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Who has heard the
poem called “The Snake”? So I have it. Does anybody want
to hear it again? You’re sure? Are you sure? So here it is, “The Snake.” It’s called “The Snake.” They’re not
sending their best. On her way to work one
morning — You can do anything. Whatever you want. Grab her by the — Down the path, along the lake. A tender-hearted woman saw
a poor half-frozen snake. And I’m allowed to
go in because I’m the owner of the pageant and
therefore, I’m inspecting. You’re like a doctor. His pretty colored skin
had been all frosted with the dew. “America first.” Poor thing, she cried, I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you. It’s working out very nicely. You see it at the airport,
you see it all over. It’s working out very nicely. Take me in, o tender woman. Take me in, for heaven’s sake. I’m president. Hey, I’m president. Can you believe it? Take me in, oh tender woman,
sighed the vicious snake. If you cross the
border unlawfully, then we will prosecute you. She wrapped him up
all cozy in a comforter of silk. Very fine people — on both sides. And laid him by her
fireside with some honey and some milk. Three billion dollars. $533 million. She hurried home
from work that night. And as soon as she arrived
she found that pretty snake she’d taken in had been revived. This is an island
surrounded by water. Big water. Take me in, oh tender woman. Take me in, for heaven’s
sake. Take me in, sighed that vicious snake. I said, you know, this Russia
thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story. It’s an excuse. She clutched him to her bosom. You’re so beautiful, she cried. But if I hadn’t
brought you in by now, oh heavens, you would have died. If we had had confidence that the president clearly
did not commit a crime, we would have said so. She stroked his pretty
skin again and kissed him and held him tight. The actions of the
Trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact
of the president’s betrayal of his oath of
office, betrayal of our national security
and betrayal of the integrity of our elections. But instead of
saying thank you that snake gave
her a vicious bite. Was there a quid pro quo. The answer is yes. Everyone was in the loop. I have saved you, cried the woman. And you’ve bitten me. Heaven’s, why? You know your
bite is poisonous. And now I’m going to die. President Trump has been impeached
by the House of Representatives for abuse of power. Oh, shut up, silly woman, said
the reptile with a grin. You knew damn well I was a
snake before you took me in.

Maurice Vega

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  1. It’s one thing to write that crap poem, it another to damage eardrums by reading it, but why do they continue to keep coming and cheering… It is like they are under a spell, it is beyond creepy it is had from me to believe that their politics are private and it doesn’t influence their work and how they interact with those outside of the dome of their beliefs in all things Trump.

  2. My grandmother used to say this all of the time. You knew I was a snake when you found me the snake said after it bit her

  3. Yeah, great, but nobody from The Times would ever say that to his face. In three years through countless interviews, no employee of The New York Times has ever spoken the word, "lie" to Trump's face, let alone confronted him over his thousands of lies. The Times values access more than it does ethics and their journalists value their jobs more than their country. Trump is being allowed to get away with all this because the people who are supposed to speak truth to power only gossip behind his back.

  4. Does the NYT have bot accs? Even on praising donald trump vids i see a mix of 50/50 like or hate. But on most donald trump bashing nyt videos its always 100% hate imagine being so desperate you gotta inflate your own comment section

  5. the president is operating his promises as pledged without apology. his political courage honesty and transparency is a definite threat to the cowardice and rigged clinton scam rules including all their institutional influence that amounts to worthless tax funded liabilities and excuses. hes basically the executive leadership america expects and that our revoked expired disgraced obama era egos cant impress or intimidate. sadly, lol.

  6. In most parts I don't get it. Can someone respectfully explain each parts to me. (I am not familiar what is happening with US)🤔👍

  7. The fact that outside the hearing, Mitch McConnell is claiming that he is working with the Defendant, the Attorneys for Trump! He is also claiming that the Senate will immediately throw out the House Impeachment due to be signed next week. McConnell should recuse himself or be impeached. He is the Senate Majority leader, and to promise no fair Senate trial at all, the MCCONNELL HAS FAILED AMERICA, and failed Congressional authority as oversight.

    👉Watch "Who is Worse: Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell? with Robert Reich" on YouTube

    👉Why did the framers of the Constitution create three separate branches of government?
    To keep any group from gaining too much power

    👉Those who refuse to live by their oath will confirm their intent to continue violating their oaths.
    👉To date, there are no signs that trump enablers intends to keep the oaths they have taken to the Constitution and the people of the United States. Instead, they seem quite disinterested in protecting the Constitution and are instead, directly engaged in subverting every principle and value stated in all of our founding documents.

    👉If only all oath-takers immediately begin to act on their oaths. That is a really big if… 😧😩😔

  8. Oh dear God snakes are very shy creatures who do not waste their poison on things they cant eat ( humans are not usual prey for snakes)

  9. AmeriKKKa has always been evil, Trump is just another symbol of that, don't why people are so surprised, more than half the country supports him, the hate has always been real…. LMFAO SMFH

  10. Not an American, and I always wonder, why you guys hate him so much?
    Bcs hes rich? Bcs media told you hes bad? Bcs he speaks his mind?
    Genuinely asking, bcs so far he looks like a good president for me. He puts his people first, he cares about his own country. How is that a bad thing?

  11. President Trump t Great, best ever president in history of America. KAG 2020. T Trump haters can and will kiss your well rounded and voluptuous butt, come 2020. God bless you PT. 😉😍❤

  12. A snake is a snake no matter how much money, power or influences it has. In the end those that like snake will become snakes as well. People don't change over night. It may take a lifetime for someone to change. This "change" often, for some, happens in a dead bed. Trump os not capable of change.

  13. I don’t know but some how this remains me of when Venezuela president “Maduro” said that Hugo Chavez spoke to him through a little bird ….Maduro was and still is a LAFF ….

  14. Subliminal, if you got the message you understand what time it is. If you think this was just a silly poem about him or Muslims, you’re sadly mistaken. The clock is ticking…

  15. The United States of America is "the tender hearted woman"? Lolololololol!!! All the dead bodies in Vietnam, Laos, Iraq, Syria, Libya…the sanction starved people of Cuba, Venezuela, Iran..???!! Gimme a feckin' break.. tender hearted?

  16. it takes more than to improve a country, statistically. Trump lacks the characteristics a good leader would have and if he was a good president to begin with he wouldn't have gotten impeached.

  17. Impeachment is not effected until the Articles of same are filed in the Senate and it sits constituted as a court and delivers its judgment finding against the president. Pelosi is the snake who acts are contrary to due process in holding out filing them. It was settled in Bill Clinton's impeachment trial that the senators sit as triers of fact and law, not as jurors. They accordingly are masters of the court, and to intefere by attempting to gain leverage on the conduct of the trial is unconstutional. If Pelosi persists, President Trump will be entitled to file for an injunction with the Supreme Court as he, like every defendant in entitled to a speedy trial. Pelosi and the Democrats have been wrongheaded in their tactics, the American public does not have tolerance for this and will punish the Democrats severely in 2020. Trump will live on.

  18. America? I need an educational relationship before i show that i can stand still. Beforehand, I do like your channel and still do.

  19. I’m liberal, but the Democrats’ stance on immigration, particularly illegal, is troubling, if you enter the country illegally or overstay your visa, you should get deported.




  20. His Republican appointees and henchmen have been bitten by this Vicious Tramp Snake. Good Luck Republicans, you deserve the Stupidity you Breed.

  21. "Take me in, o tender woman" is the thing I regret most ever hearing coming out of Trump. I'm scarred now more than ever.

  22. Politics aside the message on than poem is pretty much the same as LaFontaine the Turtle and the Frog

    Edit: just googled it – The snake comes from a Soul/R&B song made in 1969.
    The more you know…

  23. Too bad he will win in 2020, and after him it will be another republican. The democrat party has moved so far into uncharted teritory trying to please the few, that they lost the many. Unless sanity prevails democrats in fact might never win again.

  24. Well he's definitely a snake in the grass and speaks with forked tongue. This is a good song that represents Trump youtu. be/gnFQ4s5MQzY

  25. hey, am i the only one that knows that he kinda stole the whole thing from the story or poem of the Frog and the Scorpion ? or am i insane??? It is the same thing, some plot, same idea, just change the woman for the frog and the snake with the scorpion XD

  26. Was wondering if the media would do a poll of the Elector's to see if they would elect him in for a second term. See reply for a list of Elector's. I finally found an actual list of names for everyone.

  27. Bro just let it play and do all the stufff at the end. Keep doing that people forget about what he just said and makes it all pointless especially with clips kind of unrelated to what he’s saying.

  28. The snake in the poem is obviously Trump. The lady is obviously Lady Liberty (the USA).
    And psychologists Sigmund Freud is clawing to get out of his grave to yell…. "I told you so!!!"
    Why, oh why did Trump feel compelled to bring us this poem? Does he realize it's about him?
    And if he does… Does it make him proud to be the snake in some sort of perverse way???

  29. That snake poem is a classic, heard it quoted in sermons and in Sunday school in the 60s. It's pretty twisted that he quoted it, supposed to be about the dangers of letting Sin into your life, guessing, his religious councilor suggested he do it

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