
could hurt candidates in groups who aren’t funded by big money donors. Farron, you said, you’ve said this a couple
of times. Anytime you see social media saying we’re
gonna, we’re, we’re really gonna make it difficult for you to use social media to advertise your
idea, your legislators, legislative concept, your candidacy. Who suffers? The, well the people who are grassroots mostly. And one of the things that’s really so awful
about this new decision is that you can’t even run an ad on Twitter anymore because
they ended it November 22nd. You couldn’t run an ad saying, you know, vote
yes or vote no on proposition one. You couldn’t explain the benefits, you know,
proposition one just to generic. But you can’t advocate or any outcome in any
kind of race or legislative battle. And that is absolutely devastating to the
people who use this as the tool to talk to their constituents. Well, here’s what it says, it says that it’ll
define political content. Now follow this. It’s going to define political content as
anything that references a candidate, a political party, a pointed government official or referendum
or ballot measure or legislation or regulation. What in the hell, I mean, that’s what journalism
does. We talk about these things. The problem is that we, that this is being
run, these decisions are being run in an in an environment where politically correctness
is killing us. I mean, we’ve got, we’re like, we’re, it’s
almost like are we too stupid to be able to read something or see something and make a
decision ourselves? They want to think for us and it’s not just
Twitter. We’re seeing it across the board right now. It’s like, it’s like this millennial snowflake
concept that is killing us. It’s all based on political correctness and
we’ve got to get away from it. The first amendment matters. We ought to be able to talk about a ballot
issue. We ought to be able to talk about legislative
issues that concern us on things like the environment, dangerous products, corruption
in government. This is saying we can’t do that. Well, the problem is they saw Facebook. Facebook took a lot of heat and rightfully
so, but then Facebook said, listen, our decision is we’re not going to fact check anything. You want to run an ad, you run an ad. If somebody reports it as being bad, we’ll
look into it. But we say whatever, run, whatever, and Twitter
says, wow, that’s, that’s one extreme. We’ll go to the other extreme and say nothing
at all. You can’t do anything. But Twitter is a far greater tool to reach
a huge amount of people in the shortest amount of time. And that is what these grassroots candidates,
these, you know, consumer organizations, they rely on Twitter far more than they do on Facebook. Okay. Let’s, let’s put it in a real, healthcare,
okay. Universal healthcare. What do we have with universal healthcare? You have a concept, a cause. Correct? And you have a bill legislative bill, and
according to the rules, you can’t talk about that on Twitter. Now, that’s how ridiculous it’s become. Now the other part of it is we’re going to
have, who is it that’s going to make these decisions? I mean, you’re going to have people that understand
that all of these issues so well that they can define, well, this is actually, this is
actual political discussion. We can’t permit this. Or is this discussion that ties into a bill
that’s pending that we ought to be able to talk about? You see, the problem is anytime you go down
this avenue, you’re saying to the American public, you are so frigging stupid that we
can’t trust you to be able to read something and figure it out yourself. That’s what this is. This is, this is, this is let’s take care
of stupid people because we’re smarter than they are. And what’s going to happen is that eventually
something’s going to squeak through and if it’s a right-leaning thing, the left is going
to be furious and claim a bias. If it’s a left-leaning thing, the right’s
going to claim a bias because eventually, because of the people they’re going to have
doing this, something’s going to sneak through and this is going to come back and bite Twitter
because regardless of which side it is, they’re going to be accused of having a huge bias
and it’s going to throw it all out the window. I, I hope it comes back and bites them. Farron, thanks for joining me. Okay. Thank you.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Twitter is trying to suppress grassroots campaigns of progressive candidates because the candidates with super pacs aren’t affected by the ban

  2. I agree with this…we should go back to elections before twitter….Because of how dumb trump uses twitter and used twitter to win the election, twitter has to do this…..I agree…We should get back to doing elections before twitter came out…simple

  3. What Twitter should really be concerned about is that stupid annoying talking orange buffoon who keeps running his mouth with lies, and stupidity every single minute of every single day.

  4. Also this host commenting "are we too stupid to think and decide for ourselves"… AH, Trump being president is evident of this!! That's all the proof needed that, yes most people on social media ARE TOO STUPID to think and decide for themselves. Most people are too stupid to realize when something is bullshit or real!

  5. Is Twitter Russian-owned as well? Seems like it! And so: that's the end of Donald Chump's Twitter account. Or it should be according to this.

  6. Umm, the American electorate actually IS so stupid as to not be able to understand and think through issues themselves. Fortunately, I'm not on Twitter. Wish Trump wasn't either.

  7. Good maybe the Candidates will go back to town hall meetings everywhere and start connecting to their constituents on a human level again. Trying to explain serious issues in 200 words or less was stupid. Take out ads in print media again so the public can learn to read in complete sentences again and start using their brains for a change!👍🏼

  8. 1) the Left started the political correctness thing.
    2) the Left wants everything for free.
    3) now the Left is whining because it’s all biting them on the ass.
    4) the Left doesn’t have the sense to realize that everything costs money.
    5) Bernie says, Please send me some money. But if nobody sends him money then he’s screwed.

  9. ButWHO can do that? Is that only a PAID announcement? So if a concerned consumer wants to push something they care about, how will that work?

  10. I'm with Twitter on this one. It's the only logical move they could make. Everyone is complaining about the spread of fake news and the truth that no one wants to accept is that no social media network can monitor all political fake news so they just banned all political. The only problem I have is that they haven't banned Trump's account yet. And frankly they sound like right wing nutjobs in the video. They make it seem like this is coming out of nowhere. Where this and other left leaning channels have complained for years about fake news on twitter. Free speech and political correctness has nothing to do with. Twitter like every social media is not capable of monitoring millions if not a billion users sharing fake news. This is the best step they can take to combat it. Will it hurt grassroots campaign yes. But we must also remember the tea party was a grassroots campaigns based on lies. This is the best that Twitter can do. I challenge someone else to come up with a better idea.

  11. Seems like a First Amendment situation to me. I have no Twitter account and will never have one. That said, it is tiresome to see "dear Leader" spewing his wisdom on the medium….

  12. The objective is to slow down, if not destroy, the grassroot movement that is being orchestrated and utilized by the progressive base. This helps the Republican party because they are dependent on, for the most part, big corporate business donors with a limit on what they can give. Individual donors have more of a range of contributions because of the small amounts given. The 1% "elite" class, will stop at nothing to thwart the progressive movement. At the cost of our democracy, country, and their own souls. We must be even more diligent in our efforts to ensure Bernie is elected as the presidential nominee.

  13. Farron, I'm with you at least in principle almost all the way but your buddy here is Boomering out of his mind. He's not helpful and not honest. Please stand up to him before his shit infects people who were on the right track politically.

  14. Does this mean that "tool" Trump can't use his Twitter account anymore? I'd take the hit if they make these laws applicable to Trump too!!! After all, he fills his account with his ideas, insults, candidacy, political nonsense, conspiracy theories, outright lies and all manner of garbage and propaganda. It better apply to Trump, Gugliani, Pompeo, Mulvaney, and all those others too! Surely, they're not "above the law"!
    I certainly hope Farron and other lawyers and journalists will be watching out for ALL such posts. Even the Royal Family uses Twitter.

    Put Twitter's feet to the fire. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  15. And yet the criminal trump is allowed to tweet all his hate and lies daily. If twitter had the balls enough to follow their own TOS, that asshole would have been banned years ago. Such crap.


  17. Really? You guys are bitching like Twitter is the only thing out there. There are other platforms guys. Like, let's say YouTube. They have been running ads Non-Stop thanks to the Republican party and all of their Pacs. Quit crying Argentina, the kids are going to be just fine.

  18. I dont see how this is a bad thing. i dont want politics blasted all over social media. I think u should be allowed to talk about politics on twitter but not use Twitter to promote ur campaign, there are other places for that.

  19. This could be a decision that ranks right up there with Prime time Sports in Colorado Springs, CO.
    Prime Time Sports first made headlines for its Nike boycott, now it is closing down due to faltering revenue
    Gee, who would have seen that coming? If Twitter traffic is reduced sixty percent? The lenders should be calling in any loans in about an hour.

  20. Advertising. Twitter earns at least 86% of its revenue from advertising. … Twitter generates most of its advertising revenue by selling promoted products, including promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends, to advertisers.Apr 23, 2019

    How much advertising are they going to lose when the messaging drops 60%? Man. Row glass bottomed boat to middle of lake. See fish. Fire shotgun at fish. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Hey, Billy, after I finish my sixth beer, give me my rifle and you put this can on your head.

  21. the Evangelical says," I reserve my god-given right to trash talk others because Jesus loves me more than you." naner naner!

  22. It wasnt the millenniums boomer. Congress ask mark if facebook could run true, non cheap shot, political ads on the website. Mark said no, any political ads is okay, doesnt matter if its not true. Twitter decided to not the run any political ads. Soooooooooooooooo…..where do the millennials come into play?

  23. I'm sorry but I'm on twitter's side on this. They can't be expected to fine tooth comb every tweet that is paid to be promoted and determine is this true? And yes, people really ARE that dumb. They believe the shit conservatives advertise out on facebook, Did you all MISS where you can only post lie filled on facebook if you're conservative? They TRIED to do the same thing against conservatives and the advertisements got removed.

    I'd rather a situation where neither side can pay for my time. I still see A LOT of grassroots stuff, because the whole point of grassroots is we're talking about it. We're retweeting it we're quote tweeting it and sharing our own opinions. The non-grassroots campaigns always used to be able to out buy ad space and you all fucking know it.

    I can't believe you're giving twitter shit for anything on this except for 1. trump isn't banned yet. and 2. inevitably something will slip through.

  24. Government IS where POLITICAL correctness should matter- if not there, where? Lets go back to the rule of law. Uncluding the crooked president

  25. I suggest that you learn what political correctness is and is not – and why it was started. It's actually a good thing – an attempt to end lies and discrimination!

    This is NOT an example of political correctness. It is censorship… stifling the voices who don't have the resources to make themselves heard!

  26. Social media is a basic give mind. Humans have not evolved yet to filter so many voices and opinions etc so we see an amplification in mass tribalism.

  27. I get why Twitter is doing this after Facebook admitted to allowing people to lie Twitter didn't want any part of that.

  28. That took a long time. Now if they would just shut down the orange asshole's account that would be a blessing to the world.

  29. But from what I’ve seen on Twitter in the last 3years, YES, a lot of those people are too stupid. And hatefully racist, ready to jump on any exaggerated garbage because our president doesn’t have the intelligence nor prudent nature to not stir up his base.

  30. Again with the attack on genrations that came after him. Papantonio is kind of a one trick pony whenever he throws blame around.

  31. Based upon the criteria that was given I expect them to be banning Donald Trump's twitter account soon? There's no way he can go for any amount of time without talking about other politicians, pending legislation or almost anything else that was listed as ban-able.

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