Tupac Talks Donald Trump & Greed in America in 1992 Interview | MTV News

– This world is such a, and when I say this world I mean it, I don’t mean in ideal sense, I mean in everyday, every little thing you do. It’s such a gimme gimme gimme! Everybody back off, you know everybody’s
taught that from school. Everywhere, big business, you want to be successful, you want to be like Trump? Gimme gimme gimme! Push push push push! Step step step! Crush crush crush! That’s how it all is, it’s like nobody ever stops. I feel like, instead of us just being like “Slavery’s bad, slavery’s
bad, bad whitey, bad whitey!” I mean, let’s stop that. Everybody’s smart enough to
know that we’ve been slighted. and we want ours. I don’t mean by ours, 40 acres and mule because we passed that. But we need help, I mean for
us to be on our own two feet, us meaning youth, or us
meaning black people, whatever you want to take it for, for us to be on our own
two feet we do need help. We have been here, we
have been a good friend. If you want to make it a
relationship type thing, we have been there, and
now we deserve our payback. It’s like you got a friend that you don’t never look out for. You know, you now dressed up in jewels, America’s got jewels, they
got paid and everything, lending money to everybody except us. And it’s like everybody need a little help on their way to being,
you know, self reliant. You know what I’m saying? That’s the whole thing about the album, about the Special Olympics, everybody need a little
something to be independent. No independent persons just grew up, and was born independent. You worked, and you learned team work, and you learned cooperation, and unity, and struggle, and then
you became independent. We have to teach that, and instill that. Why is it that they want to do that? I mean if this is truly a melting pot, and a country where we care about, and Lady Liberty got her hand like this, she really love us then
we need to be like that. It needs to be the black kids, and if there’s a white
person who got money, then he need to help’em. He need to help black kids, Mexican kids, Korean kids, whatever. But they need to be real, and
they need to be before we all die, and then you say “I made a mistake, we should have game them some money. We really should have
helped these folks.”. It’s going to be too late,
you know what I’m saying? Then that’s when you
gotta pay your own karma. And that’s what God make you punish, when God punishes you, because I feel like there’s too much money here. I mean nobody should be
hitting lotto for 36 million, and we got people starving in the streets. That is not idealistic, that’s just real. That is stupid. There is no way Michael
Jackson should have, or whoever Jackson, should
have a million, thousand, triple billion dollars and
then there’s people starving. There’s no way, there’s no way! That these people should own planes, and there are people
that don’t have houses, apartments, shacks, drawers, pants. – [Interviewer] Certain people will say, well, they earned it., now you go out and you earn it for yourself. – If they earned it, I
think that that’s good, I think they deserve it., but even if you earned it you still owe. Cause look at me, I don’t
have that mega money, but I feel guilty walking by somebody, I got to give him some mail. And if I know I got $3,000
in my pocket I feel like it’s wrong to give that person a quarter, or a dollar, it’s wrong. Only you know what you got in your pocket, and that’s wrong. No matter what they do, they take it and drink it then they take it and drink it. But I mean you got, you understand? And we all know how hard
it is, and it’s not about if you’re good, or you bad. So since it’s not about if
you’re good, or you bad, we know that because he don’t
got don’t mean he’s bad. Or don’t mean he’s a criminal,
don’t mean he’s crazy, or a drug addict or none of that. It just means he don’t got. Ain’t it bad you got,
I mean can you imagine somebody having 32 million dollars? 32! 32 million dollars, and
this person has nothing. And you can sleep? You can still go to the movies? These are the type of people
that get humanitarian awards. Millionaires, how can
they be humanitarians by the fact that they’re millionaires, and there’s so many poor people, shows how inhumane they are. You know what I’m
saying, and that bugs me. Not saying that I’m
never going to be rich, it’s a struggle and I
think everybody deserve. And I think there’s a
way to pay these people, I think there is a way, it just takes it to be revoluntionary. And it takes to do something
out of the ordinary, you know what I’m saying? I think if we just said, okay I got an idea, no more porno buildings, you know what I’m saying,
lets build houses. Or no more polo games, let’s
build houses for poor people. Or look, okay, I know you’re rich, I know you got 40 billion dollars, but can you just keep it to one house? You only need one house. And if you only got two kids, can you just keep it to two rooms? I mean why have 52 rooms
and you know there’s somebody with no room. It just don’t make sense to me, it don’t. And then these people celebrate Christmas, they got big trees, huge trees,
all the little trimmings, everybody got gifts, and
there’s somebody starving. And they having a white Christmas, they having a great Christmas, eggnog and the whole nine. That’s not fair to me.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Donald Trump is better for the USA than these left wing media giants. They want socialism and that will run is the worst thing for us blacks.

  2. It’s crazy. I never had a record until I made a record. They looked at Pac same way they looked at bob Marley a revolutionist. Hated black kings by fear of only words. Stop ENTERTAINING THEM. Do music and no interviews or radios. Until we speak they are clueless but after we speak they are shook and then they shake back with death. Same way it was a first attempt on bob there was also one on Pac. Pac was only 25 at death bob was only 36. Nipsey was 33. Martin was 39. All I got to say is they don’t really care about US – Michael Jackson.

  3. Ohhhhh man that makes sense they posting now to remind the woke ones what happens when you too woken. Another fear tactic. Only thing is see Pac was outspoken and a lot are out spoken. But it’s a lot of power that is humble and not blind I feel they know that as well. They cant control us all. They won’t win in the end and they truly know that

  4. So hypocrites! The millions of Dollars that you crave to have is the same ambition every American is fighting for… So (2Pac), you talk about rich people not caring about poor people, but how much money did you contribute to poor people with your millions$!!!

  5. Not surprised Tupac preaching Socialism in 1992. But then goes on to be a rich Rapper. Rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

  6. Nobody needs billions, billions and billions of dollars if they're aren't willing to help the poor. Nobody needs 30 homes, nobody needs a Lamborghini. The greedy people who hoard money are some evil muthafuckaz.

  7. " no way these people have planes and there are people that are atarving". Real gemini pac was,i think the same way every day till it makes me mad/sad🙁. This is why THEY killed him. Ever heard lil waste or jay-sh*t say stuff like this? Rip tupac prophet of our generation

  8. Facts bruh, especially in Murica look at this shithole. But get away from the African ideology, it's the rich against the poor dude…

  9. I totally agree with Tupac 💯 My heart breaks💔 for those suffering and you have rich people all over the world 🌍 but only care about themselves/ families. Why can’t we just help each other… Jesus Christ had two fish and five loaves of bread to feed a multitude. God please bless your chosen generations to make a positive difference in this world 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
    RIP Tupac 🙏🏽👊🏾🥰

    I just read somewhere that Boris Johnson is going to put 100 million towards scans and checks for the prison system but a lot of homeless people and poverty in the uk… so sad…

  10. This is what we all arent doing rn in this time is being human to one another everything he talks bout is going in todays world

  11. The man got shot in a million-dollar car look at is gold chains what you think he's giving back to the community other than words nothing

  12. There's a lot of white people mad in the comments. But when they go on an Eminem video they're giving praises, despite the guy openly detesting Trump. Huh.

  13. Its government, they are lobbied to keep the wealthy in place. Try not voting for those who have been in office for 30 years. They are bought and paid for. Im a big fan of Tupac and I never understood his hatred of Clinton. Becareful who you vote for, look at their policies to see how they may impact regular working people.

  14. Yeah white folks are definitely going to see a day of reckoning… – privileged white male (grew up poor, still privileged. No one systematically tried to stop me from "getting mines")

  15. Easy to criticism but its hard to self reflect.

    I wonder how much of his earnings did he donate to those he knew were in need of a rich man's hand.

    On the other hand this was a good man, with a good message.

    that being said however, life is simply unfair. No matter what you say, do, or wish life will always be unfair and will find a way to be unfair. He had a good heart and mindset but one that is to blind to the fact of life. No matter how many people we help there will always be a less fortunate, and the suffering. This is the human condition and the natural order of the universe.

  16. Well I know this, If you take all the money in the world and divide it evenly among people, it will soon wind up back in the same hands. The poor will still outnumber the rich.

  17. I hate,… as a middle-aged angry white man, who grew up in Motown, who has worked hard all his life, I freaking hate the fact that Tupac was taken down….
    I think you would have been a great leader because of his convictions….

  18. He did not fit the mold! He was not into Illuminati!…
    He was a probable Force for good!
    Like so many others man you were cut down too soon and I curse the culture that took your life!!

  19. But Heyyyyy I should speak for Michael's defense, even though he was rich and had millions he donated most of his money to countless charities.

  20. We are in 2019 this was made in 92 stay woke my people gone to soon he would've been that change wise man

  21. Pac was an inspiration to people these rappers today are inspiring kids to kill one another they getting rid of all the real so their won't be nomore real just hate and killings #stay woke

  22. Tu pac maybe you never pan handled in the ZONE with cheap cheap cigarettes being anti CHRIST. Self reliance is becoming illegal for not procreating in a COUNTRY with lots of SPANISH and Computers messing with you dog. Chrissy. Much love bro

  23. 2pac the communist lmao. In the USA they’ll sell you a little piece of paper, small plastic cup… survival of the fittest.

    I’m pretty sure we don’t want to be equal, yes some people worked for their millions but it is also up to them what they want to do with it.

    It’s about fairness like he said and it wouldn’t be fair for the rich to be obligated to just drop millions on the poor.

    I’m not white. I’m not rich… I love Tupac but some of the things said in this interview was nonsense.

  24. All the knowledge and reality we hear in this video ! Back in 1992 and look at the world today ! Still struggling, getting uglier and darker ! Pac spoke words like no one else and they knew his influence would be so huge he was still so young ! They did not want Pac to be there today because he wouldve turned evrything into the right position and the goverment is so fucked up i'm watching this i'm blown away !

  25. Wish we had more humans who think this way that are rich and have millions
    It’s sad that most of the celebrities today are disgusting greedy pigs that think they are famous from YouTube and act better than everyone else SAD 😔

  26. He is so right too! Funny he mentioned Trump and talkin bout greed…my brother worked as a bellman/chauffeur at a luxury hotel in Lousiana that Trump stayed at while he was attending one of the Miss USA pageants years ago, and my brother waited on him several times and he didn't even tip him a f***ing dollar! A f***ing billionaire and couldn't even give him a nickel! Smdh….that's BS and straight up GREED at it's worst!!

  27. This world of full of shit! Priorities are fucked up, we rather invest in NASA, WAR, And billions of dollars on CANCER ( and no fucken cure, there’s a reason for that!), but yet we can’t come together and end poverty, hunger, and invest in people’s life rather then killing us all!

    We know who runs this world! And someone here made a good point regarding what Jesus said about the rich man entering heaven!

  28. A hypocrite in gold mouthing off about people richer than him, Anybody know if pac put a 30 million cap on his earnings and give the rest to the poor? I doubt it

  29. MTV hid this for more than 20 years. Then uploads it with a clickbait title to push their agenda. Where is the full interview? I wanna see it! Tupac said more truth, but the powers that be don't want to let us hear it.

  30. In Milingimbi community, Arnhem Land, Northern part of Australia an Aboriginal community we believe in Pac, he spoke for the weak, the underprivileged, the oppressed for truth, for rights of humanity. RIP Pac

  31. "the fact that they millionaires and that there's so many poor people people shows us how inhumane they are"

    the fucking TRUTH. RIP

  32. He's right why people have so much damn money and all these things and still not helping the poor it just doesn't make sense at all

  33. Donald J TRUMP AM-ERICA Adolfito Spirit great again AM-ERICA Adolfito Spirit great again AM-ERICA Adolfito Spirit DONALD J TRUMP PUT FOOD ON MY TABLE AND SOME CLOTHES IN MY CLOSET PLEASE SR

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