Tucker Carlson slams Stacey Abrams for her ‘identity politics’

-Fox News host Tucker Carlson
took aim at Stacey Abrams for her defense of one of
the most controversial ideas in America —
identity politics. She often argues that embracing
identity politics and empowering
marginalized groups is how the nation can grow. Carlson, however,
doesn’t see it that way. The marginalized, she writes,
include “women, Native Americans,
African-Americans, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community.” The dominant are everyone
who’s left. So do the subtraction. That’s only one group. You know exactly who they are,
and so does Stacey Abrams. She says these people,
these unnamed people, are responsible for
the suffering of everyone else, and we need to overthrow them. -His comments come amid
a wave of criticism from President Trump
and the GOP against the rising
Democratic star. Trump said it would be
a mistake for Abrams to run in the 2020
Georgia Senate race on the same day she delivered
the Democratic response to his State
of the Union address. Democratic leaders, in contrast, applauded her response
and urged her to run. -I think Stacey is a rising star
inside of the party. I think she showed
what’s possible in Georgia. We’re looking at
a new swing state. And I think she reflects
the diversity of the country, reflects the diversity
of the party. -Even former Vice President
Joe Biden praised Abrams, adding that she achieved
in her brief speech what Trump failed to do in
over an hour.

Maurice Vega

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  1. I remember a time when they called this racism and some black guy gave a speech about a dream and not being defined by the color of your skin but by character………..I guess that was all just a load of nonsense.

  2. America needs to come together just as the President has said. We are not a tribe of small groups we are all Americans, unity is our strength. "A house divided can not stand- Abraham Lincon"

  3. The Washington Post is a propaganda arm for the liberal/socialist/globalist movement in America. Well over 90% of anything related to politics is produced in order to discredit and destroy President Trump.

  4. Identity politics is cancer, and you, old media should stop with this nonsense. Nobody likes socialism, please stop already!

  5. @.53 “the rising star of the democrat party” is a politician who just lost her last election. I guess the democrats are desperate for a hero.

  6. Democrats have ALWAYS been about identity politics. This is NOT a new issue. Democrats have never been about anything but racial identity politics since their inception with Andrew Jackson. That's why they supported and practiced slavery of non-white people for so long until they were forced to stop by the Republicans in the Civil War. That's why they created the KKK to strike fear into non-white persons to prevent them from voting via intimidation. That's why the Democrats opposed the Women's Suffrage movement, because of male identity politics. That's why Democrats enacted the Jim Crow laws and fought against the Civil Rights movement. That's why it was Democrats who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, even attempting to filibuster it in the Senate, and they also opposed the Voter Rights Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968. After those losses they tamped down on their obvious identity politics and kept that stuff in the closet. Now they've unleashed it again within the last 5 or so years because they think it will help them regain power in this country like it did for them before. It won't! And if another Civil War is needed to prove it, then that's what it will take!

  7. I'm not looking forward to a civil war with the deep state "liberal" demons. But personally I see no way around it……"Trust in God and keep your powder dry"

  8. Damn!!! Democrats are crazy now ah? I was one of them, then I started paying attention to the real meaning of the words and stopped drinking the cool aid, MAGA 2020 yeaaa power to the people.

  9. I have never seen a party so riddled with words of division and a bout race baiting in my life those are the Democratic Party. The so want a divided country when we’re all Americans vs arguing their personal prejudices and issues

  10. sure promote group think and democrats try to say that is what American values is all about but how wrong can they be America is about individual achievement and rights as a individual to think and say what you want not to think and say what a group wants you to say or think or you are no longer part of said group.

  11. Why is the Washington Post putting up a biased video? LoL Identity Politics is fearmongering preying upon groups. It's horrible practice…. And shouldnt be exploited in politics like it has within the past 20 years…

  12. Us Asians aren't marginalized because we believe in hard work and stop feeling oppressed. And honestly nobody cares as we are more into working hard and making more money :)..

  13. She looks like some of these over eating dictator wives that get smoked in a 3rd world country for oppressing the people and living off their backs.

  14. If you look at America right now It is White people who are oppressed. And were noticing and were pissed.. Keep it up Dems. Keep it up! Were not Against anyone but the dems try to make everyone against us.

  15. Don't know what you expected. Maybe that people would jump on Mr. Carlson. He's right. People are waking up. You guys need to be current. When she lists everyone other group leaving white males, don't white males become the minority, hence the marginalized group? Just asking.

  16. Washington Post keep your propaganda bull krapp off of my news feed in YouTube I hate you and I hate your organization you are garbage and I'm voting for Donald Trump again because of you

  17. Seems like this video was a flop if you look at the comments and the likes. If you are a subscriber … cancel… There is no room for division of the country because once they remove the White People then they will weed out the Blacks and so on .

  18. Tucker Carlson is right about everything he said, Stacy Abrams is a danger to society, The other group of people tucker was reluctant to say, Are white people, In other words, She is wanting to start a race war between whites and the other races that she mentioned accept the LGTBQ community which is not a race.

  19. I wish these race baitin assholes would figure out what white people owe them so they can make payments. Can’t go one day without hearing the bs.

  20. Stacey Abrams lost fair and square. It wasn’t “racism”. Georgia didn’t want another radical leftist in their government.

  21. 567,000 Wapo 'subscribers', 2,081 views, 3 to 1 dislike ratio. You'd think Bezos could have spent better money on finding bot subscriptions from Mumbai.

  22. Using scary music in the background to paint Tucker as some sort of evil maniac when he's being 100% logical and factual. Wow, no wonder WAPO is one of the most hated news organizations in the USA and in the world.
    Everyone dislike this video to send them a message!


  24. Abrams is a no name “victim” who had it better than my parents and we’re white. I would like to know how that happened according to her moronic identity politics.

  25. Tucker is always so nervous, so stressed with the world, so scandalized when people are not like him. He should smoke a joint before going on television. Like this he sounds like an hysterical child.

  26. I find it humorous that the democrat politicians can sit and talk about oppression when they are the ones oppressing. Victimhood isn't a good thing and shouldn't be promoted. Take abortion for that matter. What class of people in the U.S. abort more babies? Black American's do. Who promotes it? Democrats. Name one city, democrats have contolled, where Blacks are thriving…(Jeopardy tune) The KKK was the strong arm for the democrats. Jim Crow and segregation all the democrats. Margaret Sanger good friend of Hilary's founded planned parenthood. Who again aborts more babies? Black American's, by now, should be more than 13% of the population and should have left minority status a long time ago. All democrats care about is power. Any cause that democrats promote, the next one they have contradicts it.

  27. I guess Joe Biden was too busy looming over children to actually watch the SOTU address because Trump destroyed the left.

  28. Logic and common sense know this women has no good intentions. She want to keep African Americans with an oppress mentality, LGBTQ people with a low self esteem image, and all immigrants whether criminals or not doing her jobs for below the labor cost. This people are only looking after themselves and their evil agenda. We are Americans the color of our skin does not define us. They are the true democratic= divisive party. Whether there's racist, prejudiced people in all kinds of areas not just Republicans or Democrats parties, and using racism as a point just discredits even more this bad people. I was once a Democrat when I was a follower. Then I started to do my own research and 1000 times I rather listen to people like Candace Owen's, Fleccas, Ben Shapiro, Crowder, Elijah Schaffer, and you know what… woke LGBTQ Milo.

  29. Let's cut the crap and call Abrams what she is…a racist, Marxist hater of this Federalist Republic (NOT A DEMOCRACY which is referred to in the Communist Manifesto). Having fled Venezuela, this is the same tactic Chavez (Castro) used to demoralize the people of my country of origin before creating the communist debacle it is today. This woman and her ilk should be tried for sedition against the United States of America!

  30. To kkkonservatives, being human is identity politics. Only they can act like race, gender, and sexuality doesn't matter because it's their gaslighting agenda to maintain the status quo and prevent growth.

  31. Stacey Abrams: “My dad had to hitchhike home from work. One night, he didn’t come home, so my mom and us hopped in the car to look for him. We found him walking home in the rain, without a coat” …Why the hell was he hitchhiking home in the rain, if you guys were sitting at home with a damn car?

  32. To say your reaching here would be utter BS. Not even Elastagirl would be able to go far enough to convince the nation that you care about our well being and not your own agenda…

  33. Everything is identity politics since the beginnings of participatory gov't. Tucker is being paid very well to play a role. Lots of authority, zero responsibility for outcomes.

  34. It's one of the greatest speeches I have heard in a long time . and at least she can finish sentence and don't sound like a 2 year old

  35. She's A GUN GRABBER!! We Are NOT Having That In THIS Country! C'mon, Tell The Good People Of Georgia They Cant Have Firearms??? Not A Good Idea!!!!

  36. I love how ID politics like quotas can be forced on a population. Funny how quotas don't seem to be enforced in sports. Why is that?

  37. The Disgusting race bating left. Not sure how they think this rhetoric is what we need as a country. These Dems hate America plain and simple.

  38. Abrams ! A sore loser ! and her RAT party, the RATS only care about there needs and that of the RAT party. NOT ! for the state ( people ) that they are suppose to work for ! RATS = Tyrants ! GO ARMY


  40. Stacy is your typical Anglo phobic, socialist, America hating racsist. I'm from GA. and cry baby Abrams was using the voter suppression phrase before anyone even voted. So I had her figured out immediately, She's proof that 20 civil rights acts, and affirmative action is still not enough to satisfy her hatred for white people. Her dumbass ain't getting my vote, if fact, no Looney tunes democrap ever will!!!!

  41. If Democrats insist on going down the road of divisive identity politics, they are going to see a rising backlash of white identity politics, which is already happening under President Trump. It’s not just the rise of “white nationalism”, the definition of which keeps changing on the political far left. When the far left Progressives insist on erasing key parts of America’s history (e.g. the Betsy Ross flag; statues, holidays, or murals dedicated to the Founding Fathers; the Pledge of Allegiance, etc.) while at the same time favoring more illegal immigration, speech codes, and socialism, they are only further exacerbating the divide. Worst of all, when they openly celebrate the demographic decline of white Americans, they are all but assuring that identity politics hardens into racial politics within the United States, whereby the Republican Party becomes the “White Party”, and the Democratic Party becomes the “People of Color Party”. I fear that this is the path we’re on in America thanks to both Obama and Trump, but hopefully, we can turn back sooner or later.

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