Trump’s senior press representative speaks to CNN

Maurice Vega

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  1. This is an old interview CNN. The Press Conference where Trump confirmed he was serious and would love to do the debate if the network or Bernie donates 10 million dollars to charity was hours later after this interview.

  2. There's no coordination between surrogates and Trump himself. btw get off this muslim ban nobody can defend this ridiculous statement.

  3. How is this person Trump's senior press rep??? She's absolutely clueless! "Only Mr. Trump speaks for Mr. Trump" ???? Then what is your job???

  4. I actually think Donald Trump should have a complete black out on CNN. I am not a Donald Trump supporter but I find CNN's bias towards Hillary Clinton repulsive. This has gone on for far too long and it needs to stop now. Now the Trump has secured the nomination for his party CNN needs him more than he needs them. CNN can continue to follow Hillary Clinton around and ask her softball questions. Just yesterday I saw Hillary Clinton straight out lie about her emails to Wolf Blitzer and he allowed her to get away with it. So they can continue to do Hillary Clinton's bidding but my guess is that their ratings are going to get hammered in this election cycle.

  5. I am not a Trump supporter in any way, but I hated how these two worst journalists of the year have treated the guest. A campaign representative or manager definitely cannot speculate you idiots. Speculation is also not done by journalists, you idiots.

  6. So if he chooses a minority or woman it is pandering? WTF! This is why we still have discrimination in this country people like this can't let it die out.

  7. What vile pigs. Too bad it wasn't a Hillary rep, so that they could have fallen to their knees and liked the soles of her shoes. CNN has been a wonderful help for Trump. Pro-Americans despise nasty humanoids like these. Too bad CNN is going bankrupt, it would have been fun to watch Trump "beat theses loosers like they were baby seals."

  8. Donald J Trump clothing line is made in China. He can't show his taxes or it will expose his sending jobs to China. Why does The Donald hate American workers and will he bring his factories home if he is elected president?

  9. Lol this interrogation is hilarious. The headline, the questions… How the dusk is she supposed to say what another person meant. Only the person who said it could do that. Gotcha questions and lame reporting..

  10. If youre not sure about anything, what are you doing taking interviews? CNN, stop bringing these irrelevant correspondants!

  11. sure hope this is not an indication of how a trump press secretary would answer questions from the white house press corps.

  12. How come CNN isn't covering the news story about Clinton believing in aliens & not God. MNSBC had Clinton on talking about making area 51 open up on they''re secret about aliens & ufo's. That women is nuts & should never be allowed to have her finger on the trigger.

  13. The Republican party is not unified, if the Senior Press Representative can answer questions about her own party, can we speculate that Trumps team is also not unified, I mean you can't even answer a questions about your own campaign, that your leading!?

    Highly questionable!

  14. I'm not sure honestly I can't answer that. Next time just make a sign to hold up useless segment.

  15. These interviewers are too soft on this obviously clueless and dumb woman- what was she there for? Shouldn't this interview be terminated if this robot is not prepared to answer???

  16. Trump throws banana peels on the ground, and CNN manages to slip on every one of them. Never seen anything like it.

  17. lol. OMG! this lady knows NOTHING! CNN why do you continue to host these Trump idiots each day and every hour! OMG! – via @haystacktv

  18. lol. this interview was a waste of time! the only thing she knows how to say is "I dunno, I dunno…. duh, I dunno" – via @haystacktv

  19. They have every right and reason to ask the questions they are asking. It's the way they choose to fraise the question that reveals the distaste these moderators have for Trump.


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