Trump’s UN speech focused less on N. Korea than last year

president Donald Trump touched on North
Korea’s denuclearization during his third speech at the UN General Assembly
but he put significantly less emphasis on the matter compared to previous years
eg1 help us leap between the lines president Trump’s message to North Korea
the 2019 UN General Assembly was short and simple and we have pursued bold
diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula I have told Kim jong-un what I truly believe
that like Iran his country is full of tremendous untapped potential but that
you realized that promised North Korea must denuclearize also said the u.s. is
ready to embrace friendship with those who seek peace and respect he added that
his country’s goal is to create lasting harmony and then moved on to the next
topic now this remarkably short message came in the middle of a speech over 36
minutes long he was speaking in a different context than last year when he
addressed the General Assembly just three months after his historic
Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim jong-un so last year he
devoted more time to it he mentioned his promise with Kim thanked him for his
courage noted some achievements already made and also warned that sanctions will
remain in place North Korea that time came up at the 5th minute of a 35 minute
address and took up two whole minutes of it Trump’s speech was longer this year
but North Korea got only one minute also it was brought up halfway through with
one simple message that North Korea has to denuclearize to realize its economic
potential some say this might be caution on Trump’s part ahead of breaking level
talks with the north but many say it could mean Trump’s losing interest in
the issue there have been reports that North Korea isn’t going to give up its
nuclear weapons and I think Trump has also realized that the issue isn’t as
simple as he thought he’d be it’s become harder to bring this out as
a successful part of his foreign policy and so the issue has been pushed to the
side less effort is going to go into the talks and instead the US will just try
to manage the situation the expert added that at the upcoming working-level talks
the US might discuss partially easing sanctions on the north for freezing its
nuclear activities which could be the new method Trump has hinted at but
unless significant progress is made the experts said the Trump administration is
not likely to bring up its hopes for North Korea’s complete denuclearization
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