Tucker: Why is the president being impeached?

Maurice Vega

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  1. The whole impeachment thing is all about ruth bader ginsburg supreme court seat. You hold on to that for 30+ years and one more conservative would keep things that way for a long time. Ruth wont make it another 4 years and they will do anything for that seat!!!! They knew Trump was a shoe in for 2020 and this is just a ploy to bump them in the polls!!

  2. So this is equal to suffrage and the emancipation proclamation according to democrats? Overreaching a tad aren’t we?

  3. Stupid people gain power by being voted in by easily misled nitwits. This country is chock full of morons. Look at Posts on social media. Vapid garbage. People that think that just because they go to college for a drama degree that they deserve more pay for working at McDonalds because the drama degree they paid for is useless.

  4. Turning the lights and watching the cockroaches scatter . I’m actually enjoying ‘ this movie ‘ even though even at my ripe old age I’ve not watched many movies . I find this absolutely delicious watching the demon rats eating themselves . ??????

  5. He s being impeached because he asks a foreign government for help in the election. It does not matter in there was quid pro quo or not or even if it was a criminal act

  6. Green you're such a freak what does that have to do with anything you ask bite you all keep putting all this weird s*** trying to make yourself look good but you're not looking very good when you run again you'll probably lose public is tired of this s***

  7. They're just trying to bring in more foreigners from all these strange countries that have problems and they're bringing them to us I may get their votes little weird they're right it's called government oh I mean cheaters

  8. That money being sent to Afghanistan…ya, that is a perfect example of how the elite keep wars going. The "War on Terrorism" is not meant to be won, just sustained.

  9. Just to be clear, Gabbard will be voted out, voting present just allowed what she knew they were planning. A coup. That wont help her. No riding the fence lady, either your for or against the coup. They told the flipper he must vote yes, but instead jumped the Democrat plantation ship, and voted no. That's courage. What gabbard did is cowardly. I dont care what she did in the service, when the rubber meets the road, she didnt break, shed just let it coast.

  10. I think AOC said it best the other day; "Impeaching Trump is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome in 2020".  Quote-unquote.

  11. I am glad the "do-nothing" democrats have not done anything because most of the laws the pass and ideas they have are bad or useless, including the impeaching of the president. It appears the senate will block impeachment.

  12. We're under invasion. The third world immigrants the democrats are bringing in will totally eliminate conservative power to elect a president or control congress, and with that will go the supreme court and the rest of the government. We'd be better off with a space alien invasion, at least they'd be interested in a first world society.

  13. I said it many times over the last 16 years. The Greatest Threat to America is our own Government. Right now we have a good president. We have a corrupt court system and congress. Who are both above the law. We need to start throwing corrupt congress members and judges in jail.

  14. Difference between clarification and division sounds ridiculous. But comparing trumps suffering to Jesus Christ is sane. Ok then? ?

  15. Tucker, dude, I'm calling shenanigans here. This idea you spew that only criminal conduct can constitute sufficient grounds for impeachment is misleading. Trump does not have to be "criminal" or "break a specific law" to be impeached dude. Now, you either know this and are purposely trying to confuse your viewers, or you don't know your own damned history. I mean c'mon!!

  16. We rose up and called slavery outlawed, and we were Republicans and every good soul in the land. Funny you dems cannot even remember your History!

  17. To be fair nobody expected the corrupt to not fight back when they are being exposed its extremely funny how poorly they are fighting back though.

  18. Impeachment of Trump is clarification that Leftist Dems are treasonous enemy combatants and slime balls. And should be tried and punished according to that law. All the Dems need to follow Cummings lead and move out of the way for the sane politicians to get a chance.

  19. " There is a difference between division and clarification"….????? What a jerk. But just so all you Demwits know WE ARE WINNING AND WE ARE NOT TIRED OF IT YET. SO MUCH WINNING.

  20. Well of course they want to keep killing american forces. How else can they justify keeping your money flow to the middle east so americans stay broke and the people will not be prepared when the east attacks the west.

  21. Does he realize that it was the Dems who fought to keep them slaves AND Republicans who fought for them? WHAT a STUPID analogy!

  22. This is what the corrupt democrats wanted: divide the country, put themselves in power, then kickstart a heated revolution that ultimately points to the removal of personal firearms and the 2nd amendment. So that they can continue to meld the country into a mindless factory where people don't have rights anymore. And try to mock it up as a humanitarian movement.

  23. Everyone just needs to start smoking weed.. Lets ban alcohol and swap it for weed systematically so people will be calm rather than angry all the time…

  24. Sorry Tucker but like many Americans I avoid "FACEBOOK" & "TWITTER" along with many other social Media and for obvious reasons. Too bad you just don't let your fans drop you an email because you are missing a lot of valuable input, information, assessments & even constructive criticism pal. I know you live in a Twitter, Bumper sticker world so an actual email may overwhelm you so I understand.. Its really sad because I am a fan who thinks you are by far the most valuable & revealing News Host on the cable dinosaur right now but you would be better served by getting out of FIX'ed News (FOX, CNN & MSNBC) and go independent. We are so tired of this CIA/FBI scripted, Operation Mockingbird, Edward Bernays BS. Time for Truth so let the Dogs out Tucker..

  25. PANIC! If they didn't create a DIVERSION the UKRAIN issue would be exposed, the former Puppet regime would be exposed, and half the Democrat Party would e revealed as BENEFICIARIES of the corruption between America and Ukrain! "Diversion and Division" is the theme song and ONLY major effort of the rabid, radical Left Liberals! THEY are literally shared scitless! Could thread a sewing machine while the motor was humming!

  26. I am baffled as to how any grown adult with a presumably functioning brain can support the Left these days, and their "leaders" like Pelosi and Maxine Waters and Nadler et al. It frustrates me to no end to see people on Facebook and Twitter all spewing their brainwashed horsecrap

  27. this is proof that if we don't get this man reelected and get as many of these leftist clowns out of office. this country will not survive into the future.

  28. anyone know what the beef is now? I mean the kind we eat. It tastes and chews like an old rubber tire. I may have to go vegan.

  29. I think it is funny how Fox pushes the idea that a "crime" is required for impeachment, while simultaneously bringing up stuff that has nothing to do with the impeachment as a way to discredit the process. I implore people in this comment section to leave their political bubble for just a minute and interact with the oppositions arguments. Good night, and good luck to all of us.

  30. If they really wanted Trump gone, they would go after him for war crimes in Syria, they don't. They give him everything he wants. Kabuki

  31. There is too much corruption from the democrats and from the republicans in this country, everybody blindly supports their party. People from Europe see this country as a joke.

  32. He's not being impeached for any of the reasons they were investigating for in the first place, but rather for resisting the investigating. So they had nothing to start with, but picked it up on the way. Absolutely ridiculous!

  33. sometimes i really ask myselfe if all american politics are just for entertainment and has nothing really to do with real politics

  34. when Hakeen Jeffries started talking he reminded me of al Sharpton and I kept thinking Twanna Brawley is going to pop up behind him, with a big Smile and a Big wave ! wow

  35. Mr.Hakeem Jeffries explained that what happened isn't dividing the nation, but clearing the situation.

    It's about clearing the collusion between Trump and the Russian, it's about clearing the stupid Watergate, it's about clearing the money trump gave to a porn star because he cheated on his wife during his campaign.
    It's about understanding what this president did since he became president and to judge him for his actions.
    It's not about dividing the American citizens and their differences in opinion.
    It's about giving justice in a country that wants to be an example to all the other countries on earth and the only way to be an example is to act accordingly.

  36. 1:20 I find it aggravating that woman's suffrage still gets a pass as a "men just didn't want woman to vote" case of sexism.. Woman couldn't vote because they were exempt from the Draft. You know, that thing that tended to get you killed if you were a young man in the 70's. So, sorry, who has privilege again?

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  38. Stupid….let's be honest …..this Trump is being impeached because he loves us Russians what's wrong with that, huh?????? Afterall we helped him get elected in 2016 and we are helping him now !!!!! Answer me Tucker you Sucker !!!!! ?????

  39. Immigration has nothing to do with helping people. It has everything to do with importing enough 3rd World people who believe in Socialist aka Communist ideology. Their plan is to diminish or outright eliminate Christians from their home countries.

  40. Why can’t I call the police to report treason? What about ucmj? Does this only apply to civilians

    Edit: and how come no one ever answers my questions with real answers. I am genuinely curious why?

  41. Lol Jeffries speech makes no sense; he should talk about real issues like the amount of drops of water inside a dishwasher

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