Tucker: Media pushed Democrats toward impeachment

Maurice Vega

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  1. I suspect pencil neck Schitt got a phone call from Joe Biden. Biden knows if it goes to a trial in the Senate, all of his crimes will come to light. Don't worry Joey Bag of Donuts Biden, you are going down anyway…

  2. Some one said watch out let me show you my power people do not understand power 1.6 million people wake up and eat breakfast and go meet in the street for protest that's power they were asking each other why the were there

  3. You just know that the only reason they are going to drop this tactic is because they are switching to something else. It's not like they are embarrassed for sounding like the crazies they are. Go0gle's new TOS in December is going to start to steer the narrative. (censorship and lying) Just check out Robert Epstein's research. The left can do a lot of damage with control of the internet.

  4. Who else is sick of Fox Turning off comments? Vote this up & copy & paste this for Fox to read and understand on every Fox video! DisableFoxForDisabledCommentsNOV42020 After Trump gets reelected. Fox you got One Year to correct it! In the last 3 months if you disable any comments I vow to unsubscribe to Fox. Copy & Repost DisableFoxForDisabledCommentsNOV42020

  5. WHERE IS NADLER???The MAN who made it his mission to impeach/come out of HIDING – WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!!!!

  6. Schiff should have consulted his constituents BEFORE he paraded a bunch of people who are angry at the President, and who were witnesses to nothing. Just disgruntled that the President are not doing things their way. And if he thinks he has convinced us of any wrong doing on the part of the President, he needs his head checked. His "hearings" looked like an audition for people trying to get a break in comedy!!

  7. Shiff is now questioning impeachment because he will be called to testify about how he set the whole thing up. Why would anyone vote Democrat after watching these clowns for the last 4 years act like complete buffoons.

  8. Schiff the Egyptian Statue all through the Inquiry,the Statue STARE INTO THE CAMERA. Now look at him sitting perfectly straight in his chair. I bet he misses the high chair like he had in the Inquiry,there he played the part in the end of the CRYBABY IN THE HIGHCHAIR

  9. Adam Schiff such an unrealist. He wants to conduct the impeachment while looking like he is just going with the flow of idk what. Now he is probably looking for a way out, since if it goes to the Senate, his criminal actions in Ukraine will be exposed.

  10. Impeachment POLITICS has failed. No facts. No evidence. Lame answer from Schiff. Democrat extinction tied directly to the sham show.

  11. There're Consequences for naked Fake LIES & SMEARS !
    Mr President let's your Legal Team goes after em File Lawsuits every Individuals DEMonicRATOR Reps. & Senators, MSM and vitriolic bs Talk Shows hosts for SMEARS, LIES against your good Office, personal characters and so forth, the sooner the better perhaps by the year's end.

  12. Yang knows that voters are more concerned about everyday problems and how they're going to get by than an impeachment that has no impact on their lives and may not even win over the Republican votes to impeach Trump. This is gonna cost the Dems the election unless the left media focus away from the impeachment hearings and stop attacking the right and focus on candidates like Yang that wants to solve problems.

  13. The left is the enemy of humankind only them will try to fight nature and declare more then two genders despite only two genders reproduce ? this is a good way to know who you should avoid. Lefties I cant stand at all now as i see them atls traitors!

  14. Let me get this straight… The RATS want to impeach a president for starting an investigation into corruption, then elect the perpetrator as president?

    Liberal Hate Trumps American Prosperity

  15. Hey Tucker, you and your ilk keep admitting how you would sell out everything about America to Russia. You have worship an idiot who violates the Constitution at every turn, who is a full blown coward who couldn't remember which foot he had bone spurs in when he got his Vietnam Deferments, and Trump , they guy who bragged about wanting to show his taxes , now has to hide behind the Supreme court…because are going to find out that he has the tiniest, shrivelled little bank account that's been kept afloat by Russian Oligarch money…and would stop at nothing, including selling out this country , to keep more of it flowing in.

  16. I have just worked it all out. Donald Trump is a genius. He has set them all up and it's hilarious. Schiff has walked into the biggest bear trap ever, Impeachment. He will be called as a witness in the senate impeachment trial. He will have to admit what he has done or perjure himself. Schiff in an idiot, its hilarious.

  17. Sure he needs to speak to his constituents, he has to make sure they are still with him, the dirty crook who shows his ignorance in front of the camera.

  18. Yo LEMON …HEAD, get back to me with your BS AFTER and ONLY AFTER Clinton and ALL THOSE corrupt people who allowed her to walk away from over 2,000 years of felonies UNCHARGED are IN PRISON!

  19. I wonder if the lie detector is not working anymore since it has happened so often the batteries may be dead or the conscience of the speaker is non existent.

  20. Tucker Carlson with another great show , his lampooning of the Impeachment Inquiry is epic . Shifty Schiff has not been spared , the Democratic Party are taking time out to implement damage control , and assess their future . Great work Tucker ! .

  21. The Media needs to stop trying to elect our Government especially the President of the United States. They are supposed to remain neutral but noooooo they have become bias little Bitches.

  22. Darn. I hoped the Dems would go eight more months. They have destroyed themself and I wanted to see the job done. Eight more months of this Kangaroo court would have sealed their fate.

  23. You'd think some of these fools, especially the older ones, would show some wisdom. They just don't mind looking stupid over and over again.

  24. corey booker doesnt think the process has given schiff the respect he or corey have earned, and corey is not the kind of man to let bullies racists or russians get away with stereotyping important components of policy leverage all just so they can be used against white kids or civil rights credentials. the clinton scam press pushed themselves toward intern impeached disgrace, and without joes traditions to help their confidence corey might be their last chance at credibility .

  25. Is Trump waiting to release all of the secret sealed indictments until after he is out of office? When exactly is he planning on draining the swamp, before or after the impeachment trial?

  26. Schiff is really a strange guy. It's kind of weird how this late in the game he suddenly realizes that he's meant to be representing his voters, not following orders from 'who knows who'. Probably someone should look into why he did what he did.

  27. These 2nd-rate actors that pretend to be Reporters actually believe that they can tell Elected Politicians what to do….
    Or rather, the guys who write the scripts that they have to read are thinking so.
    I guess a sub-normal I.Q. is required to be a Deep-Stater.

  28. Danny Bmore
    5 hours ago

    Don lemon is a freakin joke can’t wait until his down fall

    Paedophile trump aka individual one, is a freakin joke, can't wait until paedophile trump down fall.

  29. A makeSchiff realization that schiff needs to be reelected if he wants to continue and do more of his shenaniggans in capital hill. And try to spin his lie znd bury it momentarily so he can promise to his constinuent that his honesty is his strongest virtue which they can can profit from and ensures their better future!

    And with a makeschiff look with his wide eyes innocence and affirm them that they have no reason to ever doubt what he said since its undeniably true! And they will get more free stuff for he is kind and generous to their own money for him spend mindlessly, almost!

    Vote and ride the leaky cauldron Schiff Enterprise and explore the galaxies of stupid and beyond! : )

  30. It’s interesting comparing reactions to my posts on Fox and CNN on similar stories, as someone who is moderate and independent. Generally, on right-leaning forums I’m encouraged to join the right and maybe even get some slight discussion or funny comments. On left-leaning forums with a similar comment, they act like I’m stupid, they don’t try to convince me otherwise, there is never a sense of humor, and if I dare to go against the anti-Trump narrative then the name calling begins. I can handle it, it makes me laugh actually, but what normal human wants to be part of a group where you get attacked for having a different respectful opinion? Nobody I know!

  31. From a personal view as a Republican I like Yang and Tulsi Gabbard, the others are awfully fake…I don't like their policies but I think they do mean well. And they got thrown under the bus by their own party, the ones who actually mean well. Yet Biden who is a career politician, made millions of corrupt money, and just has no issues threatening anybody who gets in his way is the establishments pick. Why is Joe their pick and then lying Warren who cannot answer a question with Yes or No. Why does the establishment like these guys over the others? Must make you think.

  32. Dem candidate Andrew Yang said "We shouldn't have any illusions that impeachment will work. Everytime we are talking about impeaching Donald Trump we are losing".

    The only Democrat to speak out about this.

  33. Trump being a crook pushed the impeachment. Fox News and Republicans like Trump do not face responsibility. It reached a point where they could not not impeach him without undermining their own credibility. You are lying about the stats. Almost everyone knows he did a crime. However since Republicans have announced they will not hold him accountable people question the value of doing it. However we should consider that Trumps crime was to undermine our elections we have to ask if he is not already taking steps to set up elections in his favor? After all he has Putin to teach him how.

  34. Tucker reaches a new low when he says he's rooting for Russia over Ukraine….. Then later tries to walk it back saying he was joking.

  35. I'm going to do a little research, oh yea I want my money back I didn't agree with impeachment look at what cali keeps doing to the people, trump needs to intervene because a state is getting out of line.

  36. Actually, Trumps bribery scheme pushed democrats towards impeachment.
    – FOX won’t tell you this, but all the evidence points to Trump.
    – Republicans have not been able to come up with even one counter argument.
    – That’s why they keep attacking other things and people (in vain) so the gullible FOX viewers won’t notice.

  37. I like what that yang guy is saying ..it would be more better if this video shows why he came to that conclusion based on facts…although impeachment gets passed in House of Representatives…next it doesn’t get passed in senate house …ultimately it comes to election ..ok u presented your views in both houses ..now let’s leave it to the people.

  38. When Schiff says he will consult his colleagues – means he's already decided he won't impeach, and will say it was their idea. Later on, he will say he was ready and willing to testify.

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