Tucker Carlson vs. Bill Nye: Round Two – The Science Guy’s Reply

Tucker Carlson: So much of this you don’t
know. You pretend to know but you don’t know,
and you bully people who ask you questions. Bill Nye: I really have to disagree with you. I’ve spent a lot of time with this topic. Tucker Carlson: I’m open minded. You are not. Bill Nye: Mr. Carlson. What happened to you man? You used to be affable. You used to be friendly. You used to wear a nice tie. Now you wear one of those bibs and I don’t
know. So I don’t know what happened to you man
but I want you to consider that from a scientific perspective pick the number you like, 97 percent
of the world’s scientists, very close to 100 percent of the world’s scientists are
very concerned about climate change. And so why aren’t some people concerned
about it? When media outlets were allowed to be consolidated
in the1980s. Then it developed these two factions like
I don’t remember it having. And by that I think two factions are a normal
course of events where you have males and females, you have boys and girls whether it’s
fruit flies or dandelions or you and me. And in the World Cup soccer you end up with
two teams. The World Series baseball you end up with
two teams. It’s really hard to have three teams. And two political parties nominally. So somebody who understands this better than
I do may observe that the media have divided into two camps. But from our point of view on the science
and engineering side you’ve got to respect the facts at some level. You’ve got to respect what is scientifically
provable. And then speaking of authorities and mistrust
of authorities, the crowd at the inauguration. It was an objectively smaller crowd than the
crowd the next day at the women’s march. If someone asserts that the crowd is bigger
when it was clearly smaller then everything else he or she says is subject to question. And this had led to a lot of trouble. So I think though that built into the U.S.
government which includes the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights is freedom of the press. Built in is change. So I’m very hopeful, I’m optimistic that
things will change. That my understanding is subscriptions to
so called mainstream media, Washington Post, New York Times and so on have gone up in response
to this approach to objective truths. So that will probably be to the good. But how fast will it happen and what will
go wrong in the meantime? These are big questions. And then as far as my thing with Mr. Carlson,
I don’t know. He used to not interview that way. He used to not just talk the whole time. Tucker Carlson: At what point would it have
changed? And I’m just saying you don’t actually
know because it’s unknowable. Bill Nye: This is how long it takes you to
interrupt me, OK. It takes you quite a bit less than six seconds. I’d go back again in a second Mr. Carlson. If you had me on again I will come right back
on. Bring it on man. And you know what else Mr. Carlson, I’ll
bet you $10,000 that 2010-2020 will be the hottest decade on record. I offered a bet of $10,000 to Joe Bastardi
who is a Fox news contributor and Marc Morano who I’m not sure is a contributor but used
to appear on your station routinely, your network routinely. I bet them each $10,000 bucks 2010-2020 would
be the hottest decade on record. I bet them each another $10,000 bucks on the
decade, $10,000 bucks on the year 2016. 2016 would have been among the top ten hottest
years on record. Wait, there’s more. 2016 was the hottest year on record. And your guys, the people that Fox News heretofore
supports in this would not take either bet – $40,000. Wouldn’t take the bet. Could have been theirs. I’m good for it.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Excellent Bill…Thank you for proving you are Bill Nye the science fraud…You made this video with your childish emotions rather than your brain…thus you are Bill Nye the denial guy…you deny common sense and truth.

  2. Ohh bill… you think that you can gain an upper hand by chirping his "bib" as you so put it.

    Edit: and yes I can proudly say I was raised on bill nye the science guy but let's be honest.. your a mechanical engineer. As a technologist I would never pretend to understand things that I have not personally studied. It would be nice if you stopped trying to speak scientifically to science in which you have not studied.

    Edit 2: I am not saying I have studied anything along the lines of climate change although it is likely that over the millions of years the earth has been in existence that climate change surely has already arisen (ie the ice age) but it grinds my gears when those who have not studied the effects can literally chirp those who disagree with their opinions.

  3. It’s actually very sad on what the people in the comments believe/think. They’re missing the point, Bill is trying to say we are the main reason for the earth getting hotter. The facts are everywhere but most governments, politicians don’t want to believe these facts since it costs money to save what we need to live, all they want is money they don’t care about you or me. It’s like saying that the civilization is living on a balloon filled with valuable gold inside and the government trying to pop that balloon for what’s inside but not realizing what they would do to the people and themselves, they won’t realize what they’ve done till it’s too late.

  4. This guy was so defeated that he felt he needed to make a response to the interview. What a nut job.

  5. Bill I watched that vs tucker. Sorry man that was rough. Holy shit it's scary the influence stupid people have 🙁

  6. Why not go back on his show?? When you talk to a camera it's one sided with your "opinion" only. You're not a scientist Bill, go tell stories to little children. Trump2020!!

  7. Tucker owned this wanna be "scientist". All Tucker was trying to show is that this so called settled science isnt very precise. Notice he couldn't give a percentage of impact by humans on the climate. Just broad statements. Sounds more like a consensus rather than science. Kind of like asking a gender "scientist" how many genders there are but they never have an exact number. Again not very precise science lol. And have you ever wonder where these wanna be scientists would be working if the left wasnt handing out block grants to these pretend scientists? Would you like fries with that? LMFAO

  8. Either way about the women's March, If they did less walking and more thinking and doing maybe we could get these women help with what they are walking for

  9. That 97% bullshit came out of a study at Harvard where they examined a bunch of studies on the climate and quantified the amount of scientists have a position on climate change and had no position on climate change and the majority had no position and a minority said either yes or no so this argument is bs right from the get go

  10. I used to love you as a child Bill Nye. I'm disappointed how you've turned into a political leftist puppet. You're not a scientist.

  11. "scientific concensus", there it is again. sound the alarm!
    Its not science, its scientific concensus.

  12. For all the people saying "But what facts? What data?" DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK??
    Let me make it simple for you in case you have no idea what climate change and global warming are (which is obviously the case).

    -The globe is warming
    -CO2 levels are rising at an unprecedented rate (except for maybe when an asteroid struck and caused global fires and plant death, sounds like a good place to live)
    -The climate is changing
    -CO2 causes a greenhouse effect
    -There is no other legitimate theory to explain the globe warming other than the rise in CO2.

    DING DING DING! Conclusion? Humans are causing global warming and climate change.

    -The globe is warming and CO2 levels are increasing.
    -The climate is changing
    -CO2 causes a greenhouse effect
    -There are no other legitimate theories

    WHY THE ARGUMENT I STATED ABOVE IS REDICULOUS:_________________________________________

    I think it's funny how people always say "Bill Nye is only an engineer! He's not giving us data!"

    1) He is only an engineer, true. However, he is relaying the conclusions that experts have found through real data and science. Oh and btw, are you a climate scientist? Huh, I guess your OPINION doesn't change the facts. (While it's true an unskilled person cannot make conclusions on their own, they can do some simple research with Google and come to the same conclusions as the 97% majority of scientists. That is assuming they don't begin research on the assumption that climate change is fake and proceed to seek out any biased, cherrypicked, or incorrect "evidence".)
    2) Would you like the data? There are plenty of videos with scientists going into EXTREME detail about the data collected, models, methods, etc. Go watch one. Oh you don't want to? Is it too dry? Reminds you of math class or physics? (YUCK right?) You don't understand what they're talking about? Interesting…
    3) Show me YOUR "data"! Please please please show me some evidence which suggests the contrary. Otherwise, you are simply arguing based on your feelings… like a child… or an idiot… take your pick.

  13. Everyone is not aware of how the media and governments this covering the climate change, denying bill Nye's facts and having viewers believe them (which is working ig). And when the time comes where it becomes a life depending situation, itll be too late

  14. Why are all ya'll talking crap about Bill Nye? Climate change is very real, I know that going into a meteorology degree. And as far as I'm concerned, Tucker Carlson is very political basised. And plus he says he's opened minded, that is until someone who has a different opinion comes along. Seriously, Bill is just trying to speak his mind. Wouldn't you be upset if you were trying to tell people about something important and got interupted every few seconds. A conversation shouldn't sound like a political debate. Oh, and by the way climate change and global warming are the same thing.

  15. "The crowd at the inauguration was objectively smaller than the crowd at the women's march."

    …what does that have to do with anything?
    Alright then, well the crowd for the pro-life march was objectively larger than either the inauguration or the women's march, and yet it got very little to no media coverage. Funny how that works, eh Bill?

  16. This channel is a biased joke scientist make claims yet like tucker asked there are not any specific rates as to why climate is changing like how much or how big of a rate

  17. If the world was left untouched by human activity, it would take thousands of years for the climate to be the way it currently is. Climate change does in fact happen in nature, but at a significantly slower rate than it currently happens, as we have humans have introduced many different factors that would not occur in nature. Want examples? Creation of plastics, burning of fossil fuels, the list goes on. We shouldn't necessarily just stop producing pollutants and such, but we should try to slow it down as well as do our part to slow down the rate of which the climate is changing.

    These are the ramblings of a sleep deprived man from Canada, so take everything said with a grain of salt please.

  18. bill nye please shut the fuck up youre a fucking idiot!!!! from the wise words of gollum/smeagal leave now and never come BACK!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWweqP_ZWbg

  19. Yeah but why didn’t he say these things when he was on the show. Why doesn’t bill nye mention the mechanics and the nature of the substances causing climate change, such as how a photon of light correlates to “man made global warming”. All of which would be more convincing. I don’t think bill nye is wrong but he acts more like a popularizer rather than a scientist.

  20. How can you have round to when the other person is in there to defend himself? Are you just Shadow Boxing and listening to the sound of your own voice? You got shit on in the interview Bill and couldn't explain your position properly so the correct thing to do would have been to get your facts straight and go back on and debate him again but I think we all know you're far too cowardly to do that.

  21. ROUND TWO! In this corner, Bill Nye! In the opposite corner…. (crickets chirping)
    BILL: Now that I have the ring all to myself, I will repeat again the mindless appeal to authority argument.
    BILL: Tucker is not here to interrupt me with his calls for actual numbers that he can calculate for himself.
    BILL: Who does he think he is? He does not wear a white lab coat!
    BILL: How dare he ask for proof that he can see for himself!!
    BILL: Behold, I point to a large number of authorites and you must bow before them.
    BILL: Bow or be labeled a denier of science!
    BILL: Bow and accept their conclusions as scientific fact!
    BILL: Bow and forfeit all sovereign rights as a nation and accept your fate of bankruptcy!
    BILL: Numbers? We don't need no stinking numbers.
    BILL: My opinion is more true than the laws of physics themselves!
    BILL: Where did everybody go? I was diatribing! COME BACK HERE AND BOW!

  22. Only popularity contest in comment section.
    People branding legitimate science and it's warnings as politics so that they could feel good about themselves doing nothing.
    "It's a matter of opinion!" -"There's a debate", "It would warm-up anyway….".
    Yeah… sit back, take it easy. No need to use brain. Enjoy all the convenience of modern society (while it lasts).
    We don't like the message so lets ridicule the messenger, call a millionaire TV host to wave his golden Rolex while yelling at him.
    Let's watch Tucker! Now, there's a guy who knows how to think… or how NOT to ask important questions in order to keep his job.
    Obedient little cog-wheel in corporate machine.
    The kind of a hero we should all strive to be.
    Keep it a popularity contest. It's easier for the folks to digest it.
    People don't want to read a book, they have Tucker-man to call their ignorance "skepticism" and to put it on par with scientific evidence. Yeah… relax. You are NOT an idiot. Hell, there's a debate.! Jury is still out on this one, we might not hang… yet!
    But our children?? -That's another story.
    Good show. Reality is so boring.

  23. Tucker acted like a retarded sjw during the Nye interview. He was representing the interests of the oil baron oligarchy.

  24. He just said "boys and girls" speaking about things being broke into 2…but makes a disgusting pedophilia video on how gender isn't binary!…can someone plz explain this joke to me, cause he's a big one! Tucker Carlson never denied climate change as this poor hack is saying, watch the interview he simply asks for proof and Bill Nye"the silence guy" (who wants to jail climate change deniers) couldn't give even one shred of data…what a fraud!!!

  25. When you ride a bus or bike, walk or carpool I'll listen to you. You and your liberal buddies jetting around the globe constantly pumping CO2 into the atmosphere should try leading by example instead of telling people that they have to change, they have to sacrifice. Put up or shut up.

  26. OMG. Do the people here really believe climate change is not a problem? I place my bet on bill. You will see when you experience the heat in the next decades

  27. Make science grants available but only to research proof against GW and watch how fast your 97% change their minds over night.

  28. Sorry, Bill. What happened to you? You used to teach the scientific method. You know science doesn't 'prove,' it provides evidence. Science is never settled, there is always something to learn. You used to provide evidence, now you accuse people of being a denier instead. Your bets have been lost! The hottest year on record was 1936. Worldwide. We are now in a warming hiatus, and every model has missed its mark. Those models are based on false records, guesses that have proven to be wrong, and forecasts that have no basis in science. You're not a science guy. You're a paid actor and a globalists shill.

  29. You look more like a creepy paedophile priest than a scientist.
    And is this scripted or did you make it up on the script? Because you still sound like you have no idea what you are talking about. Bill Nye you need to remove Science out of your name now.

  30. Bill nye is a moron. Sucking the liberal tit in order to remain relevant. Looking like a retarded Michael Bolton.

  31. Bill Nye likes camping. About 20 years ago he was in the Allegheny mountains and a screw worm entered his nostril, then proceeded into his brain. And, voila, this is what we have today.

  32. If he were a serious and intellectual man, he would have explained to viewers that there is a natural pattern of heating and cooling on this planet and we are currently in a heating phase. All scientists acknowledge this, but their contention is that there is an unnatural increase to this heating due to greenhouse gasses from man.
    Whether or not, therefore, global warming is true, our years and decades would be getting hotter and hotter until the natural planetary increase ended and the cooling phase began.
    He would have to have integrity to say this. He would have to respect the intelligence of those who support him.

  33. Bill Nye you’re such a little coward that you didn’t even invite tucker because you’re afraid of being exposed as a liberal mouthpiece. You are no longer the “science guy” I used to respect every time my teacher showed us your science videos but now, I have to say you are a liar. I will never watch your science videos because it seems that you’re a liar right now by not advancing the things you used to teach audiences back in the day

  34. I guess if bill would of had longer than seconds or had a stupid answer to what would weather be like now without humans and said just bad or he could of formed more than two damn words without being badgered and talked over the conversation maybe if the dumbass would shut the fuck up and listen he could of made an actual point round two for his point was good instead of question …..well answer the question . Question…. answer the question well I guess I would be able to answer a question if I had more than 6 fucking seconds what in the actual fuck

  35. No one denys climate change, just the rate at which humans are responsible. Those of us who have been around awhile remember when science warned us of an impending ice age with just as much certainty. When you and your fellow elites stop with your carbon emissions I'll stop mine.

  36. why does this have so many dislikes? isn't the point that climate change is real and that mainstream media is dividing people? don't think hes wrong. maybe the gender example was bad…

  37. Look dude, you got owned and you make this video as a rebuttal with NO resistance against you. Btw, you’re not a scientist! You keep saying “us in the science community “! You’re not a scientist, you’re a political hack.

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